The Broken End-Time

The Broken (End Time Church) & Incredible End Time Events!!!

The broken end time church & incredible end time events!

Do not let Christian people complicate the simple message from GOD to you! JESUS simply wants you to love him, to spend time with him. JESUS loves you and since he loves you, his goal is to have you love him back, he wants you to spend time with him, he wants you to really care about him! It is personal.... JESUS loves you personally and he wants a close personal intimate relationship with you too!!!

Do not think to yourself - Wow I gotta do this and that and this and that for JESUS.... No, we are not under the law anymore!!

All JESUS truly wants is you!

JESUS created you to have a close, personal, intimate, fiery, romantic 1 on 1 relationship with him...... And guess what? GOD the FATHER will give you the grace to have this wonderful relationship with his son JESUS... Ask for the grace!!

The first step to getting into a close fiery romantic relationship with JESUS would be for us to repent our sins........

I repent JESUS for all the things that should be changed in my life............. I want to be closer with you JESUS, I want to have more romance in our relationship, I want to be more fiery for you in a romantic way!

I want to love you more JESUS..........

Please FATHER in heaven, give me grace so I can love your son JESUS more!

This is really important to me FATHER. Help me to love JESUS more I pray!

Help me FATHER, give me a real fire for JESUS!

Turn it around JESUS, turn me around, turn us around.......... Change us JESUS!

Change us from being luke-warm FATHER....... Change us we pray.

Help us to love you more JESUS..............    Change us from the inside out we pray FATHER!!!  Draw us real close to you JESUS, draw us real close to the bible we pray.

Rain down fire into us O LORD GOD, fire for your son JESUS we pray!

Change us please, do not leave us O LORD GOD in our sinful ways. Do not leave us being cold or luke-warm for JESUS we pray!

Help us FATHER, help us to say no to the alcohol we pray!

Help us LORD JESUS, help us to say no to the porn we pray!

Help us FATHER, help us to say no to computer, console or internet gaming we pray!

Help us JESUS, help us to say no to masturbation we pray!

Set us free, teach us how to be free, give us the power to be free from masturbation we pray JESUS..... Deliver us......

Help us FATHER, help us to break free from smoking weed we pray!

Rain down fire from heaven into our souls FATHER, burn that darkness out of me, out of us, have mercy on us we pray.

Help us JESUS, help us to break free from watching TV, from watching Hollywood movies.... Help me I pray, help us JESUS.. Deliver us!@!

Help us FATHER, help us to say no to horror movies........ Deliver us from these satanic traps we pray FATHER.

Help us JESUS, help us to break free from drinking caffeine we pray, I pray, we all pray O LORD GOD!! 

Change us JESUS, do not leave us like this.......

We are NOT even a shadow of the Christians in the book of Acts!!! We are nothing like the Christians were in the book of Acts! Give us that grace FATHER, that grace that the very early Christian people had to really and truly walk the narrow road with JESUS WE PRAY!  Help us to be like the early Christians O LORD GOD we pray! We are sooooooooooooooooo far from the early church JESUS. Help!!

We call on your name right now JESUS, take that lust out of us, that constant temptation with lustful topics attacking us we pray JESUS!

Help us JESUS, help us to stop being attracted to pics on the internet of the opposite sex we pray.... Deliver us from this evil!

Help JESUS!!!!! Make a way where there is no way O LORD we pray.

Help us FATHER, help us married people to stop arguing, to stop fighting, to stop fighting for our so called rights we pray FATHER!!

Help us married people FATHER, help us to learn how to submit, give us the grace and teach us how to submit to one another we pray FATHER!

Help us JESUS, help us to say no to having sex before marriage we pray! Give us the grace to break free from having sex we pray JESUS.

Do these miracles of grace, breakthrough and deliverance in our lives JESUS we pray tonight!

Help us JESUS, help us to break free from loneliness we pray! We need your help badly in this topic specifically.

Help us JESUS, set us free from those sexual images we imagine in our imaginations.  Set us free JESUS from using our imaginations for wrong things, for sexual things, for evil things we pray JESUS... Have mercy on us LORD!

