The Sick & Disgusting

The Sick & Disgusting Practice
 Of Merchandising

Hello brothers and sisters in CHRIST! Please take a look at this famous scripture →

Mathew 10:8 - Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!

As we can see in Mathew 10:8 - GOD says to us that he freely gives to us, he does not charge us, so he wants us to freely give it away too!

In GOD's incredible system, he gives everything to us for free.... Now that is amazing!

When GOD says freely we have received so freely we shall give..... Hmmmmmm I wonder what that means! Hmmmmmmmm.

Do you think that might mean that GOD has actually ordered us to give our gifts away for free? Could that possibly mean that when someone needs prayer help, we pray for them and bless them for free? Could that mean that if someone wants us to come speak to their family in their home about JESUS, that we might want to do that for free? Could that mean that if GOD downloads a new Christian song in your heart to record and play, that we might want to record that song and play it for free to bless people? Could that mean even that if GOD downloads a Christian topic that he wants us to write into a book, that we would give this book away for free to all the people of GOD all over the world?

OF COURSE IT DOES CHILDREN OF GOD! Of course it does........

I mean we have thousands of Christian bands selling their music on the internet and I-Tunes for money! For real cash.....

Can you imagine if JESUS charged us money for his blessings? Can you even imagine this?

Can you imagine Paul charging people money to hear him preach? Can we even imagine this?

Can you imagine if John the Baptist charged people money to be baptized? Can you even imagine this?

I tell you brothers and sisters straight - Nowhere in the new testament can it be found where Christian people charged for these wonderful services! Do you realize we have tens of thousand of Christian authors who are selling their books to us? For money? Can you even imagine this?

Can you imagine that there are incredibly gifted Christian speakers who charge a fee to speak at a church or different types of events? Did you even know this is happening all over the world?

Did you know there are men and women of GOD who will not speak at a church or a facility unless they are sure they are getting money? Did you know many of their speaking engagement fees could be between $10,000 & much MUCH MORE? Did you even know this was happening the last 20-40 years?

This is much MUCH more wide spread than you might think! This is happening all over the world actually!

This kind of evil has even spread to Nigeria from what I have studied and can tell.

Now please look at this ->

John 3:27 - A man can receive nothing unless it comes from HEAVEN!!! NOTHING.........

Now is Michael W Smith writing his Christian songs or are they coming from Heaven first? If Michael is writing his songs, I surely do NOT want to hear them. But if they are coming from GOD first, then I do want to hear them so I can be blessed by them too! But why do I have to buy them? Why must I pay upwards of $10-$15 dollars to listen to his new CD? Is this what GOD truly wants? Didn't JESUS say that – Freely you have received so freely you shall give? Of course he did in Mathew 10:8!!! Now is GOD going to contradict his own bible and say it is OK for tens of thousands of Christian musicians all over the world to sell their CD'S and music? OF COURSE NOT!!!  GOD is perfect, holy and righteous.......

A church in Orange County, California

Now is T D Jake's writing his books and music? Or are they coming from Heaven first? If T D Jake's is writing his own books, I do not want to read them. But if they are coming directly from the throne room of GOD, now I might want to read them. But why must I buy them? Why do I have to use my hard earned cash that I earn from working a job all week long to buy GOD's blessings?

Is Joyce Meyer writing her books? Or are the coming from heaven first! I tell you the truth, IT ALL COMES FROM Heaven first........ So who in their right mind thinks it is OK to sell what is freely coming from GOD to bless his world wide church?

Someone is going to have to face JESUS at his Great White Throne and pay for this crime here!!!
 Make sure it is not you nor I!

Can the Christians in Africa afford to buy Their books and music? Are the Christians in Iran able to afford to buy their music and books? Are the Christians living in Egypt able to afford to buy their books, music, videos, or afford to have them come preach the gospel to them? OF COURSE NOT PEOPLE!!!!!   SO MOST CHRISTIANS LIVING WORLDWIDE ARE NOT ABLE TO BE BLESSED BY ALL OF THESE WONDERFUL THINGS COMING FROM THE THRONE ROOM OF GOD.

And why? Because our flesh, our pride, our ego, Hollywood and especially satan has COMPLETELY INFILTRATED most of the world wide church.............. And we are merchandising the CHRIST!!!!!   So what we have here are tens of thousands of Christian musicians, artists, painters, sculptors, movie makers and authors selling their GOD given gifts to the rest of the body of CHRIST.... Many of them have become millionaires because of this. Buying boats, planes, expensive cars, mansions, expensive condominiums to live in, taking very expensive vacations, eating at very expensive restaurants while the average Christian world wide is either living in poverty, or close to poverty level! Now this is a crime and someone is going to have to answer for this.............. Make darn sure child of GOD that it is not you nor I who is selling and merchandising The CHRIST!!!

Why are Christian musicians, writers, authors, speakers, prophets, teachers & Pastors charging money for their gifts and merchandise?

Did you know something very similar was being done at the temple of GOD 2000 years ago? And what did JESUS DO?

JESUS made a small whip, he turned over the tables, he stopped all of the merchandising being done in his FATHER'S temple! Why? Because it is wrong, it is evil, it is taking advantage of GOD'S children, it is UN biblical, it is prideful, it is because of greed and the love of money, because it is UN godly to do! That is why JESUS did that! It is WRONG to make money off of the children of GOD! It is the exact opposite of what GOD said to do in Mathew 10:8! It is the exact opposite of what JESUS himself did, it is the exact opposite of what Paul did in his life too!

Now you might say to me - Garrett - It cost Michael W Smith money to make a CD.......... I know this, I am a musician too!

