The A B C's Of Spiritual

The A, B, C's Of Spiritual Warfare

Some of you have heard about popcorn preaching. But for those of you who do NOT know what it is, popcorn preaching is when a preacher will come up in front of the congregation, and then preach for like 60 seconds!


This free book here on Spiritual warfare is going to be in the same format as popcorn preaching too!

We are going to go over many many different topics of spiritual warfare, but, BUT, we are only going to write a single paragraph or two on each topic..........

So I pray these very short, very direct and very in your face answers will bless you more and more in your battle against spiritual warfare.......

Sincerely, Garrett

Step 1 of practicing spiritual warfare would be -->>>

1). That we are trying to abide in JESUS the best we can day and night.

2). That we are humbling ourselves day and night the best we can.

3). That we are reading and studying the bible, while memorizing spiritual warfare scriptures that we will need............

*You can try all of that fancy $%^T& you learned on the internet to practice your spiritual warfare until you are blue in the face....

But if you are not abiding in JESUS, humbling yourself and taking the bible drop dead seriously, you are completely wasting your time practicing any other spiritual warfare techniques...........

JESUS, the bible and humbling ourselves are STEP 1 AND THEY ARE THE MAIN STEP THAT WE MUST DO to fight against the evil coming against us!

I tell you the truth child of GOD.................

A). If you are NOT abiding in JESUS just the best you can, you will not really and truly be able to cast out demons, or not much at all! Without a close, personal and intimate relationship with JESUS, casting out demons is quite a battle! It will be very hard work!!!

B). If you are not humbling yourself on a regular basis, it will be much harder to cast out demons! I am not saying it will be impossible to cast them out, but it is sure much harder to cast out demons when you are filled up with pride. Amen to that!

C). If you are not reading and studying the bible, it will be much harder to cast out demons. I am not saying this step is impossible, but it will be so much harder to cast evil spirits out of yourself and other people if you are not really taking the bible very seriously! That is why those of you who are not reading the bible much or studying much, when you try to cast out demons it is like trying to pull teeth out with your bare hands!

Step 2 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

1). Cast out the bad thoughts......... Yes this does take grace from GOD of course, but we must use his grace and go to war against the bad thoughts bombarding our minds.

2). Cast out all bad imaginations. Same as above.........
We want to use the grace GOD is giving us and go to war against these bad pictures entering our minds the best we can day and night and be free from this evil.

Entertaining bad thoughts brings bad spirits to us! And then we will find ourselves under attack by these bad spirits and life will be miserable!

Step 2 is casting out the bad thoughts and the bad imaginations so we can practice having the - MIND of CHRIST!!!

Step 3 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

How will you practice serious spiritual warfare without memorizing some very powerful scriptures?

I mean when the demons show up in your room at 3 am in the morning, what are you going to say to them?

Are you going to say ->> Ummmm hello! How are you guys? Ummmm what are you doing here?

Or will you quote some powerful scriptures that GOD has led you to memorize and to know really well in your heart and soul?

How can we practice spiritual warfare without knowing some scriptures?

The demons must submit to the Holy scriptures, but only when you really and truly believe what you are quoting to them will the scriptures work over the demonic.

You must believe the scriptures you are quoting.

The demons will measure your faith!

They will measure it like on a scale and they will know exactly how much you believe what you are saying to them, or how much you do NOT believe! And according to how much you believe the scriptures you are quoting or how much you do NOT believe the scripture, that will dictate what will happen next in the spirit realm!

Step 4 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

Are you worshiping GOD?

Are you trying to do serious spiritual warfare without worshiping GOD?

Trying to cast out demons without a healthy worship life is like trying to pull your own teeth out with pliers........

Look at this -->>>

Ezra 8:22 - Our GOD'S hand of protection are on all those who worship him!

Practicing very serious spiritual warfare without worshiping the LORD on a regular basis is most likely going to get you into quite a lot of fleshly and demonic trouble!


Because your flesh and the demons will fight back and they will rip you to pieces if you are not incorporating worship into your life!

PS: I KNOW WORSHIPING GOD takes grace, it is 100% grace from GOD, a gift from GOD to you!

Step 5 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

1). We have to try to stop sinning as much as possible each day with the grace GOD is giving us........

*When we sin, we are opening up doors for the demonic to enter us. So we want to STOP watching all TV, we want to STOP watching all bad movies, we want to STOP listening to all worldly music, we want to STOP Internet gaming, we want to STOP looking at bad websites, we want to STOP all sex before marriage, we want to STOP touching our boyfriends and girlfriends bodies etc etc etc.........

All of those things are allowing demons to enter us children of GOD and 10,000 other bad things we do too!

PS: YES IT IS ALL 100% GRACE from GOD, we cannot stop anything without his grace, mercies, blessings and favor raining down on us!

Practicing very serious spiritual warfare is very very very DIFFICULT when we have huge gaping open doors in our heart and soul through sinning for the demons to enter us and attack us at will!

Special Note:

Did any of you incredible children of GOD notice I have NOT even mentioned casting out demons yet?


