The Demon Of Rejection!

The Demon of Rejection!

I want to talk tonight about a very - Specific demon...... 

The specific demon I want to talk about tonight, most of you reading this never knew he even existed!

Not only is he real, he is a huge HUGE major weapon that satan uses against us Christian people!

satan using this type of demons is attacking Christians all over the world, this is a major MAJOR PLAYER of satan's! A MAJOR WEAPON!

A VERY LARGE amount of Christians all over the world have this specific demon living inside of them!

This demon is called ->

 The demon of Rejection!

Yes, yes children of GOD this demon is real, and many many of us have him living inside of us!

The demons of rejection is a major end time player for satan's kingdom!

Not only is he being used big time by satan, but the demon of rejection is also a - ROOT TYPE DEMON!

A root demon is a type of demon spirit that can enter a person first. Or in other words, this demon will enter you first and entrench himself real deep into your heart, soul and mind.

Once the demon of rejection enters you, besides him tormenting you day and night, now one of his main goal is to get doors opened inside of you for more of his demon brothers to enter you!

He will try to get doors opened in you so many of his other spirit friends can also torment you by living inside of you or all around you!

We have to take the demon of rejection very seriously! He is extremely dangerous to us children of GOD!

Many times the demon of rejection will enter us when our parents reject us, or when our brothers and sisters reject us! Other times the demon of rejection will enter us when our boss rejects us, or co workers reject us or when we get rejected for a promotion! Quite often the demon of rejection will enter us when a person of the opposite sex rejects us when we try to say hello to them! Other times the demon of rejection will enter us when we get bad news, or when we get terrible disappointments coming into our lives!

The demon of Rejection is very subtle, or he can be subtle quite often.... Other times he attacks with a very in your face attack!

Sometimes he can be so subtle, we have no idea he is living with us, we have no clue until GOD starts to reveal to us his attacks and the way he is tormenting us.

Some of the ways the demon of rejection attacks us

 are the following -->>

He will make us feel first of all - Very rejected! He will start to tell us that nobody wants you, nobody loves you, nobody wants to be friends with you! The demon of Rejection will torment you to make you believe that nobody in your church likes you, that even your pastor rejects you!

And the truth is, most of it are all lies!

The demon of rejection will tell you that you will never ever meet a Christian man or woman who will love you and want to marry you! The demon of Rejection will tell you that GOD cannot use you! That nobody on earth loves you, that nobody wants to be around you!

This attack is huge, HUGE!!!   Christians all over the world are experiencing these forms of tormenting being done to them from the demon of Rejection!

The demon of rejection will push you to think that your bosses at work do not want you, that your always close to being fired at all times! A demon of fear, worry or anxiety also does this kind of tormenting too as far as making us believe we might lose our job at any moment!

Now it gets even worse!!!

Now the demon of Rejection will start to work on you much harder telling you that JESUS does not love you!

The demon of Rejection will point out to you all of your UN answered prayers, all of your disappointments all of the bad things that keep happening in your life.

This demon of Rejection is so wicked, he will not stop there!!!

The demon of Rejection will now start to tell you that GOD does not love you, that even GOD rejects you!!!

When you try to read the bible, this demon will point out certain scriptures to you trying to manipulate you into thinking GOD rejects you, or that GOD has stopped loving you, or that GOD does not want anything to do with you anymore etc etc.

This demon of Rejection will now open doors for his friends - The demons of sadness, loneliness, depression, despair, dread, worthlessness, hopelessness etc etc  to enter into you and start tormenting you too!

As you listen to the lies from the demon of Rejection, now you will be tormented more and more by those other demonic spirits and all hell will be raining down in your life and you never even knew what started it all.

Remember children of GOD, the demon of Rejection is a ROOT demon. We must take him very seriously in our day to day spiritual warfare battles!

The demon of Rejection can often work very VERY closely with the demon of condemnation or the demon of ->

Or I should say, this demon of Rejection will try to attack us and enter us!!!

Those two demons can work very closely together with either one of them being the root demon...
When you find yourself with a demon of Rejection in you working closely with a demon of Self condemnation, now you will find yourself in big BIG trouble!!

Any type of situation in our lives we go through where there is rejection or disappointment or very bad news this demon of Rejection can try to enter us!