For the last 10 years I have been waiting for JESUS to send me the money so I could buy my own midi studio too! I know own a complete very inexpensive midi studio which is located in my bedroom. I waited on the LORD for grace, or blessings and for favor to supply all of the equipment. How did JESUS do this? He allowed me to get TONS OF OVERTIME WORK, WORKING MY BUTT OFF TO MAKE EXTRA MONEY DURING A 60 DAY PERIOD OF WORK. I worked and worked till late at night while all of you were sleeping in bed. Also, my dad gave me about $2000 dollars as a present, for no reason whatsoever. Also, my sister offered to help me and she sent me $550 dollars too. We have to wait on GOD to supply the funds we need to make our music, or to make our book, or to make our movie, or to make our painting for the children of GOD................ If GOD has NOT given us the money, then GOD is not for us doing this work at this time! Do not rush GOD, do not bypass GOD and take matters into your own hands..... Do you know there is a music store that would of financed me the entire studio? Yes it is true, but GOD gave me grace to know in the bible not to get into debt, not to finance things, not to bypass his grace and take matters into my own hands..... GOD gave me the grace and I obeyed him. It is a gift from GOD to understand these scriptures.

If a band or musician or artist does not have the money to record their music CD, could this be a sign from GOD that GOD is not behind it?

If a Christian author does not have the money to make their book, could this be a sign that GOD is not behind them making the book? That maybe just maybe GOD does not want that person or musicians to go ahead with the project at this time? Of course it means that! If GOD wants you to record your music, GOD has to give you the money! HE must, it is his job, it is the very definition of who he is.......... Jehovah Jireh – The LORD is our provider!

A famous Christians owns this incredible estate!

IN other words children of GOD. If JESUS wanted me to record music, doesn't HE have to provide the money and equipment to me?   OF COURSE HE DOES............ Now come on people!!!

Did you know that everywhere Paul went, he worked his butt off day and night on a real job, a real job making a living? Just like I do too. I work full time to earn a living so I can give away all of the LORD'S gifts, blessings, music, books, videos, audios, articles and more ALL FOR FREE!!!!

Why? Because that is what JESUS did, that is what Paul did, that is what the bible says to do!

Did you know that JESUS used Paul as a huge HUGE EXAMPLE TO US???? JESUS used Paul to teach us that we must work a job to earn a living. Even if we want to do full time ministry work, we MUST work a job as to not be a hindrance on the church, or other Christians!

So a Christian band might say to me - Garrett - If we do not sell our music, how can we make a living? how can we buy food? How will we take care of our families?

PEOPLE - It is called - A Job!!!  Go get a job you musicians, go get a job you authors, go get a real job you speakers! Go get a real job you prophets, go get a real job you apostles just like Paul did, just like I do, just like the bible says to do over & over again! Do not charge the sheep to pay for your bills, work like Paul did so you can financially take care of yourself and to NOT be a burden on any of us children of GOD!

JESUS and Paul are our example children of GOD..... We are not to sell for money what GOD has given us for free!

Do you realize that one single famous Christian author, musician, painter or Christian movie maker could end this problem here?   Oh yes he or she could with the millions of dollars a year they bring in off of selling their merchandise of JESUS CHRIST to GOD'S children.

Now children of GOD, let me make something clear. A job is not ministry work. A job is what we do to earn a living so we can minister to people for free! Just like JESUS did, just like Paul did. If you find yourself so low on money that you have to sell your ministry work whether it be paintings, books, Christian music or movies, wow you better go get a full time job. You better stop every single thing your doing and go get a good full time job by praying and asking for one, then getting your butt in your car and finding the job that GOD has for you to do! If you sell your ministry work, you are doing the exact opposite of JESUS & Paul and when you get to heaven, you might be quite sorry you did! 

Look at this - 2nd Cor 9:9 - 9 As the Scriptures say, “They share freely and give generously to the poor. Their good deeds will be remembered forever.”

The two Christians in the pic own this incredible estate!

Now look at this -> 

A child is looking for insects to eat for dinner.
Boy this makes me furious!
 All my ministry will always be for free!

Now there are possibly thousands of Christian musicians, authors and speakers who do offer their merchandise for free, this is true! So let us praise GOD for them right now! Let us praise GOD right now for the men and women, boys and girls who do their ministry work for free all the time never even thinking of charging money to bless others!

But there are tens of thousands, even millions of other Christians who are selling their GOD GIVEN merchandise!

Listen people - GOD gives these gifts to the body, so the men and women, boys and girls would share it with the rest of the body!! This will build up the church! This will bless the world wide church which is really JESUS' body!

Now are the very famous Christian musicians who sell their music being blessed by GOD for their music ministry? I have no idea... Only GOD can say that!

A famous Christians owns this jet!

But the simple fact that they are merchandising CHRIST makes me to think that the artists, musicians, authors and everyone else who sells their ministry, are NOT getting blessings from GOD for this work! Why? Because they are merchandising JESUS CHRIST to the sheep who live all over the world, GOD'S holy children. So their only reward they get in my opinion, is the cold hard cash they receive every time they sell a song, book, movie or whatever else!

IN other words, when you buy a Winans CD, are the Winans being blessed by this? I would guess NO! I would guess they get no blessing at all from GOD, except the cold hard cash they get for their music sells. Sure I could be wrong on this, but the HOLY GHOST is so strong as I type, this, I feel I am right on target here! I do not know about you child of GOD, but I would much rather have treasures built up in heaven than to have a car, boat, house, mansion, plane, gold, watches and expensive suits here on earth....... In fact, that kind of stuff makes me sick!!!

