The Chosen Ones

The Chosen Ones!

Life can be unbearably hard at times, but we will be in heaven soon enough praise GOD. 

We have to keep our faith, trust and belief in Jesus to get into heaven. There is simply no other way.

You cannot work your way into heaven, that is impossible. If we could work our way into heaven,
we could actually boast about it up there and we all know -> There will be NO boasting in heaven.

Anytime you believe you have to work your way into heaven, you know you are automatically wrong.

You do not have to go to church to be saved, once again that would be works.....

You do not have to study the bible to be saved, once again that would be works....

You do not have to be baptized in water to be saved, once again that would be works....

You cannot buy your way into heaven, work your way in heaven, nor beg and plead your way into heaven
either... None of that will work and you are simply wasting your time and believing faulty preaching
on the internet.

There is nothing in the entire universe you have to do to be saved except to put your faith, trust and belief in Jesus.
That means to believe in his death, burial & resurection from the dead. It also means to believe that he died for our
sins on the cross and that he will forgive our sins when we repent.
It can also mean to believe in the LORD that he can and will save our souls and bring us into heaven

Did you notice that -> Faith, trust and belief are all invisible?

They sure are.

Anyone who tells you that you have to do something outside of faith to be saved is wrong.
No matter how well that person can talk, no matter how well they know scriptures, no matter
how famous they might be, or how good looking they are, they are automatically wrong
when they go outside of faith in JESUS for our salvation.

Your salvation is a free gift. It is for free from GOD to you because he chose you.
God chose a small amount of people before the universe was ever created to know and love his son Jesus.

Since you were chosen before the universe was created, you cannot lose your salvation.

Please look at this incredible scripture -> 

Psalm 139:16
New Living Translation (NLT)

16 You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.

*As you can see in the scripture above, your entire life was planned out before the universe was ever created.
GOD knew you and chose you before creation was created. Since you were chosen, you cannot lose your salvation
because GOD gave you this free gift.

Now look at this scripture ->

Ecclesiastes 6:10 – 10 Everything has already been decided. It was known long ago what each person would be.
So there’s no use arguing with God about your destiny.


*Solomon is saying here that before the universe was created, GOD planned out what each person would do,
what each person would be. He chose the chosen ones before the universe was created.

So how come you can't lose your salvation?

 Because God chose you!

Since God chose you, nobody can UN-choose you, that is impossible.

People will tell you that you can lose your salvation, but that is simply bad preaching.
Or that is simply pride. Or that is actually the demonic using that person to lie to you,
to create fear and anxiety inside of you, to get you to start doubting your own salvation.
It is all pure lies and garbage!

Only the chosen ones can get into heaven, not anyone else.....

Mathew 22:14 many are called but few are chosen...

Use your faith to believe you are a chosen one and do not ever let anyone tell you that you are not saved,
 that person has no idea whatsoever....

There is no man or woman on earth who knows if God chose you before the earth was ever created.


Was that man or woman there when God created the universe?

Of course not. ..... So how dare he or she tell you that you are not a chosen one? What pride and arrogance.
We should never ever tell anyone that they lost their salvation, how can a chosen one become UN-chosen? Its impossible.

Look at this scripture ->

1st Peter 1:2 – 2 God the Father knew you and chose you long ago.

*Peter is telling us here that GOD chose you before the universe was created on day 1.

So how do you know who is chosen and who is not? You don't... so stop acting like you do because you don't....

For you or anyone else to tell someone they are not a chosen one is pure pride, arrogance and insanity on your part,
so never ever judge someone by telling them they lost their salvation, or that they are not a chosen one. If you do that
you will be cursing yourself most likely!

The truth is you have no idea that even you are a chosen one so how dare you tell someone else they lost their salvation?

How dare you.......

We are believing by faith we are chosen ones, we are using faith here to believe this.....

When a Christian goes around telling others they lost their salvation, that person is actually working for satan now.......

Your salvation is a free gift....... you cannot earn it, buy it nor work for it, so how on earth can you lose it......

There are many scriptures in the new testament to where JESUS, Paul or others are telling people that they would 
fall away and go to hell. They are talking about the NON believers here, not the chosen ones. Yes the non believers
will fall away and go to the lake of fire, this is for sure. But those scriptures are NOT for the chosen ones.
Since they are chosen, GOD will make sure they do not fall away with his grace, mercies, blessings and favor
over their lives.

Look at what Paul says here ->

Ephesians 1:4 - 4 Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes.
5 God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family-

Did all of you read that clearly?

Before the universe was created, GOD loved us and chose us to be holy and without fault in CHRIST JESUS his son.

We have got to understand this so as to overcome the lies from the enemies who tell us
that because we fell back down into sinning, we lost our salvation, or we are not chosen ones.

Pure lies!!!

True Story:

I remember years ago an elder of mine told me he could not talk to me anymore.....

You see I was not overcoming the giants in my life as fast as he wanted me too, so he kind of gave up
on me and told me that he could not help me anymore, that he could not talk to me anymore. Now that
really hurt my feelings, that is for sure.

Years later, one of his followers in his ministry misunderstood a few of my articles.
Sometimes this happens to where someone reads one of my articles, but they only understand
tiny bits of it.

Well this person, or these two people contacted the same elder who I use to talk to and reported
me for in their words doing bad preaching. I tried to talk to one or both of these people
through the telephone and in an email a little, but they misunderstood the articles
that they read.