The LORD started pointing out to me this wicked demon of Rejection starting about 5 years ago. It is shocking how hard this demons works tormenting us and opening up doors in us for more of his demonic brothers to enter.

Many times when we apply for new positions in church, or apply for ministry work at church and they say NO to us, we can get this demon of Rejection to start tormenting us.

When we do get rejected in our lives by different family members, spouses, children or people, we want to refuse to get upset, we want to refuse immediately the evil thoughts on these topics and move quickly back to JESUS in our mind, in our thoughts, in our heart. 

What we do NOT want to do is to sit around day and night thinking about this rejection that happened today. Doing this will attract the demon of Rejection to us and we will find ourselves now being actually demonically tormented with rejection!

We must cast out these bad thoughts of rejection the second the rejection happens to us no matter who is rejecting us in our lives. Cast out the bad thoughts immediately and start marching forward in your mind, in your thoughts, in your heart with JESUS, the bible and the kingdom of GOD as you continue throughout the day.

If you have ever been rejected by the opposite sex as far as for trying to get a phone number or a date , watch out!!!! The demons of rejection will be right there talking to you! Trying to get a door opened in you so they can enter you and live with you! The demon will do this by first of all talking to you, watching you carefully to see if you will entertain these UN biblical thoughts! If you do, if you sit around the house thinking about how you were rejected earlier in the day, you will allow the demon to enter you! Casting out those bad thoughts immediately as soon as the rejection takes place in your life is the key to being free from this evil spirit!

Just like me, most of you have been rejected by various people and things in our entire lives!!!

The truth is, most of us on earth have a demon of rejection living with us on and off for many parts of our lives.

JESUS got rejected by the people he actually created, the Jews. The apostles all got rejected, you get rejected and so do I...... We all do in our lives. UN born babies that are aborted by the mom or dad are being rejected by their parents. We all go through rejection!

Sometimes you and me even reject each other, sometimes on purpose, sometimes on accident... Everyone does this from time to time except JESUS........... JESUS does not reject!!  Amen.....

Even if you are speaking on Twitter like I am right now & enough people reject your message, this demon can try to attack you or me!

This demon of Rejection can be so subtle, he could be living inside of you for the last 20 years when your high school sweetheart rejected you. Children that are rejected by their parents at a very young age could live with a demon of Rejection for the next 60 years, even going to the grave with that demon of rejection living inside of that person their entire life!

This is very serious people!!!!! We must take all demonic attacks seriously of course, especially this evil demon of Rejection!

Now here are some wonderful things we can do to battle against this demon of Rejection ---->>>>

We can read in the bible how much GOD loves us, studying how many times GOD says he loves us in the bible over and over again! We can refuse to be rejected, we can refuse to feel rejected, we can refuse to think about the rejection that just took place in our lives,  we can rebuke these lies in the name of JESUS and refuse it all!! We can command this demon of Rejection to get out of us in the powerful name of JESUS knowing he has to go! We can keep telling ourselves over and over and over again - GOD loves me, GOD loves me, GOD adores me! We can keep telling ourselves over and over again - GOD accepts me because of what JESUS did for me!

We can keep telling ourselves over and over again - GOD is very interested in my life. GOD is very interested in my life......      We can keep telling ourselves over and over again - GOD cherishes me ---- GOD cherishes me --- GOD cherishes me!

To continue to fight against the demon of Rejection
 we can -->>>

Keep telling ourselves - My life is very IMPORTANT TO GOD!

We can keep telling ourselves - GOD has big plans for me. GOD is using me to change the destiny for people FOR ETERNITY!

We can keep reminding ourselves that - JESUS died for me on the cross....... JESUS loves me so much he died for me!

We have to go to war against this enemy, this demon of Rejection! The first step of the war is to EXPOSE HIM!!!

These demons of Rejection have been living inside of people for thousands of years now.... We have to expose them, we must teach about them! We must share with people that this spirit is real, that he is living in most people of the world right now, that we must learn to recognize how he attacks us. Once we learn all of this, now with GOD'S help, we can start to do something about it finally!

We have got to go to WAR against this demon of rejection, because if we don't, if we ignore him, he will RAISE HELL in our lives and he has been raising hell in our lives for quite a long time now. If this demon goes UN noticed living in us, after a short time, this demon of Rejection will even have us children of GOD convinced that GOD does not love us anymore!

