The Beast

The Beast!  & Other End Time Events

Chapter 1:

Child of GOD, if things are getting harder and harder for you do not be surprised!

Children of GOD all over the world right now are suffering more and more in different areas of their lives! Some are suffering physically, some emotionally, some spiritually, some financially etc etc, but know this → The true children of GOD, the chosen ones are really going hell right now in most of their lives!

And let us not forget, hardcore, real hardcore persecution is being done to Christians in most parts of the world. The media is not talking about it, but Christians all over the world right now are being beaten, tortured in hideous ways, raped, having acid thrown on them, having their genitals mutilated with swords and knives, having their breasts cut off with machetes and even much more gruesome acts are being done!

This hardcore persecution of Christians will be coming to the USA too, without a doubt in a few years from now! But not only to the USA, Christians are going to be hunted down, beaten, tortured, raped and killed all over the world. Even though this is being done now in many parts of the world, this will be world wide in a very short time from now!

So do not be surprised things are getting harder, this is a world wide situation with us children of GOD and it is only going to get worse and worse and worse all the way to the very end of the 7 year tribulation.

Children of GOD all over the world are suffering just like you are, so you are not alone in your suffering! That is for sure, you are not alone.....

One of the reasons why things are getting harder and harder is our time is winding down here on earth. The time for GOD'S chosen ones to live on earth is really winding down fast now!

No - The 7 year tribulation has NOT started yet! And we have no idea when it might start, it could be a month, 6 months or two years but it should be real soon!

Even though the 7 year tribulation has not started yet, our time is still very very short!

And because of THIS GOD is really working on us it seems in overdrive speed now!

Yes child of GOD, it is NOT satan who is doing all of this to us. It is GOD who is working on our souls because time is so short for his chosen ones here on earth!

So if you are having huge issues at work, believe me GOD is working on you real hard!

Or if your battling against old addictions yet again, GOD is working on you real hard!

Or if you are noticing that the demons are coming against you harder now than before, once again GOD is working on you seriously now!

GOD is sanctifying your soul, he is changing it over a period of time during your life. And because time is so short, he is really molding, shaping, stretching and changing your soul to be in the image of his son JESUS CHRIST more and more and more!

Now the demons will tell you that you are all alone in your suffering, but nothing could be farther from the truth! The demons will tell you over and over again that you are the only one who messes up like this, or you are the only one who falls down like this, or you are the only one going through these terrible experiences, but those are all lies from the pit of hell!

Peter tells us clearly that children of GOD all over the world are going through the same experiences you are and this is true. Here is the scripture for you → 

1st Peter 4:12 Suffering for Being a Christian
12 Dear friends, don’t be surprised at the fiery trials you are going through, as if something strange were happening to you. 13 Instead, be very glad—for these trials make you partners with Christ in his suffering, so that you will have the wonderful joy of seeing his glory when it is revealed to all the world.

They are, I am, you are we all are now! We are all having more and more obstacles in our lives at this time and we can be sure it will get steadily worse as we have less and less time to live here on earth!

So you are not alone in your suffering, but GOD is working on us from the inside out right now changing us to be more like JESUS!

GOD is also teaching us how to fight now too! I am talking about fighting spiritually against our spiritual enemies we have here on earth! Remember we do not battle against flesh and blood, but we battle against a huge demonic army of evil spirits that come against us and try to wreck havoc in our lives.

Our spiritual enemies are coming against us more now because GOD is allowing it and he is using this to teach us how to do spiritual warfare!

As our time winds down here on earth, the spiritual war with the evil spirits is really ramping up now! It seems that each month that goes by, the evil in the world gets more and more evil while the holy chosen ones of GOD walk in more and more holiness with JESUS.

The demons know their time is almost over, I mean for eternal beings, evil spirits that never die but live for all of eternity, what is a mere 10 years left here on earth?

In a short time from now, GOD is going to lock up the entire demonic kingdom for 1000 years here on earth and there will be no evil!

