The Incredible Bible

The Incredible Powerful Holy Bible!!!

The Incredible Powerful Holy Bible!!!



I cannot use words to explain how important it is for all children of GOD to read the bible.....



The importance of reading & studying the bible on a regular basis goes far beyond what mere words could possibly explain!!!!!



If your wondering why your cold for the LORD or why your still lukewarm, it could very well be because you are not really studying the bible!




When you study the bible JESUS actually lives in the studying!!!!




As you study the bible tonight, JESUS will be right there living in the studying, watching you very carefully, changing you as you read!!!




You have heard people say that the LORD lives in the actual praise when people worship HIM and that is somewhat true!!!!




GOD also lives in the bible reading that you do.... HE actually inhabits your bible reading when you really & truly read it slowly!!!




Just reading the bible can turn a person life entirely around!!! It IS THAT POWERFUL, yet it does much MUCH MORE THAN THAT!!!




I have noticed in my life that the enemy, the demonic spirits will come against my bible reading with resistance more than anything else!!!




Why would the enemy attack your bible reading so viciously????




Could it be that satan and his demonic army know a few things about the bible that you have not learned yet???    Oh yes!!!!!




Just simply reading and studying the bible nightly can cast demons out of you!!!




Just simply reading and studying the bible nightly will take down strongholds, even strongholds that are deep inside of you!!!




Reading the bible nightly can and will also help greatly in keeping the enemy attacks from succeeding against you!!




Reading the bible nightly can and will change your entire life style!!!! It will change the way you think, feel, act, behave and talk...




The demonic army knows exactly how powerful it can be for children of GOD to read the bible so they will come against this BIG TIME!!!




BY THE WAY, your flesh, that evil carnal nature that you were born with, it HATES when you read the bible too!!!!




So the flesh and the demons will tag team you, doing everything that they are allowed to do to stop you from reading the bible!!!!




Did you know most American Christian's do not read their bible, or they do not read it much at all?? It is true, sad but true.....




I myself have gone into terrible valleys where I stopped reading the bible too.... During those times, my entire life would fall apart!!!




Then, a short time later, when GOD sends grace again for me to read the bible, wow does it really start to help me, bless me, change me, wow!




Just simply reading the bible together can change your ENTIRE MARRIAGE around..... Don't believe me? Give it a try and see!!!




Just simply reading the bible daily can turn your entire attitude around towards your spouse, family, friends and your co workers too!!!




All of this are just a few reasons why satan will come against the bible so viciously, so strongly!!!!

satan attacks the bible in so many different ways, it would be impossible for us to talk about them..........




satan knows darn well that he MUST try to stop us from reading the bible....... BOY HAS he DONE A GOOD JOB OF THAT IN THE USA, WOW!!!!




I tell you straight if Americans would only read the bible our entire country would be different our cities and towns would all be different...




If Congress would read and study the bible, porn would of been outlawed decades ago.. & Hollywood would of been destroyed decades ago!!!



If our leaders would only read and study the bible, they would end the senseless killing that our country is doing in other countries!!!




If you would only read the bible every day, I promise you, your porn addictions would be shattered completely!!!!!




I am not saying that your flesh and the demons of lust wont come back and attack again, of course they will!!!!!



But if you were to keep reading the bible, you will notice how much stronger you feel all of the sudden...




The LORD JESUS and the HOLY GHOST will live in the presence of your bible reading............



Just simply reading the bible every day will bring repentance into your heart and soul.... You will be able to repent for your wrongful ways..



Now I know that satan will tell you that men and women have changed the bible, this is a common attack of the enemy against us!!!!




Now, it is true that the bible have been slightly changed!!! Children OF GOD, this is true, but most of them have been only slightly changed.....




Even with a few changes in our bibles we have the HOLY GHOST LIVING INSIDE OF US. He can help us to get what we need out of our bible reading....



Do NOT let the tiny changes done to our bibles stop you from reading them, that is a very poor excuse and that is pure laziness!!!!!




Now some bible editions are better than others, or they have less changes than other bibles done to them!!!




The ASV bible, the American Standard Bible is a very decent bible to read.. It is very close to how the original word GOD wanted us to know!



The King James bible is a somewhat decent bible too..............



Do not let satan stop you from reading the bible....... If he does stop you, you are in big BIG BIG TROUBLE PEOPLE!!!!!




It would be safe to say that just about all of the problems in the USA & England are because children of GOD do NOT read the bible!!!!



I tell you straight, if American Christian's would only read the bible, there would be NO abortion in the USA!!!!!




