The Demon Of Depression

The Demon Of Depression!

Last week I talked about the demon of Rejection. We learned that this demon can be a root demon at times. This means he is the type of demon that can enter us first. He then spreads his claws deep into a person heart and soul taking root deep in the person!

Tonight I want to talk about the demon of – Depression!

The demon of depression is NOT a root demon in my opinion. In other words I do NOT feel the demon of depression is the type of demon that would normally enter us first.

I guess it might be possible the demon of depression can enter you first, but usually not, usually he enters you after some of his brothers are already in you!

I feel the demon of depression usually is the 4th-5th-6th or 7th demon to enter a person, not first....

The demon of depression can wreck havoc in a person and if not dealt with, this demon can destroy lives, families, careers, friendships and ministry work too!

John Waller, the famous Christian musician who wrote the incredible song -> While I am waiting..... Battled with depression for 20 years.

Here is a link to watch his powerful testimony. I would highly recommend that you watch it -->>

If you have not heard John Waller's music, it would be quite smart to check it out, praise GOD!

During the 20+ years John battled depression, he was on some of the MOST POWERFUL medication available in the USA for depression!

Think about it - This incredible musician John Waller was taken down completely for 20+ years by depression.............

The Medication he was on was so powerful, the side effects were wrecking havoc in his life and in his families lives!

During this 20 year battle against hell, that is against the battle of depression, GOD was slowly, every so slowly teaching John exactly what depression is.

Just like most Christians, at first, John went and got very powerful prescription medication to try to get rid of the depression!

I mean after all, satan completely owns the medical facilities of the world and he owns the NON believing physicians too! So of COURSE satan would want you to take medication. By just taking the psychotropic pills, that in itself allows more demons to enter you!

satan wants you to look for the medication to heal you from depression. Satan knows this is a plan that will fail for sure. In fact satan also knows that when we people do take powerful drugs, this all by itself will allow even more demons to enter us. Anytime we take drugs, the demons can get permission to enter us and start tormenting us.

After 20+ years of John Waller suffering in this terrible life shattering depression, JESUS showed John clearly that this was a demon of depression whom was tormenting him.

The demons laugh at your medication - They think it is hilarious that you will put powerful medication into your body to try to get rid of this terrible torment you are going through.

Oh wow what a deception satan has done on the population of the earth to make us believe that pills can get rid of demons! 

Now I know that probably 90% of Christianity thinks that depression is a medical problem, but I am here to tell you that you are wrong!

Depression is an extremely powerful demon that once again if left UN checked, can ruin lives, families and careers too!

GOD taught John Waller that if would stop thinking bad thoughts, while stopping all of the depressing thoughts too, that the demons would go away!

This started a long process for John to start studying the bible carefully on the topic of our thoughts and just how important it truly is to start casting out all bad thoughts in our lives!

I tell you straight, if you are thinking of sad thoughts, or depressing thoughts this can and WILL allow a demon of depression to enter you! This is how dangerous thinking bad thoughts truly is.

I say it again - By you just thinking bad thoughts, this can and will give the demons permission to enter you!

The thoughts that we think about day and night will either bring the kingdom of GOD to us, or it will bring satan's kingdom to us............ What we think about is truly the battle that we face every day.

Now I know the world wide church has lied to you and told you that the demons cannot read our thoughts... I am sorry, THEY LIED TO YOU!

Our thoughts are spirit so our thoughts are out loud to the spirit realm... If you think depressing thoughts, the demon will come to you!

GOD showed John Waller that if he could watch what he thinks about very carefully, he would be set free from the 20+ years of terrible suffering and torment by the demon of depression. 

And it worked!

You do not need medication to try to get rid of depression... NO, no no... We need to get rid of the demon of depression that is living inside of us!

Anytime you take powerful personality altering drugs, this will give the demons permission to enter you, even drugs that you might think are good for you or medication that you think are helping you!

From time to time when I am having trouble sleeping, I will take an over the counter sleeping pill to help me to get a good nights sleep. I noticed that some of the times I take one of these pills, a demon or demons will torment me that night.