I highly doubt they get any further blessing!

I am not teaching this, I am only guessing that because they sell their gifts, because they are breaking biblical commandments -->> Because they are doing the opposite of what JESUS did, because of the fact they are doing the opposite of what Paul did, that they do not get any more blessings whatsoever except for the cash they make selling CHRIST!!!

Now if your a Christian musician & GOD gives you a song & you give it away for free! OH MY GOSH ARE YOU GETTING BLESSINGS.......... You are now building up treasures in heaven that will be there ahead of you just waiting for you to arrive..... Now try wrapping your minds around that if you can!

If your a Christian author & you make your books for free on the internet - OH MY GOSH ARE YOU GETTING BLESSINGS from GOD here on earth & building up a huge treasure in heaven!

Do you know why Christians sell their gifts ? Could it be pride? Could it be ego? Could it be for money and greed? Could it be to pay their bills, or to pay their car payment, or to pay their rent, or to buy food....... But what would happen if that same Christian musician or author were to pray to GOD for a full time job and get in his or her car and go find one just like all of us do? Wow, now they could give away their ministry work for free! And guess what? Now they would be building up treasures in heaven. Were doing everything backwards here, especially in the USA!

Could it be that the Christian artists, musicians, movie makers and authors are simply copying the world and the way Hollywood does things? Could it be they are not reading ---->>>> The holy bible? Could it be that they really in all honesty do not know JESUS at all?

 Could it be some of them are fake Christians? OH YES THEY ARE!

Could it be that they do not know this scripture where - JESUS told the disciples - Freely you have received so freely you shall give! Mathew 10:8.

I want you to know - there are fake Christians in the Christian music industry, in the book publishing industry & in the speaking industry! Satan has just about COMPLETELY infiltrated the churches of the world and we are spending money buying their merchandise because they think it is OK to sell it to us. So they can live as FAT CATS, while we children of GOD are working 30-40-50 hours a week to make a living! This is THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT Paul did!

Now you might say - Garrett - They need to get back the money they spent to make their music CD, so they should sell it!

They own this estate and much MUCH MORE!

First of all, all money comes from GOD. It is not their money to begin with. Whatever money comes from GOD is clearly from GOD...............

Second →  That is not what JESUS did!! That is NOT want Paul did... That is NOT what Peter did! That is not what they did in the book of Acts!

Also, that is not what I do. I work a full time job so I CAN give away my ministries for free. By doing this, we are acting and behaving just like JESUS & Paul!

I am not picking on anyone. There was a time about 8 years ago where I wanted to record music and sell the songs for $1 too! But, the more we read the bible, the more we trust JESUS, the closer we get to JESUS, the more we see how CORRUPT this type of thinking actually is!

Did you know Christian speakers all over the world DEMAND money or they will not help us or teach us or speak to us?

Countless tens of thousands of them DEMAND that THERE WILL BE A LOVE OFFERING OR THEY WILL NOT SPEAK! Or they demand that a certain fee be paid into their accounts before they will ever agree to speak at your church or your other Christian facilities! Now when we see this, we are seeing the evil flesh in full force. We are seeing that sinful carnal nature = The flesh. We are also seeing pride, we are seeing the ego, we are seeing self righteousness, we are seeing fear too actually, we are also seeing satan in all of his glory! We are seeing satan twist the Christians to merchandise THE CHRIST and guess what? Satan and his demonic army are laughing and laughing and laughing at us because this is so UN biblical!

Did you know there are some VERY FAMOUS BANDS , Christian bands that will not play unless there is a mandatory payment ?

Here is the god of many many Christian people!

Did you even know that there are fake Christians who are NOT believers whatsoever selling you their so called Christian merchandise? From everything that I have studied, this is very true!

Listen children of GOD - If we are not copying JESUS, what on earth are we doing then?

If we are not obeying scriptures to give away freely what on earth are we doing then?

I purposely will NOT get involved in any ministry where they sell their gifts, merchandise and Christian media! It makes me sick when I see ministries doing this. I am not picking on the men and women of the ministry, no not at all. I am saying the merchandising part of this is very evil and fleshly and satanic!

The few, the very very very few ministries I am involved in, ALL GIVE AWAY THEIR BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS & GIFTS FOR FREE!

Here is our free music ->

Here are our 27 FREE books ->

Here are our FREE Christian videos ->

Do you know why children of GOD are being cursed so terribly? Probably for 10,000 reasons....One of them is we are breaking biblical commandments! We are acting just like Hollywood, we are acting just like the world, we are acting just like satanic bands who sell their music, videos, paintings and other merchandise! I say it again, we are acting satanic by merchandising CHRIST!

Now what commandment am I talking about ?

Mathew 10:8 - Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!

I waited over 10 long years for the LORD to give me grace, blessings, MONEY, and music equipment to record one song for the body of CHRIST! 

We are not to take bank loans to buy music equipment or anything other kind of equipment needed for ministry work. IF GOD does not provide the money, DO NOT GO FORWARD!!!!  we are not TO SELL our gifts and presents from GOD!

Christian musicians who do this are breaking in your face commandments from GOD'S powerful, incredible son JESUS! Now that is very very scary!

A famous Christian owns this Mercedes - Grey Ghost!

If you do not have the money to record your CD, or to make your book, or to paint your painting or to make your movie - That means GOD is not providing you the money to do it.... Why are you forcing GOD'S hand to make your book or CD? Brother and sister, if GOD wants you to do this form of ministry work he MUST provide the money! He must, he is GOD, this is his job.......... So if you do not have the money to do this up coming ministry, put it off on hold for a while and seek out JESUS on what to do!