Are you fighting an alcohol addiction? Start reading the bible day and night and IT WILL CRUSH THAT ADDICTION..... Watch and see!!!!




Are you struggling with lust like I battle against from time to time? Read the bible children of GOD and it will crush those demons....




Now most Christians don't know this, but GOD has put math codes in the bible for the computer generation to find!!!




Here is a very very small example of GOD'S math codes HE put in the bible -->>>




These math codes prove to everyone that ONLY A GOD, ONLY GOD could of written the holy bible......




We can tell when mankind has changed the bible because the math codes that GOD put in the bible break where mankind has changed words!!!




So each time the math codes break, we know that mankind has changed the words or sentences there...............




A Russian man named Ivan Panin discovered the math codes.......




Ivan Panin gave about 40-50 years of his life working full time to UN cover the perfect math in the bible!!!!!




Ivan Panin would use the math codes to change words in the bible, to make sure the MATH CODES CONTINUE!!!!




So Ivan Panin would UN do the evil that mankind has done by changing the bible. Ivan Panin changed it all back using math codes!!!




Do you want to read a PERFECT NEW TESTAMENT? Here it is for you children OF GOD -->>




Here is a perfect new testament bible where the MATH CODES DO NOT BREAK -->>>>




If only you and your bf would read the bible together on dates, you two would stop having sex, or stop having oral sex!!!!!!




If only you and your fiancee' would read the bible together, you would would stop touching each other all the time!!!!




I do AGREE that children of GOD CAN get into heaven without reading the bible, amen, but why on earth would we play that game???




People, the bible is very new. Printing presses were only invented a short time ago. Before that NOBODY had a bible!!!!




The holy bible has only been around in mass printing a very VERY SHORT TIME!!




GOD knows that the BEAST is coming against us in full force now... GOD knows the world needs a bible badly!!!!!
SO GOD working through people, invented the printing press... GOD gave some people incredible grace to translate the bible to English!!!




GOD knows that we need to read the bible badly because of what Hollywood is doing, porn, drinking, drugs, gambling, sex, smoking etc etc



GOD knew eonssssssssss ago that these generations would need a bible to help them make it past what the BEAST IS DOING TO US!!!



So since all of this is true, why on earth would we go through life without reading the bible??????

I have gone huge portions of my life taking the bible for granted, just pushing it off to the side........ I was wrong, I repent!!!!




I had NO IDEA how BADLY I was hurting myself by not reading the bible.... Geeeeesh I had no idea and nobody ever told me.....




Oh how I wish an older Christian brother or sister would of grabbed me, slapped me, and shook me about how I better start studying.....




Oh LORD, the weeks, months and years I wasted taking your holy bible for granted....... What a huge mistake we are making now!!!!




GOD put these math codes in the bible to show a UN believing computer generation world that HE ACTUALLY WROTE IT!!!!!




I have experienced myself how GOD writes through people. I have experienced this hundreds of times myself!!!!!




I know exactly how GOD wrote the bible through the 40 DIFFERENT MEN..... He has shown me this hundreds and hundreds of times myself....



We got to read the bible, we must read the bible, we have to read the bible, we have no choice but to read the bible, we better read it!!!!



The BEAST right now is getting permission from GOD to attack us... If we are not studying the bible, I am sorry people, we are history then! The 7 year tribulation is about to start any week now and most of the western church does not read their bibles........ O LORD, OH LORD!!!




Our truth that we need to learn is in the bible.... The more we read the bible the LESS people can lie to us........



The more you read the bible, the less satan can lie to you, the less the false prophets can lie to you, the less your pastor can lie to you!



Why is there so much confusion about when the rapture happens? BECAUSE THE CHURCH DOES NOT READ THE BIBLE........



The bible tells you EXACTLY when the rapture takes place, but because we do not read it, there is confusion in the world wide church body!!!



Why is there confusion over the once saved always saved topic? Because the church does NOT read the bible!!!!!!!!!!!!



Why is there confusion about prosperity preaching doctrines? Because the church does not read the bible!!!!



Why is there confusion about our sexuality, about what we can do or cannot do on dates? Because we are NOT reading the bible!!!



Why is there confusion about if children of GOD can drink alcohol or not? Because most of the children are not reading the bible!!!!



The more we read the bible, the less satan can lie to us!!!!!



The more we read the bible, the LESS we need someone else to teach us their faulty doctrines and lies!!!!!



The more we read the bible, the LESS you will need a boyfriend or girlfriend all of the sudden!!!!!



The more you read the bible, the less you will have to watch porn or masturbate all of the suddennnnnnnnn!!!!
Psalm 138:2 - For thou has magnified thy WORD above all thy own name!!!!