Because trying to cast out demons out of yourself or other people without following the steps mentioned up above is almost a waste of time......

It is literally just about a complete waste of time. I say just about, because if you are not reading and studying the bible, yet you ARE abiding in JESUS, then you will have some success casting out demons...

Or if you are abiding in JESUS the best you can, and you are reading some bible, but you are NOT humbling yourself, you WILL have some success casting out demons.......

Or if you are abiding in JESUS, and you are humbling yourself, yet you are STILL watching TV, watching bad movies, watching bad websites, casting out demons will be very very hard to do! Because your own sinful activities are allowing demons to enter you everyday!

Special Note:

If you ARE entertaining bad thoughts, and you ARE entertaining bad imaginations then those demons associated with those bad thoughts will stay with you!

Yes you can cast them out, but when you cast them out of you or someone else, if you simply start once again thinking those same bad thoughts, the demons will SIMPLY COME RIGHT BACK!

Your bad thoughts or bad imaginations are GIVING the demonic permission to enter you and attack you!

So Step 2 up above - Casting Out Bad Thoughts is a extremely important step to practice!

Step 5 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

 JESUS = Humble - satan = pride

If you are NOT humbling yourself, your pride, ego and self righteousness will get out of control...... As your pride gets stronger and stronger, the demonic will enter you more and more in different areas of your mind, heart and soul!

It is very very HARD to practice spiritual warfare when our pride is all puffed up!!!

You might think you are casting out demons when you have all of that pride inside of you, but in reality, the demons are just laughing at you, or they are hiding for a few days........... Etc etc!!!

We have to humble ourselves -->>>

James 4:7 - Humble yourselves before GOD. Resist the devil and he will flee!

James 4:10 - Humble yourselves before the LORD and he will lift you up in honor!

Humbling yourselves is extremely important in practicing spiritual warfare and every single other aspect of your walk with JESUS too!

Step 6 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

There are lots of videos on the internet teaching some very fancy ways of practicing spiritual warfare.................

I have seen them, I have studied some of them, I have tried some of them too. Some of them work yes amen! And some of them I personally would stay away from!

When it comes to spiritual warfare I recommend we -->>>

1). Copy JESUS! Let us copy JESUS on how he did his spiritual warfare...

2). Let us copy Paul!

3). Let us copy Derek Prince......... Yes Derek is dead now, but he has many many videos on You tube on how to practice spiritual warfare!

4). Let us copy David Eells............ He has a website with a lot of videos on it that you can find at

If you will copy the LORD, Paul, Derek and David, and if you will try your best to follow the steps up above, GOD will use you to battle on the front lines in this very vicious war we are fighting in against the flesh, the world and the demonic!

But if you will not work on the steps up above, you will be just about completely useless in the spiritual war we are all facing in our lives on a day to day basis!

Step 7 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

Demonic Doors:  Here are a few things that we children of GOD do that open up doors inside of us for the demonic to enter and to attack us -->>>

1). Doing drugs............ Drugs allow the demons to enter us. Whether we smoke the drugs, swallow the drugs, drink the drugs, sniff the drugs or shoot up the drugs, it does not matter. When we do drugs, the demons will enter us and attack!
*By the way, this includes illegal drugs and LEGAL DRUGS too!

2). Watching TV is a huge HUGE door for the demonic to enter us..... Watching bad movies, movies that have nothing to do with the Kingdom of GOD will allow the demons to enter us too! And all bad websites on the Internet too of course.

3). Entertaining bad thoughts and bad imaginations are a huge HUGE door for the demonic to enter us and attack us...... 

4). Listening to bad music will allow the demonic to enter us. That means listening to music where they sing about girls, guys, sex, dating, porn, cussing, X rated music, lustful music, sad, lonely and depressing music etc etc.......
*Every singer, songwriter, musician etc etc are all either walking with GOD, or they are walking with satan whether they know it or not. If we are listening to music that was written, performed or composed by people walking with satan, the music will pass the demons into us too!

5). UN-forgiveness is one of THE worse sins we can possibly commit! If we have UN-forgivness, we cannot even get into heaven! It is that serious! When we do not forgive our enemies, GOD does NOT forgive us our sins either! Then GOD gives us over to the demonic to torture us until we pay for all of our sins!

6). Hanging out with, dating, being engaged too, goofing around with NON believers..... When we do that, we are breaking GOD'S commandments and the NON believers will pass their demons into us.

*I have experienced this multiple times with first hand experience! We are not allowed to partner with them, date them, be friends with them, hang out with them, marry them etc etc etc and when we do, we will be infested with demons too!

*But we can preach to them the Gospel, we can pray for them, we can bless them and pass out food to them, clothing, bibles, etc etc.......  WE CAN DO Kingdom of GOD THINGS with them and for them!

7). We children of GOD have to stay away from all gaming whatsoever! That includes all Internet computer gaming, Console gaming, Gaming on the telephone etc etc.......

