Why Is Life So Hard

Why is Life So Hard?

If your life is going hard right now child of GOD, I want you to know this is normal!!

Nothing strange is happening child of GOD.... JESUS has planned for your life to have many many hard times and experiences! 

It is not just your life that is hard, it is all of us! Do not let satan tell you that your the only one suffering. Pure lies!

GOD has planned for everyone's life to be hard from time to time. HE even gives us times when things are MORE than hard, when we go very deep into the terrible valley of the shadow of death experiences.

There are many MANY purposes why GOD has our lives to be so hard from time to time... All of the purpose are to bless you!

The bible even says count it a blessing when these things happen!


Because GOD uses these very difficult experiences, trials and tests to change us, mold us, shape us, transform us and especially to HUMBLE US etc etc!

If your a child of GOD, you can pray, read the bible, lean on JESUS and worship during these terrible times that come to us!!!

The NON believers cannot do any of that! So help them as much as you can, pray for them, fast for them, preach to them, clothe them, feed them, lay hands on them and have the LORD heal them!

We can listen to Christian music when the terrible times come for some comfort. The non believers do not have that either!

So, the bad times will keep coming even until you take your very last breath...... This is a fact!

But, since the trials, tests, tribulations and sufferings are helping you, since they are blessing you, are they really bad times? Or could there be more to this whole thing than we might realize at first glance?

It is during the hard times, the terrible times that we get stronger......... Getting stronger in the LORD and in our faith is very important!

Also when our spiritual enemies and our flesh overwhelm us, taking us down again into sin and addictions, this is VERY HUMBLING!

Being humbled is a very VERY GOOD thing children of GOD!!!

You might be thinking - Garrett - How can my terrible loneliness be good for me?

It is your loneliness that forces you to start thinking about JESUS. It forces you to start thinking about going to church!

Your terrible loneliness will push you and force you to start praying, I mean really really praying for help.

It is that loneliness that will push you to start taking the bible very seriously! It will force you to start seeking out other believers, maybe in bible study groups, or going to church Wednesday night for the prayer group!

You might be thinking - Garrett - How can this terrible cancer be a blessing to me?

That cancer is causing you to start thinking about eternity! Thinking about eternity is a very very good thing for us us people to do!

That cancer will motivate your family members to start praying for you again very seriously! Now when this happens, all of their spiritual lives start to get better and better too!

That cancer will force you to start really studying the healing scriptures!! Taking them very seriously!

That terrible cancer is going to cause you to start seeking out JESUS day and night non stop!

By doing this, JESUS will become your best friend. You will be super closer with him now than if you had never come down with that evil cancer in the first place!

Why? All because of suffering and hard times!

Suffering always brought the Jews back to GOD in the old testament... GOD knows this works & he has it planned for us Christian children of GOD to go through too!

Every-time I go through suffering, I start thinking about salvation more, the bible more, eternity more, the lake of fire more!!!

And you know what? These things are wonderful to be doing!

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The suffering you go through is building up incredible character in you! Do you realize this character will follow you into eternity? For all of eternity, you will have incredible character as you live in heaven! Why? Because you went through terrible suffering here on earth first at different times in your life.

You might say - Garrett - How can this porn addiction be good for me, or how can GOD turn this around for my good?

First of all, GOD can do anything. Yes, he is powerful enough to turn your porn addiction around to bless you and help you!

A porn addiction humbles us children of GOD.... That humbling is very very good. Nothing can humble a pride Christian faster than that person falling down into a brand new porn addiction! Wow is that humbling.........

A porn addiction will cause a person to start thinking about their salvation, now that is very very good!

A porn addiction will show you what your flesh and the demons can do to you at certain times. Now learning that is very very good!

A porn addiction will quiet you down, it will get rid of your boasting, it will get rid of your ego, it will get rid of your self righteousness, it will stop you from all of that terrible bragging about your ministry work or those dreams and visions you have been getting.

Now all of that is very good!

A porn addiction will cause you to think about and meditate on if you really are a chosen one.. Now that is very very good!

GOD will use all of your tears, all of your crying, all of your pain, all of your suffering and torment for your GOOD!!!


Because GOD is incredible, that is why! And GOD loves you and GOD will turn everything around in your life for your good!

