Whether tonight is going good or bad, happy or sad, you are still the LORD and I praise you JESUS!

No matter what is happening in my life, I will praise you JESUS, I will raise my hands to you and worship you!

My life has been quite difficult O LORD JESUS, that is for sure, yet I still praise you for you are incredible!

Though I hurt sometimes real badly, you love me JESUS and I am so thankful for that.

Though I am in pain, sometimes even UN-bearable pain, I will raise my hands to you JESUS!

Though my heart is broken, I will lift my eyes up to you O LORD for you are my help!

Though I have had to cry a lot, I love you JESUS!

Though I have had countless sleepless nights, too many to number, I will lay down tonight and rest in you JESUS.

Though the enemies, yes the evil spiritual enemies attack like a flood, I will stand my ground in you O LORD the best I can with the grace you are giving me!

Though life brings one earth shattering disappointment after another, I will keep my hope in you JESUS for you are my only hope in this cold dark world!

Though my soul has been shattered into a million pieces, You are the only ONE that can put my soul back together again.

Though I fail over and over again in my life, you are my victory JESUS and I will win all because of you!

Though the whole world has thrown me away like a filthy piece of trash, I am more valuable to you JESUS than a mountain of Rubies!

Though most of my own family treats me as a criminal, as a enemy, you JESUS are my new family!

Though the entire world has rejected me, You O LORD would never reject me for you love me tremendously!

Though I fail almost all of the tests you send to me JESUS, you still love me, even after all of the failure, YOU STILL LOVE ME!

Though my wives have divorced me, YOU O LORD JESUS would love to marry me!

Though my mom wants nothing to do with me, YOU O LORD GOD are my new dad, my new mom, my GOD, my LORD AND KING!

Though the depression has attacked me off and on for most of my life, you O LORD will use it for my good because you love me!

Though I have fallen down into thousands of temptations, yes this is true but you will still hold me real tight tonight JESUS for you are on fire for me.

Though there has been NO love in this life you gave me, I will love you JESUS, I will love you the best I can.

Though bosses have fired me and all money is long gone, you own the cattle on a thousand hills O LORD GOD!

Though all hell rains down on top of my head at times, YOU O LORD JESUS will put a crown on my head one day soon!

Though the demon of lust seems to love to hang around with me, you O LORD JESUS love to spend time with me even more!

Though I have fallen down thousands of times, you O LORD always lift me back up! For you are faithful JESUS!

Though I sin, you choose to see me as completely faultless O LORD GOD and I raise my hands to you in worship right now!

Though the world has beaten me down like a dog, you O LORD JESUS have overcome the world! You have overcome the world...........

Though I have been deceived by the demons countless times, You O LORD will always lead me to the perfect truth which is ALL IN YOU!

Though I am NOT under the law any longer, I love to obey you JESUS!

Though loneliness has hung around with me like a close family member, you O LORD JESUS will never leave me, NOT now, NOT EVER!

Though women have divorced me, I fully trust you JESUS, yes I will marry you and I know you will never leave me!!!

Though the world has shattered all of my hope, you are now my only hope JESUS! All of my hope for a future in paradise for eternity all rests in you O LORD!

Though I am very hated all over the internet, you O LORD JESUS were also very hated too!

Though I do not pray enough, YOU are my prayer JESUS!

Though I am very weak O LORD, I am a little stronger than I use to be all because of you!

Though I just about ended my own life on multiple occasions, you O LORD STOPPED ME, you protected me, you saved me!

Though multiple addictions have chased me like a Ninja my entire life, YOU O LORD JESUS are also chasing me!!! You love me! YOU WILL CATCH ME!

Though I act like a Pharisee at times, how sad, yet you loved the Pharisees & you LOVE me too O LORD JESUS for you are amazing.

Though there is heavy opposition, I still raise my hands to you JESUS and shout out a praise to GOD'S incredible son!

Though I have disgusting pride inside of me, You still want me JESUS, you still accept me, you still love me!

Though I am to heartbroken to cry anymore in my life, I know everything will be alright as long as I have you in my life JESUS!

Love your servant Garrett

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