Wow is Life hard, Wow!!!



Wow is life hard!!!

I mean it is really, REALLY hard to make it through ones life. Nobody ever bothered to warn me just how hard my life was going to be; Not my parents, nobody in church, not anyone in school either. Not a single person in my entire life ever bothered to warn me just how dark, how lonely, how evil and how depressing life can be ---------- OH WOW DO WE NEED JESUS much, Much more than I ever thought we did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I became born again, I had no idea how bad we needed JESUS in our lives at that time. Praise GOD that he has been teaching me very slowly the last year or two just how MUCH we actually need JESUS and Bible knowledge in our day to day lives.

*If any of you want to see just how hard my life was, you can read my own Testimony by Clicking Here!! But make sure you are ready to read it!*


Now, I want to share with all of you, exactly what JESUS HIMSELF is sharing with me, on the topic of why our lives are so hard here on earth.

If your life is going extremely hard right now, or if your entire life has been very, VERY difficult, please be patient here and read the following article. I promise you it is going to bless you, and teach you, and help you to understand so much better why things here on earth are the way they are!

Here below is EXACTLY what the LORD JESUS has been revealing to me!


Romans 8:28 - And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Everything that is happening in our lives, even the bad, even the evil that is done to us, even the hurtful, and especially when our hearts get broken time and time again, is actually all working out for OUR GOOD!!!!!

Oh praise JESUS!

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Now let me prove it to you.

Test Center


The LORD has been revealing to me that the Earth is like a test center........ GOD has created a test center to raise up son's and daughter's in CHRIST JESUS HIS SON! So because it is like a Test Center, THE LORD is using most of the things that happen in our lives to test us, and to give us chance after chance to overcome evil! The LORD is giving us chances to prove that we will obey the Holy Bible, to prove that we will obey HIM, to prove that we really do love HIM, to prove that GOOD wins over evil, that Holiness and Righteousness can and will always overcome evil!

Here are a few examples of some of the common tests that true born again believer’s go through in their lives!


1). Our bosses or Co workers or friends or fellow students in school falsely accuse us! Men and women, it is JUST A TEST!

The LORD is giving us a chance to practice all of the wonderful things we have been learning in the bible to overcome this situation! Like - Not defending ourselves and allowing the LORD to defend us. The LORD wants to teach us to keep quiet just the way he did when the Sanhedrin was falsely accusing him.

Here is another example.


2). The LORD allows a NON believing person of the opposite sex to come into our lives! We were single at the time, and the person the LORD sent to us is sooooo attractive. It is JUST A TEST!

The LORD is simply testing us to see if we will actually obey the bible… For those of you who do not know, it is a SIN to date and fall in love with, and marry a non believing person!

You can preach to that non believing person, but we True People of GOD are NOT ALLOWED to ever date them! It was only a test!

*Here is a wonderful article on being Christian and Single - Please Click Here*


Here is another example.

3). During your worship time with the LORD, and also during your bible reading time, your telephone keeps ringing with one person after another calling! It is JUST A TEST!

Sure the LORD JESUS can allow satan to blow up your telephone with every single friend and family member in the world calling you, but it is really JUST A TEST!

Will you answer the phone and get into a 30 minute talk with your friend, or will you take the time with the LORD soooo seriously, that you will put OFF everything else in life, except dire emergencies, to spend that quality time with the LORD JESUS and his bible.

Here is another example.

4). You are at school, or at work, or at the store, and a man or woman starts an argument with you. During the argument, the person slaps you on the face with their right hand real hard. It is JUST A TEST PEOPLE!

Maybe some of you don’t believe me here! Look at this scripture ---à>>>

Lamentations 3:37 - Who can command things to happen without the LORD’S PERMISSION?

Yes people, it was just a test to see if you would act and behave just like JESUS would.

We are not allowed to defend ourselves, or fight back, or hurt anyone. We are allowed to run away, but we must act like JESUS at all times! JESUS never fought back, or hurt anyone and neither should we! We want to copy our LORD in all of his wonderful ways.

I am NOT saying this is easy, but at least we must try! Let us keep praying to the LORD to help us to be more and more like him in our daily lives.

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Here is another example!

5). Many of you at work or at school, or at public places in your own cities have had to use the public bathrooms of course! Have you ever noticed the paper towels on the floor, or the toilet paper being thrown all around the bathroom making it quite messy? Many, MANY times it was just a test set up for you, and for you only by the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!

