Yet Another Deception

Yet Another Deception!

Quite often we children of GOD find ourselves putting many other things before the LORD JESUS CHRIST in our lives!

Many times we elevate our jobs before the LORD... I am not saying we do this on purpose, but it just happens because of our flesh!

Sometimes, or even quite often children of GOD elevate their spouses above the LORD too in their lives.

Many times we elevate the pursuit of money and other materialistic things far more than we pursue GOD'S son JESUS! I know I have done this quite often in my life.

Now here is yet another HUGE deception that we fall down into too, and this deception is the topic of this very short talk -->>>>

(Many of us Children of GOD even elevate our ministry above JESUS!)

Yes it is true, children of GOD all over the world fall into the trap of elevating  their own GOD given ministries more than JESUS in their lives.

I have also fallen into this trap, I have also battled this deception of focusing on my ministry more than JESUS and the bible!

Children of GOD all over the world will say hello to me on the internet and constantly ask me →  Garret how is your ministry work going?

I mean this has been going on for almost 1 decade now in various chat rooms all over the internet!

Even people in so called third world countries are also falling for this most terrible deception!

So what is this fleshly diabolical deception exactly?

The deception is when our flesh, pride, ego, theological pride and the demons deceive us into focusing on ministry work more than JESUS himself in our lives.

I know all about this deception in my own life, for many times when I start doing heavy ministry work guess what suffers the most? 

Yes! My own personal relationship with JESUS.

Praise GOD he uses us to help others right? I mean helping other people is one of the greatest blessings on planet earth!

But you know how our pride, flesh and the demons work right?

Or I should say when we start to focus on and obsess on our own ministry work too much, we quickly forget to spend 1 on 1 time with JESUS and the holy bible!

Our pride, flesh and the demons will try to twist the blessings GOD gives us at times and twist it to a evil direction in our lives!

Many times we focus so much, so hard, so deeply on helping other people we literally forget about JESUS and the bible!

And when we do that, guess what happens next?

All freaking hell will rain down in our lives and jack slam us in our face!

JESUS and the holy bible are our only protection against our evil flesh, the pride and the evil angels, there is no other help or protection coming, not now, not ever on this cold dark lonely world we call earth!

Now when we fall down into these terrible deceptions and when all hell rains down on top of our head, do you know what most of us usually say?

We say to each other →  Wow satan is really coming against me because of all of the ministry work I am doing for the kingdom of GOD!

Now yes the demons do attack us more as we do more and more for the kingdom of GOD, yes they have this right to do this to us because JESUS gives them permission to do this!  

But the main reason all hell is breaking loose in our lives now is because we traded in JESUS and the bible for ministry work! We literally traded in JESUS and studying the holy bible so as to focus on helping people more! We spend so much of our precious time trying to help people in various different ways, that we now find out that we have no time for 1 on 1 time with JESUS anymore. We are so busy doing ministry work, we have no time to study the holy bible anymore either.

Now helping people is very very important, I pray we can all agree on this!

But doing godly ministry work is not more important than spending 1 on 1 time with JESUS and the holy bible!

Nothing could ever be farther from the truth.......

Spending 1 on 1 time with JESUS and the holy bible is so far, SO FAR ABOVE doing ministry work English words cannot explain it! I cannot even try to explain it, it is impossible to share with you just HOW FAR JESUS is above doing ministry work in our lives!

I have heard even the holy angels have to go back to heaven to spend time with JESUS after they have been helping us a lot down here! In other words, I have heard they have to fly back to heaven to get refreshed from GOD again, to get energized again after working with us down here on earth in the various tasks they do for GOD while being heavily involved in our lives.

Now I have fallen down into this deception many times, so I am not judging anyone, no I love all of you very much....

The entire reason for this short articles is because I love my brothers and sisters in JESUS CHRIST.

Every time I start doing so much ministry work that I have no time for JESUS or the bible, believe me, the giants in my life come and attack me and when that happens, watch out............... Watch out!

If you wonder why you keep falling back down into old addictions over and over again after doing wonderful ministry work, here it is → 

1). Because the demons fight back more. As you do more for JESUS and the kingdom of GOD, JESUS gives the demons permission to fight back against you more too!

Yes JESUS does do this so you better understand this when you pray for more and more ministry work to do! Wow you better understand this or your flesh and the evil angels will come against you like a tidal wave of pain and hurting.....

Look at this → 

Acts 9:15 – 15 But the Lord said, “Go, for Saul is my chosen instrument to take my message to the Gentiles and to kings, as well as to the people of Israel. 16 And I will show him how much he must suffer for my name’s sake.” 

Who suffered as much as Paul did? 