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO DO YOUR MINISTRY, GOD is NOT for it at this time. So stop trying to do it, seek out JESUS in quiet time and the LORD will tell you what to do next...

The truth is = GOD is not giving you the money to make it or create it, so you by pass GOD, you make it, then you sell it to us for cash! And by doing this, you are saying no to the holy bible, you are saying no to JESUS, you are saying no to Paul and you could be bringing curses on yourself by doing this, possibly!

A very famous Christian owns this huge estate and many MANY MANY MORE!!!

These FAT CAT Christians who sell their GOD given gifts and merchandise JESUS CHRIST are financially raping the world wide church. They are financially raping JESUS' body!

You do not have to sell your books for money. We in our ministries have 27 Christian books for free that upwards of 1 million people have read and have been blessed by. And you know what? This makes our church body stronger. It builds up the world wide church body and guess what again? This is making JESUS' own body stronger!

If your book is truly from JESUS, JESUS gave it to you for free!!! Why would you sell it to us? You are hurting yourself..... You are hurting the world wide body of CHRIST – The church!

You are cursing yourself brother and sister!!! JESUS said to give it away for free. Obey the LORD and be super blessed and by doing this, you will be building up treasures in heaven!

I am sorry if I am a little too hard tonight, I love you! I also wanted to sell my music too many years ago...... Until GOD sent his grace and love into my heart showing me a much better way to bless people. It is far FAR better to bless people for free because you love them and because you love JESUS and the bible commandments, than it would be to charge a fee to bless people! Please think about this carefully and pray about so the LORD will help you to understand.

I believe, if you sell your music, sell your books, sell your speaking, you will NOT GET ANOTHER BLESSING FROM GOD on these topics! The cold hard cash will be the only blessing you ever get. I am not teaching this is scripture, but I feel I could be very right on this topic!

Most of the Christian bands and authors in the world sell their gifts, they sell their merchandise! This has even spread to Nigeria too from what I have studied so far.

A famous Nigerian Christian owns this jet while many of his countrymen are starving to death!

If the books and CD's cost money, isn't it GOD'S job to provide that money brothers and sisters to make them in the first place? If GOD has not given you the money to make your book or record your music, does that give you a right to sin and bypass GOD, by pass his will for you, make the CD or book anyway, then sell it to his world wide church body? Oh boy you better re think everything your doing!

If GOD has not given you the money to make your book or to record your music, does that give you the right to copy Hollywood?

Copying Hollywood by selling your free gifts that GOD has given you. These gifts are to bless his people, not to make money off of them! Not to become FAT CATS OFF OF THE fat of the sheep! JESUS' sheep!

If you want to copy JESUS, if you want to copy Paul, if you want to copy the bible, you will give away all you got for free and build up incredible treasures in heaven.

If you want to sell your gifts to people, selling your merchandise is just sinful, it is so UN CHRIST LIKE!

Listen, I am a Christian musician, I am a Christian speaker, I am a Christian author... But I work a real job to earn money! I work full time and I have for most of my life. Let us copy JESUS, let us copy Paul and be super blessed by GOD the FATHER of all!

I would not want to be caught dead selling the gifts that JESUS has given to me for free to other people!

Now listen brothers and sisters, we have to expose this!!! There are very very famous Christian speakers who demand money to speak! There are very very famous Christian musicians who demand love offerings and money or they will not perform! I tell you the truth, if you do this, you will not get another blessing for these gifts, I really believe that!

So if your wondering how would Toby Mac make a living if he gave away his music for free?

He would go get a real job – Hello!!!!!!

Paul worked real hard with his hands, so he could preach and speak and heal and pray for people FOR FREE! Paul talked about this in MULTIPLE LETTERS IN THE HOLY BIBLE!

GOD had Paul purposely talk bout this in multiple books........... We are suppose to copy Paul here, NOT Hollywood! Not the demon infested satanically run Hollywood!

Someone offered to publish my very first book. Then a message of GOD came to me from a Christian woman. The message was - Do not publish your testimony! I did not, and many people have read it now for free!

Maybe your wondering how could Joyce Meyer make a living if she did not sell her books? Ummm How about getting a job like me? Now I am not picking on her, GOD has blessed me through her many many times. For all we know, she does tons and tons of free ministry work. Praise GOD if that is true....... But - Is Joyce Myers more holy than Paul, is she better than me? Is she more Christ like than you so she can sell her merchandise?

Of course not people, GOD loves us all the same and GOD has no favorites!!!!

Did you read 2nd Cor 9:9 ---- They were giving and sharing everything for free! Oh praise GOD here is the scripture for you →    9 As the Scriptures say, “They share freely and give generously to the poor. Their good deeds will be remembered forever.”

Does T D Jakes read the bible? Does Toby Mac? Does Avalon? How can we justify telling our gifts GOD is giving us?

A very famous Christian owns this incredible estate and many MANY more like it!!!!!

I tell you the truth, it would be better to live in near poverty having nothing, giving away your music and books for free than to be rich living like a Christian FAT CAT!

Brothers and sisters, on the internet you can have millions of people read your books & hear your music for free! People from Pakistan, Russia, India, all over the Middle East, Israel, Japan, the Philippines etc etc etc have all been blessed by our free Christian media on our website. You can do the same and copy JESUS and be super blessed!

We only want to associate ourselves with people who are NOT selling their merchandise! Or if we are involved with Christians who are merchandising JESUS, pray for grace, pray for an opportunity to talk to them about a much better way of doing things. Maybe GOD can and will use you to set them free from this fleshly, satanic, Hollywood, worldly way of doing their ministry!

