The Demonic Attack Of

The Demonic Attack Of Homosexuality!

Part 1

I want to talk tonight with the grace of GOD about spiritual warfare, but a very very specific kind of spiritual warfare!

I want to talk tonight for the very first time about the incredible spiritual attack against us called – Homosexuality!

Some of you might be thinking ->

 What do spiritual attacks have to do with people who are turned gay?

I wanna share with you some truths tonight that you might or might not of heard before! I pray for those who can hear will hear tonight what GOD is sharing with us.

Homosexuality is actually a demon! It is a demon of homosexuality which turns people from being straight to Bisexual or Gay! The church of JESUS CHRIST must start to learn through revelations from GOD that this is actually being done to people by evil spirits.

This demon assaults the person with thoughts, imaginations and feelings leading this person to change their sexual life style.

This is an outright direct attack from satan against GOD'S creation! Against GOD'S highest creation, we men and women of earth!

You might be thinking - Garrett - People are gay because they have a gay gene in them..... You have been lied too brother and sister. That is absolutely NOT true!

The gay gene is a myth, it is a lie from satan who uses his medical professionals throughout the world to spread this lie to the general population.

You might say - Garrett - People are gay because they have chemical imbalances. Another lie from the pit of hell!

You might be thinking - Garrett - People choose to turn gay! Well, that one is partially true.... Please let me explain why it is partially true. The demonic demon who is in charge of homosexuality pushes men and women, boys and girls and compels them to turn gay! He/the demon does this by flooding the man or woman with gay thoughts, gay feelings, gay dreams, gay imaginations in their mind and compels them supernaturally pushing on them these gay thoughts and feelings.

So as a demon pushes and compels a man or woman to turn gay, that person can many times choose to say yes or no!  What level they can choose to say yes or no would depend on how much grace from GOD they are getting at the time for this terrible temptation!

Do the demons have this power? OH YES THEY DO AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

I am not saying that person always has a choice, sometimes the demonic enemies over-power a person and force them to gay! To some of you reading this, you might be quite surprised that this even happens, but I tell you the truth, it does!

Does GOD allow this? OH YES HE DOES sometimes..............

There has been NO gay gene ever found. It is all a lie and they will NEVER find one! While scientists all over the world try to search out medical reasons why people turn gay, the demons are laughing and mocking all of them for such silliness!

You might be thinking - Garrett - Can people be born gay like the world is telling us?

The only way a baby can be born gay is if a demon of homosexuality is in that baby when it is born!

Can a demon be in a baby when it is born? It is very very very possible, especially if the parents are into all kinds of terrible sinning, rebellion and occult type behavior, especially occult type behavior of the sexual type! 

Without a doubt I had demons in me starting around the age of about 5 years old or even earlier.

GOD created men and women to marry each other, to become one during sexual intimacy!! This is one of the MOST INCREDIBLE blessings in all of the earth. So of course satan will attack this.... Of course satan will try to twist this.. Of course satan will try to turn the whole thing backwards.

When satan turns a person gay through his demonic army, that is a great temporary victory for him!

When the demons can turn a person gay, they now laugh at this person day and night mocking this poor man or woman, boy or girl! The demons are going to the lake of fire soon and they know there is no way out of this judgment, so in their twisted minds, when they can harm a man or woman in such a way as changing their sexuality, this would be a sick attack that they use against us because of their spite! Because they are going to eternal suffering they want to harm GOD'S creation doing as much damage as possible to it before they enter the lake of fire for eternity!

They laugh and laugh and laugh at the gay person they are tormenting because to them in their twisted minds, they think this is a great way to attack GOD back without actually attacking GOD personally speaking!

The demons hate GOD, they hate JESUS, they hate all mankind and the animals too! The demons cannot attack GOD, they cannot attack JESUS, but they can attack us!!! They can attack GOD'S creation.