The LORD was watching you very closely to see if you would actually be a servant to your fellow brother’s and sister’s and clean up after them. The LORD JESUS was also watching your attitude and thoughts very carefully as you looked around at the messy bathroom. Were you feeling too important to clean it up? Were you too busy to take a quick go around and clean it up? Did you feel you are better than others, and you didn’t want to clean up someone else’s mess?

How do I know this? Because when I worked for 3 ½ years at a huge Limousine Company, the LORD revealed to me just how closely he was watching me as I was using the bathroom, and quickly walking by all of the mess that the other men were making in there, and going back up to my office without ever cleaning it up………..

Here is one last example of the hundreds and hundreds I could of chosen which the LORD GOD is allowing to come to us every single day of our lives!

6). You are walking by or driving by a homeless person while on your way to work or school or church. The man or woman hasn’t had a shower in months, and he or she smells very bad. The person even looks a little dangerous. As you walk by, or slowly drive by, they ask if you could please spare a few dollars to help them today! Watch out people!


The LORD JESUS is monitoring you like under a microscope! He is watching your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your secret inner desires and hidden character traits as you interact with this man or woman. He is also watching your pride, your ego, the way you might feel that you are better than this man or woman. He is watching to see if you will ask the person if they know of JESUS. He is also watching if you will give money or not to that person. And, if you do give money, or if you don’t give money, the LORD is watching you carefully why you made the decision that you did!

See people, little did you know, but that homeless person was actually an ARCHANGEL who was disguised as a homeless man or woman.


And THE WHOLE UNIVERSE and all of the Unseen spirit realms ARE WATCHING these tests!

Now why is the LORD JESUS watching us closer then even under a microscope?

Because he wants to show us Holy and Righteous and Perfect to HIS FATHER IN HEAVEN.

It is the HOLY GHOSTs JOB to transform us into the very likeness of JESUS, either the 30 fold, or 60 fold, or even the 100 percent fold of JESUS CHRIST….

So we are being monitored day and night, and monitored would be too weak of a word. We have the Creator living in us, watching every single microscopic thing we ever think, or do, or want, or act, or say, on and on and on every single second of our lives from the time we are born, to the very moment we die!

Another Short Example of Why Life Is So Hard Here.

My Christian brother David Eells says - One of the main reasons why life is so hard here on earth is to HUMBLE US. GOD is showing us through the many trials, tests, tribulations, heartbreaks, heartaches and tears, JUST HOW IMPOSSIBLE IT IS TO MAKE IT HERE ON EARTH WITHOUT JESUS. I have noticed that the harder my life gets, the more I can see HOW BADLY I need GOD'S help.

I am learning more and more as time goes by just how IMPOSSIBLE it is to make it day by day here on earth!! Without JESUS it is COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE.

That is a very humbling lesson to learn!!  It is all grace so no man can boast!

*Another kind of Test that are sent to us, are what we call Temptations!

When temptations come to us, they are another form of a test. JESUS said temptations will always come to us, and for us to pray to GOD to lead us away from temptations or to deliver us from temptations.

GOD doesn’t tempt us, that is one of the things that satan and our own flesh man living inside of us bring to us.

Here are a few very simple kinds of temptations that I am sure a lot of us have had to go through.

1). Maybe some of us are being tempted to steal from time to time. It is JUST A TEST!

The LORD wants us to remember all we have learned in the bible, and to prove that we really do love HIM by obeying his commandments that say we SHALL NOT STEAL!

Here is another example of temptations!

2). Have some of you ever been tempted to have sex before marriage? It was JUST A TEST!

Did you know in the book of Revelations, that JESUS says 6 different times, that fornicators CANNOT get into the Kingdom of Heaven? OH YES IT DOES!

Once again, the LORD was testing us to see if we would actually obey HIM and HIS bible where it says that fornicators cannot get into Heaven.

Here is another example of temptations!

3). Have any of you ever felt the temptation to lie? It was JUST A TEST!

The LORD was looking for us to say NO to the temptation, and to refuse to lie. Because JESUS is Holy and righteous, and he wants us to be too… The LORD wants us to always tell the truth and to obey his commandments.

Here is one last example of temptations many of us go through out of the hundreds I could of chose from!

4). Have any of you ever felt the temptation to look at porn? I know I have felt that temptation. It was JUST A TEST!

