The Amazing Cats!

The Amazing Cats!

I just praise GOD so much for watermelon!

Watermelon in my opinion is just the most remarkable thing.

Wow was GOD smart to create watermelon for us... It just shows me how much he loves us.

I also praise GOD that I had an extra 4$dollars to buy a real big one to eat.

You know what else really impressed me about GOD????

 Cats do!

The Incredible Jaguar!!!!!!

House cats, and medium size cats and huge wild cats just so show off GOD'S glory and wisdom just incredibly!

Wow! What A Thing Of Beauty, WOW!

Whether it is a huge male lion, or a small black domestic cat living in my house. The cats just prove to me how real GOD is, how wise GOD is, how intelligent he truly is and how creative he is too!

This Cat is traveling about 60 Miles Per Hour!

What about the way the cats run, or their incredible agility! Isn't it just shocking to see the agility and speed of small to big cats?

My All Time Favorite Cats Are Black Cats!

Their eyes! The eyes of a black panther, or the incredible eyes of a tiger, or even the eyes of a small domestic cats are a thing of genius! Absolute pure genius O LORD JESUS!

Look At His Eyes!!!

Cats can see at night time.... Guess why? They sleep in the day, but they hunt at night. So they got to see at night time --- Praise JESUS the LORD gave them the exact kind of eyes they need!

Yes JESUS, You Are Amazing In How You Created Cats!

Look at how JESUS designed each cat with different fur!!! How amazing.....Could you design a huge male tiger from scratch on your computer?

Look at how JESUS designed the cats to clean themselves... How amazing! What other animals keeps themselves clean the way that cats do? 

Look What JESUS Did Here With This Amazing Cat!

Every-time I go outside and see a cat, I just cannot help but praise JESUS!!!

Have any of you seen a male tiger fight? Or a pack of female lions fight? Or have you seen domestic cats fight? Wow is JESUS amazing, wow!

Have any of you seen a cheetah run? Or how about a small domestic kitten running around the house playing? Wow is JESUS amazing!

Have any of you ever seen a huge tiger kill its food and climb up a tree carrying the prey it its mouth? What amazing power! JESUS your genius and creativity designing the tigers goes far beyond our imaginations!

Yes People! JESUS Paints Them In Different Colors!!!!!

When I see a huge male tiger roar, all I can do is fall on my knees and praise JESUS!

Have any of you ever studied the fighting techniques house cats use when they are play fighting? 

JESUS Programmed All Cats To Use Awesome
 Fighting Techniques!

If you watch carefully, the domestic cats are actually using MMA ground fighting techniques!!! Can anyone say - PRAISE JESUS???????

Have any of you ever seen the domestic cats push their ears back when they are play fighting! What an en-genius thing to do while fighting!

Or have any of you ever seen how the domestic cats curl their tails out of the way when they are fighting? Praise JESUS who designed them in such a ingenious way!

Let me see you curl your ears back behind your head when you play fight hahaha.. Yes JESUS made the cats quite incredible!!!

Wow! What a thing of beauty, speed, agility!!! Praise GOD!

If you have not studied the biology behind a cheetah running at full speed, you might want to do this! So you can praise JESUS even more!

When I see a huge male lion running at full speed after its prey, it reminds me of king David going out to battle! Praise GOD!

A Mother Cat Kissing Her Baby!

Have you ever considered just how cool JESUS is to create many types of cats to purrrrrrrr? How amazing JESUS!

Could You Design This Cat Better Than JESUS Did?

Have you ever taken a really close up look at a huge black panther? Oh my goshhhhhhhhhh --- Praise JESUS!

What else can jump like a cat? Wow! What balance they have... Who designed them with this incredible balance? JESUS of course!

Did you know there is a theory that all of the animals on earth show off different types of attributes of JESUS?

When I see all of the cats in the world, from lions to tigers, to cheetahs, to house cats.. All I can say is –>

 You are so amazing JESUS!

A Mother Cat Holds Her Baby!

One minute our house cats are play fighting going crazy all over the house, the next they are cuddling with each other cleaning each other with their tongues. Haha how amazing JESUS!

Could you design cats to do that any better?

 Oh praise JESUS!

Then they wake up, fight and wrestle some more using mma fighting techniques, only to be laying together purring a few moments later!!!

I praise you JESUS for cats!!!!!!!!!!!

A dog follows you around begging all day long..... But not cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no not cats!!!


JESUS created the cats to be independent, self sufficient, and can do quite well whether the family is home or not...... Praise JESUS!!!

The Incredible Snow Leopard!

Lord JESUS, what were you thinking when you designed the snow leopard?

Oh by the way LORD GOD ! How amazing it was that you designed most cats to have DETRACTABLE CLAWS!!! What a thing of genius, pure genius!