Do you understand that turning a person gay is a huge huge victory for the demonic realm, at least in their twisted minds they think it is a great victory. How sad that super powerful entities such as evil angels get pleasure in our suffering. How sad indeed!

Now as they push and compel that person to watch gay porn, to practice gay activities they are laughing and laughing and laughing!

Satan who is ruling the world will tell you through his doctors and scientists that people turn gay for lots of various reasons! So we will have commercials on TV, or articles in magazines, or lots of books written and published trying to explain why people are turned gay...... And the truth is, all of that is pure garbage......... satan does not want you to know the real reason why people are turned gay all over the world. On this topic, he prefers to fight against us in secret, in the shadows, using subtly and mis-direction! Meanwhile, we have millions of people throughout the world who are living a gay lifestyle!

Let me prove it to you now with the grace of GOD that when a person is turned gay, it is a demon!! Lets prove this once and for all!

Have you ever known a person before and after they turn gay?

Did you notice how after they turn gay most of the time their voice completely changes? I sure have noticed this about 1000 times! That is right, there voice literally changes! The demon literally changes the persons voice to be more masculine or feminine sounding depending on the twisting nature of the attack!

Next - Have you ever known a person before they were turned gay, only to see their facial appearances change after they are turned gay?

I sure have. The demonic spirits in that person now slightly change the way the person looks. Literally altering their facial appearance!

If you didn't know the demonic can do this, They can surely do much MUCH more than changing a persons face!

Did you know when two people have sex, their facial appearances now change to look more like each other? IT IS TRUE!! It is a fact.

Whenever I see a couple on the streets I can tell if they are having sex or not because their facial appearance will look like each other! As the couple has sex, they are becoming one! Both of their faces will start to slowly change to look more and more like each other.

When the demon of homosexuality enters a person, it will slowly start to change the persons appearance in their face!

Lets continue please -> The demons of homosexuality will now try to change how the man or woman walks! If you have known a man before and after he was turned gay, you will see how he walks differently now! Many of the gay men in the USA are pushed and compelled by the demon to start walking much more femininely!  They even over exaggerate their feminine walk now! These are the demons tormenting the poor individual! Quite often you will see a gay man walking down the street over exaggerating moving his hips as he walks. This is the demon inside of the person pushing a silly feminine type of walk in the man!

Next - The demon of homosexuality will now change how the man or woman uses their arms and hands!

If you have known a man or woman before and after they have turned gay, you will notice how they move their arms and hands differently now! Gay men will many times fling their arms or wrists up in feminine positions now which men in the USA would normally never ever do.

Next – Now that a person has turned gay, it is extremely likely that men will start wearing earrings and dressing either much more feminine, or much more masculine depending on the demonic twisting being done to their heart and mind. It is very common at gay clubs or out in gay cities for the men to be wearing bondage type clothing. That is leather clothing that is used when doing sexual bondage type acts. If you do not believe me, just use Google and type in – Gay people on streets, or gay parades etc etc and find out for yourself.

As you study world history, just about every time or even every time a empire starts to get a large population of gay people, that civilization us usually destroyed

Or if the empire is not completely destroyed, it is usually taken down as a power house and turned into rubble to really never be heard much from again.  For example ->

 The Greeks and Romans!

Homosexuality is 100% a spiritual attack by the evil flesh inside of us/our sinful carnal nature and by demonic spirits that hate us, they hate you, they hate me!

This problem can only be solved spiritually, there is no other way to tackle this spiritual attack except by fighting back spiritually!

Derek Prince said before he died that a gay person can only be set free once they acknowledge that they are under demonic attack!

Now I am not sure I agree with Derek Prince 100%, but I feel Derek Prince had a great point there. For example → If you think your gay because you were born with a gay gene, how on earth will you ever get free from this deception? But on the other hand, if GOD reveals to you that you have been turned gay by an actual evil spirit who is attacking now, now you can really start to do many things about this!