Lastly, Porn! This is why we are reading the bible daily, and praying day and night. So we can say NO TO THESE TERRIBLE Temptations that come to us on a regular basis……

These temptations will always come to us, because the LORD is using them to teach us to say no! To teach us to be and to talk and to act just like JESUS did! We are being tested constantly over and over and over again. We are being given chance after chance to be like JESUS CHRIST!

When we do say no to these temptations, we get the victory! We get a little bit stronger! We are becoming more and more like JESUS! Oh praise GOD!

When we do fail in any of the many tests and temptations that come our way day and night, that gives us the chance to be humble before our LORD, and to repent our sins.

Rest assured people, if you have been failing these temptations and tests a lot, you will be given PLENTY OF MORE CHANCES IN THE COMING DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS and YEARS!

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When we do fail temptations and tests constantly, that is also showing us that we are NOT abiding in JESUS and HIS Holy bible enough. So let us get going with the LORD aggressively!!!

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Now some of you have read the 10 examples above, but you are saying to yourself, GEE - It seems like Garrett just doesn’t understand how hard my life has been. Or some of you are thinking that those 10 examples above are easy tests to pass, and easy temptations to say no to.

Some of you are thinking to yourselves now, that you are truly in The Dark Valley of Death at this time in your life.

I do understand this completely, and that is why I am going to share with you the next Revelation that THE LORD JESUS has been teaching me about why life is so hard here on earth.

A Military Boot Camp!

We are in a Military; We are soldiers of CHRIST, and JESUS has given us a very tough obstacle course to run each day. Each course has been designed specifically for each individual person to run to bring them in to the very image of CHRIST JESUS.

The EARTH that GOD created has been created to be like a Military Boot Camp. GOD has designed an obstacle course for each and everyone of HIS True Children to run through every day of their lives. No two obstacle courses are the same, but they are all very similar to one another.

The demons, evil, and the lost children that satan are used as obstacle courses for us. They are also used by GOD to bring our tests to us, trials, tribulations, and learning experiences. The demons and lost people of the world are used by GOD to give us chances to learn to overcome. They help us to crucify our flesh man inside of us, and most importantly possibly, to build up our SPIRITUAL ENDURANCE! - aka - Spiritual Muscles!

Some of you will not agree with the above paragraph that GOD uses satan like a dumb farm animal…… Look at this scripture please --à>>>

Isaiah 45:7 - I form the light, and create darkness. I make peace, and create evil. I am the LORD that doeth all things!!!


Here is another scripture for you --à>>>

(Rev.20:1 And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key of the abyss and a great chain in his hand. (2) And he laid hold on the dragon, the old serpent, which is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years, (3) and cast him into the abyss, and shut [it], and sealed [it] over him, that he should deceive the nations no more, until the thousand years should be finished: after this he must be loosed for a little time.

One angel had no trouble chaining Satan and casting him into the pit. That was so easy that God could have done it a long time ago if He wanted to. According to the theology of most, God would have had to send an army of angels to get that “heavyweight.” After all, has he not been resisting God for over 6,000 years? Wrong! Notice that after 1,000 years God looses him again! Does that give you any idea about who loosed him the first time in the Garden of Eden?


ALL AUTHORITY and Power in Heaven and on earth belongs to JESUS.

Satan, the demons and the lost people of the world were also used by GOD to bring HIS own SON JESUS to the cross…… Because of this, we also know that they are used by GOD to help us to go to our own crosses too! If satan wasn’t here, none of us would willingly crucify our own flesh man inside of us, and all of us would die in sin and go straight to the Lake of Fire!

Oh praise JESUS the evil angels are here, and are being used by GOD to help us crucify our own flesh man inside of all of us.

Satan and the demons and the rest of the evil are all here on purpose, placed here by GOD HIMSELF, so as to give us an obstacle course to run every single day and night of our lives.

I am sure there are many other reasons why they are here too, but we are just going to focus on why our lives are sooooo hard.

By running this obstacle course, we will get stronger and stronger in JESUS and HIS Holy Bible. By us continuing to run this obstacle course, and by us continuing to run through test after test after test, we are building up spiritual endurance and the LORD GOD is teaching us how to do SPIRITUAL WARFARE.


One of the MAIN obstacle course tests is - Spiritual Resistance

The LORD puts spiritual resistance in our lives on purpose, to help us to get stronger and stronger in JESUS, the Holy bible, and HE is helping us to build up more faith!