Do you know when you go into many churches, their UN biblical book stores are at the front of the church? It is true I have seen this with my own eyes! I have been to churches who have huge book stores at the front door of their churches just inside and they sell coffee too us holy people of GOD! Can you believe that they are selling drinks to the sheep that have caffeine in them? Oh boy has satan infiltrated the world wide church! So before the church service even starts, many MANY of us are high on caffeine...... Oh just great, what a wonderful way to go worship JESUS while high on the drug called – CAFFEINE!

No wonder the 7 year tribulation is just about to start.... Almost everything the church does in UN biblical! ALMOST everything! JESUS never sold his wonderful deeds, neither did Paul, neither did John, neither did Peter - And I will not either!

We need grace, we need grace to understand what I am saying! Many people tonight are not understanding what I am saying as you read this. Why? Because the flesh, the world, Hollywood and satan have indoctrinated you into thinking that merchandising JESUS is perfectly find to do AND IT IS NOT!

I tell you the truth, many Christian authors, musicians, bands, artists, painters etc etc pick and choose which scriptures they will believe and which ones they will ignore!

We are not to copy Hollywood, we are not to copy the way the world does things, WE ARE TO COPY JESUS & the bible & Paul too on the way he worked full time to support himself and others financially so he could then preach and bless people FOR FREE!!!

If someone wants to donate money to you, so you can record your CD or make a book, praise GOD that came from GOD! THAT IS PERFECTLY BIBLICAL.... People donated money constantly to JESUS' ministry. People donated money to the early church in Jerusalem because they were dirt poor. People donated money to Paul too so GOD could use him to further the gospel of JESUS CHRIST all over the area there. But a donation is a act of LOVE, it is a act of compassion! A donation is NOT NEARLY THE SAME THINGS as when Christian FAT CATS sell their GOD given ministry works to the church for cold hard cash!

By selling your gifts when GOD gave them to you for free, you are cursing yourself! You will most likely not get any more blessings for that gift.

You might say - Garrett - How can Marvin Sapp or Smokie Norful, or Yolanda Adams make a living if they do not sell their music? Ummmm get a job like Paul and me and you! This is so simple even a child of GOD could understand this. It is so strange how a child could understand this, yet many many children of GOD no matter how old are young they are, DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS.... This shows us just how strong our flesh is in us, or this shows us just how much the Western churches copy Hollywood, or this shows us just how much satan has truly infiltrated the churches of the world!

I tell you the truth, someone is going to have to go to JESUS' Great White Throne of Judgment and answer for this!!!
You better make darn sure it is not you nor I........

I tell you the truth - If you give away your gifts for free, you are building up huge HUGE TREASURES In heaven that will be waiting there for you ahead of you! Wouldn't that be wonderful to get into heaven, to see JESUS, to be escorted to FATHER GOD, then to go get your brand new body, then to go live inside your brand new mansion, then out of nowhere, you learn that you have huge treasures waiting for you! OH MY GOSH PEOPLE............

When Paul said that a minister should be paid a living, he was talking about men and women working their butts off in the villages, in Christian houses, in their town centers getting their hands dirty doing hard core Christian ministry work with real people face to face!

Paul was talking about people who were working full time in the trenches, in the villages, with real people hand and hand, face to face, spending days and weeks and months and even years with them in their homes or villages!

Paul was doing this with his blood sweat and tears falling down all day long spreading the gospel from house to house while being whipped, stoned, beaten & killed!

Paul was not talking about a Christian band going into a air conditioned studio, recording music and selling it world wide for literally millions and millions of dollars of profit!

A very famous Christian owns this estate and many MORE!!!

It is 100% UN biblical to sell these gifts. Paul would work a job on purpose with his hands, then preach to people for free! He would stay in some towns or cities for even many months or years working with the people face to face, hand to hand blessing them for free.... And why? Because he was working a job to earn his own living and by doing this, he did not have to burden any of the other poorer Christian people living in that city or town!

JESUS and Paul are the two we want to copy here!! Paul did not charge a fee, he never did and we all KNOW JESUS would never dream of that! GOD gives and gives and gives.......... We want to give and give and give too and by doing this, we are copying GOD!

If Paul purposely in MULTIPLE BOOKS of the bible made it a clear point he was working a real job, preaching for free! Should we listen? How many times did GOD have Paul tell us in multiple books of the bible he is working a job while he does ministry work as to NOT BE A BURDEN ON US! When Christians sell their books, music CD's , DVD's , Movies and preaching, they are a BURDEN TO US! Now I have to spend $15 dollars for a book or music CD instead of using that $15 to buy food or gasoline! It is a burden, a real burden people of GOD!

One of the main reasons why these people demand to sell their merchandise to us is because they will NOT go get a job like Paul did and I do! They do not want to go work at fast food restaurants like I have, so instead, they come up with the satanic/Hollywood/worldly idea of selling and merchandising The CHRIST!

Do you realize by me working a full time job, I can give music, books, articles, videos & audios ALL FOR FREE! In the kingdom of GOD, this is huge people, this is HUGE I SAY! 

It is so simple even a child could understand this!

Do you know many famous bands and Christian speakers charge a minimum of $10,000 dollars before they will agree to perform? For some, they even charge upwards of $25,000 or possibly more! They have merchandised our CHRIST and this is a huge HUGE MONEY MAKING OPERATION FOR Christian FAT CATS all over the world. Once again, this is also being done in Nigeria! Now how sad is that?

Homeless people in Los Angeles........ No child of GOD, I will NOT be caught dead charging the children of GOD money for my ministry work, books, audios, music, videos etc etc.......

