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China has had a 1 child policy in effect since 1979. What that means is, each couple in China can have only one baby and one child only. Because of this hideous satanic law. The Chinese men and women who are having babies have put much more importance on having a little boy, than having a girl. Because of this, whenever a couple gets pregnant, as soon as they find out it is a little girl, the baby is either aborted/murdered, or forcibly aborted by government officials, or the baby is abandoned when born to die quickly by itself, or in some cases the baby is even murdered after it is taken out of the mother's stomach!

Female UN born babies are greatly disdained in China because each family knows they can only have one baby. Because of this, the female UN born babies have been wiped out and murdered in the stomach to numbers so LARGE, so DEVASTATING we cannot even imagine it. The statistics are down below.....

Now you might be asking who in China forces the men and women to murder their UN born babies?

Here are the abortion police.

Look at this →

In the late 1990’s, there were a reported 300,000 officials whose job was to enforce the One-Child Policy. In 2005, China’s Family Planning Association claimed a membership of 92 million members, organized into more than a million branches, who helped out with enforcement.

IN 2014 THEY HAVE WELL OVER 92 MILLION ABORTION POLICE who even inspect the vagina’s of any women they want to check to see if that women might of gave birth to a baby.

These abortion police / Officials are given a financial incentive structure to meet abortion and sterilization quotas, leading to extortion and coercion.

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Men and women who break the 1 baby law in China can be punished with the following →

  1. They can be fined huge extreme amounts of money that none of them could ever pay.

  1. They can have their jobs taken from them.

  1. The women can be forced to have an abortion/murder their babies even forcibly being held down as someone takes a sharp instrument and kills the baby in their stomachs. They even kill the UN born baby at 9 months pregnant.

  1. Some might be arrested – Etc etc etc..............

  1. Many of the babies are even murdered after they come out of the mother's stomach.

Because of these demonic doctrines that China has in place, there are over 160,000,000 families with only 1 child. That means the children have no siblings.

*Brothers and sisters are illegal in China, soon cousins might be too....

Please read the following information very slowly. Some of it will be so shocking, you will have to re-read it over and over again.

Sincerely, Garrett

  1. Chinese data show that 13 million abortions are performed each year, for an average rate of 35,000 abortions per day.

*Did all of you see that? In the USA approximately 3,500 UN born babies are murdered every day. But China is murdering 10 times more than the USA every day.

1A). Since 1980 – 37,000,000 little girls have disappeared. Yes they have been aborted/murdered!

  1. One field researcher has concluded that he is fairly certain that most of the 13 million annual abortions are forced. That comes out to a very SHOCKING 35,000 UN born babies are forcibly murdered every single day in China........

*Yes that means that the government literally forces these women to abort their babies. The government does this by threatening the women or family members with severe punishment! Most of the women are forcibly put under the knife while their babies are being murdered right in front of their eyes.

  1. Since 1971, doctors have performed 336 million abortions, have performed 196 million sterilizations, and have inserted 403 million intrauterine devices. (For comparison, in the US, where the population is about one-quarter the size of China’s, an estimated 50 million abortions have been performed since 1973.)

*The murder of 336 MILLION UN born babies in China has to be one of the greatest hidden tragedies in the history of planet earth.

  1. 55% of all women in China have had an abortion and 27.3% of women in their 20’s—about 27.3 million women—have had an abortion.

*Just think about that for a moment. China with the largest population on planet earth. Over 50% of their women have ALL HAD an abortion/murdering their baby.

5). In 2000, more than half of all abortions in China were a result of prenatal sex selection.

*What that means is → In China, the parents are only allowed to have 1 baby. So when they find out that the UN born baby will be a little girl, they murder/abort the baby. Once again, MOST of the time the government forces the couple to kill the baby even by using brute force.

  1. The abortion rate among women in China is 29.3%, which far exceeds the average level of other developed nations; in the population of 20-29 year-old young women, the abortion rate is 62%

*62% of young women in China have an abortion. I bet none of you knew this? Remember everyone! The government is literally forcing these women to kill their UN born little girls........

  1. In Shanghai, Beijing and other large cities, the rate of repeat abortion is higher than 50%.

*Over 50% of the women who have an abortion/murder their baby, have another abortion after.......

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Now because of this MASSIVE AMOUNT OF murdering UN born little girls, look at these statistics →

Female Suicide in China

WOW - 500 women commit suicide in China each day


  1. In China, suicide rates are higher for women than men, while in all other countries (with the exception of the small island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe) the suicide rate is higher for men than for women.

2). In fact, the Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center reported in 2009 that the suicide rate for females was three times higher than for males.

  1. Suicide is the leading cause of death for adult women living in rural areas in China!

  1. 56% of the world’s female suicides occur in China, but only 19% of the world’s population lives in China.

*Did all of you see that? Well over 50% of the worlds female suicides occur in China....... Wow are these some of the saddest statistics I have ever seen.

  1. In more rural areas of China, suicide accounts for one third of all female deaths.

6). According to researcher Steven Mosher, it is no accident that, “China's women have the highest suicide rate in the world, not to mention the highest rates of breast cancer, all in consequence of having had their babies killed in utero by a state ruthlessly bent on population control.

End: WAR!

There are over 37,000,000 MORE men in China than women and the number is growing by huge amounts daily!

That means there are close to 50,000,000 men who have no women to marry and to settle down and raise a family.

Do you know what China is going to do with these millions and million and millions of men?

You guessed it!

They will be used to form the largest military the world has ever seen. I expect China to fulfill bible prophecy perfectly and to march huge armies all over the world.

I expect China to march with a 200,000,000 man army sometime in the very near future and if you are living in the USA, I fully expect China along with about 10 other nations to invade the USA in a full blown foreign invasion!

Why does this have to happen?

  1. To fulfill bible prophecy.

  1. These men have no women to date, no women to have sex with, no women to marry and start a family.

These millions upon millions of men will be put into tanks, jet aircraft and a multitude of others will be given rifles. They will march and completely wipe out everyone in their path until the battle of Armageddon!

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Love, your brother Garrett

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