It is like lifting weights; The weight is our resistance and as we lift it, we get stronger and stronger........

Well the same is true in life; As we keep pushing through this spiritual resistance we too will get stronger and stronger in JESUS, and the Holy bible and faith.

Here is a great example of what the spiritual resistance is!

1). It is Friday night, the night that you always worship the LORD JESUS at home for 1 hour. But this Friday night, you just don’t feel like it. There is really nothing wrong at all, but for some reason, you just don’t feel like worshiping the LORD.
 --à>> That is Spiritual Resistance that GOD has allowed to be in your life on purpose, to give you a chance to push through, and to worship him anyways whether you feel like it or not! If you do worship the LORD and push through, you get the victory and you get a tiny bit stronger!

If you gave in, and did not worship the LORD because you just didn’t feel like it, then you did not get stronger. In that last case, your spiritual endurance did not get stronger, and you can be sure you will be given many more chances in the next day or two to push through the resistance again!

I am NOT saying that GOD sends all spiritual resistance to us! Many times it is because of things we are doing in our lives, or I should say that we are NOT doing with JESUS and the bible that can also create this spiritual resistance in us! If we are sinning, or being rebellious at this time, then we could be allowing more and more demonic resistance to enter our lives!

Here is one more example of spiritual resistance.

2). You woke up early Sunday morning to get to church on time. You took a shower and got dressed, and you are now sitting at your table drinking some coffee. For some reason, you just don’t feel like going to church though. Once again, there is nothing wrong; You are actually in a great mood, and everything in your life at that time is going good. But, there is a feeling inside of you! It is a spiritual feeling inside of you kind of like resistance. And now you just don’t feel like going to church………… This is the spiritual resistance that GOD allows to come to us in our day to day lives. Is GOD using a demon or demons for this resistance? I think most of the time he is!

If you don’t realize that GOD uses demons, then you might want to study the bible more.

GOD allowed an evil angel to come against King Saul, Job and many others!

What GOD wants from us is to ignore our feelings, ignore the resistance, COMMAND that evil resistance to leave us IMMEDIATELY, and push through and drive to church. If you do, you gain the victory and your spiritual endurance will get even stronger!

If you do not drive to church, but instead you turn on your TV and watch football, then you will get plenty more resistance in the next few days to give you more and more chances to build up your spiritual muscles!

3). Can any of us even try to imagine how much resistance JESUS must of felt the night he was to be turned in to the Pharisees? The very night that Judas betrayed HIM with a kiss. It was monumentally difficult, and he was sweating blood!!!!!

What did JESUS do?

He pushed aside his feelings, he pushed aside the resistance, and marched forward to HIS destiny!


And he wants to teach us how to overcome just like HE did!

Most of us American Christian’s have a little bible knowledge, but our spiritual muscles are soooooooooooooo WEAK!!!!!!!!

GOD is allowing resistance to come to us all the time so we can learn to push through to the other side, just like JESUS did. By doing this, we will get much, MUCH stronger in our spiritual endurance.

It is quite easy to get bible knowledge, all we have to do is study the bible and pray with an open mind to the LORD to help us to understand the bible better and better.

But, it is very, VERY HARD to get stronger in our spiritual endurance - aka - spiritual muscles!

THE LORD GOD JESUS allows just enough resistance each time to make it difficult for us to push through, but HE doesn’t give us too much endurance to handle to where we would fail for sure……..

JESUS knows exactly what resistance to give us to help us to get stronger and stronger in our spiritual life.

So the world is pulling us to satan, and we must resist it and march to JESUS and the bible------ If we do this, JESUS will help us with grace and mercies and blessing and help us to overcome this obstacle course that we call the world...........



The Master Warrior - (The Lion of Judah) - JESUS CHRIST! - HE fights for us, he protects us, he defends us, he guards us, he created us, he died for us, he called us, he keeps us, and he blesses us 1000 different ways every single day and night, even while we are sleeping!

Generals - Archangels - Possibly Seraphim & Cherubim angels too!!


Colonels, Captains, Majors and Lieutenants - The Holy Angels of different rank and responsibilities.

Master Sergeants - The man child ministers who by the way will be released very shortly from now! Aka - The Rider on The White Horse in Revelations.

Drill Sergeants - John the Baptist type ministers who will also be released upon the world shortly too.