So what might happen is -> A demon of rejection who can be a root demon will enter you first, next a demon of self condemnation, then a demon of shame, THEN A  DEMON OF DEPRESSION will be next in line to start tormenting you. 

Or a demon of rejection might enter you first then a demon of lust then a demon of self condemnation, then a demon of shame, THEN DEPRESSION!

Or one more example - First demon → A demon of Disappointment, then a demon or rejection, then lust, then shame, then condemnation, THEN DEPRESSION!

Those are a few of the many examples of how satan is doing to you! You have GOT TO LEARN WHAT satan is doing to you.. This is really important... How can we fight back against the demons of depression if we do not understand first how they are attacking us, or why they are attacking us?

By just taking psychotropic medication you are allowing new demons to enter you!!! There are demons behind the drugs we take.......

You have got to learn this before the 7 year tribulation starts soon.

So if your wondering why the depression never goes away, it is because you have to realize it is a demon and go to war against him. This demon will never ever leave you until he is either kicked out by JESUS, or until he is kicked out by you or your elders, or until you stop doing the UN biblical things that are allowing him to live with you!

We have got to fight our spiritual warfare and fight big time against the demon of depression, and if you do not, he can wreck havoc in your life!

We must learn spiritual warfare, we have to learn spiritual warfare, we have got to learn spiritual warfare or we are going to suffer and suffer and suffer!

Here is our master page of demonic warfare for you -->>>

The demon of depression will sap your energy from you! He will spiritually take your energy to where you cannot even move!

I know the last time I battled this demon I was laying in bed 12-17 hours a day...

The demon of depression will take away your motivation, he will take away your determination, he will even take away your energy to pray anymore.

The demon of depression will stop you from worshiping the LORD, that is for sure unless you go to war against him and I mean really go to war!

Another demonic chain of attack against you might be - First demon → Anxiety, then fear, then confusion, then doubt, hopelessness, THEN DEPRESSION!

This demon of depression is world wide and Children of GOD will most definitely fight against him throughout our lives!

Remember, if you are thinking bad thoughts, depressing thoughts, sad thoughts, this will attract the demons to come to you! Why?  Because you are breaking biblical commandments to watch what you think about very carefully, to hold every thought captive, to think about what is good and right and holy and admirable etc etc etc......   By us thinking bad thoughts, we are breaking biblical commandments and therefore, now the demons GET PERMISSION to enter you and to start tormenting you according to what you are thinking about.

It is GOD and the bible and you who are the ones giving the demons this permission!

The demons of depression - Depress you! They take the air out of you like taking the air out of a balloon. They do this spiritually!

Another thing the demon of depression causes us to do is to sleep much more... He will cause us to sleep much MUCH more than normal! When you are sleeping say 10 hours a day or even more and you still do not feel strong enough to get out of bed, that is a sure sign of the demon of depression among many other demons too all attacking you together.

The demon of depression will cause you to stop talking to your Christian friends or family on the phone or internet.... You simply will not have the spiritual or emotional energy anymore to talk to your loved ones!

The demon of depression will push you to stop all of your ministry work, and the truth is, you will not have the energy to do it anyways! He will depress you more and more if possible even to the point where you really cannot function anymore as a normal Christian child of GOD.

So there is how this demon attacks us, and how he gets permission to enter us, and the chain of demonic demons attacking you!


Now what can we do? There is a lot we can do...

Step 1 - Realize this is a demonic problem, not a medical problem!

You have been lied too by most of the world who told you depression is a medical problem and you believed it.... Depression is a spiritual problem by real evil spirits that are torturing you!

Next - We have to pray for JESUS to protect our thoughts, to protect our imaginations, to protect what we say, to protect our hearts etc etc... We need the LORD'S protection badly which is GRACE!

Next - We have to start casting out all thoughts in our mind that are UN biblical, or UN Christ like, or UN holy! We must cast these evil thoughts out and we must do this day and night, day and night with the grace that GOD is giving us.

