What Are You Waiting For?

That is JESUS speaking above!

Some of you have been waiting over and over again to make a very important decision. And that decision is this ->

(Should I invite JESUS into my life?)

Maybe you are not sure if he is real, or maybe you are afraid that he might reject you or turn down your invitation.

Some of you might feel that you have sinned too much for the LORD to ever forgive you, or maybe you feel like nobody will ever love you including JESUS.


People have rejected you over and over again in your life, so naturally you feel that JESUS will reject you too.

But I am here to tell you that none of that could be farther from the truth...................


I wanna share with you a few things about JESUS now.



JESUS loves you, and I mean he really REALLY loves you! JESUS loves you more than he loved his own life. JESUS loves you so much that if you were the only person on earth, he still would of left heaven to die on the cross for your sins.......... And all of that is only a glimpse of how much he loves you. No human being could possibly type words strong enough to explain how much JESUS loves you and cares for you, that would be impossible. His love for you expands what our minds can understand!! We cannot even imagine how much the LORD loves us, that in itself is also impossible.

JESUS never ever EVER turns down anyone who calls upon his name. Anyone who cries out to the LORD and repents, will be forgiven for the LORD died on the cross for your sins. All of Heaven rejoices when a sinner repents and is washed clean by the blood of JESUS on the cross. You are precious to JESUS and when you repent your sins and invite JESUS into your life, you just brought incredible joy to the LORD JESUS. You are the apple of his eye.............. I am here to tell you that JESUS never ever EVER turns down anyone who calls upon his name, not ever!!

3). JESUS died on the cross for our terrible sins... He knew exactly what sins you would be doing even before he created the earth! He knew you, and knew every little thing about you long before he created our planet to live on. Yet, he still created you, HE STILL DIED FOR YOU! No matter what sins you have done, no matter what addictions you might be in now, JESUS can and will forgive you. Just ask him too and watch and see. JESUS is GOD'S son, therefore he is The LORD! JESUS is far, FAR more powerful than any sins or addictions you might be stuck in at this time in your life. With a simple thought, the LORD can and will set you free from the suffering you are going through. Turn to JESUS with all of your heart and soul and watch and see!!

4).  The LORD saw when your friends stabbed you in the back. He was right there when your girlfriend or boyfriend cheated on you. JESUS was right by your side when your spouse divorced you, when your parents died and left the earth, when your best friend told you to never call again. Some of you were even UN wanted by your own parents. But JESUS wants you. Your value to the LORD is priceless!! JESUS CARES; HE SAW YOUR PAIN, HE SAW YOUR HURTING AND HE WHISPERED FOR YOU TO COME TO HIM. For whatever reasons, you were not able to come to him in a close relationship at that time in your life. JESUS will never leave you, never lie to you, never forsake you in your times of trouble. When you hit rock bottom in your life, JESUS will be there right by your side with open arms ready to pick you up again. JESUS will never hurt you, never stab you in the back, never cheat on you. JESUS will never leave you for another! No one, and I mean nobody on the entire earth can take your place in the LORD'S heart.

5). When you repent your sins to the LORD and invite JESUS to take over your life, HE WILL START TO REVEAL HIMSELF TO YOU TOO, just like he does to all of us. All that is blocking you from knowing the truth about how real GOD'S SON TRULY IS, are the sins that you have committed during your life. Once you repent your sins, and invite JESUS into your life, now the truth about the bible, the truth about JESUS, the truth about his death on the cross and the blood he shed will start raining down from Heaven all over your life, over your soul, in your mind and heart, and you will believe more and more too with the grace of GOD.

Please, please dont wait!!!!!! The LORD GOD has kept you alive all of this time. Why? He is working in your heart and soul. GOD is getting you ready to give you wonderful grace so you too can repent your sins and be washed clean by the blood of his son JESUS on the cross. GOD is working on your heart and soul day and night every single day of your life. Why would GOD do this? Because he loves you! Because he wants you to live with him in heaven for all of eternity. GOD knows there is one thing separating the two of you. There is one thing stopping you both from having a close intimate relationship. And that is –>

(Your Sins).......

    Don’t wait any longer!

    Make the decision now, do NOT wait any longer. GOD'S SON The Christ, the savior of the world is waiting for you with open arms, and WOW does he love you, WOW!!!!!!!






You don’t have to be living in sadness or depression any longer! You don’t have to be suffering in loneliness, despair, rejection or feeling UN loved not a single moment longer in your life.


is waiting for you with open arms, and HE knew you and loved you even before the world was ever created!

    Don't wait any longer.

    Choose life, choose love, choose eternity in Heaven, choose joy and peace. Choose to follow JESUS in a close, personal and intimate relationship for the LORD is the best friend that you never knew you had.

    Love, your servant Garrett

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