Sergeants - People who worship the LORD & encourage others to worship GOD.

Corporals - 5 Fold Ministry men - the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers.

Military Spies - Intercessor Prayer People - They Pray for their loved ones and people in secret, crying out to GOD to move mountains for the people they pray for! And GOD does it!

Soldiers - True men and women of GOD who really know JESUS and love the LORD with all their heart and soul. These soldiers spend time reading the Holy Bible, and prayer is very important to them. These people worship JESUS!

Here is Who GOD uses for our obstacle courses!

The Leader of the Obstacle course we call earth! - Satan

Generals - Evil Archangels - For example, the head demonic General that will rule over the entire beast Mentioned in Revelations.

Evil Spirit Princes of satan - Princes who lead the demonic spirits, but are under Generals.

Demons and possibly other evil spirits of different ranks and different military responsibilities.

Soldiers - The lost men and women, boys and girls of the world.


So Christian people, as you can see - Not only do we have FATHER GOD on our side, and HIS SON JESUS the Creator - but we also have two thirds of the Holy Angels.

There is no reason to fear, or to have anxiety for THE LORD LOVES YOU; This obstacle course we call life is here to help you to become more and more like JESUS CHRIST…..

Without this obstacle course, we would all be living purely in our carnal sinful nature - aka - The Flesh man, and we would all die and go to the lake of fire!

The obstacle course is too big to be fully explained here in this article. But here are a few more of the really big obstacles that we must push through to gain the victory!

Here is a big one!                            

1). Depression, sadness, loneliness and pain - These evil emotions are so serious, that I have an entire article about them.


*Click here to read the article about sadness, loneliness and depression*

For those of you who don’t have the time to read the above article, let me just simply say this.

Each one of the bad emotions that we live with from time to time, has a evil spirit behind it.


So if you are feeling depressed, you have to command the evil spirit of depression to leave you immediately in the name of JESUS. After you have done that, you must fill up that void inside of you with CHRIST and his bible! Otherwise, the evil spirit could come back again.

GOD allows these evil spirits to come against us to teach us how to do spiritual warfare! We must command depression and sadness to leave us constantly, and at the same time, we MUST WATCH WHAT WE THINK ABOUT……….. We must constantly push away all bad thoughts. These bad thoughts that come to us day and night can lead us directly into depression and sadness! This is SPIRITUAL WARFARE!

The article above goes into great detail on the topics of sadness, loneliness and depression.

Try to find time to read it as soon as you can.

If you are feeling that you just don’t have the strength or power to command the evil spirits and evil emotions to leave you - Read this -à>>

Luke 10:19 - JESUS says - Behold, I have given you authority to trample upon the serpents and scorpions - aka -(demons), and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing in anyway shall hurt you!

OH YES YOU DO HAVE THE AUTHORITY over satan, and his demons, and all bad emotions, and all bad thoughts………….

Start using your authority people and watch how much better your life will get!

Here is another big obstacle!

2). No Money, or a lack of money.

Come on people, GOD owns the cattle on a thousand hills! But besides the cattle, GOD also owns the planet earth, and our Solar System, and the Milky Way Galaxy too. In fact, GOD owns the entire universe!

When we get low on money, this is a obstacle course for us to run. The LORD is looking for us to abide in him more, and to trust him more, and to stand on bible promises during this so called lack of money! JESUS wants us to pray with faith, and to really and truly believe that HE will help us.

I use the words so called lack of money, because in reality, the LORD is using this lack of money to teach you to trust him, to practice spiritual warfare, and to stand strong with both feet on bible scriptures!

Some people are probably thinking here - (Garrett doesn’t understand that I am low on food, or that I can barely pay the rent).

Oh yes I do understand! But look at this people-à>>>

Psalm 37:19 - David says - Even in famine, they will have more than enough!


Eccl 7:14 - Enjoy prosperity while you can, but when the hard times strike, they are both from GOD………….


We must stand on scriptures and use our faith even when we are in the fiery trials of having a LACK OF MONEY!

If you have a lack of money at this time, scour the Holy bible to find bible promises concerning this situation you find yourself in. Then, stand FIRM on the bible promises and just watch and see how our GREAT & WONDERFUL LORD JESUS delivers you with HIS powerful hand!

Let us look at another obstacle that many people have to run! This one is more like a Fiery Trial.

