The incredible glorious

The Incredible Glorious LORD JESUS!

The Incredible Glorious LORD JESUS!



We praise you JESUS!!!



We need you in our lives O LORD so badly!




You O LORD are truly the only thing that is good here on earth!




You are truly our only hope JESUS!!




Our only hope to make it through this cold, dark lonely world!




We bow down at your throne O LORD!!




We humble ourselves right now JESUS for you are so incredible...




You are our king JESUS..... We do not dare move or lift up our head as we bow down at the foot of your throne!!




You are incredible, you are glorious, you are wonderful JESUS........




You live in light so bright, it would disintegrate us if you appeared to us in your true form!!!




No angel would dare to run up to your throne UN announced, without your permission!!! How dare we have pride.......




You are the very definition of holiness O LORD!!!!!




You are so powerful JESUS, nobody can defeat you!!!




Even when satan brought all of his army against you in the garden of Gethsemane, you still refused to listen to them!!




You are the only person who is worthy to be praised JESUS.....





You O LORD are the ONLY one who will ever truly love me!!!




With you JESUS living inside of us, we can overcome the darkness.....





Without you JESUS we are already dead!!!




You are truly the only thing good living inside of us. Outside of you O LORD, we are disgusting, filthy, evil porn addicts & serial killers.




You are so merciful JESUS, your mercy goes on forever and ever and ever till the ends of eternity and beyond!!!!




You have the word FAITHFUL written on you!! O LORD you will never ever let us down, not ever........





You are the only one who is truly faithful JESUS.........





Nobody can approach the true light coming out of your very being for you outshine a billion suns!!!




We bow down at your feet JESUS not daring to say a single word, not daring to make a single noise at your throne!!





We are so lost without you JESUS living inside of us...... We need you so much more than we think we do!




You are the only reason JESUS why all of us are still alive today!




You are the only reason JESUS why any of us have food today!!




You are the only reason JESUS why we are not watching porn tonight.....




You O LORD are the only reason why we will be set free from a porn addiction in a day or two, a week or two from now......




You are incredible, you are beyond incredible!!!




You were tempted in every single way we are tempted, yet you never gave in, you never entertained those evil thoughts!!!





That in itself is reason enough to praise you today JESUS!!




And if that were not reason enough to praise you, YOU are the only one who will ever truly love me.............




No woman could ever dream of loving me the way you do JESUS!!!





No parents, no brothers, no sisters, no friends or spouses could ever even come close to loving me the way you do JESUS!!




Let the weight of your glory surround us JESUS today!!!




Let your love rain down deep into us and drown us in your love we pray O LORD!




You are our only hope in this cold, dark lonely world and there is no other JESUS!!!




Oh LORD, you are truly all we have!!! We need you JESUS or we are dead!!




We are not even worthy to touch your robe JESUS for you are far FAR more incredible and glorious than we can possibly understand!





How hopeless life is without you JESUS living in it!





How sad and lonely life is without you JESUS!




What hope does the orphan have O LORD? Only you JESUS and nobody else!




How lonely life is without you JESUS.........





If you are counting on your Christian friends to help take away your loneliness WOW have YOU BEEN DECEIVED!!!!




If you are counting on your Christian friends or family to take away your sadness, your depression, your lust, WOW are you in BIG TROUBLE!!




JESUS = The hope of the world!




JESUS is all you got, and your gonna keep falling over and over and over again until you and I finally learn this!!!!




If you even try to lean on your Christian friends or family, watch them snap like a tiny twig......... JESUS is all we got, our only hope!




JESUS and JESUS alone can save!




JESUS is all you got and you better recognize this as fast as GOD gives you grace to understand this!





Only JESUS can heal a broken heart!




Only JESUS can heal a shattered soul!




I need you JESUS...............




I want you LORD!




I cannot make it in life not a single day without you JESUS in it.




I am so weak without you LORD!




I am so lost and lonely without you JESUS in my life!




Praise to GOD for the day that JESUS entered my life!




I am completely broken without you JESUS holding me real tight all the time!




Life is just UN bearable without you JESUS in it!!!




Without you JESUS, I would just rather kill myself real fast and get the misery over with..... We need you JESUS badly, help us O LORD!




If you are counting on your Christian friends to heal your broken heart, WOW have you been deceived... They cannot even heal themselves!!




Only JESUS loves enough, cares about you enough to heal your broken heart!





If I had the choice between 1,000,000,000 Christian friends OR JESUS... I would take JESUS every single time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




If I had a choice between having 1,000 wives or JESUS, I would choose JESUS every single time!!!




If you added up how much your Christian friends love you, it would not even be .000000000000000001% of how much JESUS loves you!




JESUS loves you so much we cannot even add it up! It cannot be counted!




JESUS loves you so much, we CANNOT even understand it, even in our imaginations we cannot imagine how much JESUS loves you!