Now here are some warnings for you -->>>

Try your absolute hardest NOT to look at porn no matter what it takes! When we watch porn, the demons are watching us and they will come and attack us now! Not only will the demons attack us with more lust, but they will start to attack us with attacks of defilement too!

Part of the defiling attacks that will be used will be that all of the sudden, out of nowhere, you now feel a slight urge to look at people of the same sex! What I mean is, while your watching porn, you will feel an urge to now look at naked people of the same gender you are! Without GOD'S grace, that urge, that compelling that the demons is pushing on you can get stronger and stronger and stronger! Now when this happens, not only do you have a porn problem, but now you are about to get a much bigger, a much more sinister problem growing inside of you too!

This is one of the main ways people are turned gay! -->>>

Simply by watching normal pornography over a period of time! The straight porn that the person looks at will be twisted more and more by the demons attacking you until you are watching gay porn. I am absolutely sure this has happened to countless millions of people throughout the world!

Children of GOD, we have to be honest about this topic of homosexuality! We should not run away from this problem or issue that the world is facing today but attack it head on with JESUS CHIRST and with love and compassion.

Sometimes when a boy or girl is molested by their parents, the demons of homosexuality will enter that child!

Many times in prison as guys and girls are gang raped, a demon of homosexuality will enter that man or woman!

Many times just simple curiosity into things we should not be curious about will allow a demon of homosexuality to enter us......

And once that happens, now we have a big big problem!

I had a friend in high school who told me one day after school as we were hanging out by his house, that he found a porn magazine on the sidewalk. He said even though it was a gay male porn magazine it still turned him on. This is one example of the simple ways a demon of homosexuality can enter a person and attack them.

No people, there is no gay gene, there is no chemical imbalance , this problem of homosexuality is a


If you study homosexuality you will be shocked to see how militant it is.... And why? Because it is a heavy extreme demonic lifestyle!

When you talk to homosexuals, you might be shocked at how fast they can get really upset and angry!

Why? Because they are infested with demonic spirits and living a very extreme demonic lifestyle!

Some of the things that will shock you are – The suicide rate among gay people! The amount of hate crimes gay people do against each other! How many sex partners an average gay male has in one month in West Hollywood, California.

We need to treat homosexuality as any other satanic attack.... No different, no worse, no better!

We want to give gay people grace, patience, sympathy, our compassion, our love, our caring, our help in any way possible!

And why? Why give them all of these great things from us? Because GOD loves them, JESUS died for them, they are precious to JESUS!

Do you realize that the only reason you are not gay this weekend is because of grace? IT IS TRUE! It is all grace from GOD yes that is right a free gift. This way no man or woman can boast about anything.

Do not look down on gay people, GOD will not be happy with you or I if we do that. You got grace, they did not!

All of us on earth would be gay if not for GOD'S grace. Yes , the demonic have this kind of power if not held back by JESUS! So do not be prideful, you could be turned gay in literally 1 hour or even in 1 minute by a demon if NOT for GOD'S grace!

One of my favorite Christian singers of all time was turned gay slowly over a period of time. He use to sing about this struggle!

We gotta be humble tonight, you or I could be turned gay by the demonic in the blink of an eye if JESUS allows it! Please be humble, please be kind to them, please pray for them as you walk by them on the street! They are under INCREDIBLE demonic attack by a defiling demon of homosexuality and you are most likely not at this time I pray!

If you want to pray for my favorite singer who turned gay,
 his name use to be --->>>            

Wow what a man of GOD Tonex' use to be. And he can be again through your prayers! All he needs is GOD'S incredible grace to be set free. Amen!

The demon of homosexuality will change the way a person  thinks, the way they feel, the way they act, the way they behave, the way they walk, the way they dress,  and especially their sexual behavior!

When a demon turns a woman gay, they will either make her more ultra feminine or they make her masculine! This is why many gay women cut their hair to look like a mans haircut. This is why many gay women will wear clothing that looks just like mans clothing, this is why many gay women will speak in a much deeper more masculine voice all of the sudden, etc etc.

