Wow This Makes Me

Wow This Makes Me Furious!

*Total number of children that die every year from hunger –> 

1.5 Million

Children look for insects to eat for dinner here!

*Percent of world population considered to be starving –>


*Time between deaths of people who die from hunger –>

 3.6 seconds.

*Total number of people in the world who suffer from hunger and malnutrition –>

 800 Million

*Total number of people who do not have enough to eat –>

 936 Million people

*Total percentage who do not have enough to eat who live in developing countries –>


*Number of people who died of hunger today –>

 Approximately 20,864

*Total number of people who will die of hunger this year ->

 Approximately – 7,615,360

*Total percentage of U.S. Households that are at risk of hunger


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