So now out of nowhere, this same elder who told me he could not help me anymore starts emailing
me to contact him. I purposely ignored his emails because I had known that those two followers
of his had MIS-read a few of my articles and they did not understand what they were truly saying in them.

Finally after about 3-4 emails I contacted this elder back and this is a very small portion of what he said to me ->

He said to me .... Garrett I heard you are fornicating and now you will go to hell now.....

I told him no sir, I am not fornicating and I am not having sex with anyone whatsoever outside of marriage.
Now this is not even close to all he said in his scathing email to me.
His email hurt my feelings so badly, I cannot even describe it to you because I love him very much.

Now this same elder went on to say to me in an email -> He said but you told me years ago that you had fallen down into battling porn....

I told him sir we have not talked for years and now you are going to tell me I lost my salvation
because I battle against porn from time to time?

What terrible preaching on his part.........

Anyways he got upset, he said some very bad things to me in the next email and it was such a sad experience talking to him again.
He then went on to tell me to take all of his articles, books and videos off of my site and that he wanted nothing to do with me.

All of this happened because of 1-2 of his followers had misunderstood 1-2 of my articles on my website.

Because I battle against porn once or twice a year, because he listened to gossip about me, because he never bothered
to read the two articles for himself, but instead just trusted what his two followers told him,
he broke off our joint ministry work....

How sad! Wow how sad we Christians can be sometimes when we tell one another we are going to hell or we lost our salvation.

So even though GOD loved me, chose me and sees me as faultless in his eyes in CHRIST JESUS, this old elder of mine
is telling me that I lost my salvation and I am going to hell now all because I battle against porn from time to time.

Wow that kind of preaching has to be stopped and I pray this very tiny article will help a little bit to stop the lies
from the enemies, from pride, from arrogance etc etc.

We should never ever listen to gossip or heresy about other children of God.

Your salvation is a free gift. ........ it is a free gift children of God.

You cannot lose a free gift of God, that is impossible.

As Paul tells us once again - GOD loved you, knew you, chose you and sees you FAULTLESS in CHRIST JESUS.
He does not see your sins!!!

If your battling porn at this time, you did not lose your salvation, nothing could be farther from the truth.

If you are battling alcohol, you did not lose your salvation either.....

If you are battling drugs at this tine, you did not and you will not lose your salvation.

If you are battling sadness, loneliness and depression, you did not and you will not lose your salvation, that is impossible.

You were chosen before day 1, before the universe was created, before humanity existed and nobody is powerful
enough to snatch you out of JESUS' hand.

Look at this scripture ->

John 10:28
New Living Translation (NLT)

28 I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one can snatch them away from me.


Since this is true, how on earth can you lose your salvation?

YOU CANNOT! It is impossible.

It is the doctrine of demons that tells us we can lose a free gift of God that his son died on the cross for us. 

What those people are doing is condemnation preaching.... they condemn people to hell.....
Condemnation preaching is all over the internet now and it makes me sick.
I use to watch it or listen to it but not anymore.

I do not and will not listen to condemnation preachers anymore.
Now I want to preach grace, mercies, blessings, favor, sympathy,
love, forgiveness of sins etc etc.

Look at this -> 

John 15:16 you didn't choose me, I chose you......... 

*JESUS is telling us there that he chose us, that we are chosen ones.

Everyone going to heaven is a chosen one..... everyone else who is not chosen cannot get in.

Why can't they get in?

Because they were not chosen!

There is no way around this. Either we were chosen or we were not. So let us use our faith to believe and know the best we can we are chosen ones and that GOD loves us, knows us,
and sees us as FAULTLESS in CHRIST JESUS.

We want to help others, bless others, care about people, not condemning people. Not condemning
people to hell. What right or authority do we have to condemn people to hell in the first place?

We never want to judge and condemn people by telling them they lost their salvation, that is very silly preaching
and very stupid on our part too. Who made us a judge of humanity to tell people they are saved or not?

Let us - Be humble, be gentle, be sympathetic and love people!

Do not condemn people to hell. .... stop being silly.

Our salvation is the most important thing to all of humanity..... so never ever tell someone they lost it. By doing
that you might crush that person's spirit, or you might shatter their hope in JESUS, or you might even cause them
to start a downward spiral spiritually speaking that could last 2 full years or more.

So keep it all simple, either a person is chosen or they are not, there is no other option.

There is no third option, There is no other way.

The chosen ones are saved, the other people are not, there is no third option.

The chosen ones go into heaven and no power in the universe can change that.

Since no power in the universe can change that, who are you to tell someone they lost their salvation, how silly of you.

People do not get into heaven because they stopped sinning. People get in Because they were chosen by God.

Jesus died on the cross so his chosen ones would get grace to repent their sins, to be forgiven, to have a new life,
new faith, new trust and belief in JESUS.

The chosen ones get saving grace.


Ummmmm because they were chosen.

Look what Paul says here ->

Galatians 1:15 – 15 But even before I was born, God chose me and called me by his marvelous grace.

So should we help, bless and pray for everyone? Of course we should because we have no idea who is chosen and who is not.

So because this is true, help, bless, love, feed, pray for, clothe and preach the good news about JESUS CHRIST to everyone.

We all sin, we all fall down, we all mess up, we all battle addictions, this is a fact.

But Jesus died for the chosen ones and they are all forgiven. They cannot lose their salvation.

Love, your brother Garrett

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