*When we play games, we are entering into satan's world and when we enter into his world, his demonic army will get permission from the LORD JESUS to attack us! To enter us, to start tormenting us and opening up doors for other demons to enter too!

*Playing computer games is the exact opposite that GOD wants us to spend our time on!

8). Pride! Being prideful, thinking you are better than others, thinking you are smarter than others, thinking you are special is a huge HUGE HUGEEEEE SIN! This sin is so big, so worldwide that only JESUS himself will be able to get rid of the pride that the world wide church is living in day to day!

*When we walk around with pride, being puffed up, thinking we are better than others we will be and we are infested with a multitude of demons!

9). Addictions! Whether we are addicted to alcohol, porn, sex, Internet gaming, TV, movies etc etc all addictions are being pushed on us by the demons!

*1 demon compels us to do the addiction while a second one enslaves us. Those two demons together form an addiction inside of us!

*For each addiction you are battling against, assume there are two demons behind it!

10). Letting your boyfriend or girlfriend touch your body, or kiss your body etc etc will open up doors for all kinds of perverted lustful demons... This is huge! This is a world wide problem for the children of GOD!

*I have talked to children of GOD all over the world who are doing things with their boyfriends and girlfriends that just do not promote the kingdom of GOD..... And when we do that, it is like begging your own flesh and the demons to rip you to pieces with all kinds of evil lust and perversion!

This is a very very VERY SHORT LIST! The list of what allows the demons to enter us would be gigantic if anyone could possibly type it up!

I pray this will bless some of you and help you and turn your life around to JESUS more and more!

Step 8 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

     Here are a few scriptures to give you a head-start in using the holy bible to practice spiritual warfare!

1). Luke 9:1 - JESUS gave them/you power and authority to cast out ALL demons and to heal ALL diseases!

2). Luke 10:19 - Behold! I have given you authority to trample upon the serpents and scorpions and over ALL the power of the enemy! And nothing in anyway shall harm you!

3). Psalm 27:1 - The LORD is my light and my salvation, so whom shall I fear!

4). Proverbs 26:2 - The curse that is causeless, alighteth not! Or in modern English.

*A undeserved curse will NOT land on its intended victim!

5). Col 1:27 - Christ lives in you!

6). Psalm 34:7 - The angel of the LORD is a guard! He surrounds and defends all who fear HIM/GOD........

7). Lamentations 3:37 - Who can command things to happen without the LORD'S permission!

8). Psalm 44:5 - Only by YOUR power can we push back our enemies!

9). 1st John 4:17 - As HE is, even so are we in this world.

10). Isaiah 54:17 - No weapon formed against thee shall prosper!

There is a head start on a few scriptures that should greatly help you as you learn these, study them, and memorize them because you will need some of them for sure in the coming huge demonic wars we are facing now!

Step 9 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>


When you have a nightmare, or when you are sleeping and a demon wakes you up in your room, you will notice there will be a demon of fear there most of the time....

*The first thing you want to do is to get RID of the fear inside of you that you are feeling! You want to make sure you get rid of all fear and this will cause the demon of fear to leave you!

*I am not saying this is easy, of course we are sleeping so when we wake up, we are disorientated and the demon just gave us a terrorizing vision while we were sleeping!

*So we have to wake up, try to get to our senses as fast as we can and get rid of all of the fear inside of us and in our room with the grace GOD is giving us!

*Start quoting Psalm 27:1 - The LORD is my light and my salvation so why should I be afraid!

But do not quote it, say it and believe it! It is your belief in this biblical statement that helps make the fear go away!

If you stay afraid, that demon of fear might stay with you a while! Or until JESUS commands him to leave you!

So remember, getting rid of all fear is one of the main keys here to overcoming a terrible nightmare or a demonic attack in your bedroom late at night!

Step 10 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

Practicing To Cast Out Demons..............

So how should a person start practicing? This is what the LORD showed me.

1). When you get a headache, that is the perfect time and place to start practicing to cast out demons.

*Yes children of GOD, the evil spirits are giving us our headaches.... They are torturing us and tormenting us by putting pressure on various areas of our heads..

What a perfect place to practice casting out demons!

Yes! Practice on your headaches and command the demon to leave you in the powerful name of JESUS........

The NAME  in the Greek means = Nature, character and authority!

When you command the demons in the NAME of JESUS, you are commanding the demons in the = Nature, character and authority of JESUS and they must obey as long as you have faith!

Practice on strange stomach aches, or other strange aches and pains through out your body... What I mean by strange is -->>> When you are sleeping and you wake up and there is a pain out of nowhere in your chest or stomach area... Quite often those are a demon attacking you, tormenting you!

*Practice casting out demons on your headaches and other strange aches and pains that your body gets and your faith will rise more and more with the HELP OF THE LORD JESUS!!!!

Step 11 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

When you cast out a demon in the name of JESUS, the evil spirit will measure your faith!
He will measure how much you believe in what you are commanding him to do!

*Yes he sure will............ He will measure your faith as if he puts it on a scale to see if it measures up and whether it has to leave or not! So when you cast out a demon of headache, just know that you know that you know that he HAS TO GO in the powerful name of JESUS, and do not doubt!