1st Peter 4:12 12 Dear friends, don’t be surprised at the fiery trials you are going through, as if something strange were happening to you. 13 Instead, be very glad—for these trials make you partners with Christ in his suffering, so that you will have the wonderful joy of seeing his glory when it is revealed to all the world.

3). Adultery - You love the LORD, you were faithful to your spouse, you truly know and love JESUS with all of your heart and soul, but your spouse decided to cheat on you sexually with a another person.

Could JESUS have stopped your spouse from cheating? SURE HE COULD for he is THE LORD.

Lamentations 3:37 - Who can command things to happen without the LORD’S permission.

Maybe the LORD is giving you a chance to learn how to love your spouse the way HE does.

Maybe JESUS is giving you a chance to practice un-conditional love for your spouse.

Maybe JESUS is giving you a chance to learn how to forgive, even when you have been greatly wrong by your spouse.

Maybe the LORD is showing you what happens to a man or women when they do LEAVE the LORD - aka - your spouse! See, your spouse had to completely leave the LORD to cheat on you because it is extremely un biblical to commit adultery.

This could be one of those times in life when the LORD allows our hearts to be broken.



A person with a broken heart can really and truly seek after JESUS like nobody else on earth can.

Yes people, adultery is a VERY FIERY TRIAL. Key word there - Trial…….. GOD is using all of these fiery trials in our lives to raise up son’s and daughter’s in the very likeness of JESUS.

I WOULD GUESS that the LORD JESUS’ heart was broken on multiple, MULTIPLE occasions as he did his ministry here on earth! And we children of HIS are going to go through this Fiery Trial too!

Uh OH - Here is a very hard one. We are now leaving the fiery trials of the obstacle course and are now going to talk about a few TRIBULATIONS that some of us must go through.

Here is a very hard tribulation to have to go through.

4). Divorce! You were faithful to your spouse, and you thought that your life was going somewhat good with JESUS and the bible, but then, your spouse decided not only to cheat on you, but to divorce you.

Now your heart isn’t just broken, it is literally crushed and shattered into a million pieces. To make matters even worse, your spouse is leaving you for your best friend!

Does this happen in the world? OH YES IT DOES……… In fact this happens all the time to Christian men and women living in the world today.

Why on earth would JESUS allow this ?

Maybe to get the trash out of your life?

Maybe so JESUS could rebuild your heart that has been now shattered, into a much more loving and compassionate heart?

Maybe he is allowing your spouse to leave so as to give you the next 3-5 years of peace in your home. During the next 3-5 years, you can finally read the bible in peace, you can pray after dinner, you can worship every night, and because all of the arguing and fighting is now out of your life, maybe you can finally really and truly get to know JESUS with all of your heart and soul!

Maybe JESUS allowed your spouse to leave you, so you could now learn to make JESUS your spouse?

Maybe in the next few years the LORD will send a REAL Christian person into your life to marry and to bless you with?

Not the fake Christian that you married because you were lonely or sad or depressed.

Are you Christian and Single at this Time? Click here!


Maybe the LORD is even correcting and disciplining you for marrying a NON BELIEVER?

Are we allowed to date, fall in love with, and marry a non believer?



There are just a few of the reasons why GOD could allow divorce to come into your life at this time. Remember this is the Military Boot camp / Obstacle course that was designed just for you.

I am not saying GOD designed divorce for you! Not even close.

What I am saying is that the LORD allowed the divorce to happen for his many and good purposes in your life…………. GOD HATES DIVORCE!

Can GOD use even a terrible divorce experience to bless you and help you?


How do I know this? Look at this -----à>>>>>

Romans 8:28 - And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Here is another Tribulation

5). Demons coming to you, or appearing to you in your house or apartment!

Why on earth would the LORD allow a demonic evil spirit to come into your presence, or to even appear to you?

First of all, have you been sinning? If you have been, it would be very, VERY common to have a demon or demons with you. When we sin, satan accuses us before GOD. It is then very possible that GOD allows the demon or demons to enter us. They cannot possess our spirit where GOD lives, but they can come to our soul, and all around our body.

This is why we want to humbly repent our sins ASAP with the very first chance we get.

Maybe JESUS wants you to practice a little spiritual warfare against them by commanding them to leave you, your house, your children, your pets and everything else alone?

Maybe JESUS is showing the spirit realm that you are a true child of his, as you calmly command the evil spirit to leave you and your house immediately.

