The Incredible Bible 2

The Incredible Power Holy Bible Part 2

The Holy Bible – Part 2




The holy bible has match codes going through it from the very beginning of Genesis, to the very end of Revelation!!!



There could be millions or hundreds of millions of math codes going through the bible even from the very first sentence!!



These math codes were found by an Israeli Mathematician in our computer generation right now!!!



These math codes will blow you completely away if you took the time to study them.......




These math codes are so complex, only a GOD could of done them..............



There is just one reason why I trust the bible 1000% with all of my heart and soul as being GOD'S holy truth!!!!!




Here is a tiny example of the math codes, Just scroll down and look at them →




GOD knew that huge portions of humanity would NOT trust his holy bible. So GOD put math codes in the bible...




The math codes start in the very beginning of Genesis & go all the way to the very end of Revelation.




There could possibly be millions and millions of these math codes... Only a GOD could of done this..............




When Muslim's tell you that we cannot trust the bible, first, study the math codes yourself, then preach to the NON believers using the math




Here is a much smaller example of some of the math codes --->>>>



So as Moses was writing the first 5 books, GOD was actually WRITING MATH into the bible using Moses as a slave!!!!!




Now we know that math cannot lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Since we know that the math codes start in the very very beginning of Genesis, we can also NOW TRUST THE BOOK OF GENESIS completely!!!




You do not have to doubt the holy bible any longer... GOD put the math codes in his bible for his computer generation of people to find!!!!




When JESUS was walking around the earth as a human man, HE was speaking math codes!!!!!




There is so much more going on in the holy bible than we had ever thought!!!!!




My friend David found his full name crossing his wives full name & their marriage date crossing them both in the holy bible!!!!




The bible has much MUCH MUCH more going on with it than we ever imagined!!!!




GOD has put math codes throughout the entire bible to prove once and for all that HE wrote it.......




Here is a tiny example of some of the math codes -->>




Think about that people.. My friends name, his wives name are both crossed with their marriage date in the holy bible!!!!!




Do you understand? My friends name, his wives name and their marriage date crosses their names in the holy bible!!!!




Yes people, we can fully trust that not only did GOD write the entire bible, but that it all happened just the way HE said it did!!!!




There are some people who think that all of our names and our important events are all located in the bible too!!!!!




Think about that -> Your name could be in the bible, your spouse, your marriage date & even much more..............



Once again, there is much MUCH more going on in the holy bible than we children of GOD ever imagined!!!!!



Have faith people, Jonah really did live in the whale a few days..............



Have faith people, GOD really did created the universe, the earth & everything else in only 6 days!!!!



Have faith people the parting of the Red sea really happened There are chariot wheels, skeletons & horse skeletons on the bottom of the sea!




One of the reasons GOD might of put these math codes in the bible are because - For one reason, he knew that this end time generation would grow cold, would stop loving him, would doubt the bible!!!!




GOD also knew our end time generation would have computers and develop software to search out the bible thoroughly!!!!




So he allowed us to use our computers to find his math codes to PROVE THAT HE WROTE THE BIBLE!! To build up our faith!!!




Only a GOD could of put this kind of math in the bible...




Do you realize your birth, your name, your death, major events in your life could all be in the holy bible? How incredible is our GOD!!!




Have faith people, Mana really did fall out of the sky to feed the Jewish nation........... The math codes prove this!!!!



As GOD was writing through the apostle Peter, GOD was also putting in hidden math codes. Now that is a tiny example of how powerful GOD IS!!




Some types of these math codes are called -> Theomatics!!! So if you hear Christians speaking this word, you will know what it is....



Did you know you can buy this computer software and use it on your home computer or your laptop to search out these math codes and names?




Oh yes you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grant R Jeffries use to sell it for only $49 dollars!!!!!




Did you know in Isaiah 53 JESUS is named as the Messiah? It is true, so have more faith tonight.................




You can also buy the software to search the bible for codes.... If you feel GOD is calling you to do this!!!!!



Yes people, the bible says that all of creation is only about 6000 years old..... satan, science & scientists have lied to you!!!!!



The bible says that creation is only about 6000 years old, now we have Christian scientists using science to prove it!!! Praise GOD....




Have faith children of GOD, the bible is true, GOD is true, JESUS is our truth!!! Let GOD be true and all other people liars!!!!!




Now that we study the math in the bible, finally, finally we can cast that spirit of doubt out of us in the powerful name of JESUS!!!




Now use that authority and cast that demon of doubt out of you in the powerful name of JESUS......................... Amen!!!!!



Remember, the bible is filled with math codes... Here is a perfect bible you can read for free -->>>




So what is a perfect bible? That is a bible where the math codes keep flowing and never break... It is for free -->>



When I read the book of Revelation, I only read it in the Numeric New testament bible --->>>>




Here is a powerful example of the math codes - Just scroll down with your mouse →




Children of GOD, all of the bible have been slightly changed by men and women, some bibles are changed more than others!!!!



That is why Ivan Panin dedicated around 40 years of full time work to put together the Numeric New Testament... A perfect holy bible!!!




It is perfect, because the math does not break.... That math codes flow throughout the entire new testament without breaking...



We can know where men and women changed our bibles because the math codes break where they made their human changes!!!!




Ivan Panin went to where the math codes break & he fixed them changing the words to what GOD really wanted it to be.....




Ivan Panin changed the words back to what they were suppose to say, and he used math to do this!!!!!




I bought my Numeric New testament bible about 6 years ago... But you can read it for free now -->>>




So if you are having a disagreement with a brother or sister over what a scripture is really suppose to say, use the Numeric New testament!




