The Next Coming Attack

The Next Coming Terrorists Attack?

Don't Make Me Laugh!!!

I want you to understand something very clearly please.

  1. When the news keeps warning us over and over again that ISIS/IL/al-Qaeda will be attacking the USA SOON, that is ONLY BECAUSE →

The leadership of the USA who created ISIS/al-Qaeda,who trained them, who finances them who gives them their direct orders and who gives them their military equipment will be using these groups as a scam, as a diversion, as a deception for the very soon to be coming FALSE FLAG attacks on the USA............

A false flag attack is when a countries Government, or secret services, or black parts of the Government set up attacks against its own people, its own buildings and then blame it on someone else..

Did you know Governments of the world have been doing false flag attacks for a very very long time?

They sure have! Even going back to before JESUS CHRIST as far as I can tell!

False flag attacks is nothing new, it is the same old proven method that usually works to blame an attack on someone else, for whatever political or military reasons the government might have!

This is who gives orders to the US Government!

Our US government and our own secret services take their orders from foreign bankers/Illuminati/ Elite members of society/The Vatican/The Jesuits/The black Pope etc etc and will use ISIS to fake terrorist attacks in the USA.........

This seems to be coming for sure. So when these attacks happen, do NOT be fooled for a single moment that it is actually coming from terrorists.....

How can I know this is coming for sure?

Because the mainstream demonic/Illuminati news is telling us this every single day and night for the last few months.

They are conditioning the US population for the so called coming terrorist attacks which will really just be false flag attacks........

Yes there are parts of our government who hate America, who hate Americans, who hate people in general and they are taking their orders from some very demonic organizations listed up above!

The leadership of the USA including our own president and most of the highest ranking members of Congress are all traitors!

They are NOT Americans, they are Globalists, satanists and they have been bought out...

I want all of you to understand something please →

Bill Schnoebelen had stated 8 years ago that there was NOTHING in the Star wars movies or the Star Trek movies that the USA does not already have! Nothing!!!!!

The same might be said of Russia and possibly 1-2 other countries too such as Japan and Germany possibly!

There is nobody on earth that can attack us, that can blow up one of our cities, one of our buildings without the highest parts of our government knowing all about it months before it ever happens....

The USA uses is own creation -> ISIS/al-Qaeda to attack in Syria because our own military TURNED DOWN our president when he ordered them to enter Syria... Yes 1 or more of our highest ranking Generals said no Mr President, I am not ordering the military to enter into Syria........

This Black Pope gives orders to Presidents, Congressman, Senators, Kings and Prime ministers too!
This Black Pope might of retired very recently, but he will simply be replaced with another man as the new Black Pope who rules the Jesuits!

SO what did our Illuminati controlled President and Congress do next?

They used al-Qaeda, CHANGED THEIR NAME TO ISIS, or IS, or IL......... And are using them to fight our own USA'S secret wars all over the world......

Remember, when the next so called terrorist attacks take place in the USA, they were ordered by the - Foreign Bankers/Illuminati/Vatican/Black Pope etc etc because this is all part of their plan to totally and completely take down the USA!

And these coming attacks in the USA are NOT from terrorists, they will be ordered, planned, funded and trained by very evil parts of our own Government/Secret services who are taking orders from the Elite foreign bankers and rulers of the world!!!

When you see the coming so called terrorist attacks happen in American cities, realize these have been planned by some of the most powerful men and women in the world! These men and women totally and COMPLETELY control our US government and the leadership of our government are merely dumb puppets!

DO NOT BE FOOLED ANY LONGER children of GOD.......

Wake up!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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