These attacks are real serious, we should take the demon of Rejection very seriously, especially if you were rejected this last week or this weekend, maybe by a boss, or friend, or your church, or a new love in your life!

Yes children of GOD, people DO REJECT US........ This is true, BUT JESUS NEVER rejects us!!!

We have to always remember this........ JESUS NEVER rejects us, not ever.

We have to preach to ourselves, we have to remind ourselves of all of these wonderful truths constantly.

Even though 10,000 Christians WILL REJECT YOU IN YOUR LIFE, JESUS will never reject you, that is IMPOSSIBLE!

The words - FAITHFUL and TRUE are written on JESUS!!

Because of this, we have to center our hearts, center our souls, center our lives on JESUS and the bible, NOT ON PEOPLE, not on Christians!

If you are battling terrible rejection, this demon is MOST DEFINITELY in you tormenting you!

Keep telling yourself day and night, JESUS loves me, JESUS adores me, JESUS died for me, JESUS cherishes me, my life is important to HIM!

Keep telling yourself day and night - GOD accepts me now because of what JESUS did for me, GOD is very interested in my life -- Over & over!

Go to war against the demons, do NOT allow them to torment you, do not allow them to live in you, do not allow them to laugh at you! The bible says that GOD loves us and that there is NOTHING IN THE UNIVERSE that can MAKE GOD stop loving us! The bible says that GOD CAN NEVER EVER EVER EVER STOP loving us, It is impossible!!!

If you have JESUS, you are much loved by GOD.

If you do NOT have JESUS, you better go get him this second! I am not playing with you! The evil angels are real! You better go get JESUS seriously!

Our way to overcome the demon of Rejection is with JESUS himself, the bible promises, our authority over the demons

 and -->>>

Keep preaching to yourself, keep reminding yourself how much GOD loves you, how much GOD adores you, how much GOD cherishes you!

You know if you have Rejection, I know when I have it, or I should say, GOD is teaching us to recognize it!

Do not allow the enemies to torment you, to mock you, to laugh at you, to make you feel like JESUS does not love you! Pure lies!!!

JESUS loves you even more than he loved his own life..... I cannot even type here in words how much JESUS loves you, that is impossible!

Be free in JESUS knowing that he loves you, that he accepts you, that he is very interested in your life!

One last time - if your feeling rejected UN loved, UN wanted, UN cared about, UN important, UN needed ---- Those are some of the signs of a demon of Rejection.

If you feel that GOD does not love you, that GOD is rejecting you, if you feel GOD does not need you in his church body → 

Those would be signs of a demon of Rejection living with you! If you feel like no man or woman will ever want to marry you, that nobody will ever fall in love with you, those very well could be signs of  - A demon of Rejection!

Be honest with yourself, if you have these symptoms go to WAR against this demon and get him out of you......

Use the weapons GOD is giving you to overcome this Rejection! Be free because JESUS loves you!

I know in my life lots of women have rejected me, lots of Christians have rejected me too.. And guess what? BAM!! Demon of rejection!


Because I would sit around all day and night constantly thinking about the acts of rejection that were done to me by whoever it was at that time. This caused the demon of Rejection to take notice of me, to come to me, giving him permission to attack me and live with me!

I know other times family members have rejected me like my mom. Guess what? BAM!!! Demon of Rejection!

And when the demon of Rejection starts tormenting me, now huge portions of my life start to slowly crumble down. Of course for most of my life, I had no idea the demons or evil angels were even real, so I had no idea I was even being attacked.

Praise GOD a while ago HE started teaching me that these evil angels are real, that a demon of Rejection is real and was hurting me badly at different times in my life!

Praise to you JESUS for showing us, for teaching us, for explaining to us what is really going on in our lives!

Hold us tight JESUS, rain down your love deep into our hearts and souls we pray... Shatter that rejection we pray!

Hold us JESUS we pray, hold us tight tonight, show us deep inside of our minds how much you love us, help us to believe this!

Bless us JESUS we pray, crush that evil rejection.

We need to learn JESUS - deep inside of us that you love us, that you would never ever reject us... Teach us this LORD, help us to believe!

Help us to realize O LORD that just because people reject each other, you would never ever reject us O LORD GOD.

 JESUS loves you!!!!!!!!!!!

 HE will not stop.......................... JESUS is incredible!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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