The Bible Part 3

The Incredible Powerful Holy Bible - Part 3

The Incredible Powerful Holy BiblePart 3




Let us children of GOD make the bible really REALLY important to us as the end times rain down on our heads!!!



Give us grace FATHER, grace to go crazy on fire for reading your bible we pray this Sunday.....



Children of GOD, we need to read the bible, we got to read the bible, we must read the bible, we have no choice but to read the bible!!!



The beast is coming for you, for me, for us children of GOD....... HE is here now!!!



Light a fire in us O LORD JESUS for reading, studying and memorizing your bible while we still can, while reading the bible is still legal!




In a very short time from now, reading the holy bible will be illegal. It might not seem like this will happen, but O YES IT WILL!!!



If you are not reading the holy bible, you are at such a HUGE DIS advantage compared to other Christian's who read it & compared to satan!



satan has read the entire bible, you better believe he has........ Maybe we should copy him and study it too???




We have to find time to read the bible as if our very lives depended on it, because they do!!!!!!!!!! We have got to prioritize differently!



At the Mark of the Beast or sooner, the bible will be illegal in all nations especially the USA...... Read it while you can children of GOD!



You know who the demons love? Christian's who do NOT read their bibles!!!



We ignored the holy bible for most of our Christian walk. Now that the beast approaches, we gotta take the bible drop dead seriously now!!




The beast is coming for us right now children of GOD. GOD has given the beast permission to overcome us!!!




We gotta start memorizing scriptures, because we have no idea how much longer it will be legal to read the bible in the USA etc etc




We need grace, we need grace, we need grace JESUS...... Ummmm and we need grace O LORD to read the bible!!!




I know children of GOD we cannot read the bible without HIS grace... So we gotta pray for grace in all important areas of our lives!!!




Especially grace to abide in JESUS and to abide in the bible as much as we can day and night, memorizing scriptures!!!




Do you realize if you memorize just 3 scriptures a week, at the end of one year you will know over 150 holy bible scriptures???



We cannot be sure where GOD will have us during the great tribulation, there might be no bibles there!!! Start memorizing people....




If you memorize only 2 scriptures a week, you will know over 100 scriptures during the great and terrible tribulation!!!




If you memorize 5 scriptures a week, you will know over 260 scriptures in the bible during the terrible tribulation. GOD will use you!!!




The more bible you have living in your heart, soul & mind, the more GOD can use you!!!



When I started memorizing scriptures, it was SO OBVIOUS that GOD started using me more for his kingdom.. There was NO DOUBT!!!




Derek Prince studied the bible extensively, look how GOD used Derek for around 50 years!!!




There is a direct correlation between how much you study the bible and how much GOD can use you!!! Haven't you noticed this yet?



Here is the differences spelled out ----->>>>>>




If you study the bible, you will give GOD'S sheep godly biblical answers to their problems they are struggling with!! That is what GOD wants!




If you do not study the bible, you will give UN biblical, worldly selfish answers to GOD'S sheep when they ask you for help Satan wants this.....




 Our generation in the USA is flooded with bibles....




GOD knew this generation of the world would need to study his holy word out of a book because the BEAST is coming now........




During the great tribulation, did you know many of us are going to prison? It is true, it is mentioned in Revelation!!!!




There will be no reading bibles in these end time government prison centers... So start memorizing and GOD will use you incredibly!!!




Imagine if you find yourself in a FEMA prison camp where bibles are outlawed. Yet you memorized over 200 scriptures!!! Wow......




Do you think GOD the FATHER could use you in that FEMA camp prison? You better believe he can because you have some bible in you!!!




Boy will GOD use you if you have memorized many holy bible scriptures!!!!          I mean check this out --->>>>>>



You been begging GOD to use you over & over & over again but U will not take his bible seriously, you will not study, you will not memorize!




Can you see the problem there? If you wont put your heart and soul into his incredible son JESUS and the bible, how can he use you???



Some of you reading this do not believe that the USA will change as fast as I am saying outlawing bible reading.....



Do you people realize when GOD allows the demonic to fully possess our Government & the citizens HOW FAST THINGS CAN CHANGE?




Have you even considered this? It happened in Nazi Germany too!!!




One moment the German neighbors were friendly and loving to their Jewish neighbors, then out of nowhere, they were turning them in!!!




When the demonic fully possess our Government and most of the people, it will be ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING how fast things change for us!!!




GOD knows how we keep pushing our bible reading back to the very bottom of our things to do each day list....



Yet we beg GOD to use us more and more.. How we want to help others, yet we wont learn how to help others by studying our rule book = Bible!




You can read a bible without the secret police showing up, without your neighbors telling on you, without a Judas in your mist telling on you!!!



I am also speaking to myself, I pushed the bible off to the side multiples times in my life, usually because of demonic interference and my flesh who hates when I study the bible!!!




So I know exactly how satan and the flesh, that sinful carnal nature inside of us try to oppose us from reading the bible.....




Please, let us make the bible very important to us, let us cry out to GOD for grace so we can be on fire for JESUS & the bible.....



You can read the bible tonight without one of your kids making a phone call to the secret police telling on you!!



Please take advantage of this incredible grace if you live in the Western world.....




Did you know right now in many MANY parts of the world, the bible is already illegal to read? It is true & this is coming to the USA too!!




We need grace FATHER, we need your grace right now we pray!!!! Give us that spark again, that fire again to read your bible we pray...



The Flesh and the demonic are warring against us reading the bible. In the USA, the flesh and the demonic are winning this war hands down!!




We have to fight back, I gotta fight back, we must say no to the flesh, no to satan and get to studying the bible no matter what we feel!!



Rain down your presence FATHER, the HOLY GHOST in us and light a storm fire in us for reading the bible right now as the BEAST approaches!




If you are not sure what I mean by the - Beast - Check this out →




We need you FATHER, we need you JESUS, we cannot overcome the flesh and the enemy without you JESUS, it is absolutely impossible!!!




Help us to get to the bible, push us to the bible, encourage us to the bible, love us to the bible, motivate us to the bible JESUS!!!




If we are not going to start taking the bible seriously, this BEAST that is approaching now is going to wash us away like we are trash!!!




Yes, it is that serious!!!



Help us JESUS, give us revelation, give us wisdom, give us knowledge so we can understand your holy bible we pray!!!




I am NOT SPECULATING........... The Holy Bible will be illegal at the Mark of the Beast!!!



 Love, your brother Garrett

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