You Will Not Kill

You Will Not Kill Yourself!

JESUS loves you, you do not have to be sad.

You know what? Maybe no people love you, I know how that feels trust me. BUT JESUS loves you! You are NOT alone and I love you too!

The LORD is with you, JESUS is for you, JESUS adores you!

Some of you out there have people who love you, others like me have just about nobody that loves us.... BUT JESUS loves you!!!!!!!!!!

No matter how lonely you are tonight, JESUS is with you! HE is real! He loves you..............

Your life is very VERY VALUABLE to JESUS and it is to me too!

You are NOT alone, stop believing those lies! JESUS is with you, you have an angel with you too! You are NOT alone.

Your life has incredible value to it.

Don't you dare think about ending your life! Do not even go there....... JESUS is absolutely crazy in love with you!

Praise GOD for you! There is nobody like you in all of the universe! GOD created you to be extremely unique and different than anyone else on planet earth.... That is just a small glimpse of how important you are to GOD.......

If you have been thinking of ending your own life, stop that type of thinking. JESUS died for you! Now that is real love!

You are important. Maybe like me you have no friends... But JESUS is with you. You have GOD's royal son living with you! Now that is incredible news.

And if you do not have JESUS, HE loves you dearly. Invite him into your life and you will never ever be alone again!

Stop thinking about your problems! Stop thinking about your life....... Stop all of these negative types of thoughts as fast as you can!

Get your focus on JESUS, on the bible and helping people..... Change your focus! Just changing your focus will completely change your life.

Instead of thinking about ending your own life ->

 Start thinking about how you can help other people!

Do not listen to satan and his demonic army. They want you to end your life. Say no way!!!!! Change your focus, get to know JESUS for real and start studying the bible daily.

Do not be sad, GOD has plans for your life and these plans will go into eternity! Now that is very important.....

You are worth it. Your life is worth it! GOD has plans for you to do still in your life. I absolutely GUARANTEE to you that GOD has a lot of important work for you to do still!

Do not end your life, absolutely NO WAY, NO how....... The LORD loves you child of GOD!!!

Maybe you have some friends, maybe like me you do not....... It is gonna be OK... JESUS will never leave you! Go to the LORD! The LORD JESUS is our best friend.

You are not alone, you have never been alone. GOD would never leave anyone alone..... GOD is with you! You can make it through this. You can make it through tonight, take a hold of the LORD'S hand!

We have to change what were thinking about! The demonic are picking up on your bad thoughts and by you thinking bad thoughts, the demonic are getting permission to attack you! This is why the bible teaches us over and over again to go to war over our thoughts, to think good thoughts, loving thoughts etc etc. 

Your life is important.... Maybe not to your so called friends or family, but your life is SUPER SUPER IMPORTANT to GOD and you are very important to me too! You have a destiny with GOD and it is going to last for eternity.

The demons will keep pushing you and pushing you to think bad thoughts.... We have GOT to fight back, we have got to stop those bad thoughts. We have to pray to the LORD to protect our thoughts, to take over our thoughts, to protect and shield our imaginations from these bad attacks!

It is our spiritual enemies the demonic spirits that are pushing you and compelling you to kill yourself! This is why you must say no to their attacks, why you have to say no to everything they are telling you. They are talking to you and when you listen to them, they will torment you more and more! Even being tormented so badly to where you feel like you want to take your own life now.

First of all - You are NOT alone........ JESUS is with you!

 If you do NOT have JESUS, go get him already.

Second of all - There is no need to be sad..... GOD has huge plans for you to do still here on earth...... Stop thinking bad thoughts! There is a whole lot for you to do for the kingdom of GOD still.

Third of all - You do not have to be depressed.... GOD wants you to live in heaven with him for all of eternity..... Now that is fantastic! Did you know GOD has built a brand new mansion in heaven for you to live in? It is true! Did you know you get a brand new powerful body to live in? It is true!

You will NOT end your own life.

GOD loves you, JESUS died for you, you have a destiny in heaven with JESUS for eternity!!!

*We are NOT going to end our own lives because we have no friends!!!!!! No way..........

*We are NOT going to end our own lives because our boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with us...... No way!!!