*Cast out all doubt, and cast out the demon of headache and let him know in the powerful name of JESUS, he cannot stay! He must go!

*Put your foot down here, standing on scripture, and do not waiver! The demon will test your faith, you better believe on this!

Step 12 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

*Use your imagination! Yes, your imagination is much MUCH MUCHHHH MORE POWERFUL than you ever thought it was.

*When you cast out the demon in the powerful name of JESUS CHRIST, then use your imagination and see him fly away out into the sky! Using your GOD given authority over him and the name of JESUS at the same time as you use your imagination will really be powerful!

*Make sure to start incorporating your full incredible imagination as you cast out the demons in the powerful name of JESUS and I just know that I know this will work much better for you!

Your imagination will confirm with scripture and the words that you are speaking to the evil spirit that he must go, that he cannot stay, and you are NOT willing to compromise on this, you are not going to waiver on this in your mind, nor in your imagination too!

Special Mention - to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

Aliens? Hmmmmmmmm

We have extensive articles and books on this very important topic on our website which you can find here.

But in a few sentences I guarantee you this → 

The so called aliens visiting earth are NOT aliens, that is for sure. They are either demons shape-shifting to pretend to be aliens, or they are hybrid beings that the demons infest, or they are simply physical bodies that are being manufactured by satan for the demons to live inside of!

We go into incredible detail on this very important topic on the link up above!

Special Mention: 2

Nightmares and attacks in our sleep.

Once again, we have many articles on these topics on our websites....... Here is the link you can use to start studying what is really going on while we sleep at night time → 

Step 13 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

When you cast a demon of headache out of your head, or when you cast a demon out of your body, whether he leaves right away, or in a few seconds, or even in 1-2 hours, DO NOT WAIVER! DO NOT DOUBT!

*Many times the demons will test our faith, in fact most of the time they will test our faith. This is what I mean.

1). When you cast a demon out, quite often he will leave right away O PRAISE GOD for giving us power and authority over him.

2). Other times, he will not leave for a few minutes........ What is he doing? I believe he is testing your faith! SO whether he leaves right away or not, do NOT doubt that he has to go!

3). Other times yet, the demon will not leave for 20 minutes, 45 minutes, maybe a few hours...... So what child of GOD, so what! Keep your faith that he must leave and do not waiver here! It does not matter how fast or slow he leaves, just keep your faith that you know that you know he must go........... 

*You can reconfirm that he has to go by saying things like ---- In the name of JESUS Christ, you CANNOT STAY! You will not stay................

Keep believing child of GOD no matter how long it takes! Keep believing!

Step 14 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

As the LORD JESUS gives you some successes as far as casting out your headaches or other aches and pains in your body guess what?

Your faith will start to grow...... If even I know this, how many millions of times more does JESUS know this!

JESUS will give you victories as you practice all of this spiritual warfare, yet HE will also give you some failures too!

The failures humble us! The failures crush our pride!

And guess what everyone?

That is a real REAL GOOD THING!

I just had some devastating failures this last week and yes I did get down, I did get demonically attacked too on my second or third huge failure this week.

Oh well! So what!

With the grace of GOD get back up again! Keep casting out those demons behind your headaches, behind your aches and pains, keep casting out the demons behind the bad thoughts and GOD will make sure that your faith, trust and believe in JESUS and the bible will grow and grow!


Because he loves you dearly and he is raising up an army here on earth!

You are a part of this army!

So yes you will have some great success like the disciples did when JESUS sent them out 2 by 2 all over the region...............

Yes you will also have failures too! Remember how the disciples failed when JESUS was up on the mountain being transfigured, and the disciples were on the bottom of the mountain trying to cast that evil spirit out of the man's son!

The disciples could NOT cast out that demon because of a lack of faith....... JESUS came down the mountain and reprimanded all of the disciples quite harshly actually and then he cast out the demon who was trying to kill the young boy!

Yes we will all experience failures in our demonic warfare, YOU BETTER BELIEVE it, but just like me, after pouting for a day, with the grace OF GOD get back up and keep trying!

Do not give up no matter how many failures you have had, do NOT give up!

Step 15 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

I know Christians who glorify some demons, this is how they do it....

They try to cast out a demon, the demon will not budge and this goes on hour after hour, day after day, week after week!

This is how NOT to cast out demons.

The next time the person calls me on the phone, the person goes on to tell me this --->>>

Garrett, I have a super powerful demon inside of me. He is a high ranking Captain, or he might even be a Prince or whatever!!!

Children of GOD!

Who cares who he is?

I sure do not and neither did JESUS and Paul did not either!

Derek Prince did not care who the demon was either, and neither did Dr Ed Murphy too!

Look at this scripture -->>

Luke 10:9 - JESUS gave them POWER and AUTHORITY to cast out ALL demons, and to heal ALL diseases..........

What does the word - ALL – Mean?

It means everything! It means every demon in the entire universe that might come against us here on earth!