Last but not least, help us FATHER, help us to overcome the pride...... That super super bad evil we call pride inside all of us we pray! Set us free JESUS from that evil pride, that secret killer inside all of us we pray!!!

Help us JESUS, help us to stop judging each other! Wow, how sick is that when one terrible slave judges another filthy slave!!!

O LORD GOD, we judge each other just because our sins are different than their sins.... How sick is that JESUS? I mean O LORD GOD, she watches porn, I watch horror movies, so we judge each other!!! Or JESUS, he smokes weed and I drink alcohol so we judge each other because our sins are different than one another! Or JESUS I game all day long on the computer yet she is busy obsessing on her job and money. So we judge each other!!!

Who can save our wretched souls O LORD?

Nothing but the blood of JESUS............... I praise you JESUS, we praise you, we need you so badly!!!!

She smokes weed, he works too much at work for the love of money, maybe I watch porn, so we all judge each other!

We all think we are better than one another because of our pride, our ego, our theological pride, our immaturity!

Who can set us free from this mess we Christians are in now? Who loves us Christian people enough to set us free from all of the evil lurking inside of us and all around us?
Who cares about you enough, truly enough to even want to change you, to want to teach you, to want to mold you and shape you?

Only GOD and his holy incredible royal son JESUS.............

I mean JESUS we single people can struggle with porn, sex, masturbation, weed, drugs, smoking, drinking, loneliness, sadness & depression!

Yet we married Christians are always fighting, struggling against each other, wishing we were single again, always thinking of divorce!

Then while that is happening we single Christian people are flirting with non believing guys and girls, flirting with sin, flirting flirting!!!

And while that is happening, many married Christian people are flirting with co workers at work, with store clerks, with people on face-book.

We single people wish we were married, many married people wish they were single again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow do we Christians need help. More than help, we need incredible, glorious, powerful, dynamic, GRACE raining down soon or we are dead! Spiritually dead!!!

Women, stop fighting with your husbands to control the marriage!

Men, stop flirting with girls at work, GOD sees you, satan sees you, GOD will make darn sure your wife finds out!

Set us single people free from masturbation O LORD........... What a sick, terrible, evil demonic thing we do with our bodies.......... Yes the same bodies that GOD the FATHER lives inside of...... The same body that JESUS now lives inside of through his spirit!

Why O LORD, why is it so difficult here we pray, we ask, we cry out !!!

Could it be because as we struggle, you get more and MORE AND MORE GLORY JESUS?

How on earth are we ever gonna make it to heaven children of GOD? The truth is, we will NOT make it into heaven, not unless grace, mercies, blessings, favor, love, power, strength rain down into our lives! Christian people in this end time generation have not learned yet that we MUST bear fruit!!! If we have no fruit, guess what?

We do not get into heaven!!!!

We must bear fruit, and bearing fruit is having CHRIST living inside of us, growing in us, changing us to be more & more Christ like!!!

We need you JESUS, we need your love so badly!! We are dying in our sins, addictions, loneliness and lust....... Help us JESUS!!! Rain down grace JESUS, for we are so lost, in so much darkness, we are so weak JESUS!!!

OH LORD this end time church is surely the weakest church in the history of planet earth!!!!! I need you badly JESUS, we need you badly!!! Don't leave us like this O LORD, crawling around in the mud and dirt of our sins, our coldness towards you, our addictions, our pride!!!

Married people fight each other and argue, screaming and hitting and kicking. Why? To fight for their so called marriage rights!!

We single people die every night because we want a wife so badly, or we want a husband to hold us!

Christian married people are actually thinking of other people in their imaginations when they have sex with their marriage spouses!

We Christian single people many times slip up and have sex with our co workers in our imaginations!!

Meanwhile, GOD and satan see exactly what we are picturing in our imaginations and all hell rains down into our lives!

How soon we Christian people forget that we are being watched 24/7..............

We Christian married people always wonder if we married the wrong person, or if we didn't hear GOD correctly to marry him or her in the first place!