Not all trials and tribulations are completely about you! The angels and the rest of the universe are all watching what is going on here!

Maybe the LORD JESUS is allowing a demon to come to you to give you more experience using authority over them, because in the near future, the LORD has some great work for you to do for him?

Here is another great tribulation!

6). Physical persecution. For whatever reasons the LORD has, it is now your turn to be physically persecuted for your faith and belief in the LORD JESUS.

One of the greatest honors we could ever give our KING, is to be persecuted physically for him.

I am not saying this is easy, in fact this is extremely difficult to go through.

The world persecuted our LORD, and since they persecuted HIM, they are also going to persecute us too…..

Look at what The Apostle Paul went through -à>>

2ND COR 11:23 - I have worked harder, been put in prison more often, been whipped times without number, and faced death again and again. 24 Five different times the Jewish leaders gave me thirty-nine lashes. 25 Three times I was beaten with rods. Once I was stoned. Three times I was shipwrecked. Once I spent a whole night and a day adrift at sea. 26 I have traveled on many long journeys. I have faced danger from rivers and from robbers. I have faced danger from my own people, the Jews, as well as from the Gentiles. I have faced danger in the cities, in the deserts, and on the seas. And I have faced danger from men who claim to be believers but are not. 27 I have worked hard and long, enduring many sleepless nights. I have been hungry and thirsty and have often gone without food. I have shivered in the cold, without enough clothing to keep me warm.

Even during the persecution, JESUS is in complete control of every single thing that happens to you. They cannot do more to you than JESUS says, and they will not do less either.

JESUS is the LORD.

The FATHER is with you during the persecution, just like he was with his SON JESUS during his persecution too.


For the LORD gets tremendous amounts of glory when his children stand firm in HIM, even during terrible persecution, even to the point of death!

Here is another obstacle course that is very difficult!

The Dark Valley of Death!

7). Sickness! What good could the LORD be doing in us and for us when we get sick?

Maybe he wants to heal us supernaturally? To show us and the world how glorious he is, how powerful he is, and how faithful he is to us?

Maybe he wants us to study healing scriptures and to practice standing firm on them with both feet?

Maybe JESUS is using our sicknesses to give us a chance to worship and praise him even in the terrible storm?

Maybe JESUS is giving us chances to practice our faith, knowing that by his stripes, we were healed? - 1stPeter 2:24

Look at this scripture -à>>>

1st Pet 1:6 So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you have to endure many trials for a little while. 7 These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.

Maybe JESUS is using the sickness in us to shatter our pride, and to help destroy our ego and self that is rooted deep inside of us and is slowly killing us?

How about one last Dark Valley of Death Experience!

8). Death of your child, or even the death of your spouse or parents!

What human being on all of planet earth could possibly say they understand death? Not me!

But let us talk about what we do know!

When our children die it would be safe to say that they would go straight to Heaven!

Since they never made it to an age of accountability regarding their sins, or if they would like to choose to love JESUS. GOD who is a fair judge, would bring them straight to Heaven……

If the LORD were to give you permission to talk to one of your dead family members, and if you were to ask that family member if they want to come back to earth to be with you, Most if not almost all of them would say - NO WAY!

Our children who die, and are now living in Heaven, are in a much, MUCH better place now than earth…… I don’t believe any of them would want to come back to earth……….

Can we be happy for our family members who are now in Heaven with JESUS?

Can we find peace in this?

Psalm 116:15 - Precious in the sight of the LORD are the death of his saints.

Finally the FATHER in Heaven can have a real relationship with us after we are dead, because our flesh is now gone, and that means that our sinful nature has finally been destroyed!

This is why it is precious to GOD when we die, so we can be with him in Heaven now for all of eternity in a close, fiery, passionate, marriage!!!

Death for us Christian people is a celebration, it is a wonderful thing when a family member of ours gets to go be with the LORD.

When a child does die, the rest of the family can use the pain, sorrow and the terrible hurting inside of them to draw MUCH CLOSER TO THE LORD and HIS BIBLE!!!

Focus on that point of view, and the LORD through prayer and worshiping will help you to overcome the sorrow and pain of when a loved one dies!

And people did you know that you would be seeing them soon enough? That is when you yourselves die and go to Heaven?

YES PEOPLE - We only lose loved ones for a short time here on earth, then we too die and will be with them and GOD and our LORD JESUS for all of eternity!

