The Holy Bible!!!

How I Use The Holy Bible When Talking To Non - Believers!

The bible is being mocked, laughed at, put down, and spit at more than any other book in the entire world right now in our life time.

It seems that the world is turning so cold, so evil, so dark now!

Atheism is growing in the USA and most likely in other parts of the world and it seems to be spreading just like wild fire!

The non believers of the world think that reading the bible is the silliest thing on earth that they could ever possibly do.

Non believers all over the world just cannot understand that GOD could write the bible through 40 different men spanning many years.

You can talk to them until your blue in the face, but nothing will convince them the bible is the word of GOD unless GOD gives them grace!

I talk to atheists and non believers quite often, and nothing you can say, nothing you can do will ever change their minds until GOD sends grace!

Just the fact that you or I could read the bible tonight knowing it is GOD'S word, is one of the greatest blessings in the universe!

But do we really appreciate it?

Or do we take the reading the bible for granted now? Do you realize how blessed you are that you can read the bible?

Most people on earth do not get the grace to read the holy bible, yet you and I do have the grace. Can we even understand how great of a blessing this is in our puny minds?

I try to explain to the non believers that GOD has fulfilled about 2000 prophecies in the bible perfectly!
Think about it! 2000 prophecies spoken ahead of time, then fulfilled later by GOD...... But the atheists still do not believe! 2000 prophecies fulfilled perfectly!!! That just blows my freaking mind... Praise GOD...

But they do not get it, they do not understand! They cannot understand this yet because GOD has not given them grace to understand it. Their pride, ego, self righteousness, their sinning and even the demonic spirits are blocking the non believers from understanding at this time in their lives.

When that does not work with the non believers - I go to the bible math codes now....

After all, non believers believe in math right?

God HAS put thousands, or hundreds of thousands or I guess even millions of math codes in the bible............

I believe GOD has done this for the computer generation on earth to find. We have found these math codes using computer software!

So I use the math codes to reason with the atheists, but guess what? THAT DOES NOT WORK EITHER.

Even when I show them hardcore math in the bible, they still will not believe! They still refuse to believe.

Even though many of them see the math, the non believers still spit on and mock the holy bible!

Here is a tiny , tiny tiny example of what GOD did with = Math codes -->>>

I talk to them about the math, I explain ONLY A GOD could of done this... But guess what? It wont work with them!

Why? Why wont it work? Because we are saved by grace, not by our works. You can talk and talk and talk until your blue in the face, but nothing will work until GOD sends a person grace to believe.

Nobody can get anything outside of grace from GOD! Look at this → John 3:27 – A man can receive NOTHING unless it comes from heaven.

Now when the 2000 prophecies wont work and the possibly millions of math codes wont work, now I use my big guns ------>>>>>

Now I whip out ---->>>> Bible Theomatic math codes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH...... GOD are you serious? You did this?

Bible theomatics are MUCH MORE COMPLEX math codes found throughout the whole bible.

Bible theomatics work like this --- Everything having to do with say -- JESUS' resurrection ALL ADD UP TO THE SAME NUMERICAL NUMBER.

Or everything that has to do with the - Beast in revelation, will all add up to the same number!

Or everything that has to do say for example with JESUS dying --- Could add up to the same math numbers over and over again throughout the entire bible.

I share this with the atheists and non believers but guess what? Bible theomatics will not work with them either.

Why wont the bible theomatics blow away the non believers into believing in GOD?

Because we are saved by grace! It is all grace so nobody will be boasting in heaven.

Here are some incredible examples of bible theomatics -->>>>

Now when the 2000 prophecies wont work, and the bible math codes wont work, and the bible theomatics wont work, Now I use this -->>>

Now I will use ---- The bible codes............... Bible codes are codes that GOD hid in the text of the holy bible.

Once again I believe GOD put the bible codes in the bible so the computer generation of people on earth would believe & get more faith!

GOD hid hundreds, if not thousands, if not millions of world life events in the bible codes!

For example - In Isaiah 53 - Found in the codes are - JESUS' name as the Messiah, the 12 apostles, the 3 Marys, Pilate, and many other real life people who had to do with JESUS too.

Found in the bible codes would be world events, modern events and even smaller events for example --->>>>   My friend David's name is in a bible code, with his wives name Mary crossing his name, with their marriage date crossing both their names!

Just think about it. GOD put both of their names in the bible crossing each other, now their marriage date crosses their names. This is just one single tiny tiny tiny example of the possible millions of bible codes found in the bible!

I share this with the atheists but guess what? It wont work! They still will not believe. They still reject JESUS and the holy bible!

When I share with them the amazing bible codes, guess what? They will not go study the bible codes, they will not believe, they refuse to believe!

Some people say that everything on earth and everyone on earth are in the bible in codes!

I am not sure if I personally believe that, but it would make sense for GOD to do that! It would make perfect sense if GOD wanted to record all of the important events of our lives in his bible in coding. 

Now when speaking to non believers and the 2000 prophecies wont work, the bible codes, the math codes, and bible theomatics wont work... Now I use -->>>>>

Now I use what I have nicknamed --- The bible picture codes......... I share with them about the bible picture codes so they might believe!