It makes you wonder - Are they even real Christians? Do they really know JESUS? Do they actually read the bible? It really makes you wonder doesn't it?

I could of financed my music equipment – my entire midi studio with a few music companies who offer financing on the internet! But that would be just as UN biblical too! If GOD does not give you the money to do your future ministry work, then I tell you straight, GOD is NOT behind it! You have to wrap your mind around that fact and let it sink in your heart.

I promise you this if GOD ever elevates your music, or your books to a higher position, give them away for free and be like JESUS & Paul and build up treasures in heaven, NOT here on earth! What a terrible and satanic thing it is to build up treasures here on earth!

Some Christians have used this scripture against me --->>>
 1 Timothy 5:18
 - For the Scripture says, “You must not muzzle an ox to keep it from eating as it treads out the grain.” And in another place, “Those who work deserve their pay!

OH MY GOSH ARE SOME of you children of GOD taking this entire scripture out of meaning...............

When Paul said not to muzzle the ox this is exactly what Paul meant!!!!! --->>>  Paul is saying let the people supply your food, let the people supply you with a place to live, let the people supply you with things you will need to live among them like a pillow, blanket, a room to sleep in, new clothing if you need it etc etc!

Huge estate mansions owned by a very famous Christian. Or at least one of these mansions is owned by the famous Christian, possibly NOT all 4 of them.

You might be thinking → Garrett, how can you know Paul meant that? Because that was exactly what Paul, Barnabas, Timothy and many others were doing! They working working with real people, in real town, and villages, in their homes, face to face, hand in hand, with their blood, sweat and tears!

GOD & Paul in the bible were NOT talking about Christian FAT CAT  speakers, musicians & authors making MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FINANCIALLY RAPING THE CHURCH!

Oh boy are some of you really MIS UNDERSTANDING what Paul was saying there! ONCE again - If your working with people in a city or village full time, and your giving your heart, your soul, your blood, your sweat, your tears, your singing songs with them on the acoustic guitar to the LORD in their houses, or outside in the town squares, your giving them all you got face to face every day to spread the gospel of JESUS CHRIST – THEN → Yes they should supply your food, the village or town should supply your clothing, your pillow, your blanket, a room to sleep in, water etc etc etc.............

That is what Paul, Barnabas, Timothy and everyone else were receiving!

Do not try to say, DO NOT say that Paul was saying that Christian musicians could sell their music world wide and become wealthy!

Do not say that Christians could sell their books world wide and NOT WORK A REAL JOB... Paul told us over & over again to WORK A JOB with our hands earning an income!

I would not be surprised if GOD speaking through Paul told us 7 times to work a real job while we do ministry work! I did not count the scriptures I am only guessing!

If your a Christian musician like me, when GOD gives us a song, that song is ministry work!!!! It is NOT A JOB........

A famous Christians either owns this jet or one exactly like it!

A Christian man tried to tell me - Paul said it was OK for Christian musicians to sell their CD'S world wide! OH REALLY? Where is this in the bible?

What is OK is this - If this band goes to Africa and performs, let the people supply them with food, clothing, water, a pillow, blanket, a bed to sleep on and any other very important items! GOD will take care of this band or musician, for THE WORD FAITHFUL is written on JESUS himself!

This is what Paul was saying people of GOD →  OK if T D Jakes is invited to speak in Seattle, let the church supply some food, shower, a room to sleep in, things like that! It does NOT mean it is OK to charge a minimum of $25,000 per speaking engagement! This is very satanic people...... This is very Hollywood! This is very worldly! This is very greedy and prideful!

Now child of GOD, do not be afraid to speak out! We must reveal and UN cover these UN biblical acts that Christians are doing.... We must reveal why the church is living under so many curses from GOD.

Praise GOD for all of you who - Freely receive from GOD & you freely give it away! I say it again - I praise GOD for all of you right now!

Joyce sold over 3,000,000 copies of this book at about $15 dollars per copy! That is a WHOPPING 45 MILLION DOLLARS.

You might say, I would rather read Joyce's book instead of yours Garrett!!    Well I am very sure the EXACT SAME GOD wrote them both..........

But for those people like Joyce Meyer, Toby Mac, Marvin Sapp, T D Jakes and COUNTLESS others who sell their merchandise --->>>>  Shame on you! In the name of JESUS - Shame on you for acting in a 100% UN biblical way............

By the way, I am not picking on those 4-5 people, no not at all. I am simply typing a few names here that most of you can recognize! I could of easily typed 10,000 names of people who are merchandising our CHRIST!

I am sure it is most likely the case that those 4-5 people do many many things for the kingdom of GOD for free!! I would hope they do. I would expect they do, I would think it is safe to guess that they probably do!

I am only using their names as an example......
 Not condemning them!

Your ministry work is NOT A JOB!!! If you disagree with me, go read Paul especially this entire weekend, you will get super blessed! When Paul said a minister should be blessed by the people, he was talking about giving them some food, clothing, a room to sleep in, a pillow, they should provide for his or her needs..... Even John talks a tiny bit about this too.

Paul was NOT talking about giving them millions and millions of dollars! He was NOT talking about giving them expensive cars, mansions, Jet airplanes, summer mansions to live in, world wide vacation expenses, 2,000 dollar suits and dresses, boats and jewelry!

The very famous Christians usually have much MUCH MORE THAN the one simple mansion and estate I am showing you in this FREE book!

Oh boy do some of you Christians have this backwards, oh how you can twist what Paul said!