There will be no evil during that 1000 year reign of JESUS here on earth because the evil spirits will be all locked up O PRAISE GOD.

Then the evil spirits will be let out once again for a very very short time, then they all get thrown into the lake of fire for eternity where they will be tortured.

They know this, so as the LORD gives them permission to come against us, our trials will get a little harder and a little harder each months as the last few years/days/hours of our lives here on earth pass by!

So the good news and the bad news is, things will be getting harder and harder for us chosen ones here on earth!

But it is better to know the truth then to be living in lies and deceptions! It is better to know that things will most definitely be getting harder and harder here instead of believing in the lies of the prosperity gospel garbage that has spread across the entire globe!

Believe me chosen ones, there is no prosperity what-soever coming to planet earth any longer.

Things are going to get harder and they are going to stay hard until you take your last breath here on earth! There is absolutely no way around this fact.

But through it all, JESUS will send more and more strength and power to his chosen ones.

The chosen ones will get more strength from the LORD, more power, more grace and more blessings raining down into their lives!

This will happen while the rest of the world will get more and more and more evil as each day goes by too!

Chapter 2 - The 144,000

At the very beginning of the 7 year tribulation, the 144,000 Man-child ministers will get their -> Latter rain anointing!

JESUS will live in these 144,000 men real strongly and he will use these men to start really taking down the satanic kingdom here on earth.

Then somewhere around the half way point of the 7 year tribulation, the rest of the church will get the Latter rain anointing too!

So as the evil gets stronger and stronger, GOD will counter this in you and me with more anointing, more power, more strength and more protection too!

So we chosen ones have the latter rain anointing to look forward too and this is going to be an incredible experience!

The latter rain anointing is when GOD will rain down his spirit much stronger into us, and it will feel like we are getting a super anointing of GOD'S spirit inside of us.

And as evil gets more and more evil, we will really need the latter rain anointing to make it through each day of our lives during the 7 year tribulation.

JESUS was working in the - Former rain anointing and look how incredible he used the former rain!

And the really incredible news is - The latter rain anointing will be stronger than the former rain!

So that is some real good news for the true children of GOD to look forward too!

The 144,000 man-child ministers you read about in Revelation are here right now, they are alive, and just about ready to get started in their world wide ministry!

Some of the 144,000 man-child men actually know they are one of the 144,000...... They know this because in one way or another, GOD has revealed it to a few of them that they are a member of the 144,000 talked about in Revelation.

While I am guesstimating that most of the 144,000 do not know yet they are one of the 144,000 man-child ministers!

I happen to know 1-2-3 of them and they are here now, alive and almost ready to get started in their world wide ministry!

All they are waiting for is -> The Latter rain anointing from GOD to rain down upon them.

Right now the church is pregnant with the baby...... Or the woman in Revelation is pregnant with her baby!

The baby is NOT JESUS........ The baby are the 144,000 man-child ministers that are just about ready to get started in their world wide ministry taking down the entire satanic kingdom here on earth!

JESUS will be living in the 144,000 in a very strong and powerful way!

The rider on the white horse is just about ready to go ride out and gain the victory too at any moment. The rider on the white horse once again is NOT JESUS!

The rider on the white horse are the 144,000 man-child ministers whom JESUS will be living inside of very powerfully!

They are going to ride out world wide and GOD will start using them to take down the satanic kingdom that has been ruling earth for about 4600 years now. 

So yes child of GOD, things are going to stay hard, I wish this was not true, but we gotta bless each other with more truths as GOD reveals them to us.

Things are going to stay hard and get even harder and harder but GOD will counter balance all of the evil coming against us with his grace raining down into our lives.

So yes we are going to die, just about all of us children of GOD are going to be dying soon, this is true.

Although! There will be a very tiny remnant of Christians who do live through the entire 7 year tribulation and see JESUS come back in the sky!

Can you be one of the children of GOD who sees JESUS actually come back at the end of the 7 years? Yeah of course you can!

