satan's Main Deception!

Satan's Main Deception!

 (The Opposite Sex)

You are the only friend I have JESUS, but I am learning very slowly, that you are enough........

You complete me JESUS.... I did not always know this, nor believe it. But you are teaching me that you do truly complete me!

No woman on earth could complete me JESUS.......... Tom Cruise is a liar! You are teaching me LORD that only you can complete me!

I always thought I needed a wife and finally the pain and emptiness would go away. Thank you JESUS for showing me those were all lies and deceptions of the enemy!

satan told me my entire life that if I only had a girl, I would finally be happy, that the loneliness would go away! That I would finally be complete! Pure lies!

Thank you JESUS for teaching me that no guy or girl could ever heal my broken heart or my shattered soul! Thank you JESUS.

satan wants you to think that a guy or girl could heal your entire life. GOD wants you to know that only JESUS and the bible can!

And this is one HUGE ARENA where the war is being fought at. It is being fought in our minds & the topic of the fight is → Who will we turn to in our lives to have our hearts and souls healed and filled up completely!

How can a guy heal your broken heart when he does not even have the power to heal his own? It is impossible.

 It is a satanic lie!

That same guy that you are hoping is going to heal your life is also hoping you will heal his broken soul and guess what happens next?

You two start dating only to find out that things are actually worse now than they were before!!! Because your hopes were built on lies!

Your hopes of having your heart healed, your hopes of having your soul completely filled up are shattered because this new man cannot do it!

GOD designed us so only himself and his son JESUS can fill us up completely in peace, love, joy and hope!

satan knows this, in fact this is a huge HUGE battle he attacks us with. satan wants us to try to get filled up with the opposite sex! Satan wants us to try to use the opposite sex to get our hearts healed, or to get our shattered souls put back together. Satan knows darn well this will never work and this is why he is pushing this agenda on us so hard day and night.

We have got to see through this deception!

I tried to date woman after woman hoping I could be healed, hoping the pain would go away! And guess what? It NEVER GOES AWAY! This plan will never work. Why? Because this kind of a strategy comes from the pit of hell and it is designed to destroy you or me.

This kind of pain deep in our hearts, deep in our soul will only go away with JESUS himself and having the bible living in our mind!

Doing ministry work also helps our soul, our heart our mind to be completely filled up too! GOD super rewards us for doing ministry! When we help others we are sowing godly seeds and we will reap back blessings from GOD.

Even if you get a new boyfriend this weekend, after a few days or weeks when the excitement is all gone, the pain will come rushing back!

GOD designed us so only HIMSELF and his son JESUS can complete us. Every other single thing on earth will fail!

But because were dumb, because were slow, because were stupid, we try drugs, we try sex, we try porn, we try guys, girls, alcohol etc etc and guess what, we find out the hard way as the years pass by that none of it ever works. All those types of things do is actually make our lives worse than they were before.

Because we are not listening to GOD, we try to fill ourselves up many times by working our jobs too many hours!

Because we are not listening to GOD, we try to fill ourselves up with internet gaming, or collecting lots of friends, or smoking weed!

I use to date woman after woman after woman, only to see that the pain would only go away for a few minutes or an hour or two on our date! And towards the end of the date, the pain would come rushing back like a huge tidal wave........ What pain am I talking about?

I am talking about sadness, loneliness, depression, despair, dread, lust, defiling things, rejection, hurting, pain, oppression etc etc etc.

So on a date with a brand new girlfriend, because of the excitement of the whole thing the pain would seem to leave, but the key word there is – SEEM. You see child of GOD, the pain did not leave, oh no not even close. It is just being covered up by the excitement of having a new person to date, or a new person in your life. The pain is still there just as strong as always, but it is being covered up!

The excitement of a new boyfriend or girlfriend covers up the pain for a few minutes, or a week or two! But It only covers it up! Kind of like throwing dirt on top of trash. The trash is still there hiding undernearth the dirt you just threw on it.

The pain is still there people! It is only getting covered up as you think about and obsess on your new boyfriend or girlfriend day and night!

At just the right moment, JESUS is going to allow all of the pain to come slamming back into your life like a right hook from Mike Tyson!


I tell you straight, JESUS will not allow your new boyfriend or girlfriend to replace him! And if you try to replace JESUS with this new boyfriend - UH OH!!!!

All hell might break loose in your life..................... Not for sure, that is up to JESUS, not me to say what he will do!

But I do know this, he will not allow you to replace him with a new guy or girl for too long. Something will happen shortly in your life and most likely, it WILL NOT BE PRETTY!

I know in my life, something always happened! And it was not good, it was not pleasant, the break ups were never pleasant to go through!

I tried for years and even decades to replace JESUS with different things the world has to offer. Mainly internet gaming, porn, dating etc etc!

Nothing will work! No man on earth could heal your shattered soul because he cannot even heal his own broken heart, so how could he possibly heal yours?

No woman on earth can complete you brother, because she herself is empty inside. She is coming to you in emptiness herself! Now as you bring her into your life, you both are two empty shells trying to fill each other up and you both CANNOT.... This emptiness is spiritual, not physical.... The emptiness inside of you and her have to be filled up spiritually and only GOD and his incredible son JESUS can do this!

This is the satanic plan being used against us in the USA and the western countries, but this is probably world wide!

If your sad, lonely and depressed, these are TERRIBLE REASONS to pray for a new boyfriend or girlfriend!

If your feeling suicidal, or your feeling despair, these are two TERRIBLE reasons to pray for a new boyfriend or girlfriend!

