The Great White Throne

The Great White Throne of Judgment!

After we all die, there is going to be a Bema seat judgment and there will also be a Great White Throne judgment! After all people die, we will be going to one or the other.

The Bema seat is where true Christians, true members of the bride of CHRIST are going to go!

The non believers and all people who reject the LORD JESUS CHRIST would have to go to the Great White throne for judgment! People who go to the Great White throne of judgment will first be judged by JESUS and then thrown into the lake of fire for eternity! All people on earth who reject JESUS must go to the Great White throne of judgment! Now that is very scary!

GOD does not want you to go to the lake of fire and I do not want you to go to the lake of fire either.

If you reject JESUS you will go to the Great White throne for judgment over your entire life. And since you do not have JESUS living inside of your heart and soul, you will be judged!

I cannot think of anything more scary than that →  Then standing in front of JESUS face to face at his Great White throne after you had rejected him your entire!

That has got to be the scariest thing in the universe!!!

Think about it- JESUS leaves heaven, is born in a baby, suffers terribly for you and then dies naked on the cross all for you!!!

But for whatever reasons during your life, you wanted to reject JESUS.......... Now after you die! You are escorted to his Great White throne for judgment!

Wouldn't that be terrifying people? What could be more scary than that?

So you rejected JESUS your whole life, now you die and you are in front of his throne face to face! Think about that for a few moments. What could you possibly say to him now?

While standing in front of his throne you would not dare say a single word. You would be too terrified to speak.........

Now when you stand in front of JESUS' throne, you might possibly hear GOD the FATHER say - JESUS - I do not see this person has accepted you during his entire life!

Wouldn't that be terrifying if GOD speaks out to JESUS that you have not repented, that you have rejected his son JESUS!

Now JESUS will supernaturally go over your entire life with you. Because you did not accept JESUS,

 because you did not repent -->>>

You will be judged and found guilty! Now is when the screaming is going to start!

The screaming is going to be coming from you!

Why? Because you will be told that you are now to be escorted to the lake of fire for eternity!!!

Now you will probably see some HUGE very powerful holy angels show up. They might shackle you and escort you into the Lake of fire.

Yes child, the screaming is coming from you
 at this point...............

There will be no mercy at the Great White throne of judgment. Mercy comes now while your still living in a human body, NOT LATER!!!

People, this is not a game!!!!!!! Even the demons are terrified of the torture in the lake of fire... The demons know they are going there!

The evil angels know they are going to the lake, they know there is no way to escape! But.... It is not too late for you.

Have any of you ever broken a law and went before the judge in court? I have! IT was very scary!!! The judge held my life in his hand. Do you realize how scary it will be when you are shackled up, taken to the front of JESUS' Great White throne wearing chains!

When JESUS starts to supernaturally go over your life, every thing you said, every thought you ever had,
 everything you have done --->>>

Isn't that going to be terrifying? Can you imagine when you get judged for your 1,000,000,000 bad thoughts you had in your life? Or what about when your judged for your 1,000,000,000 bad imaginations you had in your heart?

Can you even imagine this? Have you taken the time to think about this? I have NOT taken enough time to meditate on this have you?

Can you imagine going in front of the judge of the UNIVERSE knowing your guilty, knowing your going to the Lake of Fire? We have to repent now! We must truly be sorry for our sins....... We must really and truly want to change our heart, wanting to change our souls, wanting to changing our lives!

We cannot trick GOD, that is impossible. He knows when we are sorry and when we are not......

We must have repented our sins to JESUS and asked the LORD to forgive us and to enter our lives while we are still alive here on earth or we go to the Great White throne for terrible judgment against us!!!

You cannot do this after you die! It is too late........ This has to be done here on earth in a human body while still alive in the flesh. Now none of us know how long we will live. Do you realize your heart could stop at any second? This is scary people!!! This is scary, this is terrifying, this is devastating.. Even the Christians have to go to the Bema seat of CHRIST!!! Wow is this scary!!! We must have JESUS' blood from the cross covering our souls or we are going to the Great White throne for judgment!

Here Are Some Wonderful Ways To Get Closer To JESUS!

We must be repenting our sins, we must be keeping fellowship with JESUS daily and if we are not, we go to the Great White throne!

Once you are escorted to the Great White throne of judgment, it is far too late. You are going to the Lake of Fire for sure and there will be no way to get out of it. You will not be able to talk your way out, you will not be able to fake your way out, you will not be able to manipulate your way out of going to the Lake of Fire. No child, it is far too late now.

We must make JESUS the most important thing in our lives every single day when we wake up and we cannot fake this!

Your fruit = Your walk, your thoughts, your actions, your way of life cannot lie... Either you have fruit of JESUS CHRIST  or you do not! 

Fruit = Walking, thinking, acting, loving, behaving and living CHRIST LIKE! You cannot fake fruit, you cannot trick GOD!!!!

This is not a game people. The Great White throne is real and everyone who does not have JESUS for realzzzzz is going there.

Remember, everyone who goes to the Great White throne will be in the lake of fire a few moments later!

GOD loves you, I love you, JESUS loves you more than anyone! We do not want you going to the Great White throne for judgment....  GOD does not want that for you! This is why he sent his son JESUS from heaven to die on the cross for you here on earth.

GOD did this so you could escape the Great White throne. And by escaping the Great White throne, you would also be escaping the lake of fire!!!

This is not funny to GOD... GOD sent his son to be tortured terribly for you and I ... GOD is not laughing about this people.