Each Hebrew letter can also be seen as a picture with different meanings.....

So as you study the first sentence in Genesis, the Hebrew letters are also making pictures!!!

And guess what? These pictures are telling EVEN MORE STORIES!


Here is an example of how the bible picture codes work →     // 

So I share with the atheists about the bible picture codes, but even that will not work! You can talk to them until your blue, black , green and pink in the face, nothing will work until grace comes from GOD!

GOD's system here on earth is going to be -->>> Everything will be 1000% grace!

So why do you or I keep sharing the wonderful news of the gospel of JESUS CHRIST with them? Because GOD sends grace to people and he opens up their hearts, he opens up their understanding! And GOD can do this with anyone he wants at anytime he wants. So because of this, let us keep telling people just how amazing JESUS truly is.

GOD did this for you and he is doing it for me too and he will do it for others too whom we are speaking too. Praise GOD, GOD is good!

Now! When the bible codes, math codes, theomatics, and picture codes wont work, I pull out my nuclear missile!

My nuclear missile I pull out now is --->>>>

 Biblical archaeology!

Biblical archaeology proves the bible correct over 99% of the time!

This means when archaeology is found on earth, and it has to do with the holy bible, the archaeology confirms the bible stories are actually true over 99% of the time.

Now just think about this. All of the biblical archaeology found on planet earth are proving the bible correct over 99% of the time! Ummmmmm wow.............. Let the bible be true and every man a liar!

So I share with the atheists and non believers about the biblical archaeological, but guess what?

It cannot work, it will not work, it will never ever work with them in their hearts until GOD sends that amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me!

It would not matter if you were Paul himself - Nothing will work until GOD sends grace just like nothing worked in you either until grace finally came into your life and GOD started to give you faith and understanding.

It would not even matter if you were Moses, Paul, Samson and Elijah all mixed into one. Nothing will work UNTIL GOD says it will work!

So why keep fighting such a hard fight every day, every night, 7 days a week?

Because JESUS is soooooooooo WORTH IT!

And we want our brothers and sisters on earth to know JESUS too!

I am begging the atheists -> Please turn to JESUS, please, please please, giving them all of the wisdom GOD has given me!

Why do this ? Because you and I love our brothers and sisters here on planet earth very much! Because we do not want them going to hell and the lake of fire for eternity! Because GOD is asking us too!

Because JESUS is searching for people who will do the dirty work, who will get their hands and clothes dirty working with hardcore people all over the world who refuse to believe in the LORD or his bible.

Because JESUS might be testing your love! Because the bible says too! Because hell is real! The lake of fire is a real lake, a real location! Because you and I care about people!

I swear to all of you -->>> Outside of GOD and his son JESUS, the holy bible is the MOST AMAZING THING IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!

I believe there will never ever ever ever be anything as amazing as the holy bible ever again in the physical realm!

I CANNOT WAIT to study the bible in heaven too for all of eternity!

The holy bible is so much more than you ever thought, please look at this -->> //

The bible is so much more than you ever thought it was, look at this now -->>>

The bible is so much more than you ever thought child of GOD, look --->>>>>>

There is just about nothing greater you could ever do with your life every day than to read the bible!

Why read the bible more? I mean what is the big deal? Well it teaches us who GOD is. It teaches us who his son JESUS is!

The bible tells us where we came from and where we might be going in the future!

The bible shows us many different attributes of GOD so we can learn about him more!

The bible gives us real life principals so our lives can get better as we obey them more and more.

The bible gives us some rules to follow! Rules that our creator made and wants us to follow so our lives will get better. Rules that if we obey, will not only make our lives better, but our neighbors too, our cities and states and countries will get better too!

The bible shows us simple things like how to stay clean and use hygiene!

The bible also tells us very complex things like how our universe got started and who created it!

The bible tells us what we have to do so we can live in heaven for eternity! Or so we can have the privilege of entering into heaven!

The bible also teaches us how to escape the coming judgment at JESUS' Great white throne!

The bible also teaches us how we can escape going to hell............... Nowhere else on earth except in the HOLY BIBLE can we get this very important information.

The bible teaches us we have spiritual enemies here on earth who are wrecking havoc on people! It teaches us how to fight back against them and to be more and more free from the evil spirits!

Right there is a very small example of why it is so important to read the holy bible!

So how can we know GOD wrote the bible? By our faith, 2000 prophecies, bible codes, bible math, bible theomatics, picture codes and biblical archaeology too! O praise GOD FOR YOUR INCREDIBLE BIBLE that most of us can still read without being arrested by the secret police!

Children of GOD! Listen to me carefully. We only have a very short time until the holy bible will be illegal in the Western countries just like it is already illegal in many parts of the world right now.

Since this is true and a fact! Read the bible now while you still can without being arrested, tortured and killed for reading the bible!

Praise GOD!!! Let the bible be true and everyone who says it is not, is a liar and thief and they are trying to take you to hell!

I love your bible FATHER in heaven, I love it, love it, love it, love it and I submit my life to your holy bible.

Love, your servant Garrett

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