We single Christian people are always asking GOD if it would be OK to have 1 date, just 1 date with that super hot NON believing girl or guy.....

We need the Latter rain so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FATHER we need your Latter rain!!!!

If you are not sure what the Latter rain is, it is when GOD will rain down his spirit very very shortly from now MUCH STRONGER to us! To some of us first, then the whole church body a little later!!!

JESUS, I don't know what to say about myself. Even I am at a lost for how evil I can be, for how fast I can fall down, for things I do!

Who can save a wretched soul like me?

Who can save a filthy disgusting dirty soul like you?

Only GOD'S son JESUS can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not Mohammad, not Buddha, not Tom Cruise........... ONLY GOD'S SON CAN SAVE US – JESUS!

I tell you Christians to your face..... We are not gonna make it to heaven unless GOD sends more grace, mercies, blessings & favor!!!

You see children of GOD, GOD knows everything that you are thinking and imagining in your imagination!! So does satan!!!!! You have been taught satan cannot read your thoughts, or see your imaginations!! You have BEEN LIED TOO!!!! I tell you straight when I look at the porn statistics for Christians when I look at the movie rentals when I look at the music we listen to. When I look at the Christian divorce rates, the drug abuse, the masturbation, the adultery, the cheating, the fighting..... When I look at the Christians drinking beer, smoking weed, when I see how cold we are, or luke warm..............

I tell you to you face -- WE ARE NOT GETTING INTO HEAVEN!!!

You can bitch and cry to me all you want, but the truth is, we are NOT getting into heaven UNLESS WE CHANGE!!!

Now ---- Can we change? No!!!!!!! We cannot change................... Only GOD has the love and power to change us!!!

We cannot change ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It must be grace, or it will never ever happen!!!  We cannot change ourselves!!!!!!!! That is impossible. If you could, you could actually brag about that in heaven!!! Now we know there will be no bragging in heaven!! So I tell you straight, you cannot change yourself. It must come from GOD....

So what do we do? What can we do? What must we do?

Pray for grace children!!! Pray for grace, cry for grace, beg for grace, humble yourselves for grace, ask for grace, cry out for grace! Everything is grace............ The only reason I have not had a drink tonight or watched porn, is because of GRACE!!!

The only reason why you are still alive today, why you have not cheated on your spouse is because of grace!!! The only reason you are not smoking weed tonight too like other Christians is because of grace... The only reason you are not starring in porn movies is because of grace!

If your overcoming the masturbation problem, that is also grace! This way no man or woman will brag in heaven!! There is no bragging in heaven because when we are there, we will know 100% that it was all grace. That is why we can throw our crowns down at the throne of GOD.... We will throw our crowns down because we will learn it was all grace!

 I tell you the truth again, we are NOT getting into heaven unless we change! And we cannot change........... So humble yourselves!!!!!!!!! Humble yourselves day and night as much as you can.... And boy do I gotta do this too or I am a dead man!!! As I end this article, if your wondering why many of us will not get into heaven, if this is confusing you. It is because we have NO FRUIT!

Or it is because our fruit is bad, or we do NOT have enough good fruit!!!! No Christian on earth will get into heaven unless they have fruit.... We must have fruit that GOD wants to pick off of our trees!!! We men and women of GOD are the tree..... 

Having fruit is being Christ like!! Or in other words, fruit is CHRIST!!!

Change us JESUS, start with me and all of my problems I battle against... Change all of us LORD!!! Have mercy.........

We admit the pride! We are sorry!! We admit the lust, we are sorry, we are wrong. We admit we judge others, we are wrong O LORD!!!

We fall down right now at your throne JESUS!!!

We do not dare to even lift up our heads and look at you as we bow down!!!

We are filthy disgusting dirty rags that should be thrown away into the fire, yet you love us, you died for us, your blood covers us!!!

You adore us JESUS, you are patient with us, you send grace so we can know you, so we can read your bible, so we can even love you!

You LORD JESUS are our only hope to ever ever ever get into heaven!!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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