Oh LORD JESUS, Why Am I Still Single?

John 3:27 - A man can receive nothing unless it comes from Heaven!
The above scripture would include our wives and husbands too.

I have been preaching to Christian’s living all over the world via the internet now for almost ten years. I can honestly tell you, that there are more single Christian’s in the world at this time, then at any other time in all of existence. Sure, there are many Christian people who are married in every country around the globe, but they are few and far between compared to the amount of single Christian’s living in the world.

Christian’s keep asking me and crying out to me on the internet and telephone, why am I still alone? Why hasn’t the LORD sent my husband or wife yet? Is there anything I can do to have GOD send a person for me to marry so I don’t have to live alone any longer? I have heard this over and over again from Christian’s in many different countries. We have to ask ourselves, why would the LORD have so many of his saints living alone at this time?

During the last ten years of my own life living alone, I have been asking JESUS this on a regular basis, and the reason for writing this article is to share with you some of the answers that the LORD has given unto me concerning the topic of why we Christian’s are still alone.

Before I share with you a few of the answers that the LORD has given unto me why we are still alone, I wanted to share with you a few warnings first.


1). If the main reason you want to marry someone is because your feeling lonely or depressed, this is a terrible, terrible reason for you to pray for a spouse. The LORD JESUS has purposely allowed loneliness and depression to enter into your life as a warning signal that there is something very wrong with your relationship with JESUS. The loneliness, depression or sadness your feeling is a warning sign that your relationship with JESUS is lacking in some areas or lacking even in all areas, or that it needs immediate attention! Since JESUS allows loneliness to enter your life as a warning for you to run to him with all of your heart and soul, why would he then bless this warning of loneliness by giving you a spouse? JESUS doesn’t want you running to a man or woman to solve this loneliness or depression inside of your heart and soul, HE WANTS YOU TO RUN TO HIM INSTEAD!!!!!

2). If your wanting to get married because your in financial trouble and your thinking that having a spouse would help you with all of your financial difficulties, once again, this is a terrible, terrible reason to get married. GOD owns the cattle on a thousand hills; In other words, GOD owns all of the money on planet Earth. GOD is allowing you to have some financial troubles on purpose to give you chances to pray to him for help. Or maybe to give you opportunities to practice faith, or to give you chances to practice trusting in bible promises about he will supply all of your needs. If your having financial troubles at this time in your life, it is only a test. It is just GOD watching you closely to see how you will react and respond to thes financial situations in your life. GOD doesn’t want you to pray for a spouse to solve your financial troubles, GOD instead wants you to run to him in prayer, and practice faith in trusting that your FATHER will supply all of your needs according to his riches in CHRIST JESUS!

3). If your wanting to get married because you cant handle the LUST that is constantly inside of you, well ummmm on the one hand that is biblical. Paul did say if you cant handle your lust, to go ahead and get married. But Paul was obviously talking to brand new Christian’s who weren’t abiding in JESUS. How do I know this? It is really quite simple. Each day when you wake up if you practice abiding in JESUS from the time you wake up till the time you go to sleep, the lust will run away from you at the speed of light. It is impossible for us Christian’s to feel lust when we are reading the bible, or praying to JESUS, or worshiping JESUS with all of our heart and soul.

So, before you go rush off and get married to the wrong person because of the lust inside of you, you have to ask yourself this



1- why am I feeling lust all day long?

2 - Could it be because of what I am constantly thinking about inside of my mind?

3 - Could it be because of those web pages?

4 - Could it be because sex is dominating my mind and thoughts from the time I wake up till the time I go to bed?

5 - Could it be because I constantly lust after the men and women at my workplace?

6 - Could it be because of the sexual content in the movies and TV programs that I constantly watch?

7 - Could it be because of the sexual images in the magazines that I read at work and have at home?


JESUS who is GOD is much, much, much more powerful then lust, which comes from a demon of lust. So as we bring JESUS into our life more and more each day, the lust will run away in complete terror of GOD’S SON JESUS who is now entering your life. Getting married because you feel lust is a terrible, terrible reason to get married. I tell you honestly, once you are married and having a sexual relationship with your new husband or wife, that lust wears offfff very quickly. Now you are stuck in a marriage with a man or woman whom you NEVER should of married to begin with and why? Allllll because of LUST! I think Paul was saying for people to get married because of the lust that burned inside of them because Paul knew of the evil carnal mind that we people have! That evil carnal mind that just

Which is better now? To marry the wrong person for the sole reason to have sex, or to start abiding in JESUS day and night so as to have the LUST run away from you? I THINK THE ANSWER IS CLEAR!!! JESUS is always the correct answer!!!!!!!!!



1). The main reason why we Christian’s are single at this time, is so GOD could finally get our attention. JESUS has tried to get our attention for months, years and for some of us even decades, but for whatever reasons, we just wouldn’t give the LORD our full and un abided attention that JESUS wants from us and deserves. JESUS blessed us, but we wouldn’t abide in him. JESUS whispered to us, but that didn’t work either. JESUS gave us dreams and visions but still we wouldn’t abide in the LORD. So, with JESUS being GOD, he well knew that the best way he could finally get our attention was to bring us into singleness. Or in other words, THE LORD with his powerful right hand will NOT allow a spouse to come into your life to marry you until you learn how to abide in GOD first. The LORD knows that if you wont practice abiding in HIM when you are single and feeling quite lonely, you DEFINITELY WOULDN’T practice abiding in JESUS if HE were to give you a wonderful boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. In other words, if we cant get into a close, personal, fiery and intimate relationship with JESUS while we are single and lonely, then there would be no way on earth we would ever do it if we had a boyfriend of girlfriend in our life. This is the number one reason why we are alone.