JESUS loves you so much, there are no words that we can type to explain it!!!




Your Christian friends only love you until the next argument!




Your Christian friends only love you until your next debate over a pre trib rapture or post trib rapture, then they are long gone forever!!




Don't you be silly and ever ever ever ever compare your church, pastor or Christian friends to JESUS......... Now that would be STUPID!!!




Do your Christian friends have the word faithful written on them? They will let you down 1000 times...................




JESUS is the only one who is safe for us to truly give our hearts too!!! Not your spouse, not your church, not your pastor, not anyone!




You are so incredible JESUS, what can I possibly type here !!!!!




The angels do NOT dare to even touch the ground at your throne with their feet!!!




1 minute your bragging to your friends how great your new spouse is! months later they are cheating on you with their secretary!!!




One day your bragging about how great your pastor is, then a few months later he leaves your church and runs off with his secretary!!




1 day your bragging about how loving your new Christian friend is a month later that person dumps U forever because of an argument U 2 have




1 day your worshiping GOD because he gave you a new wife. 1 year later she runs off with your best friend and divorces you!!





I will say it again!!! Only JESUS truly loves you!




Only JESUS will never leave you!




Only JESUS loves you enough and cares enough to heal your broken heart, nobody else ever will besides JESUS!




Only JESUS can be trusted!!!!! And nobody else!!!





If your trusting your church, wow are you deceived!!




If you are trusting your pastor, watch out, you will be crushed shortly!




If you are trusting your wife or husband, watch out, the Christian divorce rate is well over 50%!!!!




If you are trusting your friends or homies to be there for you, wow are you in for a heartbreaking experience soon!!!




If you are trusting yourself, putting trust in yourself, wow are you gonna be sorry...... You and I cannot be trusted!!!!




Only JESUS can be trusted!




I will say it again, only JESUS can be trusted and nobody else!!!!




You have let yourself down 1000 times, I have let myself down 1000 times....... Are we learning anything from this yet?




Only JESUS truly loves you! Only JESUS can be trusted. Only JESUS will never leave you!




A Christian person without JESUS burning inside of them is the most pathetic, evil, disgusting, sinful thing on earth!!!




JESUS is the only thing good inside of you! If you feel you have good in you besides JESUS, wow has satan mind raped you!




Our righteousness are like filthy rags to GOD.... Rags so dirty, so filthy, so evil, so disgusting you have to burn them!!!!




JESUS is our righteousness!! We are only righteous if we have JESUS truly living inside of us.....




JESUS covers us and engulfs us with HIS righteousness...... Therefore, the FATHER sees us as righteous because of his son JESUS IN US!!!




GOD only recognizes the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF HIS INCREDIBLE SON JESUS, not yours, not mine!!!!




We better have JESUS living inside of us because if we do not, GOD will not see us as righteous!! Now we are in big BIG trouble!!!




You are not anything, neither am I....... Only JESUS is holy, only JESUS is righteous, only JESUS is powerful and glorious!!!




So if we have JESUS living inside of us, he is making us holy, he is making us righteous, he has nailed our sinful nature on his cross!!!




I bow down at your throne JESUS and just worship you for saving me, for saving us, for caring about us!!!!




For many of us, we are all alone tonight. We thank you JESUS for loving us.... It is so shocking you love us, but thank you LORD!!!




The light of your glory and righteousness fills up the entire universe and it even goes beyond our universe!!!




If you are trusting your new bf you just met, oh my gosh are you gonna get crushed!!!!!!!!!!!




Only JESUS is worthy to be trusted with all of our heart and soul!!!!!!!!




Even though you have let JESUS down 10,000 times, the LORD has never ever ever let you down, no not once!!!




Even though you cheated on JESUS 10,000 times, the LORD has NEVER ever cheated on you & he never will!!!




Even though you hurt the LORD'S feelings over and over again, he would never ever hurt your feelings!!!!




Even though you have ignored JESUS too many times to count, the LORD would never ever ignore you, not even for a single second!!!




Even though you have left JESUS 10,000 times in your heart and soul, GOD forbid JESUS would never ever ever ever leave you!!!!




Even though we have scorned your death on the cross for us, you would die on the cross for us another 10,000 times if that was needed!!!




You love us JESUS......... You love me....... It is hard to believe sometimes, but you love us!!!!!!!!!!!!




We do not love you LORD........... We only love you because you give us grace to love you!!!!!!!





Without that grace O LORD NOT a single one of us would love you, NO NOT ONE OF US!!!!!




You love us LORD, we do not love you!!!




You said no to satan and his demonic army over and over again O LORD JESUS..... We say yes to satan every single day of our lives!!!!





We do not deserve you JESUS for your worthiness goes far FAR FARRRRR BEYOND what we could even imagine!!!!!




I know it is hard here LORD, I know we sin constantly, I know we only deserve the lake of fire, but hold us tight JESUS & never let us go!!!



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