Next - We either have to cast the actual demon out ourselves, or we have to seek help from someone to help us to cast them out! Now any child of GOD has the authority to cast the demons out, but this is a learning process and if you need help to do this, seek out help from some elders who have this experience, or even your parents if possible can help you! Or Grandparents!

We do not need to take medication to get rid of demons, the demons only laugh at that, they laugh and mock you constantly for the pills that you are putting your hope in, instead of JESUS, instead of the bible promises, instead of casting out the bad thoughts which are allowing the demons to enter you in the first place. I say it again – The demons think this is hilarious!

Just like all emotional problems, the emotional problem of depression is a demon of depression too. He/the demon goes by the name that he causes people to be tormented in!

After you have realized this is a demonic problem, after you have prayed for JESUS to guard your thoughts and imaginations -->>    After you are commanding the bad thoughts out of you in the powerful name of JESUS............

Now the demon has to be cast out... Sometimes just by you STOPPING the bad thoughts, the demons will leave, this is true!

Once again, sometimes the demon leaves just by you stopping the bad thoughts, but if not, now he has to be cast out in the name of JESUS!

You can do this, or you can ask your elders or church leaders to help you praise GOD!

So when we feel rejected, when we feel the condemnation, when we feel the shame and guilt, WATCH OUT- DEPRESSION COULD BE NEXT!

Child of GOD, at that point, things are getting very very seriously inside of you demonically speaking! Trust me, I know all about this UN fortunately for me! But praise GOD, now GOD can use me to help other people to learn all about what is truly going on here.

Someone just said to me - Garrett - Obviously you have no experience with depression.......... Wow, what a crazy statement for someone to make to me.

I have been battling this demon of depression on and off for about 43 years now! Geesh, just 3 months ago I was in a terrible depression, just terrible. And it was NOT A MEDICAL PROBLEM, it was NOT a chemical imbalance......... It was a demon of depression tormenting me terribly!

Depression is not a chemical imbalance, depression is not a medical problem, depression is a IN YOUR FACE ATTACK BY A EVIL ANGEL!

And this evil angel can get permission from GOD to come against us just like GOD sent a demon of depression to king Saul!

Child of GOD, those bad thoughts have to stop, you are slowly killing yourself with those bad thoughts, you are literally killing yourself spiritually, emotionally and even physically speaking that is!

I am not judging you, I do the same thing as far as think bad thoughts.... WE HAVE GOT to stop this!

Yes, the demons can hear what you think.... Yes the demons can see your imagination. You are NOT getting away with anything child of GOD! Do you realize that if the demons could not hear your thoughts, you could actually think the most evil sinister thoughts in all of the earth and get away with it? That would be true........... So of course the demons can hear your thoughts, of course they can see what your imagining in your imagination somehow... We have got to be very very very careful what we allow to stay in our minds!

I am so sorry the church LIED to you about these topics, I really am but now we have to UN do the lies of other people who told us that depression is a medical problem, or that the demons cannot read or hear our thoughts. We have to EXPOSE satan and his kingdom and we will be more and more free!!

Memorizing scriptures about spiritual warfare can greatly GREATLY HELP YOU. For example --->>>>

Luke 9:1 - JESUS gave them power and authority to cast out all demons and to heal all diseases!

Or Luke 10:19 - Behold I have given you authority to trample upon the serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing in anyway shall harm you...........  Child of GOD, this includes depression. It is an attack of the enemy!

Since depression is a spiritual attack, we must fight back spiritually!!! Taking pills is only going to hurt you more and more!

And of course the pills are addictive too.. I tell you straight, when you take drugs, you give demons permission to enter you!

You have got to learn these truths before the 7 year tribulation starts any month now!

If satan can get you to think your depression is a medical problem, you will not cast out the bad thoughts then, after all why even bother going to war over these bad thoughts day and night when you are putting all of your hope in your pills to save you?

Or if satan can get you to think depression is a medical problem, you will not seek out and study bible scriptures on deliverance with all of your heart and soul.

You children of GOD have greatly GREATLY underestimated how sneaky satan and the demonic generals are!