This is serious. This is so serious to GOD that if you do not repent and have JESUS truly living inside of your heart and soul, you are going to the Great White throne for judgment!

You will not be able to talk your way out of it, you will not fake your way out of judgment, your good looks wont help you at all either! There will be nothing in the universe you can do to get out of judgment if you do not have JESUS truly living in your life!

The good news is, you can repent, I can repent, we can repent this weekend and start over with the LORD again! I have repented 10,000 times, I have started over with JESUS 10,000 times. Who cares, get to repenting, get to changing, start over again!

This is the last generation here on earth. The Great White throne of judgment is right around the corner for all non believers who have rejected the LORD JESUS!

Everyone on earth no matter what religions you follow will go to the Great White throne of judgment if you do not truly have JESUS living in your heart and soul!

Think about it. The LORD left heaven to die naked on the cross after going through terrible hideous torture! Can you imagine? Now the LORD'S DAD is demanding that all children on earth repent their sins to his ROYAL SON JESUS and to love his son JESUS in a close fiery relationship!

That is all DADDY is demanding from us..... And if we do that, we ESCAPE the Great White throne of judgment!! Is that fair or what?

I know you sin you know I sin we all fall down all the time into bad things. But we can repent, we can turn away, we can get back with JESUS. We can admit that some of the things we do are wrong and turn away from them. Your still alive, I am still alive, it is not too late to do this and get right with GOD!

Your past sins, present and future sins are all forgiven as long as you stick with JESUS. His blood covers you as long as you are with him! Being with JESUS MEANS working on a close, fiery, passionate and loving relationship with the LORD!

JESUS' blood will take you to the bema seat INSTEAD OF THE Great White throne of judgment..... The word Bema is a Greek word which means something like – A raised platform. Going to the bema seat is NOT a judgment against you for your sins. It is more or less a place where JESUS is going to reward people or NOT reward his Christian people for the things they did here on earth.

Can you imagine being judged by JESUS at his throne, then shackled up by HUGE angels, then flown to the lake of fire where they will now throw you down into the middle of the lake where you will be burned for all of eternity?

Can you even imagine this?

Now come on. GOD loves you, JESUS loves you, I love you, you have angels trying to help too! Now come on people...........

Now come on. We must repent to the one who died for us on the cross. We must keep a loving fiery romantic fellowship with JESUS to be saved for all of eternity, we must do this to escape the Great White throne of judgment, we must do this with the LORD so we can escape the Lake of Fire for eternity too!

JESUS is not going to marry anyone who really does not care much for him, or who is not really interested in him all that much! JESUS is not going to marry anyone who is not on fire for him.

Would you want to marry someone who was NOT interested in you that much? Of course not!! Neither will JESUS either.....

Since our time here on earth is just about over now, we gotta take JESUS & his love, his blood, the cross drop dead seriously! This is not funny people, this is not something to laugh about.. GOD does not think anything is funny when it comes to his son dying! When it comes to everything JESUS did for us from birth to death on the cross, GOD does not find any of this funny!

Henceforth the Great White throne of judgment is real, henceforth the Lake of fire is real!!! GOD is serious people......

The DAD of JESUS demands that we repent our sins to JESUS and keep a loving fellowship with JESUS going with all of our heart and soul! DAD will give you the grace to do this, he will give you the power and strength and blessings to do this! But are you willing?

Ask our DAD for the gift of repentance and you will get it!! Ask DAD for the ability to know and love JESUS and you will get it! Ask with all of your heart and soul and GOD will never ever ever turn you down.

Ask DAD to break you free from porn, drugs, drinking, smoking and sex and you will get this ability!

All you have to do is really and truly mean it when you ask. Because you CANNOT fake out GOD. WE must do all of this while were still alive and we CAN and WILL ESCAPE the Great White throne of judgment!

Wow this is scary, wow!!!!!!!!!!!

Do not tell me that the Great White throne and the lake of fire are not real... You are being deceived if you believe that!

The demons will deceive you if possible into making you think that none of this is real when THEY KNOW DARN WELL IT IS ALL REAL.....

You have an enemy that is going to the lake of fire for eternity and they want you to go too with them out of spite, anger, rage and insanity.

GOD has given all authority to his son JESUS now in heaven, on earth and under the earth too! The SON is the one who is going to judge everyone! This is something his DAD gave him......... Since the SON is going to judge everyone, we might want to have a really good, romantic fiery relationship with him!

Please re think everything you are doing in your life this weekend! Re think it all and get it all straightened out with JESUS correctly! Pray for the grace to be able to do all of these wonderful things and GOD will give it to you for sure! Ask and you shall receive, so go spend some time with GOD, start asking for these wonderful things & be super blessed by GOD!

You do NOT have to go to the Great White throne of judgment..... I say it again, you do NOT have to go!!!!!!!!!

All of the evil spirits will go to the Lake of fire , but you do NOT have to go! Pray for grace.... Ask GOD for help to lead you to JESUS!

GOD loves you so much he sent his son to die for you...... Now please accept this free gift of love.... Please!!!!!!

Don't be foolish, don't be prideful, don't let your ego or your flesh stop you from repenting and turning your entire life around to JESUS!

Repent I say, repent this weekend which means turning away from your sinful behavior this weekend. Show GOD your sorry!

JESUS loves you and he is calling you to himself right now, this second even!!!!

JESUS is calling his bride! Run to him now, do not leave him waiting..... Run to the LORD who created you, who knows you, who loves you!

Run to JESUS!

Love, your servant Garrett

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