Another reason why JESUS has some of us Christian’s alone at this time is to get us ready to do a mighty work for him. Somewhat in the same way that he got Paul prepared and ready to do the mighty work that had assigned for Paul to do, JESUS is keeping all people away from you too so as to prepare you for the great work that is just ahead of you. The work that JESUS has for you to do could start in one month, it could start in one year, and it could even start in ten years........... but rest assured, the LORD will have you ready to do this great work for him, and a HUGE part of the LORD getting you ready is to keep all UN WANTED men and women away from you. The LORD JESUS knows that just one wrong man or woman in your life could ruin your entire life. So the LORD who is all powerful and all knowing is keeping the men and women away from you on purpose so you don’t get sidetracked away from your destiny with GOD. Some people might say here, but what about the Apostles who were married? Well the bible says that it was as if the Apostles were now single. There is your answer!

*Some of you reading this might say to me that you have been abiding in JESUS, that you have been praying and worshiping the LORD with all of your heart and soul. Some of you reading this might say to me that you have been reading the bible, and that you are carefully watching what you think about at all times so that no lust or evil thoughts will enter you. Some of you might want to say to me that you have been preaching and teaching people about the LOVE of the LORD, and the cross and his blood.*


3). Paul said it was much better to be single, then to get married. Well, what was he talking about. Here is what Paul was saying to the early Christian’s. When we are single, we can think about GOD day and night non stop without any interference from anyone else in our lives. We can study the bible anytime we want not having to worry about children or spouses needing our help. We can dedicate huge amounts of hours to worshiping JESUS without having to worry about what our spouses might need from us or want from us. We can go on mission trips without leaving behind our entire families to be all alone and vulnerable back at home. We can go out to the streets and feed the homeless till the early morning hours without having a wife or husband back at home to worrying about us, or to nag and argue with us. We can give much more time in prayer and seeking out JESUS then any married people could ever dream of.

You are a mighty man or woman of GOD! When you pray, mountains and strongholds crumble. When you lay hands on the sick, they are healed! When you worship JESUS, he takes full notice of you as he stands up from his throne and accepts your worship. When you preach and teach the lost, they get saved. When you read the bible, the LORD opens up your spiritual eyes and gives you truths and full understandings. When you ask, you receive, when you seek, you find, when you knock the doors are always opened for you!

(Paul said in 1st Cor 7)  -  32 (I would like you to be free from concern. An unmarried man is concerned about the Lord's affairs—how he can please the Lord. 33But a married man is concerned about the affairs of this world—how he can please his wife— 34and his interests are divided. An unmarried woman or virgin is concerned about the Lord's affairs: Her aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit. But a married woman is concerned about the affairs of this world—how she can please her husband. 35I am saying this for your own good, not to restrict you, but that you may live in a right way in undivided devotion to the Lord.)

The LORD doesn’t want anything to enter your life that will take your heart and love away from him!
This also includes spouses; The LORD JESUS is not allowing any men or women to come into your lives so as to safeguard you and keep you as a mighty, mighty weapon of his. You are a man or woman who walks around their cities and villages with a 30-60-100 percent of JESUS living in you!

You are a man or woman who has the LORD truly living inside of you, while at the same time, you are being transformed into THE LORD JESUS’ exact likeness!!!!! JESUS is guarding you and protecting you by keeping away all men and women out of your lives. You are being super blessed by JESUS when he uses his powerful hand to keep people out of your way. Sure, it does get lonely from time to time, but you have the tools and awareness to go to JESUS with all of your tears and loneliness. You are a man or woman whom when you turn to JESUS in loneliness, he runs to you with his arms wide open and holds you real tightly all night long. You have a special, special relationship with JESUS that most other Christians’s can only dream about. You were given spiritual awareness by JESUS as a free gift, which a lot of other Christian’s will never get in their entire lives. The LORD doesn’t want anything to come in-between you and HIM. So, yes JESUS is keeping you single on purpose for the sake of his mighty love for you, and for the sake that the kingdom of GOD will greatly benefit by you staying single!  

4). We are living in the end times right now, this is clear without a doubt. The book of Revelations is now being opened by GOD, and bible prophecies are being fulfilled in our very own lifetime. This is a special time to live, just like it was also a special time to be living when GOD walked the Earth as JESUS! Because of how special a time this is, and because of just how bad the great tribulation is going to be, this is another huge reason why GOD has most of his church single at this time. It is when we are single, that we can really and truly cling to JESUS. This is exactly what is going to be needed to make it through the great tribulation. When we are single it forces us to go to JESUS. When we are single it gives us much more time to give ourselves over to prayer and the worshiping of JESUS. While we are single we have the opportunity to take large amounts of time to seek out who GOD is, what he wants of us, and to really get to know him in a deep, personal, intimate relationship.

I pray that you have been greatly blessed and helped by this article. I also pray that now you have a really good understanding of just why JESUS has you living in singleness at this time in your life. As you read the many answers above, surely GOD will speak to you that one of them is the right answer for you.......................

GOD has used me to do marriage counseling for about seven years now. I tell you with all sincerity, with all honesty, with all of my heart and soul, IF YOUR SINGLE AT THIS TIME - YOU ARE THE SUPER, SUPER BLESSED ONE!

Love Garrett    themessiahsweapon@gmail.com