A real small remnant of chosen ones will see JESUS come back, they will be kept alive during the entire 7 years of hell, of nuclear wars, nuclear disasters, chemicals weapons being used world wide, massive starvation and no drinking water either. A very tiny remnant of chosen ones will be kept alive during the coming tidal waves, massive earthquakes, earthquakes so big, there will be NO MORE mountains nor islands either. A very very small remnant of Christians will be kept alive supernaturally to actually and literally see JESUS come back in the Eastern sky!

Chapter 3 – The Beast!

But generally speaking, approximately 99% of the chosen ones of GOD will be dying. So because of this, we have to get ready to die!

In the book of Revelation, the bible says that the Beast will overcome the saints!

This is true, physically speaking, we will lose this war!

But guess what?

Spiritually speaking we win, we win, WE WIN PRAISE JESUS WE WIN!!!

Who are we fighting? We are fighting the BEAST during the 7 year tribulation.

Even though we are fighting the beast, O PRAISE GOD we win!

We win the war during the 7 year tribulation!

We do lose the physical war and just about all of us will be killed, yet we still win!

We win because we go to heaven for all of eternity............. After our body dies, our soul and spirit will go into paradise for all of eternity all because of what JESUS did.

At the end of this war,  the beast and all of the beast spirits and all of the people who follow the beast go to the lake of fire for eternity! So although the beast will be killing our bodies and winning the war physically speaking by killing us, after we die we go into heaven to see our DAD face to face for the first time. While all of the beast goes into the lake of fire to be tortured and burned for all of eternity.

As you can see, the chosen ones win when they die. The beast and the followers of the beast all lose for eternity because they are in the lake of fire being burned!

Yes we win when we die!

Death to us chosen ones is not a defeat, JESUS already defeated death and the grave!

So when we die, we win! When we die, GOD'S army wins!

When we die to the flesh, yes that evil carnal nature inside of us we win too!

How can we win when the beast is killing all of us? How is this possible?

Because we are in a spiritual war, NOT a physical war being fought with guns and tanks and airplanes.

This is a spiritual war so we must fight back spiritually, NOT physically with weapons. And when we fight back with the grace, mercies, blessings and favor that GOD is giving us, guess what? We win we win WE WIN!!!!

We win the war spiritually speaking, not physically!

The beast will destroy the USA 100% - there will not be 1 single living person in the USA when that prophecy is fulfilled! The entire USA gets 1000000% annihilated and the bible makes it clear there will NOT be even 1 single person left alive in the USA.

Who will destroy the USA?

The beast will that is who!

So how is this good news?

Because children of GOD we get to go home finally! We get to go home to our real homes in heaven and it is going to be incredibly fantastic.

We get taken out of this test center we call earth and we get to go home to see our DAD. We get out of this military boot camp we call earth and get to go see our DAD, we get to go see GOD face to face for the very first time. Oh yes we sure do win!

Even though the beast will be killing us by the tens of thousands, even by the millions, the children of GOD still win this most terrible end time vicious war!

Yes we do have to die but guess what?

We only have to physically die one time! Just one time child of GOD, just one time only.

The beast only gets to kill our bodies one time and we are outta here O PRAISE GOD!

We only have to taste death one time.

Chapter 4 – Who is the beast?

The beast is a extremely high ranking demonic General whom satan will use to rule over this end time beast army. The beast/demonic general will rule over a huge world wide army of demonic beast spirits. These spirits will be living inside of and taking over all of the non believers of the world. So the demonic general will rule over billions of beast evil spirits living inside of all of the lost people of the world. The non believers of the world, that is people who do not believe in and trust in JESUS CHRIST for their lives will be used like puppets to hunt down Christians all over the world. These beast demons living inside of all of the lost people of the world will use their people to hurt us, beat us, torture us, rape us, abuse us and murder us too. 

The bible makes it clear that the beast DOES overcome the saints. This means they will be hurting us real badly and murdering us just like what is being done all over the Middle east, parts of Africa, China and many other parts of the world too right now!