So should we be happy when the bad times come? The bible says to REJOICE when these things happen!!!

I am not saying this is easy to do. I am not saying I can rejoice when the terrible times come. But the bible says to practice this! It should be our GOAL when the bad times start, when the suffering, sinning and addictions come back to us, to learn how and to practice rejoicing knowing that GOD will use all of this for our good!

Sometimes your little baby reaches up to the hot stove and you yell out no! Your baby starts crying...........

But you yelled out NO! For his good... To protect him....... We usually bitch and complain during our suffering too, not knowing just like the baby up above that this is happening for our good!

As you read the old testament, every time the Jews went through suffering, they cried out to GOD for help!

Their suffering came because of sin, but GOD turned it all around into blessings a little later!

Sometimes we go through suffering because we choose to do evil! Now that is a whole different story!

For example, if your lustful and you choose to watch porn tonight, you will go through tormenting and suffering too!!

The LORD might correct and discipline you! That might NOT be too comfortable to go through. But even that correcting is for your good! Even that spanking that GOD gives you is going to be for your good, it will work out for your good too!

JESUS is powerful enough to turn all of your suffering around for your good, JESUS can also turn everything around that satan is doing in your life for your good too! O PRAISE GOD!! 

JESUS is powerful enough even to turn your rebellion and your blatant pre-meditated sinning around for your good and to bless you!

The hard times in your life were planned for you since BEFORE the earth was ever created! There is no way out of them...... There is no escaping, times of suffering will come for sure at different times in our lives. So since they are coming for sure, without a doubt, let us walk hand in hand with JESUS as closely as we can during the good & the bad times! OF COURSE THIS TAKES GRACE FROM GOD or we cannot do it.

Let us study the bible like crazy right now, let us NOT wait until we get cancer, or until something terrible happens! Let us do it now! Lets learn the healing scriptures now, lets learn the scriptures that guarantee our provisions now, not in the future when a crisis happens in our lives, but right now!

You might say - Garrett - My baby died.... How can that be for my good>?

Well, first of all, IT IS FOR YOUR BABY'S GOOD, that is for sure, he or she is in heaven now!!!

And if you could speak to your baby in heaven and ask them to come back to earth, he or she would giggle at you and go off and play! He or she would say – NO mommy, I do not want to go back to that hell hole called earth. I am with JESUS now!  Mommy I want to see you soon. JESUS is our only way to get into heaven. Stick with JESUS mommy!

Your baby does NOT want to come back to earth now after being in heaven with JESUS and the other children!

How else can your baby dying be good for you?

Because now YOU CAN SEE YOUR BABY AGAIN by walking closely with JESUS. Now you have a REAL PURPOSE TO WALK WITH JESUS as if JESUS himself was not enough before. Now you have more motivation to walk with JESUS so you can see your baby again in paradise.

You now have NEW MOTIVATIONS to repent your sins, to change your lives, to start taking the bible very seriously!

How else is your baby dying good? Think about this, your baby will NOT have to suffer here on earth in terrible sufferings!!! Your baby escaped all the temptations of lust, porn, drinking, alcohol, cancer, the flu, sadness, loneliness and depression O PRAISE GOD!

You might say - Garrett - I just lost my job, how can that be for my good?

Because by losing your job, now you will see JESUS do miracles in your life!

Because by losing your job, now you can pray for a new job and see GOD give you a new one while having your prayers answered!

Because by losing your job, now GOD can have family members and friends help you and bless you! You can experience love & compassion now!

Because by losing your job, now you will take praying very seriously all of the sudden as you pray for a new job! As you start praying for financial help, as you start praying for financial miracles!

By losing your job, now you are going to take bible promises on GOD giving us our provisions very seriously! ALL OF THIS IS REAL GOOD!

We cannot escape suffering, even JESUS had to go through suffering!!!

If JESUS had to go through suffering, we will too!!!

Turn your perception of suffering around... It is helping you, it is blessing you, GOD is using it to change you O PRAISE GOD!!!

Now it wont be easy, of course NOT! GOD designed it specifically for you to go through so it will be very very very hard!