You have authority to cast out every single demon who might come against you here on earth.


Because GOD gave you this authority and nobody can rebuke it! Nobody can take this authority away from you! It is a GOD given GIFT in his HOLY BIBLE!

So what happens is ->>  When we try to cast out a demon, and he will not leave, instead of investigating why he will not go, we glorify him instead by saying some of the following -->>>>

1). This demon is too powerful for me.


2). This is a very high ranking demon.


3). I think this demon is a demonic General!


4). I think this is satan himself attacking me etc etc etc...............

JESUS said we can cast out ALL demons and heal ALL diseases!

So join me, let us keep practicing, let us keep studying the bible, and let us get more and more and more free from the evil lurking within us with the grace, mercies and blessings from GOD!!

Step 16 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

Lessons In failure.....

I know when Todd White became born again, he laid hands on people every single day for the next year or two for them to be healed! He did this at work, at the supermarket, and everywhere else he would go!

Guess what happened?

He had approximately 800-1400 failures in a row!

This means that he laid hands on people approximately 800-1400 times in a row and on possibly 1400 different people and NOBODY EVER GOT HEALED!

Did Todd quit? No he did not and look at him now!

Todd goes all around the streets, cities and wherever else he is traveling now laying hands on people and most of them, almost all of them get healed now just like how Paul and Peter were most likely doing too!

What about me, Garrett?

I have been commanding something very specifically to happen for over 5 years now, I have failed so many times I cannot even tell you how bad it has been.

But I am not quitting either......... Have I quit before?

YES I HAVE.............

But JESUS picks me back up, he gives me more motivation, more encouragement, more determination and I keep practicing...........

This goes on day after day after day for over 5 years now.........

There is no quitting in this war! And even when we do quit, JESUS will come into our lives and pick us back up, encourage us again, motivate us, strengthen us again etc etc........

There is no backing down.

If you quit, the demonic will rip your mind, your heart, your soul and your body to pieces!

If you back down and get intimidated like I have many times, a demon of doubt might enter you and now you are in big trouble!

Or a demon of confusion, or even the demons of sadness, depression and despair too!

There is no quitting here, there is no backing down!

Step 17 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

Where & How Can You Do This?

1). You can cast out demons out of yourself or other people who are with you. You can also cast demons out of your pets, or any other objects in your house that you feel might have demonic trouble with it!

2). You can use your cell phone and cast a demon out of your family member or friend on the other line!

3). You can use Face book or any other social media, and while chatting live with a person, you can command a demon to leave that person in the powerful name of JESUS......

4). You can make a video about casting out demons and do a real deliverance prayer in the video......... Then people all over the world can watch the video and the authority of CHRIST you used in the video, will cast many demons out of people who are watching the video!

5). You can pray for a loved one, asking the LORD to kick the demon out, and you can pray and command the demon out of a person without having any contact with that person whatsoever!

*I remember the night my old friend, yes a friend whom I have known for many years now called me on the phone. He was very drunk. He said there was a demon of murder with him and the demon was trying to force him to murder his own step dad who was in the other room..... He was drunk and practically crying begging me for help.......

Something rose up in me, that something was GOD'S Anointed one JESUS!

I stood up, I commanded this demon and a few others out of my friend, using my authority over them, using scripture, using my imagination and the demons left...

Much later that night, at about 3 am, a few of those demons entered my kitchen and paid me a visit. They were very angry they got cast out of my friend.........

Step 18 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

Will The demons Attack Back? When you are casting demons out of other people will they now try to enter you?

I remember years ago when I was on the phone with an old Elder of mine. I asked him if when I cast out a demon, are they allowed to attack me back, or are they allowed to enter me now?

He said -->> Garrett! Do you believe they can?

The key here is to NOT even go there on this topic with the demons!

Do NOT even let the thought cross your mind that they can enter you now!

Do NOT entertain these thoughts whatsoever and I do believe they will test you!

Have NO fear!

Have NO doubt!

Have NO wavering on the topic if they can attack you and enter you now or not!

I am not saying any of this is easy, I am not saying I can do all of this stuff myself!

I am just sharing with you what GOD has been teaching me so our world wide body of believers can get more and more powerful as we humble ourselves!

When that Elder of mine said - Garrett! Do you believe they can?

He was testing me.........

No! My answer is no! I do NOT believe they can enter me or attack me back for I am seated on high places with CHRIST JESUS!

I am a child of THE KING....................... 

Refuse to believe they can attack you back because as you see, we play this demonic warfare game with our faith!

Step 19 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

As you do ministry work - Will The Enemies Attack Back!

Just about every single step you take for the kingdom of GOD will have spiritual opposition! Now nobody ever told me this before, so I learned this the hard way.

I learned this directly from GOD himself going through object lessons.....

Even the smallest of things you try to do for the kingdom of GOD will most likely be opposed by evil spirits and of course your flesh too! Yes your flesh will oppose even the tiniest things that you try to do for the kingdom of GOD....