Beckah Shae is another one. Oh how I love her music, I just love her music so much! Her music has blessed me incredibly, brought me closer to JESUS, gave me new revelations and I support her in anyway I can! I love the work Beckah Shae's husband does on her music, he is so talented I cannot believe it! The beats he creates for her, his editing, his mixing and everything else he does for her behind the scenes. Their two little daughters are incredibly precious, I just love this family!

But they sell their songs!!! I am sorry, even though I love her, she sells her songs......... Why do we think this is OK?

I am not picking on her either, there are tens and tens of thousands of Christian musicians who sell their songs too!

Michael W Smith has sold over 15,000,000 of this SINGLE CD...... That means he has grossed well over $150,000,000 dollars from Christian people all over the world from this one CD only.......... How sad the famous Christian artists merchandise JESUS CHRIST... And how can they do this? Because GOD gave them fame! So they can use their fame to charge a high price to buy their ministry gifts.

I even have Christian friends who sell their music..... This is how wide spread this satanic practice is! It is world wide now...

And the truth is - It is 100% UN biblical and even more truth is - It is actually satanic!!!! It is a satanic practice to sell our gifts taking money from other Christians whom JESUS bought with his own blood.

Now I am not picking on Beckah either, I am sure they do tons of special events for free, or speaking for free, OR I PRAY SHE DOES and I think she does!

These very talented men & women of GOD are selling their gifts to us... They are hurting us financially! They are taking advantage of us and by doing this, they are actually hurting the body of CHRIST!

         GOD had a few churches support Paul's incredible work he was doing with his hands, in the trenches, face to face with people in the villages and towns. This is not the same as selling your gifts and ministries. People listen, if Christians want to donate money to you to support your ministry work, well THEN PRAISE GOD!! Those people are wanting to help you because they love GOD, because they love you, because they see your trying to do a mighty work for GOD............. That is being done out of love and compassion. This is NOT the same thing as charging people a fee to speak to them! Or selling your music that GOD downloaded into you to the Christian people all over the world! I pray you have ears to hear and eyes to see what I am saying here.

This money Paul was given was not to buy boats, not to buy cars or motorcycles, this was not to buy mansions, nor suits, nor gold, nor costly vacations! This money was not to pay his phone bill, not to pay his mortgage payment either on his house. This was for food, travel expenses, or whatever else that was extremely important that he needed to further the gospel of JESUS!

Now for the love of GOD and his CHRIST, stop twisting the scriptures!

This was JESUS making darn sure that Paul, Timothy and Barnabas  had their money for food, clothing, travel, rooms to sleep in etc etc!

A small Baptist church made this movie and it grossed over $10,000,000 dollars in the theaters & another $20,000,000 dollars in DVD sales................ So what did they do next? Instead of offering their next movie to the people of GOD for free, they made another movie called Fireproof! Did they offer it to us for free? NO! Did they offer it to us for $5 dollars a copy? NO! Did they offer it to us for $10 dollars a copy? NO!

Try again!!!

It was sold to us Christians all over the world at FULL PRICE.

This movie made $33,000,000 dollars in the movie theaters & another $28,000,000 in DVD sales............. Why? Because they are selling the gospel of JESUS CHRIST to the sheep!!!!

Now after this Baptist church sold and raped the kingdom of GOD for close to almost $100,000,000 dollars for the sales of their first 3 movies.

 What did they do next?

Did they make and offer their 4th movie to the children of GOD for free? NO! Did they offer it to us for $5 dollars? NO! Did they offer it to us for $10 dollars because after all, we are all part of one family united in JESUS CHRIST! Ummmm NO! They sold it to the Christians all over the world at FULL PRICE! Their 4th movie made it into many other countries of the world Besides the USA.

It was a little hard to find financial totals for the movie - Courageous..... But I narrowed it down to this - This movie pulled in a total of about $100,000,000 dollars world wide.
Look at the statement in the picture above. It says -> Honor begins at home. Well I thought our home was in heaven, not here on earth! What honor is there in taking in over $100,000,000 dollars from Christians all over the world?

What a crime! What a disgrace to godly people this is! What a fleshly, worldly, satanic way of taking advantage of Christians world wide, with most of us being quite poor!

With the grace of GOD, I will NOT be caught dead doing this evil, fleshly, UN godly, satanic thing such as merchandising THE CHRIST!

To film and make the movie Fireproof, or facing the giants and then sell it to us, is UN fair, UN biblical, UN Christ like! This baptist church that had produced and created these films has sold millions of copies of their movies. Their movies include – Fly wheel – Facing the giants – Fire proof and Courageous. They sell them, they have brought in millions and millions and millions of dollars. I have seen and bought all 4 movies myself. I have bought many of these movies for many other Christian people who could not buy them. This is what I am saying now → I work full time on a job, so I can pay my own bills and why? So I can give away all of my ministry work and gifts to other Christians for free! Now, because other Christians do not follow these biblical principals, I have to use my hard earned money and spend it on their movie so I can be blessed by it. THIS IS THE SYSTEM OF satan........

 The system of Christian FAT CATS!

I AM HAPPY THE 7 YEAR TRIBULATION IS ABOUT TO START! GOD will use this to take down the Christian FAT CATS and everything else that is UN biblical! O PRAISE GOD!!!!!

You might say to me – Garrett – Just simply do not buy their movies! Well, I can do that, so can you, but then we do not get to see them, then we do not get the GREAT GODLY blessings from GOD by watching these good movies. So we use our hard earned money to buy these movies so we can be blessed by GOD....... In other words, GOD'S BLESSINGS NOW COST US MONEY!!