One of the rules GOD has in place here is, as we work for the kingdom of GOD, we will suffer for sure!

And the more Paul did for the kingdom of GOD, most likely the more he had to suffer too!

2). Because when you do tons and tons of ministry work many times you trade in GOD'S SON for helping people instead! And when we do that, our own ministry work actually becomes an idol to us.

What we focus on in our heart the most can become our god, or it can become an idol to us. And this can be anything at all, yes even our own god given ministry work too.

And when we do that, we have fallen down into the fleshly, prideful demonic trap and we are in big trouble now! Oh boy yes we are......

So what can we do ? What can we do about this? Should we quit doing ministry work to spend more time with JESUS? Of course not, all we need is some grace, all we need is some godly balance in our lives and GOD will help us to get more balanced especially if we cry out to him for help.

For example! Too much work and not enough time with JESUS and the bible will slowly destroy us from the inside out!

Or - Too much time with our spouse and not having any 1 on 1 time with  JESUS and the bible will slowly destroy our marriage and our soul!

If we spend too much time focusing on money and gaining material things in our lives, and not enough time with JESUS and the bible, we will also find our entire lives crashing down!

Let me also say this – If we even spend too much time with our own little children, so much time to the point to where we are NOT spending any 1 on 1 time with JESUS or the bible, this too will not only slowly destroy our family, but it will also wreck pure havoc in our own spiritual and emotional lives too! 

So we gotta pray for help! We have to cry out to GOD to teach us how to balance out time with our spouse, our children, our job, our other family members like parents and siblings, and yes our ministry work too!

We need a real good GODLY plan to balance out our lives......

Here is another short article that talks about the list of importance in our lives →

If we ask GOD to teach us how to balance out our lives better, the LORD will teach you for sure for he is on fire for you! GOD wants you to learn how to balance out the time he has given you on earth, so if you ask you shall receive!

Meditate on this... Find out through prayer and meditation are you ignoring JESUS too much?

Are you doing so much ministry work that you are actually ignoring 1 ON 1 time with JESUS and the bible?

Now try an experiment. Try making more time each day for JESUS himself 1 on 1 and for reading the holy bible. Try this experiment for a few weeks and check very carefully to see if you see any great results. Are you noticing that you feel more love now? Are you noticing that you have more peace in your life? Did you notice that your fears and anxieties have seemed to vanish? Are you also noticing that since you have found more time with JESUS and the holy bible, now your actual ministry work that you do is going better than ever before?

Try this experiment and guess what? You will be amazed at what you find..... Simply amazed!

The truth is, even though ministry work is absolutely incredible to do, WE CAN spend too much time doing it!

We can actually spend so much time doing ministry work that our own lives, our own soul is slowly falling apart from the inside out! That we are slowly becoming an emotional wreck...............

We can actually spend so much time doing ministry work, that our own prayer lives have fallen down like a avalanche!

We can actually spend so much time helping others, that our bible knowledge is lacking now! That we have forgotten some of the scriptures we use to have memorized. That our bible knowledge now seems a little fuzzy in our minds....

And guess what children of GOD?

When our bible knowledge is lacking or being ignored, our giants will come in like a flood and a tidal wave of evil will slam you so hard!

What giants am I actually talking about?

I am talking about giants like → Sadness, loneliness, depression, lust, porn, masturbation, smoking weed, doing drugs, fear, anxieties, sicknesses etc etc etc

Those are a small example of the giants I am talking about in this article!

We can even spend so much time loving people, helping people that our own prayer life has turned into a shambles!

We can spend so much time helping people in ministry work, that we do not even realize our own marriage has fallen completely apart! And the signs were there for us to see that our marriage has fallen apart! But why didn't we see them?

Because we were too busy focusing on, obsessing on and doing our ministry work, we did not see the GOD given signs that our own marriage was in serious trouble!

We can even spend so much time doing ministry work, that we are neglecting our own children now and GOD is not pleased when we neglect our children. GOD is entrusting us temporarily to raise up children to know his son JESUS and the holy bible. But how can we do that when we are too busy doing ministry work all the time?

Here is a very powerful article that goes into great detail on what is most important ->>

We all mess up, we all fall down, we all get deceived this is true for sure!

One of the great deceptions on planet earth is when evil can get children of GOD to ignore JESUS and the bible!

Evil might use money, or sex, or porn, or internet gaming, or even our friends, co-workers, family and spouses too to get our minds off of JESUS and the holy bible.

But we are learning that evil will also even use our own ministry work, twisting it in our minds, in our hearts to encourage us to focus too much on it. Now when that happens, we surely are in trouble.

JESUS and the bible are the only two things more powerful than the demons, so of course evil wants us to ignore them, obviously!