When the cats need the claws, they come out, then when not needed, they are perfectly hidden!!! Praise GOD!!!

Lord JESUS - You even gave cats little type shoes to wear under their paws....... You are so smart JESUS, shockingly smart!!!

LORD JESUS, the lions front canines are the perfect size for the prey he eats, yet the house cats front canines are the perfect size for the food they eat!

What attributes of JESUS do you think might cats show off? How about his power? His glory? His wisdom? His intelligence? His creativity? His genius?

I notice when my cats would play with me, they would keep their claws detracted....... That is how smart cats are!!! Can a dumb dog do this> Hahaha

The cats know when we are playing not to use their claws...... JESUS you are so incredible!!!!!!!!

Who else could of created the incredible watermelons to eat and cats of all different shapes and sizes al over the world but JESUS himself!!!

JESUS you created some cats to hunt in packs like female lions, yet other cats like tigers or panthers to hunt alone. You are amazing JESUS! And you gave each big cat exactly what he needs to do what you created him to do.

While dumb dogs walk around with their nails always sticking out hahahah the cats of the world can DETRACT THEM!!! Praise GOD for the KATSSSssssssssssssss.

Why is JESUS symbolized as a male lion quite often? Well have you looked at a huge male lion face to face lately? YOU BETTER NOT EVEN TRY!

Out of all of the animals of the world, GOD CHOSE to use the male lion to have symbolize with JESUS as the LION OF Judah!!!

Wise choice FATHER in heaven for choosing a lion to symbolize your son, wise WISE CHOICE!!!!

GOD did not use a polar bear, or grizzly bear, or an alligator, or a wild ox.... GOD uses the huge male lion for his son... How amazing!!!

Do you realize how well cats can smell? I praise you JESUS!!!

Do you realize how well cats can hear? I praise YOU JESUS!!!

The Cougar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JESUS what were you thinking when you designed the ferocious - Cougar?

Did you realize that JESUS created most of the cats to have whiskers to help them? Oh how amazing son of GOD YOU ARE!!! Who would of ever thought of – Whiskers?  Praise to JESUS!

A Baby Kitten Gives Her Mom A Kiss!

A Mom & Her Baby!

Most female mother cats take incredible care of their young babies...... UN fortunately, it is very sad to say Even better care than many humans parents do......

Oh LORD I just praise you so much for all of the different colors, fur, stripes, spots and mixtures you designed cats to be! How amazing JESUS.......

Some cats have incredible power, some incredible speed, some incredible agility, some better eye sight. You are amazing JESUS!!!

Therapy Cats! Cats used in hospitals to help very sick people to feel a little better emotionally!

You even created therapy cats O LORD JESUS! Cats that are used in hospitals to help people who are very very sick to get some joy for a few moments playing with the wonderful cats!!!

Every single time I see cats O LORD JESUS, I cannot help but think of you, praise you, be amazed by how smart you are.

You created house cats to even want to rub against my legs to put their scent on me, marking me that I am theirs!!! Oh how cute JESUS! I just praise you JESUS for this.........

LORD JESUS! You even created the MIGHTY JAGUARS to come in different colors???

I praise you JESUS!

I pray JESUS you will mark me as yours the same way cats try to rub up against my legs to put their scent on me... I wanna be yours JESUS!

If there is any pet in the world I would want to have, it would be a dolphin and one of many various cats to choose from JESUS!

Put out some food and water and you might not see your cat for one week. Meanwhile the dumb dog follows you everywhere all around the house -  hahahaha!

From Siberian male tigers that are 5 to 6 feet tall while standing on all fours, to little tiny house cats, your wisdom JESUS simply boggles my mind on cats!!!

Oh LORD you even designed the cats fur to keep them cool in the summer, but warm in the winter. What genius JESUS, how amazing!

When a dog wags its tail, it is happy and joyful Oh wow fun!!! Yay for dogs!!!

This snow leopard is wagging it's tail. Watch out!!!!!

BUT!!!!!!!!! When a cat wags its tail, watch out! Your about to get the smack down on you.

JESUS.. How in the universe did you design all of these different cats? I praise YOU LORD!

One Of The Most Amazing Cats! The MOUNTAIN LION!!!

LORD JESUS what were you thinking to create and design a lion to live in the mountains? - The mountain lion!!! Wow..........

Lord JESUS, some of your cats like the water like tigers, yet other cats do not like to get wet. Your wisdom is shocking to me JESUS!

Oh LORD JESUS I praise you for 10,000 reasons.... Add one more LORD........ Cats!!!!!!!! I praise you for the incredible cats you designed! I praise you for 10,001 now!!!

JESUS - The LION of the tribe of Judah!!!!!!!!!! How appropriate!!!!!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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