*We are NOT going to end our own lives because satan wants us to.......... Absolutely NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

We have to stop thinking about our own lives, we have to stop thinking about our problems.......... We have to try to get closer to JESUS! We must learn to take our eyes off of ourselves and get them on JESUS, heaven, the bible, eternity and helping people!

JESUS is our way out of this trap! JESUS is our only hope... The closer you get to JESUS, the more victory you will get. The more you study the bible slowly, learning all that you can, the more victory you will get the enemies we have here on earth who are trying to get you to kill yourself!

Yes people, we have an enemy that is constantly pushing and compelling people to take their own lives and we must fight back! We have got to fight back children of GOD.

We are not gonna end our own lives and allow the demons to laugh at us while they laugh at GOD too!! No way.... You are IMPORTANT... GOD has purpose for your life. March forward child of GOD and do not give up I say!

Your life has so much more meaning than you think right now. You are so important JESUS even died for you!!!

 Think about it → JESUS left heaven to die for you naked on the cross in terrible torture. Just think about that for a few moments.

Because JESUS died for you, that you that you are super SUPER IMPORTANT TO GOD!!! And you are to me too. 

We are not going to end our own lives because we have no money, or because we are losing our place to live... No way! JESUS loves you! The LORD is with you child of GOD.

We have to practice every single day to get our focus off of ourselves, off of our so called problems, off of everything in our lives that is causing is dis comfort and get them all on JESUS the best we can! One great way of doing this is to start doing a lot of ministry work. That is right! Helping others is a great way to get your focus off of yourself and onto the kingdom of GOD!

If you have no money, well there was a time when king David had no money!

If you have no friends, there was a time when king David had no friends!

If you have enemies now, well king David had many enemies too!

If you are losing your house or apartment, well king David had to live outside for a while too.

But what did king David have? King David had JESUS!!! And you do too!!! Do not even think of ending your own life. Stop that type of thinking immediately and get with the LORD JESUS in a close relationship.

Maybe you are still single. Well there was a time when king David was single too! But GOD gave him a wife at the right time....

Do not think about ending your life, not even for one more second, no way, no how!! Stop that........ The LORD is with you...... King David made it through his terrible times and you will too! Not because of your strength, but because JESUS is with you!

And if you do not have JESUS, you will absolutely need him to make it through this life & to make it into heaven for eternity! There is no way whatsoever to make it in life or to make it into heaven without JESUS in your heart and soul.

Go get JESUS, go get him right away!!!!!!!!! HE is our only protection against our many enemies that we face. JESUS is our only protection against our spiritual enemies who sometimes try to compel us to take our own lives!

King David could not make it without JESUS, neither can I, neither can you! JESUS is our reason to live day after day during the hard times.

And the really good news is, JESUS is madly in love with you!!!

You are important, GOD is telling you that you are super important! Now stop all sad thoughts, stop all lonely thoughts, stop all depressing thoughts, stop all lustful thoughts ASAP!!! Ask the LORD to protect you and he will!

Stop all depressing thoughts, stop all lustful thoughts too.... Stop completely all thoughts on ending your own life! Instead of thinking about bad thoughts, now do the opposite.... Start praying to JESUS for wonderful things for yourself & your family!

Do not let satan get another victory by pushing someone to end their own lives..... No way.. Say no to this evil.......


King David had his giants & you and I have ours too... But JESUS will help. Start asking for help day and night and you will get it!

OK you might have to go at life alone for a while like me, but you already learned you are not alone, JESUS is with you! GOD is with you! You have an angel with you too! Now you are not alone, in fact it is quite crowded with you.

Like king David, you might lose your place to live for a while, but JESUS is with you! Think about it, GOD'S son is with you! Wow, you have the creator of the universe living with you! You can make it. I say it again, you can make it through this with JESUS!

You might have less food than before, but GOD'S son loves you! You and JESUS make a perfect team!

You might have multiple demons with you, but JESUS loves you! Stop all of the bad thoughts and many demons will leave. Trust me, try this and watch and see!

I mean it will change so fast, not weeks, not even days, but right away you will start feeling better. That is how powerful JESUS is!!!

You will not end your life. You are important! You are dearly loved by GOD and me.

We can make it into heaven for eternity getting our brand new powerful bodies if we have JESUS.........

Go to JESUS, go!!! Get going already..... Go go go!!!  Go to JESUS AND DO NOT look back!