When you hear a gay man or woman speaking, because of the demon living in them, these men and women will now speak with a very feminine sounding voice, or a very masculine sounding voice!

As soon as I hear a persons voice, I can almost always know is that person has a demonic spirit of homosexuality living in them or not. Not always, but most of the time I know.

Another shocking statistic is just how many gay people get drunk on a regular basis!

A huge percentage of gay people get drunk quite often because in their heart and soul, they cannot handle this pain, this lifestyle, this kind of pressure in their lives and the demonic oppression.

Deep inside of the people who are turned gay, they have to drink they must drink because they cannot handle what they are doing! In their heart of hearts they know what they are doing is very wrong.

Now do NOT be intimidated when casting out a demon of homosexuality! He WILL COME OUT just as easy as the other demons do because GOD has given you the authority and power over the demonic angels! Never ever think you CANNOT cast out a demon of homosexuality! You have this right, you have this power, you have this authority from GOD!

Luke 9:1 - JESUS gave them power & authority to cast out ALL demons, and to heal all diseases!

If the person you are trying to help wants to be free, you can cast out that demon just as easily as any other demon! If that person does NOT want to be free, do NOT cast that demon out unless GOD directly tells you to! Otherwise do not cast him out!

If your friend or loved one wants to stay gay, the best thing to do in this situation is to pray and fast for that person.

Then, when your friend or family member wants to be free in the future, GOD might or might not use you to cast the demon out at that time. GOD might use someone else or GOD himself might simply cast the demon out.

Anytime you see doctors and medical professionals giving you medical reasons why a person is gay, that is a lie from satan! That person is being used by the darkness in the world to spread more lies from the pit of hell!

The USA has a huge gay population .. I tell you straight, we are doomed! Our time is just about over now for the USA.....

So if your living around gay people, pray for them, plant seeds, love them, JESUS will set many MANY of them free O PRAISE GOD!

I would like to use the knowledge GOD has given me and
 share this with you please -->>>

Hardcore gay people will have the following demons -> Lust, defiling, homosexual, anger, pride, rage, frustration, short temperdness, Alcohol quite often, lewdness, demons of drug abuse quite often, fear, anxiety, rejection, sadness, loneliness, depression, hopelessness, despair, and many others. Many gay people are living day to day in a suicidal state of life. A demon of suicide can very well be living with a large portion of the gay people in the world.

As you can see child of GOD, this is heavy

So we do not cast demons out of gay people unless either they want to be free, or unless YOU ARE SURE GOD told you to! I mean if you are absolutely sure.

Many Christians treat the demonic attack of homosexuality differently than other demonic attacks. I feel many of this do this because this lifestyle makes us very UN comfortable, or because this demonic attack is has a lot of sexual overtones to it. Or maybe we think differently about this demonic attack of homosexuality because it disgusts us.... But I tell you straight, GOD said in the bible if we commit one sin it is just as if we committed them all. I also tell you straight, GOD is just as sick over our sins as we are over the sin of homosexuality. So we want to be very humble, we want to be very loving, we want to watch out for our pride and our self righteousness because those are enemies that can take us straight to the lake of fire.

I said up above that the USA is doomed, that our time as a nation is just about over. I did not mean to say this is happening just because of the huge gay population in the country, no not at all. This is going to happen to fulfill bible prophecy. But, a part of the reason we are going to be completely destroyed is because of a huge portion of the population has been turned gay by the flesh and by the demonic.

Remember children of GOD, GOD loves his creation, in fact he loves it so much, he sent his incredible son JESUS to come to earth to die for our sins........ So as our time is winding down quickly now for true children of GOD, let us help the gay people as much as we can, as much as we humanly can according to the grace and strength GOD is giving us!

JESUS truly is our only hope. Only JESUS is more powerful than satan. Only JESUS is more powerful than the satanic army of evil angels. 