If you never heard about all of this before, I totally understand how it can confuse you, or make you feel funny!!!!




But people listen, GOD put math in the bible, much MUCH MUCH math, possibly even millions of math codes!!!!!




Here is a wonderful explanation on how the math codes work, or a small example →




So as you read the bible tonight, you can stop doubting!!!!




Each Greek alphabet has a Numerical number to it, this is how the math works!




So JESUS' name in the Greek adds up to - 888




satan adds up in the Greek to - 666



One name for GOD - El - adds up to 31 umm as far as I remember it is 31!!!




It works like this for example --- A = 1     B = 2     C = 3     etc etc etc......




Now in America we have a alphabet and a numeric system, they are separate from each other!!! SO we have A B C D  and  1234.........



In the Greek, they had ONE SYSTEM for both... Each letter also had a number value to it!!!!



This is how GOD did the math codes in the bible..... Every single individual letter in the bible has a numeric number value to it too!!!!



So when you add up each letter for JESUS in the Greek, it will add up to - 888



Now from the very very beginning of Genesis, GOD starts the incredible math codes. Math codes so complex, ONLY A GOD COULD DO IT!!!!!




REJOICE children of GOD, rejoice, our bible is real, it is holy, GOD wrote it, we can trust it!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise GOD!!!!



Read this for 30 minutes, just 30 minutes and be completely blown away ->>




GOD takes turns what he speaks through me on Twitter... I guess tonight it is to build up your faith in his holy bible!!!!




Study the math, it will build up your faith incredibly not only in the bible, in GOD, in JESUS, in the creation, but in everything!!!!




I know it is slightly disappointing to learn that your bible has been altered a little bit, but you can read the Numeric bible for free!!!!



For those of you who have pride in your King James bible, it has been altered too!!!



As far as I have studied, all of the bible have been altered by men and women!!!




But we have the HOLY GHOST and JESUS living inside of us, and they can lead us through the bible giving us what we need praise GOD!!!!



But, if you really REALLY care about reading a real holy bible, read the numeric new testament ->



Study the math, then when satanists and atheists tell you the bible was written by man, well laugh, then teach them about the math codes!!




When a Muslim tells you that you cannot trust the bible, laugh, then with love teach them about the math codes in the bible!!!




When a Muslim tells you that GOD has no son, ask them if they have ever read Proverbs 30: 4 ….....    Where GOD asks people to guess his sons name!



Share with the Muslims and non believers Proverbs 30:4 Where the FATHER asks people to guess the name of his son!!! Oh wow!!!!!!



When people say JESUS is not in the old testament, point out to them Malachi 3:1 where JESUS is speaking as GOD...........




When Muslims say that JESUS is not in the old testament, point out to them Zechariah 11:13 where JESUS is speaking as GOD...




When a Hindu says that JESUS is not in the old testament, point out to them with love Zechariah 12:10 where JESUS is speaking as GOD!!!




When Muslims say that JESUS is not a LORD, point out to them who was king David talking about in Psalm 110:1 ????



King David says in psalm 110:1 - The LORD said to my LORD, sit in the place of honor at my right hand while I humble your enemies as a footstool under your feet!!!



Do you children of GOD understand that king David called JESUS his LORD there? How amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is that ...........



King David is saying - My GOD said to my LORD JESUS, sit in the place of honor at my right hand!!!!!



When Muslims say that JESUS is not GOD or a LORD point out with love Job 42:5 Where JESUS appeared to Job, where Job saw the LORD with his
own eyes!



Do you realize children of GOD NOBODY has ever seen the FATHER???? It is true, only JESUS has seen him.......



So we can say that when GOD was appearing to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Job etc etc that it must of been JESUS appearing as the LORD!!!!




Every time people saw GOD or walked with GOD, they must of been seeing JESUS because nobody has seen the FATHER.......



So, when Muslims or other people say that JESUS is not in the old testament, laugh, then with love start teaching them the real truth!!!!



JESUS is the WORD OF GOD....... JESUS IS ALL OVER THE old testament!!!!




Yes children of GOD, JESUS is all over the old testament, HE is also all over the book of Revelation too!!!!




I suspect that JESUS is the LORD of Heavens armies... I cannot prove this to you yet, but I think JESUS is - the LORD of Heavens armies!!




Do you know how many times GOD uses the name or title - The LORD of heavens armies? Geesh, it is everywhere in the old testament!!!!




Or when you hear the name - The HOLY one of Israel, that is most likely JESUS too!!!!




One of the names of JESUS is - The HOLY one of Israel!!!!!!




So when you see GOD using that name in the old testament, that is most likely JESUS there!!!!!




The more I study, the more I see that JESUS is all over the old testament and why wouldn't he be... JESUS is the WORD of GOD!!!!!




JESUS existed BEFORE the creation was created...... GOD created everything through his son JESUS... The SON is also deity!!!!!




The FATHER and the SON live inside of each other some how... Some how they are 1 living inside of each other......




Someone just said to me that JESUS is not in the old testament... Children of GOD, have you read Malachi 3:1?? That is JESUS speaking!!



Children of GOD, have you read Zechariah 11:13? That is JESUS speaking as GOD!!!




Children of GOD, have you read Zechariah 12:10? That is JESUS speaking as GOD.......




Do you remember when Abraham walked with GOD? NOBODY, NO FLESH HAS EVER SEEN THE FATHER!!!! That was JESUS he was walking with!!!




After JESUS died on the cross, the FATHER gave everything he had to his incredible son JESUS!!! JESUS owns everything now.......




After JESUS died on the cross, the FATHER put his son JESUS in charge of everything now!! JESUS is ruler of heaven, earth & under the earth



Love, your brother Garrett

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