So to keep it real simple – The beast is a very high ranking demonic General who will rule a world wide gigantic army of beast evil spirits who are also ruling inside of all of the lost people of the world.

All non believers in the world ARE THE BEAST!

Chapter 5 – So Where Are We Now?

So where are we now?

The woman in Revelation is pregnant with her baby. The baby is not quite born yet but it should be soon! When I say soon, hopefully it looks like anywhere from 2- 8 years from now.

The rider on the white horse is NOT yet riding out, but they should be released shortly in about 2 – 8 years from now. 

I can guesstimate these time frames by looking at real world events right now seeing that the world is not quite ready for these prophecies to be fulfilled, but it should be very shortly!

The baby that is inside of the churches/ Woman's stomach will be born around the start of the 7 year tribulation!

So we are stating that the 7 year tribulation should be starting in about 2-8 years from now.

The rider on the white horse should ride out to gain the victory at about the start of the 7 year tribulation too approximately 2-8 years from now.

The 7 year tribulation has not yet started, most likely because a few countries spread out around the world are not quite ready to instill the Mark of the Beast cashless payment systems and their governments are not quite on board yet with the new world order!

Chapter 6 – How Do We Get Ready?

So how do we get ready to go through the 7 year tribulation?

By getting to know JESUS and the bible in a close, personal 1 on 1 relationship, there is no other way.

JESUS and the bible promises are the only way to make it through the 7 year tribulation and there will never ever be any other way.

When I use the words - Make it through, I am not talking about physically! I am talking about spiritually!

Just about all of the children of GOD world wide will be wiped out by the beast! As we talked about earlier, probably 99% of the true children of GOD world wide will be physically killed and murdered by the world wide beast!

Remember we win this war spiritually, not physically!

Can you be one of the chosen ones who lives through the entire 7 years? Yeah it is possible.

But just to be perfectly real with you, most likely not!

Yes dying is scary, I have almost died about 15 times so far, and it is different, it is a unique experience, it is a little scary that is for sure. Dying is a unknown feeling so when you are dying, it is a new experience, a unknown experience, a very strange experience to go through.

But it wont last long, and once your body dies, you will float above it and go to heaven possibly escorted by your guardian angel!

So our only hope to win this war is to be walking with JESUS and the bible hand in hand, arm in arm clinging to his robe day and night and never letting go the best we can with the grace GOD is giving us.

JESUS is our only victory, there is no other! You could search the entire universe to try to find another victory for your life over sinning, addictions, failures, the evil carnal nature we call the flesh and the demonic spirits, and you will never ever ever find anything else to save you except GOD'S SON JESUS!

If you are not walking with JESUS closely, the beast will take you out and you will get washed away like trash in a terrible storm!

Or if you are too busy to walk with JESUS closely, you have no hope at all to win the war against the beast! You will lose for sure.

I am not talking physically, we already know that just about all of us have to die! We all have to die soon. Christians are being murdered right now by the thousands all over the world and the 7 year tribulation has not even started yet!

So I am saying if you are not walking closely with JESUS you will get washed away spiritually speaking like trash does in a terrible rain storm in Seattle!

But if you are walking closely with JESUS, keep it up, and when you die, guess what ? You win!

When the world wide beast dies, they go to hell.

When the beast kills you, you go to paradise to go see our DAD.

The beast will be killing us children of GOD all over the world and they will not even bury us.......... This will fulfill prophecy!  It is true, most of us will not even get burials..........

But the good news is, even though our body will not get a burial, we will be long gone visiting with our DAD face to face for the first time and it will be the greatest experience in all of creation!

We can tell that the 7 year tribulation is about to start because of prophecies being fulfilled now or prophecies that are about to start any moment now.

So the bad news is, we will taste death, all of us will except for a few who live through the entire 7 years of nuclear wars too!

But the good news is, seconds after we die, we go to paradise to visit the guy who created us! Now that sounds like a very fair deal.


If you are not walking with JESUS closely, YOU HAVE NO HOPE!