You will not kill yourself,
 you will live!!!!!!!!!!

JESUS will start turning your life around...... Go to the LORD, see how much he loves you.......

Go to JESUS with all of your pain, you will see how powerful he is and you will be amazed!

Do not focus on what you don't have, stop doing that! Start focusing on JESUS, the bible, heaven, eternity and all you do have!

Change your perspective! Your life is NOT half empty, it is HALF FULL! And as you get closer to JESUS, it will be 100% FULL!!!

King David had to leave his home a few different times and live out on the streets and forrest... He did not kill himself... You will not either!

Even if you have to be homeless for a short time, you have a brand new mansion waiting for you in heaven! Fight to stay with JESUS! Fight back and read the bible. Fight back and cast out those bad thoughts. Bless people and start working for the kingdom of GOD!

Get closer to JESUS and start working for the kingdom of GOD and your entire life will turn around! Just watch and see.

GOD loves you! You are important.............. But you also have enemies who hate you and want to destroy you. Stop focusing on your own life. Change your perspective, see all the wonderful things that you do have in your life and walk in this NEW WAY OF THINKING.

Go start helping people, go start passing out food, go start handing out Christian tracts, go start praying for people day and night! Get busy already for the kingdom of GOD all the while keeping JESUS very close to your heart and soul all day long.

JESUS can shatter the alcohol addiction, JESUS can shatter the porn addiction..... The LORD is with you! HE will help you, go to HIM! GO NOW, do not delay! Go to JESUS!

One of THEE greatest victories satan can get is when he pushes and compels a person to end their own life!

That will NOT be you!

Fight for us JESUS, defend us, protect us O LORD GOD! Be a shield around us JESUS... Shatter our enemies we pray!

Shatter the sadness JESUS, shatter the loneliness, crush the depression.. Help us JESUS to change our perspectives on life!

Guard our thoughts JESUS, guard our minds, guard our imaginations.... Take over our thoughts JESUS and save us we pray!

Fight O LORD GOD, fight for those who are thinking of ending their own lives. Fight for them now JESUS I cry out to you my KING.

Set the captives free JESUS, deliver them, bless them, teach them JESUS how much you love them, how important every single person is!

Brother and sister, you are important, you are super important to GOD. You are so important, he sent his own son to die for you! And JESUS loves you so much, he agreed with his FATHER'S plan... JESUS voluntarily came here to earth to die for you on the cross. Now brother and sister, that is what real love is! Real love is when JESUS dies on the cross voluntarily for you.

GOD'S son is madly in love with you! You will NOT end your own life..........

You Shall Live & NOT die!

Get to know JESUS, spend time with him, spend real time with him and he will turn your entire life around and it will not take too long either. JESUS never fails, not once, he will turn your life around for sure... Just give him a chance and watch and see.

You will NOT end your own life, THE LORD adores you!

You will live!

You are important. Your life is important. GOD's plans for you are important. Your destiny with GOD is very important!

GOD has people for you to help, people for you to speak to, people for you to bless...... You will not end your own life....

Stop all bad thoughts, stop all bad imaginations, say - NO I will NOT end my own life. And turn to JESUS the one who adores you!

We will not let satan win and end our own lives. NO way! NO how.......... Make JESUS the most important thing every single day of your life.

Give all of your problems to JESUS just like king David did! Your problems are too heavy for you to carry. They will crush you!

Close your eyes, see yourself handing all of your problems to JESUS. See JESUS smiling at you while he makes them all disappear in his hands!

Be free, free in your mind, free in your heart, free in your soul..... Give all of your marriage problems and financial problems to JESUS!

Remember, you are NOT ALONE........ JESUS is with you! You will NOT kill yourself..... You are important!

From the time you wake up till the time you go to bed, keep your focus on JESUS, the bible, heaven and especially helping people! If you start doing this, watch out! Your entire life is about to change for the better.

Go to JESUS with all of your heart and soul for he already loves you dearly! The relationship is already half done, JESUS loves you!

Now go do your half and be super blessed in a close, personal, intimate, fiery and romantic relationship with JESUS!

Get some fire in your relationship with JESUS, get some romance in it, get some passion in it and the LORD will hold you tight!

You will NOT kill yourself! 

The LORD is with you and the LORD loves you!

 You will not kill yourself!

Love, your servant Garrett

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