So please re think how you are spending your time very very carefully!

Pray for help to design the way you spend time each day in a better and better way and GOD will help you for sure. GOD loves you so much and he just adores it when you spend time with him and his holy bible.

You only get once chance here on earth! You only get one time to go around this planet as far as living in the flesh as a human being!

What is more important here on earth than how we spend our time each day of our lives that GOD has given us?

So I wanted to make it clear that if we are doing so much ministry work to where we are ignoring JESUS and the bible -->

This is real real bad! And your life will crash down and you will not even know why!

You will tell your friends on the phone -> I was doing great ministry work, now look what happened to me! Now I am back to watching porn again. Why has this happened?

And you will not even realize that you traded in JESUS and studying the holy bible for doing ministry work!

So watch out! The devil is roaming around this earth like a lion looking for flesh that he can eat, for flesh that he can devour!

Spending one on one time with JESUS and the holy bible is truly our only hope of overcoming this cold, dark, evil world!

I tell you the truth - People on the internet never ever ever ever say hello and ask me - Garrett, how are you and JESUS doing! How is your relationship with JESUS going at this time in your life Garrett?

NOBODY EVER ASKS ME THIS, I mean literally NOT ever!

But people all over the world always ask me how is my ministry going. Or how is my website etc etc etc!

It just goes to show how our flesh, pride, ministry pride and the demons have brainwashed all of us including myself at times too!

Oh how refreshing it would be if someone would come online and say ->> Garrett! How are you and JESUS doing at this time in your life!

I tell you the truth - In 12 years of internet work for GOD, I have NEVER EVER EVER HEARD THAT question asked of me.

People in Pakistan, India and the Philippines always ask me how is my ministry work going!

People in the USA always ask how is my ministry work going!

Now these are kind, loving and sincere people who love JESUS, amen!

But our focus is backwards children of GOD!

Honestly speaking, who cares how our ministry work is going if our relationship with JESUS and the holy bible is going down the drain!

We have got to elevate JESUS and the bible so far above ministry work, THAT you will not be able to even explain it in your mind!

JESUS and the holy bible must come first at all times, then GOD will give you ministry work for sure, just watch and see.

Getting closer to JESUS is the entire KEY for GOD to give you ministry work to do!

And also the more you study the holy bible, the more GOD can use you!

The less you study the holy bible, THE LESS GOD can use you to help others!

What we have now are people all over the world doing ministry work who do not study the holy bible!

We have children of GOD all over the world that are not spending time with JESUS in a 1 on 1 relationship.

And that is exactly what satan and his demonic army want!

satan and the demons want us to go out and help people without us studying knowing the bible first! Oh wow are we deceived, oh wow!

GOD wants us to study the bible more and more, then GOD can use us more and more in powerful, godly, CHRIST LIKE ministry work!

Now I realize Paul, Peter and the apostles did not have bibles to read, yet they went out and did world wide ministry, AMEN TO THAT!

But you and me DO have the holy bible to read, and what a shame, what a shame if we go out and do ministry work without reading the bible!

Going out to do ministry work all the time without having a close relationship with JESUS is like going out in a boat with holes in it!

Or going to do ministry work while we ignore the bible is like going out to the ocean to swim with great white sharks.

I had an old elder who for a period of time who just stayed at home and read the bible. He did not do much more than just study the bible day and night.

He asked JESUS one time – Should I go out and preach to people now? Should I go door to door to my neighbors and pass out bible tracts or do any ministry work at all?

JESUS said no! You are doing exactly what I want you to do, so keep doing it!

After he studied the bible more than anyone else I know of for a long period of time, he now has a world wide ministry!

Later on, someone gave him a 1 million dollar donation and he used the money to put his teaching videos on TV all over the world.

So to wrap this up ->> Yes I do ignore JESUS and the bible too at times because I am doing to much ministry work!

And yes this is wrong, it is prideful, it is our ego, it is our flesh, and it is exactly what the demons want us to do!

Let us put JESUS and the bible first, yes first before our spouses, before our jobs, before our children, and even before our ministry work and if we do this, just watch and see how much better everything else will go in your life including your ministry work!

Please pray about this and ask the LORD to show you what he wants you to do on this topic!

Meditate on this and see if you can get out of the trap of trying to do too much ministry work while ignoring JESUS and the bible!

JESUS is the name above every name, he is above everything in all of creation EXCEPT GOD himself.

So yes that also means JESUS is above our own godly ministry work too.

Yes keep doing your incredible godly ministry work, amen to that! But make sure you are spending as much time with JESUS and the holy bible as grace allows you to do each day.

Praise GOD for all of you!

Love, your servant Garrett

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