So if you are on the phone bragging to your friends how you are going to go to Kenya and start a huge church there for the people, do NOT be surprised if two weeks later you are battling a very serious porn addiction........

Or if you are on the phone talking to your friends how you are going to record a brand new Christian song for the LORD JESUS, do not be surprised if a few days later you went back down into battling an alcohol addiction!

Or if you are sitting in your bed all alone, asking JESUS to give you a world wide Internet ministry, do not be surprised if a few days later you have fallen back down into playing World of Warcraft or any other terrible games all day long on the Internet.

Yes children of GOD, the demons and your flesh will fight back and guess what?

They have permission from GOD to do this!

It is GOD himself who has designed the spiritual warfare to be this way and since GOD designed it this way, you WILL get attacked back.....

You will get attacked if you simply try to read the bible.

You will get attacked when you try to pray a lot!

You will get attacked when you try to feed the homeless people!

You will get attacked when you try to do worship sessions to JESUS with music on!

You will get attacked when you try to help other people on the telephone!

Just about every single little thing you try to do for, or with the kingdom of GOD, the enemies will fight back!

So I want you to know this, to expect this, and to understand this!

This is why Paul told us in Ephesians that we must be wearing our armor every day! Our spiritual armor because the enemies will be attacking you back!

And they will be attacking you back from tonight, all the way to the very end of your life when you take your very last breath!

Step 20 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

Am I Ready?

OK You have been praying and praying for GOD to give you much more ministry work then you have now!

But nothing seems to ever change!


Because most likely you are NOT ready!

Ready for what?

For the tidal wave of demonic attacks that are about to slam your face into the ground with a brand new porn addiction, or a brand new smoking weed addiction, or they will slam you with sadness, loneliness and depression!

Maybe you have been praying over and over again for the LORD to help you to open up a new church but nothing ever happens........

Most likely you are not ready for the above mentioned reasons!

Maybe you have been praying that GOD will give you a large sum of money to help the homeless people in NY City but nothing ever happens.



You are not ready! The demons will get permission from GOD to come against you like a flood and they will wash you away!!!!

We have to be ready, yes we must be truly abiding in JESUS, in the bible, practicing our spiritual warfare AND HUMBLING OURSELVES before we are ever going to be ready for ministry work like that!

Do you see how many church Pastors fall down into adultery, sex, homosexuality, greed, lusts of all kinds etc etc???

Have you seen how many Christian musicians fall away?

Have you seen your friends fall away?

The LORD cannot answer some of our prayers because simply speaking, we are NOT READY!!!!

But the good news is, it is GOD'S job to get us ready!

So we do not want to ask GOD to rush! We want to wait on GOD in his perfect timing because ONLY GOD knows when we are ready for the next step or NOT!

Only GOD knows!

You do now know when you are ready and neither do I!

Step 21 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

So When Will I Be Ready?

You will be ready when JESUS says you are ready and not one second earlier!

And if you try to rush things, guess what?

JESUS just might let you go out and try!

And what you will find is, you might get some early success in what you are trying to do for the kingdom of GOD, but out of nowhere, the attacks and temptations will start......

You will notice the attack of lust will get a little stronger each day! Then you will notice the bad sexual thoughts will start coming into your mind!

Then you will fall down into masturbation!

Then the demons of masturbation will be living in your hand or the private parts of your body as the bad sexual thoughts get worse and worse and worse!

The following week, you got tempted to watch porn, you fell down, just one time, but you fell down!

The following week, you are watching porn two times a night now!

The following month you went back to smoking weed, drinking beer and you Internet gaming all night long on the computer.....

Why did all of this happen?

Because you were NOT ready for the ministry work you have been praying for!

Because JESUS decided to teach you some very important object lessons about spiritual warfare, about being humble, about trusting in the LORD'S perfect timing etc etc...........

Simply speaking, you were NOT ready!!!

Step 22 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

What Can I Do To Get Ready.............

These answers are all outlined earlier up above! Here is a very short, very quick reminder on how to get ready to do more work for GOD!

1). Abide in JESUS!   Enough said!

2). Abide in the holy bible!   Enough said!

3). Memorize, learn, know and trust some very important scriptures!

4). Humble yourselves!

5). Humble yourselves more!!!

6). Humble yourselves even more!!!!!

7). Practice casting out headaches and minor pains in your body!

8). Do not quit when failure comes and failure will come for sure, GOD will make sure failures come!

9). Practice casting out bad thoughts!

10). Practice trusting JESUS in the small areas of your life so your faith and trust will grow!

11). Are you attacking each day of your life, are you attacking the kingdom of darkness or are you defending............. Try moving forward each day the best you can with the grace GOD is giving you!

12). Realize your pride, yes EVERYONE HAS PRIDE, is the biggest enemy you will ever face!!!!

13). Be patient, wait on the LORD..... Boy do I know this is hard, yes this is sure hard...... JESUS knows the perfect timing for your life so do not rush him! Do not try to rush him to go faster in your life or guess what?  

HE JUST MIGHT GO FASTER and you will be so sorry!!!!