You might be thinking – Garrett – What about the holy angels? Aren't they more powerful than the demons? Of course they are, but they do not make a single move unless JESUS tells them too. The holy angels do not budge a single finger unless GOD orders them too or tells them too. Now that JESUS has died and been resurrected, ALL AUTHORITY & POWER have been given to him. JESUS has all power and authority over the holy angels and the evil angels too.

Since JESUS is the only one more powerful than the demonic, JESUS and the holy bible are our only hope in getting free from the demons of homosexuality!

If you use to be very close with the LORD, but for whatever circumstances you were turned gay, remember, JESUS and the bible are truly your only hope for getting free again.

I feel deep in my heart step 1 would be →
Humble yourself. Get on your hands and knees and show the LORD how sorry you are, how you know you are wrong to act this way. Humble yourself and keep bowing down at the throne of JESUS and stay there. Stay at the foot of his throne in your heart, soul and mind and do not dare to get up. 

Step 2 → Ask the LORD to take you back, ask the LORD to give you grace again, ask the LORD to give you protection again... Show the LORD you want to change, show him you want a new heart now, show JESUS that you are willing to take him seriously now! Show JESUS that you are now ready to start taking the bible seriously.

Step 3 → Repentance. Show JESUS how sorry you are in your heart and soul, for the LORD loves you dearly and he will not reject you when you come to JESUS with a repentant heart and soul. You know child of GOD that you were sinning, just like when I sin I know I am. GOD tells us we are, our conscience tells us we are and the bible tells us were wrong to behave this way. Repent brother, show the LORD how sorry you truly are. Beg the LORD JESUS to take you back into his loving arms and he will!

Step 4 → I would break off all relationships with your gay friends. Even though I am sure many of them will be very fine people, the demons in them will be passed back onto you if you continue to go out with them. You will be turned back into a gay lifestyle in no time at all if you do not break off all of these gay relationships.

Step 5 → Stop the very best you can from watching all porn. Porn is a huge HUGE window for a demon of homosexuality and a demon of defilement to enter us. Pray for grace from GOD and do everything you can to never ever watch porn again if possible. I realize we all fall down into sin from time to time, we all get weak many times while being tempted, boy do I realize this. All I am saying here is do the best you can to stay away from porn with the grace GOD is giving you!

Step 6 → If you have the grace, start to read the bible 7 days or nights a week as if your very life depends on it because it does. Just reading the bible can cast out demons for you. Just reading the bible can completely change your life around. Just reading the bible can tone down the evil flesh that flares up inside of us trying to destroy us. Just reading the bible can bring wonderful holy angels to you like the angel of peace and joy!

Step 7 → Get as close to JESUS as you humanly can. Since we learned up above that JESUS is our only protection, the closer you get to JESUS the more he will bless you, the more he will free you up from the evil flesh living inside of you, the more he will free you from the demonic angels. Getting closer to JESUS is the key to everything in the universe, yes it is really that important.

Step 8 → Get busy helping people. As you start to study the bible 7 days a week, as you are working hard to get closer and closer to JESUS, now start doing wonderful Christian ministry work helping other people. Get involved in ministry work every week and you will be helping people, you will be blessing people, you will be working for the kingdom of GOD and GOD will be so pleased with you for helping his kingdom. Blessings will start raining down in your life and it will be wonderful!

In this article, there were some very in your face truths about the demonic attack of homosexuality. I pray that GOD is giving you ears to hear what was said in this article and that GOD will rain down love in your heart and soul along with compassion for the gay people. Help them child of GOD, pray for them, bless them, cast demons out of them when possible, be compassionate towards them and rain down grace in their lives as GOD brings various people into your lives who are battling these vicious types of defiling demons.

Whether you are battling against homosexuality or not tonight, 

GOD loves you!  GOD adores you. You are very precious to GOD and your life is very important to him.

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Love, your servant Garrett

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