In these situations you are being attacked spiritually so we want to fight back spiritually. We want to run to JESUS and get into a close personal relationship with him. No man or woman can heal our spiritual problems, this is impossible!

satan wants you to try to fill up your heart and soul with a guy or girl INSTEAD OF JESUS and the bible.

This is a satanic trap that I myself have fallen for many times and each time I fall for this trap, all hell starts to rain down in my life and things get quite ugly from a fleshly and demonic point of view!

Nothing can take away your pain, not a single thing in the universe can except GOD, his son JESUS, the bible and helping others!

But if you do ministry work OUTSIDE OF JESUS, you will NOT get credit for that from GOD. That will not work, that will not heal you or fill you up or complete you.

When I say ministry work will help to heal the pain and complete you, that is CHRIST centered hardcore ministry work! This means helping people in whatever way GOD wants you to with JESUS, repentance, salvation and the cross right smack in the middle your ministry work. This means trying to lead people to JESUS constantly during your ministry work.

This is why you want to pray for a new man to marry who is walking closely with JESUS & the bible while doing ministry work too!

This is why you want to pray for a new woman to marry who truly knows JESUS, who truly loves JESUS, who is being filled up with the LORD JESUS...... 

I am not saying we have to be perfect to get married, no no no!

But if we want the pain to go away , we must learn that only JESUS can do this. If we are hoping and expecting a new man to heal our hearts and souls, we are going to be in for quite a shock! Because that will never ever work.

That is all I am saying, I am NOT saying your new friend has to be perfect, because we are all sinners, we all fail, we all fall down, we all get weak at different times in our lives, we all rebel against GOD at different times too. This has nothing to do with trying to be perfect, this is all about trying to see through the lies and deceptions of satan.

If your sad, lonely or depressed at this time, talk to JESUS so you could feel better!

Drugs wont work, we already tried that. Alcohol wont work, I tried that one. Porn wont work, it only makes matters worse! A new girlfriend wont work, we all tried that one men of GOD right? It fails!! It fails every time....

You can play world of warcraft 10 hours a day 7 days a week, that will not work either. That will only make things much worse in your life than they were before you started gaming.

Children of GOD, we have to admit it finally, JESUS is our only hope, our only chance, our only way to get healthy again! There is no other way and there never will be one either.

We were made to love JESUS!

We were made to have JESUS living inside of us strongly, deeply, completely!

When you feel sad, lonely or depressed, those are warning signs that something could be wrong between you and JESUS, between your relationship with the LORD. Or it could be a warning sign that you are thinking about bad thoughts which brought sadness, loneliness and depression to you now!

When you feel very lustful, besides this being a demonic attack, this also shows us that we are doing some things wrong in our lives!

When we have terrible depression, besides this being a demonic attack, this also shows us that we are focusing too much on our own lives and not enough on JESUS and his kingdom!

When we suffer in disappointments, this shows us that we are not trusting GOD that he knows what is best for our lives! This shows us that we are focusing on the disappointment instead of getting our eyes back on JESUS, the bible and helping others!

We have to stop obsessing on our lives so much to where we get sad, lonely, or depressed!

If your depressed & you are not in a test situation, you are focusing on your life way way way too much... Stop thinking about yourself! Stop thinking about your past, stop thinking about your failures, stop thinking about your so called problems.... Change your focus back on to JESUS, the bible and helping others and watch and see how much better you will feel!

If your feeling lonely, there is a demon of loneliness with you attacking you! How can a new boyfriend stop this attack? IT CANNOT! That entire plan is a lie and deception from satan.

Only JESUS can fix the spiritual and emotional problem and if you try to fix it outside of JESUS, the demons will laugh and laugh at you!

We are NOT allowed to think about ourselves... We are not allowed to think about our past, we must stop this! We must win this war that is being fought in our mind.

If you stop thinking bad thoughts that all by itself could possibly make the demons of sadness, loneliness and depression leave! Just by stopping the bad thoughts, many of these demons tormenting you will leave.

I cannot sit around this whole weekend thinking about my life, if I do, the demons will come and jack slam me! That is the EXACT OPPOSITE thing we want to be doing day and night.

Nowhere in the bible does GOD tell us to obsess on our own lives, or to focus on our own problems! GOD wants us to go to JESUS and the bible promises.

We have to stop focusing on the opposite sex................. If we do that, we disarm many many demons trying to attack us! We have to stop thinking a man or woman can fix our lives, heal us, complete us, save us --- Pure lies from the pit of hell!

We have the world, movies, music, videos, websites, billboards, books, magazines & much more telling us to focus on the opposite sex! We are being bombarded day and night with this satanic lie and deception to try to get us to focus on the opposite sex for all of our spiritual problems.

Do you see now how much effort satan has put into this attack? Most songs that are written focus on the opposite sex in one way or another! Most movies are focusing on the opposite sex etc etc etc all over the world!

This attack of the opposite sex that satan is using against us is huge! HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are being slammed from the time we are born until tonight with images, words and songs about the opposite sex!

Let's say no to this crap once and for all.......

Help us JESUS, teach us LORD, fill us up we pray with your love, with your very presence, we do not want to be empty and in pain anymore O LORD GOD.

Help us LORD to see through the lies in movies, help us to see through the deceptions in music, help us LORD to see clearly we pray!

O LORD the movies attack us, the music does, videos kill us, the internet hurts us, stop this indoctrination of the opposite sex we pray and set your children free JESUS.

Teach us to put aside our internet gaming, our porn, our alcohol, our drugs, our boyfriends and girlfriends trading them all in for you O LORD JESUS for you are so worth it!

Please do not turn to a guy or girl or anything else to take away your pain. Please, please do not do this......

 Go to JESUS only!

Love, your servant Garrett

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