There is a very very short outline of some ways to get more ready for bigger things yet to come for the kingdom of GOD!

Step 23 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

How Can I Practice To Get Ready For More Ministry.........

1). Are you doing well in the simple ministry works that GOD is giving you now?

Or are you failing, or falling down constantly in the small ministry works GOD is giving you at this time?

I mean if I am falling down constantly with the simple things GOD is giving me to do, then I do NOT want to ask for a world wide ministry.

I do NOT want to ask for him to start a church with me.

I do NOT want to ask GOD to use me to start a brand new powerful home bible study group in my house etc etc etc...........

Are we doing the small things GOD is giving us to do real well?

Or is the enemy, yes our flesh and the demonic constantly ripping us to pieces even over these smaller things we are doing for the kingdom of GOD......

No sense asking GOD to use us to do much more if we are really struggling with the very simple things he is asking us to do first!

Step 24 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>


In my opinion, pride is by FAR the BIGGEST enemy we will ever face here on earth!

I am talking about the pride that is living inside of you! Not just living in you, but roaring in you like a huge 30 foot tall fierce BEAR!

Pride is so big, so powerful, so huge in us, it would take a 500 page book to write all about it! Not that any human being on earth could possibly understand all of the attributes of pride, hahahah no way!!!

We have a short article all about pride and the demon of pride on our website.....

So what does pride have to do with learning spiritual warfare?


The more we humble ourselves, the more GOD will lift us up in honor!

The MORE we humble ourselves the MORE POWER I personally believe GOD will give us....

The MORE we humble ourselves, the MORE CHRIST like we are becoming and that is one of the greatest things we could ever imagine!

JESUS = Humble!

satan = pride!

We must, we will, we have to get rid of that pride roaring inside of us with the grace of GOD raining down on our lives.

Pride in us will hurt us drastically when we try to cast out demons...

Pride in us will hinder us when we lay hands on people and pray that GOD will heal them!

Pride in us will make us believe that we do not have to study the bible as if our very lives depend on it!

Pride in us will greatly hurt our relationship with JESUS.......

Pride in us will greatly hurt our relationships with other brothers and sisters!!!

Do you realize children of GOD I could go on listing here so many things that pride is hurting us in, I could literally spend hours and hours and hours typing here....

One last one -->>>>

Pride roaring inside of us crushes the love inside of us, it smothers our love for GOD, it smothers our love for JESUS, it smothers our LOVE for other people and guess what?

When the pride in us is smothering and crushing our love for others, our spiritual warfare will be as weak as a brand new baby humming bird!!!

We will be so weak, so pathetic, with so little faith, with so little love, GOD will not be able to use us for much of anything at all in the HUGE HUGE SPIRITUAL BATTLE WE ARE NOW facing with the demonic kingdom as our time winds down here on earth!


Step 25 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>


What is love?

GOD is love!

GOD is literally love!

So the more love we have in us for other people, the more of GOD'S presence we have in us per se'.......... Or at least the more of GODS' love we have inside of us..

Love is the key to practicing most spiritual warfare!

Besides abiding in JESUS himself, love is the second most powerful form of spiritual warfare.........

The demonic hates!

But GOD loves!

So when we love, we are practicing to be children of GOD!

GOD's love is so powerful inside of us, that when we love one another very much, and we lay hands on each other for healings, guess what?

GOD will heal you or that person!


Because of your love for that person! And because of your faith.

YES FAITH is very important too, this is for sure!

But because of your love for GOD, because of your love for HIS CHRIST, because of your love for other people, GOD can really use you in a powerful way to do spiritual warfare here on earth!

Are you lacking a powerful ministry?

Could it be because you are lacking love for others?

The entire story of THE HOLY BIBLE IS A LOVE STORY!

GOD loves you! So he sent his son JESUS to die on the cross for you!

JESUS agreed to do this for you and I!


Because of love!

The more love you have for others, the more powerful your spiritual warfare will get! Especially when you mix this love you have for others, with biblical knowledge of scriptures and you are abiding in JESUS for real!

The more you love others, the more powerful your prayers will be for them!

The more you love others, when you lay hands on them, GOD will see how much you care, yes how much you truly love that person and GOD will heal that person!

Love is the key to doing spiritual warfare!

The MORE you love, the more GOD can use you!

The less you love, the less GOD will use you!

We have to pray for more love!

We must pray for more LOVE!

WE BETTER BE PRAYING FOR MORE LOVE FROM GOD FOR JESUS, and for our fellow brothers and sisters here one Earth!

Love is a gift from GOD to us........ We can only love when GOD gives us this gift/grace!

Step 26 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

Demonically Controlled Media: The Assault Of The Worldly Media Upon Our Minds

*I want to ask you children of GOD -->>>>

Who would be willing to join me and to boycott everything Hollywood makes and produces?

Who would be willing to join me and boycott all worldly music?

Who would be willing to join me and boycott all worldly TV?

I know we all mess up, I know sometimes we rent a movie or listen to music that we know we should not, I understand this brothers and sisters!!!