Since the demons CAN hear what you think, and since they can see somehow your imaginations so when you sin in your mind, they will attack you! We do not get away with anything that is UN biblical here on earth.

We have to expose satan, we have to expose the lies, we have to talk about it, we have to shout about it, we have to spread these truths that GOD is teaching us to other children of GOD all over the world so we can start to pray for grace and go to war against these evil spirits trying to torture us day and night!


Shout it out people, someone help spread the truth please!

You believe depression is a medical problem because the NON believing medical physicians told you this ------ PURE LIES!!!!!  If these same doctors told you that GOD wants you to jump off a cliff would you do this too?  Of course not!  Paul tells us clearly → That are enemies are NOT flesh and blood, but they are evil spirits, they are ruling demonic Generals and Princes who attack us in the spirit realm.

We do not need to take medication to get rid of demons, that will never ever work.............

All pills do is cover up our depression, the depression is still there, but it is being covered up by the psychotropic drugs you are taking.

If I get depressed, I could drink beer too.. That will also cover up the depression, but the depression is still there! Do you really believe drinking beer and getting drunk makes the depression go away? OF COURSE NOT child of GOD........ Likewise, taking pills will not make the depression go away either, it will only temporarily cover it up and make you think it is gone. Meanwhile all the time that demon is still living inside of you tormenting you.

Do you have ears to hear this child of GOD? Can you hear this?

Will you read the bible children of GOD? Or are you going to trust others to teach you the bible which is A HUGE HUGE MISTAKE!

No people, depression is an actual attack from a living, thinking very very smart spirit who is laughing at you while he tortures you!

And he is torturing you because he is getting permission from either GOD, the bible or from you because of the bad thoughts you are thinking.

We need your grace so badly JESUS to guard our thoughts, to teach us how to cast them out, to teach us how to go to war against our enemies, our spiritual enemies JESUS!

We must learn how satan is attacking us, we must study, we must turn the TV OFF CHILDREN OF GOD...........

The more you study, the more GOD can help you to learn what the enemies are doing to you! This is wonderful if your willing....

When you have10 demons inside of you with depression too and you hit rock bottom, that is when JESUS HIMSELF will come to the rescue! I have experienced this many times UN fortunately for me, but JESUS used those terrible experiences to show me how wonderful he is, how faithful he is, how powerful he is, how much he loves you and me!

Sometimes the enemies do overwhelm us this is when JESUS rides in on his white horse and saves the day!

Remember the symptoms of depression - No energy, feeling weak, no motivation, no determination, no enthusiasm, sleeping too much or just laying in bed all day having difficult to even get out of bed, no interest in things or loved ones anymore, a real heaviness all about you especially spiritually and emotionally. No longer interested in doing ministry work, or feeling too emotionally weak to help anyone else, too weak to read the bible, too weak to pray etc etc. 

Remember, the demon comes in 4-5-6-7-8- in line, so see the early warnings..... See the early warnings and snap out of your murmuring, stop your daily complaining. Stop focusing on your problems and start focusing on JESUS, bible promises and casting out all bad thoughts, all complaining, all murmuring, all negative attitudes!

John Waller learned after 20 years of struggling with depression that all he had to do was stop the bad thoughts and believe the bible promises and GOD would set him free! So John started reading the bible, taking every single sentence very seriously. He learned we can be free by changing our thoughts and you can be free too with GOD'S grace, mercies and blessings!

We can get free from depression by changing our bad attitudes! We can get free from depression by changing our perceptions! We can get free from depression by changing what we think about and praying to have the mind of CHRIST!

Don't focus on the half of your life that is empty, focus on JESUS, heaven, your salvation, ministry work, eternity and be super blessed by GOD for your new way of being thankful, for living a life of gratitude to GOD every single day.

Change your thoughts, change your attitude, change your perceptions and the LORD will help you to get over depression!

You do not need pills, you do not need to get drunk, you are battling  an entity that is very old, very powerful and hates you passionately!  This entity is called - The demon of depression!

Love, your servant Garrett

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