Today Is A Good Day

Today Is A Good Day!

 Part 2

It is a brand new day! I am feeling pretty good spiritually, emotionally and psychologically too praise GOD.

So thank you FATHER, thank you for a good day!

Every good day you give us is a huge blessing FATHER in heaven, it truly is.

I mean O LORD, you are going to give us the great days, the good days, the average, the bad, the terrible and rock bottom days too!

All of that is true for sure amen to that!

So since today is a real good day spiritually and emotionally speaking, all I can say is thank you!

Thank you FATHER for a real good day! I just appreciate it so much!

I just simply appreciate every single good day you give me, I really do FATHER in heaven.

I know the bad days have to come, but praise GOD today is a good day!

So those of us who are having a good day, let us praise GOD, let us stop everything we are doing and praise GOD right now because we are being SUPER blessed!

I appreciate it, I really do, thank you thank you thank you that there is less evil with me today!

Thank you for sending more holy angels to me today, it feels real good FATHER, thank you!

Also LORD, thank you for those terrible days too.... Without those terrible days, I WOULD NEVER EVER APPRECIATE these good days! In fact without the terrible days, without ever hitting rock bottom in my life, I would not, I could not, I would have no ability to appreciate the good and wonderful days..... So thank you again!

So thank you for giving me both extremes so I can appreciate the good days, the bad and both of them. Thank you!

I am not saying LORD that those bad days were easy to go through, no nothing could be farther from the truth!

I clearly remember as month after month passed by and I could barely even get out of bed!! That there was so much evil with me, I could not function properly, I could not talk to people on the phone, my ministry work got shut down almost completely. Oh boy do I remember the times I hit absolute rock bottom in my life.

I have not forgotten about those terrible days O LORD, oh boy I will never forget them!

But guess what JESUS?

 Today is a good day!!!

Most of the demons are gone, and you have toned down the evil flesh inside of me so I praise you!!!

I really really appreciate the good day today!

I do not take it for granted, no way, no how.... Not after just going through 16 months of the terrible valley!

I appreciate the good day today............ I scream out loud JESUS I appreciate a good day!!!!

After 16 months I thought the terrible valley would never end but it did. It did JESUS, you heard my cries and it ended!!!

And now today is a good day!!

Praise to the KING of all kings and the LORD of all lords who gives the good days and the bad.

Praise to the KING of kings who gives the happy days and the sad days too.

Praise to the LORD of all creation who sends the demons to us, and then a short time later kicks them away!!!

Praise to the MASTER of the universe who sends the holy angels of joy to us so we can feel better today or tomorrow too.

We praise you JESUS, we praise you for today!

Praise to the one who sends a holy angel of peace to us so we can feel better today when we wake up!

Praise to the one who sends a holy angel of calmness so we can all calm down from our worries and fears! So we can calm down from obsessing on all of our so called problems.

We praise you JESUS, yes you, yes you are the one who holds our entire lives in the palm of your hand!

Yes you! You are the one JESUS, you are the one........

Yes I have to work tonight, yes it will be hard, amen to that, but guess what LORD?

Today is a good day! Today you are smiling on me again O LORD from your throne in heaven.

Today is a great day, praise GOD most of the evil is gone and I can get out of bed and do things today! 

Praise to the one who stops the suffering after a certain amount of time............

I praise you JESUS because I can think a little more clearly today!

Praise to JESUS because my inner heart feels a little lighter today! Thank you thank you thank you!

I know O LORD the evil will come back, I know LORD that the valley experiences will come back for sure....... But guess what?

Let's not worry about tomorrow because today is a good day....... Today is a great day!!!

FATHER your spirit is stronger in me today and you toned down my flesh......

 You calmed down my evil flesh so I say --->>>

Thank you! Thank you FATHER in heaven, thank you for singing over me again!

You are teaching me FATHER that the suffering, that the terrible valleys will NOT last forever......... They will not amen to that!

Surely as the months pass by in terrible suffering, it might seem like the suffering will last forever, but that is all lies!

The suffering will not last forever........ Why?

Because our GOD is a great GOD!!!

Because GOD'S son died on the cross for you and he loves you, so the suffering will not last forever!

Hang in there child of GOD, hang in there.......... Why?

Because at any second, GOD can kick out some of the evil and you will feel better too!

Your time is coming shortly child of GOD, it is arriving at the speed of light directly from the incredible throne of GOD!

Your time to go back on the spiritual peak is charging at you at full speed and no power on earth can stop it!

So hang in there child of GOD, the valley will be ending soon, just watch and see, it will be ending soon!

And when that happens guess what?

You will be coming ONLINE and saying to the whole world -

Today is a good day people. Today is the day that the LORD has made and it is a real good day too!

Yes I had never been in a valley experience for 18 months before, yes I had given up, this is true, but guess what?

JESUS never gave up!!! I gave up, but the LORD did not give up!

And JESUS will never give up on you too!! Even if it seems he has given up because of how much time has passed by, HE WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU, NOT EVER!

So start smiling again, your times of refreshment are coming soon!

Maybe a week, maybe a month, maybe even a year, but guess what? Your spiritual peak is coming soon because JESUS is the very definition of faithfulness!

So do not give up, do not give in, the LORD knows your suffering and he will rescue you at the exact perfect timing too.

At any moment now, you will be shouting out to the whole world -->>>

 Today is a good day!!! Just watch and see...

You will be doing this shortly and it will bring GOD much glory!

I say it again, today is a good day........

Thank you JESUS for rescuing me/us at the perfect moment!!!!

Yes it was 16 months of hell, but you rescued me at the perfect moment and I praise you, we praise you!!!!

You are teaching me O LORD even when I give up, you will still rescue me at the perfect day, at the perfect time, at the perfect moment in my life.

Everything you do O LORD JESUS is perfect, including what day you rescue me from evil, from the flesh, from addictions and sinning!

Even if I think you are taking too long JESUS, your timing is still perfect for you are incredible LORD.

Even if I think you have forgotten about me because of how much suffering I am going through, your timing is still perfect!

Everything you do JESUS is always perfect, including how much time you plan for me to go through suffering.

Even if it takes a few years, your timing is still perfect JESUS!

So O LORD, I do not take today for granted....... I know the evil can come back at any second that you command it too!!!

So because this is true, I say this --->>>>

 Today is a good day.....

I have no idea what tomorrow might bring, what evils might be lurking around the corner, but so what!

Why? Because today is a good day!!!!!

You are always right JESUS in everything you do. Anytime I think you are doing things wrongly, I KNOW I AM AUTOMATICALLY WRONG!

Thank you for a day of refreshing times, I really really appreciate it.......

I know the spiritual peak might last 1 day, 1 month, or 6 months, but guess what ?

Who cares!!!


 Because today is a good day!!!!!

So enjoy every single moment of every good day GOD gives you because we never know when the terrible valley might come back!

I say it again, enjoy every single minute of the great days GOD gives you!! Even every moment because it is a huge HUGE BLESSING!!!!

So if GOD has given you a good/great day, enjoy it fully and shout it out to the world and give GOD much glory doing this.....

One last time everyone, one last time --------->>>>>


Love, your servant Garrett

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