Just like my trials, sufferings, valleys and experience are very hard for me, yours will be very hard for you!!! It is designed this way!

But you have JESUS, you have the bible, bible promises, Christian music, Christian movies, Christian videos, praying & worshiping to help you to get through these terrible times of suffering, sinning and tormenting.

Do not think something strange is happening because you fell down into porn again, no this is all happening on purpose to you!

Do not think it strange that the demons are coming against you again, no this is all GOD'S plan for you in your life!

As you continue to go through suffering, you will get stronger and stronger, your spiritual warfare will get stronger and stronger too! Your faith will grow more and more through the experiences of suffering.

Did you see how much suffering Paul went through in the bible? Did you see how strong Paul was as a much older man?

Did you notice how much DIFFERENT Peter was when he wrote 2nd Peter.... He was mature, strong, wise, powerful and holy!

Suffering, going through terrible suffering also teaches us to FEAR SINNING. It teaches us to be afraid to sin!!! THIS IS REAL GOOD!

It is real good to be afraid to sin again! I know I am afraid to sin, that is for sure. Why? Because of past episodes of suffering! I remember how sinning leads to addictions and suffering and this is really scary!

You might be thinking - Garrett - How can all of my addictions be working for my good?

Because the addictions are humbling you, they are teaching you to be VERY AFRAID to sin in the future!

Your addictions teach you just how REAL THE DEMONIC ANGELS ARE!

Your addictions are teaching you just how badly you need JESUS. See you need JESUS much MUCH MORE than you ever realized!

Your addictions are forcing you to pray for help day and night now. Now that is a real REAL GOOD THING!

Your addictions are teaching you that YOU BETTER START learning and practicing all about spiritual warfare against your enemies!!!

GOD has the power to turn everything around for your good...... And he will because he loves you!!!!!!!!!!

Your life is like an obstacle course that is designed by GOD... It is designed to have very very hard obstacles on purpose!

In fact, without these hard times, without the very difficult times, how on earth could you ever become CHRIST like?

So you can feel better tonight knowing that this suffering you are going through is helping you, changing you, blessing you! It might not seem like it, but it is! Praise GOD!!!

You might be thinking - Garrett - What good can come from people killing Christians all over the world?
First of all, that person dies a martyrs death and will be REWARDED for eternity!! Think about that for a few hours, for a few years! Second of all, that person was shown worthy to GOD, he or she did not back away from JESUS even at the point of losing their lives! Now that is an incredible blessing!!

That person will probably have a special kind of crown in heaven, or with special colors flowing out of that person who died for JESUS! And it will be for all of eternity!

Stop thinking so worldly! Start thinking about heaven, about eternity, about having the honor to die for JESUS! Oh what a blessing it is when GOD allows us to die for our love, for our first love, for the one who died for us on the cross............. JESUS!

If your suffering because of your rebellion or pre - meditated sinning, repent! Say you sorry, turn away, GOD will bless you in this!

Here is a really good article on why life is so hard.
 Be super blessed --->>>

If your going through suffering and you generally speaking have done nothing wrong, rejoice, GOD is going to use this to super bless you!

One of the GREATEST things that happens when we go through suffering is = We are becoming more CHRIST LIKE!!!

Now is that good news or what?

Keep repenting during the suffering, keep praying for help, do NOT get angry at GOD, refuse to get angry!

Do not believe the lies of the enemies who tell you JESUS does not love you anymore. Refuse these lies, cast out those lies of satan!

Rejoice, your suffering is almost over, especially if your humbling yourself and repenting - The GOOD TIMES ARE COMING SOON, REAL SOON O PRAISE GOD!!!

The LORD knows how much time for you to go through the terrible times, keep repenting, keep humbling yourself so it ends ASAP!!

Do not be angry at GOD, do not be prideful, do NOT be rebellious in your suffering, otherwise it might go on much longer!

Do everything you can to have the times of suffering and tormenting to end as fast as possible - Be humble, pray, repent, get on your knees!

If you will do these things, GOD is going to use your suffering to super SUPER DUPER BLESS YOU and transform you!!

Praise GOD!!!!!!! HE LOVES YOU........................ The SUFFERING is going to bless you...........

Then the good times will come again

Love, your servant Garrett

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