This is satan AT HIS FINEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You might say - Garrett, they have to sell the movie to pay for the cost!!!! NO CHILD OF GOD,,,,,, GOD must provide the money first!!! Do not even think about making a movie unless GOD has provided the money beforehand! Do not take out loans, do not contact banks, do not borrow money child of GOD. If GOD wants you to make the movie, music CD, video or Christian book, HE must PROVIDE THE MONEY TO YOU so you can create it. If you do not have the money, then GOD is not behind it!

So they made Fireproof, sold countless millions of copies possibly, became millionaires off of the sheep! This entire topic makes my stomach sick.

Now I am not saying the leaders of this baptist church abused the money, or bought cars, boats our planes, no not at all! I have no idea what they do with their money, it is none of my business too!

I think Rick Warren sold about - 40,000,000 copies of this book. At about $15 dollars per book..... That is a WHOPPING TOTAL OF - Gross 600,000,000 million dollars from GOD'S holy people!

All I am saying is, this is extremely UN biblical, this is UN Christ like and Paul would not be caught dead doing this! And the truth is, NEITHER WOULD I! And I am a terrible sinner and even I know to work a full time job, to give away ministry and blessings for free!

Someone  said to me - So Paul selling a tent is OK , BUT Paul selling his ministry work is wrong? EXACTLY PEOPLE!!!

EXACTLY CHILDREN OF GOD... Paul worked a full time job on purpose to he could give the gospel of JESUS away for free! Paul making tents was HIS JOB, not his ministry work! On a job, we can sell a TV, or computer, cell phone, pizza or whatever, of course we can! But we are NOT TO SELL our ministry work or our ministry gifts! JESUS said – Freely you have received so freely you shall give!

Paul worked a full time job just like I work a full time job so he and I could do what JESUS said to do. To give away the gospel for free! I do not know about you, but I do not want to be a Christian FAT CAT. I want to be a lean spiritually fighting machine like Paul so that GOD can use me more and more to bless other people! 

Here is the key -> We work a job so we can give away our Christian music from GOD for free, our books, our videos, our movies, our audios all for free all over the world via the world wide internet!

This is exactly the entire point. GOD spoke through Paul and told us to work a job hard with our hands so we can give JESUS away for free!

If you have not studied before how many bands, artists, authors and speakers charge MANDATORY FEES TO PERFORM, go ahead and study!

It will break your heart, it will disgust you, it will make you re think things & you will wonder just like me if some of these people are even born again!

The Christian musician - Toby Mac has sold over 10,000,000 CD's so far in his career. These totals do not count the millions and millions of CD's he sold while he was in the band - D C Talk! We are talking about well over $100,000,000 dollars they have taken in from GOD'S holy children! All of this money going to one band, to one Christian man.............. Wrap your minds around that children of GOD!!!!

Did you know one of the USA'S very first Christian musicians to make it big - Keith Green wanted to give away his music for free?

It is true, but his record company fought him real real hard on this.... They had a war over this! Even back in the 1970's – Greed was already ruling these record companies and corporations!

Even back in the 1970's JESUS was teaching Christian musicians to give away their music for free, or at least he was revealing this to some of them.

And many Christians wonder why the 7 year tribulation is coming any month now! Because we dis regard the bible, we ignore the bible! We have re written what Paul says into our own theologies, into our own beliefs.......... This is the flesh, pride, our ego and satan here! Please people of GOD, do not be afraid to speak up against wrongs, against things that are UN just, or UN biblical! Speak up!

The LORD will be proud of you!

Now one of you might say – Garrett - If Beckah Shae gave away her music for free, how would her wonderful family pay their bills?

The exact same way Paul did & I do!

We work JOBS so we can give away the gospel of JESUS for free! A job is the answer to this mess..... JUST SIMPLY GETTING A  JOB SOLVES THIS ENTIRE FLESHLY satanic MESS!

If I didn't have a job or if I was not willing to work, or if I wanted to be a Christian FAT CAT, of course I would be forced to sell my Christian music & my 20 Christian books, my Christian audios and speaking engagements. 

But GOD gave me grace. He allowed me to understand that by working a real job, I could give away the gospel of CHRIST for free! And by doing this, I would be emulating JESUS and Paul!

Oh how I praise GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine if Michael W Smith gave away his music for free HOW MUCH TREASURE HE WOULD HAVE IN HEAVEN? But since he sells it, I have no idea if he will have any treasure at all in heaven from his the sells of his music CD's.

I tell you the truth. The GOD of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob is NOT the god to many of these Christian people. Do you want to know who their real god is? Look at the picture here!

Can you imagine if Joyce Meyer's books were all for FREE on the internet, how many countless tens of millions would download it and read them and be blessed by them? Now if that was happening, the entire world wide Christian body of CHRIST would be getting stronger and stronger and stronger in the LORD. But because her books cost money, many of us cannot afford them! So guess what happens? We do not get to read them, we do not get blessed by them, we never get GOD'S blessings from her books in our lives because we do not have the money to buy them!

Can we even imagine if Hezekiah Walker's music was for free on the internet, how many millions and millions of downloads he would get?

Now he would be building up treasures in heaven. And guess what? When he dies, he will be soooooo happy to have this treasure in heaven up there ahead of him!

But because he sells his music, we cannot be sure he will have any treasure at all in heaven from his music CD sells.......

I pray that the LORD has given you ears to hear and eyes to see what we are saying in this free book. I pray JESUS is changing your heart right now as we end this book. I pray you see things differently now, I pray you feel differently now about these topics, I pray you will spread the real truth of the gospel. That JESUS left heaven, lived with us, ministered to us for free, healed us for free, blessed us for free, raised the dead for free, died on the cross for us & if all of that was not enough, HE BOUGHT YOU FROM satan with his own blood!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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