Do you understand that GOD exalts his bible above even his own name? It is true, now that is shocking...........



GOD thinks so highly of his bible, HE even exalts it above his own name!! Wow, geesh and to think of how I wasted so many years not reading....



Now let us repent tonight children!!! Who will join me?



Who will join me right now and let us repent for taking and treating the bible like a common book....



You are holy JESUS, your book is holy. You are powerful JESUS, your book is powerful, You are incredible JESUS your bible is incredible!!!!



I repent LORD for all of the wasted hours, wasted months, wasted years in my life when I did not read the bible, when all hell rained down!



I repent O LORD I am wrong your bible is holy your bible is incredible your bible is wonderful, your bible is fantastic, your bible is life!




Give us grace O LORD, shatter the flesh, shatter the demonic, give us grace so we can really & truly study the bible we pray!!!




Did you know that science now proves the bible? It is true!
 look -->>>




There are so many mind boggling math codes in the bible, it will BLOW YOU COMPLETELY AWAY WHEN YOU STUDY THEM!!!!!!








Study these math codes and you will laugh at Muslims who tell you the bible is fake -->>



Study these math codes and you will laugh at witches and non believers who say the bible is fake -->>




The BEAST Is coming for you right now child of GOD.... I am warning you, I am not playing.......... HE is coming for you right now!!!




If you are NOT gonna study the bible, you are over, you are finished, you have no chance unless JESUS sends incredible grace!!!!




Did you know we have armor and weapons? It is true, GOD has given us real spiritual armor and real spiritual weapons........




Do you know what our sword is? The sword is our bible, our bible knowledge, our bible promises, our belief in bible promises!!!!




People of GOD, if you are NOT reading the bible, you have no sword!!! How will you fight with no sword people????




You are not reading the bible so the demons laugh at you, they mock you, you have no sword to strike them down with!!!!!




Now I know in generation gone past, they had no bibles either, yet GOD gave them incredible faith and grace THIS IS TRUE I KNOW THIS!!!!




But children of GOD, the BEAST IS HERE NOW... GOD knew this, this is one reason why HE GAVE US HIS WORD IN A BOOK!!!!!




The beast is here now, and too many of you or even myself are not reading the bible..... What hope do we have? What chance do we have?




The more you read the bible, the sharper and sharper and sharper your swords gets................




You want your sword so sharp, so big, so bad, that you can slice demons in half, or slice demons in to many pieces in the spirit realm!!!




You are awesome JESUS, GOD of power, LORD OF GLORY and we need to study your bible so badly in this end time generation!!!!




We need grace O LORD, we need your grace right now to start taking the bible super super seriously!!!!!!!



In about 4 years from now, the governments of the world will be forcing ALL CITIZENS TO TAKE THE mark of the beast........



And you are not reading your bible........... How will you ever make it O child of GOD, how??????



You will not make it child of GOD if you refuse to study the bible as if your very life depends on it!!!




You will get swept away in the BEAST SYSTEM and we will never ever see you again.......



This end time generation needs the bible, we must study the bible, we have to read the bible, we are LOST without reading the bible!!!!



Give us grace JESUS right now I cry out to you!!! Right now, right now, right now O LORD GOD GIVE US GRACE TO STUDY!!!!!!



We must memorize many many scriptures now while we still can, while reading the bible in the western world is still legal!!!!




The bible is illegal in most parts of the world, YET WE CAN READ IT LEGALLY AND WE CHOOSE NOT TOO!!!! NOW THAT IS THE BEAST.......




O LORD GOD, change our hearts, change the way we view the bible, change us out of our laziness, out of our non caring attitudes we pray JESUS......



Have mercy on our souls O LORD, help us to see the bible the way you see it... Help us to take the bible as seriously as your children in other countries do.......



Help us to elevate the bible in our hearts and souls the same way you have elevated the bible even above your own name JESUS......




Change us O LORD, don't leave us the way we are tonight...... Change the way we view the bible completely starting deep inside of us O LORD...........




Help us JESUS, help us to start taking the bible very seriously, elevating reading the bible daily above everything else in our lives O LORD GOD...... You are awesome JESUS!!!!




You are awesome, GOD of power, LORD of glory, come fill this place....... You are awesome GOD of power, LORD of GLORY, come and live in this place, in our hearts, in our souls.........




Have mercy on us JESUS, please give us bible reading, please give us the wonderful gift of studying your incredible, holy, powerful, righteous words in the bible your sheep pray O LORD.....

Love, your brother Garrett

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