The Truth

The Truth!



The Most Important Thing In The Universe!!




Maybe your not sure if JESUS is real or maybe you do not understand him dying on the cross Ask GOD to reveal these truths to you and he will!




All of us were UN sure about GOD & JESUS and different times in our lives. We were just like you with that confusion about JESUS!!!




All people at different times in their lives were UN sure about GOD, or did not believe in JESUS and the cross. We all went through that!




No baby was ever born totally understanding all about JESUS!!!




We all grew up in rebellion and UN belief!!!



Ask GOD with all of your heart -->> O GOD, if JESUS is actually real, I want to know him, I want to know about him too!!



Say to GOD -> Please, have mercy on me, if JESUS is actually real, please reveal him to me too, I want to know the real truth.......



Say to GOD -> The truth is important to me. If I am being lied to, if I am wrong, if I am deceived I want to know.....



Talk to GOD like this with all of your heart and soul really and truly wanting to know the truth and guess what?>??????



GOD will show you the truth for sure! It might be done in one day, one week, one year or 5 years, but GOD will reveal the truth to you!




I am Jewish and many of us do NOT believe in JESUS!!!!



All of us whether Jewish or whatever nationality, we can all ask GOD to show us the truth!!!!!



GOD will have mercy on you if you talk to him this way!!!



Ask GOD with a pure heart -->> Please, if you are real, if JESUS is real , I want to know!!!! I want to know the truth.............



Say to GOD -->> If Heaven is real, if Hell is real, I want to know the truth.. This is very important to me...



Say to GOD -> If the angels, good and bad are real, I want to know the truth... Ask GOD with all of your heart & HE will hear you!!!



Do this today, do this tonight..... Make finding out the truth about GOD, JESUS and heaven the most important goal in your entire life!!!



Why is it so important? Because the results of this search will have ramifications going into eternity!!! This is why it is so important.



Ask GOD with your heart, soul and tears... If you are real, if JESUS is real, I want to know, I got to know, I MUST KNOW the truth!!!!



Don't ask GOD with a mocking attitude, don't ask GOD with a prideful attitude, but ask GOD WITH A HUMBLE HEART!!!!!



And get ready for your entire life, your entire soul, your entire universe to get changed and altered!!!!!!!!!!!!!



When GOD starts to answer your cry to him, when GOD starts to reveal the truth, your entire life is going to get blessed over & over again!



There was a time when I did not believe in JESUS, when you did not, when all of us did not!!! This is perfectly normal for us humans...



Make today, this Saturday your day....... Make this your day... Get on your knees by your bed or couch and humble yourself!!!



On your knees being humble say -> GOD, I must know once and for all. Some of my friends believe in JESUS & some do not!!!



GOD -> I have to know the truth.... This is really bothering me... I want to know once and for all is JESUS real, is the cross real???



GOD -->> Is there actually a hell? I mean GOD, if there is a hell, can I know about it too? I want to know the truth......



Say to GOD -> most of my family and friends do not believe in you. If there actually is a hell, don't hide this from me I plead with you!



Be humble, if you have to cry, cry when you ask GOD these questions........ Let your pride go. Make finding the truth more important!



Make finding the truth about JESUS, heaven and hell more important than your pride!!!!



JESUS is sending grace right now, right this moment in the world for people to learn the truth, Muslims, Jews and you can too!!!!



Have your entire family get on their knees today, cry out to GOD ->> Please, if hell is real, we want to know, we need to know, we must know



Say to GOD -> If hell is real, if that lake of fire I heard about is real, I don't want my family going there.....



Make finding out the truth about these spiritual issues the most important thing in your entire life!!!



Make finding these truths more important than your job, your wife or husband, your children, your friends!!!!! Why????????



Because these topics have eternal repercussions........... These spiritual decisions you make will follow you into eternity!!!!



Stop every single thing your doing in your life at this time... Talk to GOD, do it today this Saturday, do not wait even another day...



Either JESUS, heaven & hell are real or they are not.. It is your duty, your responsibility to yourself & your family to go find out!!!



And don't you stop, don't you stop searching out this truth until you are 100% sure beyond a shadow of a doubt... Why?



Because your soul, your husbands soul, your childrens soul is depending on you finding out the truth, they need you to find the truth!!!



Don't you listen to people, people will lie to you!!!!!!! You go ask GOD himself..............



Tell GOD -> I want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt, once and for all GOD, is JESUS, heaven & hell actually real???????



Don't stop searching out this truth, no matter how much time goes by, no matter what happens in your personal life, don't you stop!!!!



Because if Heaven, Hell & the lake of fire are actually real, you have to find out, you must find out, you GOT TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH!!!



Do not rest a single day until you find out the truth beyond a shadow of a doubt.............




Tell GOD - you want to know you need to know you must know the truth. & keep seeking out these answers until you take your very last breath!



Put aside your pride - Ask GOD, plead with GOD, cry out to GOD, shed some tears for the fact that you want to learn the truth!



There are over 100,000 born again Jew's right now who know and love JESUS... Yet there are millions of Jew's who do NOT know him at all!!!



Who is telling the truth??? Which group of Jew's has the truth? Go find out!!!! Do not waste another day of your life, GO FIND OUT!!!!



Muslim's are coming to know and love JESUS right now by the tens of thousands. Yet millionssssssssss of them do not believe at all!!!!



Who is telling the truth? You better go find out..... Ask GOD -> If your real, if JESUS is real, I want to know, I need to know.......



Stop being lazy, stop procrastinating this very VERY IMPORTANT spiritual topic........ Seek out from GOD if JESUS is real & never stop!!!


Love, your brother Garrett

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