You will not get into heaven, you will not overcome by your testimony, and the beast will wipe you out physically and spiritually too! The beast will totally destroy your body, soul and spirit and you will go to hell first, then to the lake of fire a short time later.

If you are satisfied with your luke warm attitude towards JESUS, you are in so much trouble tonight I cannot even type it out to you in English words here.

If you are making your job, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, and money more important than JESUS, the beast already has you!

GOD's son JESUS is our only hope to make it into heaven, to overcome the flesh, to overcome the demons, and especially to overcome the beast spiritually speaking!

If you think you are going to buy guns and fight back against the beast, the beast already has you right now!

If you think you need more bullets to fight back against the world wide beast kingdom, you are already in such big trouble tonight that words cannot explain it.

We do not fight the beast physically speaking........ We fight the beast spiritually by abiding in JESUS and the bible promises! By loving others, helping others and blessing others.

There is no other way and there never will be.........

So if you have been buying guns and bullets, you already have one entire leg in the lake of fire right now!

JESUS is our victory, JESUS is our shield! JESUS is our force field against the evil that is getting darker and darker every single day now!

JESUS is truly our only hope to win this spiritual war and if you try to fight without him, wow have you been deceived!

JESUS is our only salvation!

JESUS is our only way to go see our DAD face to face, there is no other way!

The beast is a super high ranking demonic general leading a demonic army of evil spirits who live inside of every single NON believer on earth, on other planets and everywhere else where men and women are rejecting GOD'S SON JESUS!

So praise GOD with the grace from the LORD JESUS we win this war!

So if you find yourself in a line to get your head cut off, guess what? You win this war with JESUS!

You win because JESUS won the war for us and you are walking with JESUS hand in hand trusting in the LORD to save you!

You can rejoice and smile if you are in a line to have your head cut off at the Walmart parking lots because you win!

Yes you will have to die, but you never die! Only the outer shell dies we call our bodies!

The body is just a shell, you are inside of it! And you will see GOD, yes JESUS' DAD face to face just a little while later!

And GOD will smile with joy when he sees you enter his throne room, and HE will hold his hands out for you to run to him!

And you will run and run and run to him as you see his huge smile, as you see how happy he is to see you face to face!

And the joy, the love, the happiness pouring out of both of you will be far FAR FAR BEYOND words could ever explain!

So when the 7 year tribulation starts, this is not bad news, this is GREAT NEWS!!!!

We will fight back against the beast by abiding in JESUS and the holy bible and we will win this spiritual war because of GRACE FROM GOD!

So as I look around today and see the world wide child trafficking.

As I look around this world and see the world wide women being abducted and forced to be sex slaves.

As I see massive starvation world wide with people all over the world dying a very very slow painful death because of starvation!

As I look around and see 1 million witches and satanists in the USA mocking JESUS, making fun of him, hurting and torturing animals, women, children and infants!

As I look around at the evil governments totally and completely walking with satan hand in hand now.

As I look around and see governments of the world bio engineering half human half monsters in underground laboratories!

You know what I say?

I say LORD JESUS, start the 7 year tribulation, do not delay O LORD I PRAY!

I say start the world wide agreements among the governments in the world to trigger the start of the 7 year tribulation, start the 7 year tribulation and let us bring an end to this evil satanic kingdom!

I say O LORD SEND THE LATTER RAIN, SEND THE LATTER RAIN AND USE US AS as warriors, use your chosen ones as special forces super power military units to fight back spiritually speaking against the world wide beast system that is in place here on earth!

I say O LORD JESUS UN leash the 144,000 on the world and live in them so strongly so powerfully, that the earth will shudder under your glory and splendor JESUS!

I say O LORD JESUS UN leash the rider on the white horse and let us put a end to all of the darkness, all of the deceptions, all of the lies, all of the evil that the demonic kingdom is doing here on earth against humanity!

I say start the 7 year tribulation as FAST as grace will allow O LORD JESUS. DO not delay we pray, start it JESUS we cry out to you and let your kingdom rain down here on earth!

Love your servant Garrett

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