Focus on all of the good of when someone dies, not on your loss.



9). Our thoughts. We must win the battlefield of the mind! This is where most of the tests up above are being fought, this is where most of the obstacle courses are being fought, this is where our temptations are being fought.

The worldly evil thoughts are coming from our own heart, and they are also coming from satan……. Bad thoughts can also come from watching TV, or listening to pagan music, or reading magazines and on and on and on……….

This is why JESUS said to come out of the world. We must come out of the worlds ways of doing things, and all of this starts in our mind.

Here are a few of the thoughts that we must constantly push out of our mind over and over again day and night.

1). Thoughts of sex. Sitting down and allowing our mind to think or day dream about sex. If we don’t fight this, we are on the way to hell for sure! That is just how serious this is!

2). Thoughts of trying to find a girlfriend or boyfriend! Ouch, that will destroy your walk with JESUS if you don’t go to war against it.

3). Allowing temptations to stay in your mind, and thinking about them over and over again. If you do NOT push those bad tempting thoughts out, it is only a matter of minutes, or hours before you will give in and sin.

4). Thoughts of satan and his demons and how hard they are fighting against you.


PEOPLE, did you know that just by thinking of this, you are actually giving satan permission over your life? WELL YOU ARE!!! If you disagree with me, just pray about it and the LORD will help you to understand to know that JESUS has ALL power, and ALL authority in Heaven, and ON EARTH!!!! Not satan, but JESUS does!

Those are just a few of the hundreds and hundreds of thoughts that come to us every single hour……… We must go to war against these bad thoughts and constantly push them out of our minds…….

During the TESTS and TRIALS and TEMPTATIONS, and even during the DARK VALLEY of DEATH, the LORD is constantly working in us, and I mean constantly every single second!

THE LORD is using many of the hard trials and tests that come our way, to lead us to himself! These tests and trials and terrible experiences many times can and will lead us closer to JESUS.

During these difficult times, JESUS wants us to draw closer to HIMSELF and HIS Holy Bible, NOT run away from him.

It is when or our loved ones are really in trouble that we must truly seek him out like we have never done before.

When someone gets sick, or when we lose a job, or when someone slaps us because we are a Christian, this is when we really need to get on our hands and knees and repent our sins. This is when we need to be praying day and night without stopping. This is when we need to be doing huge worship sessions to the LORD after dinner and on and on and on.

The LORD uses these dark periods in our lives to draw us to him like we have never done so before, and by doing this, our salvation will be assured because we are now abiding in JESUS and the bible……..

Oh yes people, these tests and obstacle course are EXTREMELY important for us, in fact, without them, none of us NOT 1 single person would ever get into Heaven……..

So as you see people, when satan and his armies come against us, he is actually helping us to get down on our knees, repent our sins, and pray and worship like we never have done so before!!!

Let me prove it to you with a scripture --à>>>

This is what GOD says in Deuteronomy 32:39 - Look now; I myself am HE! There is no other GOD but me! I am the one who kills and gives life; I am the one who wounds an heals; No one can be rescued from my powerful hand!

Oh praise JESUS satan and the demons are here…….

Praise JESUS that he has given us such tough obstacle courses to run!

Praise JESUS for the dark valley of death experiences………….

Those valley experiences sure helped King David to repent, straighten out, and follow the LORD, and they are helping you and me too!!!

The TESTS, TRIALS, TRIBULATIONS, FIERY TRIALS, and OBSTACLE COURSES are EXTREMELY needed to raise up son’s and daughter’s of GOD…………..

And without them, we would all be lost for all of eternity.

We need to change our perceptions on what is happening in our lives.

We need to change the way we think about things, when hard times comes to us.

We need to see that all of this is really helping us to draw close to JESUS and the Holy Bible, and by doing this, WE WILL BE SAVED - OH PRAISE GOD…………

I will finish this long article with the same scripture I started it with.

See if this scripture NOW makes more sense to you.

Romans 8:28 - And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Can you know see how much GOD loves you? If satan and the demons weren’t here, we would have NO tests or trials or obstacle courses to run……… Then all of mankind would be lost and go straight to the Lake of Fire because we would be stuck in sin, and our flesh man inside of us would be ruling us!

OH PRAISE JESUS that he is sooooooooooo much smarter than we are, and JESUS clearly already understands this!!

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I love you people.

Sincerely, your servant Garrett