But who is willing to join me to say no to all that satan is doing here in the media?

Praise GOD for all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The more we boycott the things of the world, the more and more free JESUS will deliver us from those evils...... And guess what? Demons are associated with all of those evils mentioned up above. So as we quit doing things in the world, we will have less and less demons inside of us too praise GOD!

Step 27 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

Learning how to say no to the world!

1). I was a Star Trek fan ever since the age of about 12.......... If you know how old I am now, wow that is a very long time.

*When the last Star Trek movie came out, I swore to myself I would not buy it, nor rent it............ I succeeded in that for about 1 year....

Then as temptations came upon me to rent the movie on Amazon Instant Video, I fell into the temptation and bought the movie...........

So, when the next brand new Star Trek movie comes out, I will try harder NOT to buy it, not to watch it!


Because I LOVE GOD and want to obey his commands!

GOD commands us in the bible in multiple places to stay away from this demonic doctrine of a movie we call Star Trek!

Join me please........... Let us STOP giving Hollywood, satan, the demonic actors, producers and director our hard earned GOD given money!

Let us say no to the world!

2). I have been addicted to watching sports, or following sports scores, or watching sports highlight videos on the Internet for decades and decades out of my life!

I will never get all of that time back that I wasted doing this, I am talking about thousands upon thousands upon thousands of hours.....

Who will join me now and boycott watching all sports, checking all sports scores every day, watching sports videos and highlights on the Internet or TV?

Who will boycott this garbage with me and ask GOD to turn our lives around from wasting time on this!

Asking GOD to really help us to get our hearts, souls and minds on JESUS, the bible and helping people!

Who will boycott all that sports garbage above with me which is really simply satan's plan of using sports to get our minds off of GOD, off of his son JESUS, off of the bible, off of going to church and getting plugged into a church and off of helping people!

Who will boycott that garbage we call sports with me?

3). I want you to know, that I was addicted to Internet gaming ever since the very VERY FIRST Internet games were created........

That is a very VERY LONG time!

Who will join me and say NO to all gaming?

Who will join me and say no to all Computer gaming, console gaming, telephone gaming and Internet gaming?

Praise GOD for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

4). I have been a Star Wars Fan since I was about 16 years old. That is a very VERY LONG time!
I know the new Star Wars movie is coming out soon............

Will you join me and say NO to this evil?

Will you join me and show GOD that we want to come out of the world?

Will you join me and show satan we are sick and tired of his ways, of his entertainment, of his movies?

Will you join me and say no to this Illuminati garbage?

Will you join me and say no to all that is wrong, that is UN godly, and that promotes the new world satanic agenda?

5). I remember when GOD was showing me that I had to get rid of some of my MOST FAVORITE music in my entire collection! Yes I had been listening to bad/worldly/demonic music for decades and decades in my life!
I had no idea back then what how badly this terrible music was hurting me.........

So with the grace from GOD, I was able to stop listening to that demonic music, yes even some of the artists that were my all time favorite!

It was not easy to quit, but GOD gave me grace! Praise GOD!

Will you join me and boycott all of Hollywood's demonic music?

Will you join me and boycott all worldly and fleshly music?

Will you join me and boycott all music that is inspired and directed by the demonic armies?

Praise GOD for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 28 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

The Flesh → 

The flesh inside of us attracts the demons to it like a beacon going off! The demons can see our flesh and are attracted to it like sharks are attracted to blood.....

GOD has given satan our flesh, that is our sinful carnal nature.....

I am NOT talking about our body, our skin, our blood etc etc...

I am talking about the evil flesh that lives inside of us... That sinful carnal nature that is inside of every single person born on earth! Except JESUS of course!

GOD has given satan our flesh to come against and to attack........

So who is our real enemy?

Is satan actually our real enemy?

No not really, OUR FLESH, that sinful carnal nature inside of us is our REAL ENEMY!!!

So as the demons see our flesh rising up inside of us, or as the demons see our flesh getting stronger and stronger each day, NOW, the flesh, our evil heart and the demonic will come and start to tempt us... James makes it clear, that the temptations come from our evil desires which is located in our flesh. Now the demons come, and with our flesh, they tag team us and double team us trying to get us to fall down into temptations! When we fall down, we curse ourselves and now the demons are allowed to enter us and attack us in various ways!....... This is the danger of doing anything at all that might cause our flesh to get stronger!!!! Once our flesh gets a little stronger, now a demon or demons will attack us with temptations or whatever else and we are in trouble now! We have got to -->>>

PUT DOWN THE flesh the second we see it trying to rise up, the second we see it trying to get stronger.......... This means, if we see a really hot guy, and we look at him, and see our flesh getting stronger inside of us, we want to PUT THAT DOWN the second we notice our flesh getting stronger..... We can do this in our mind, in our heart and humbling ourselves immediately before GOD'S throne.... 

So we clearly have 3 enemies in our world............ We are battling -->>>

1). The flesh! The evil carnal nature inside of us....

2). We are battling the world!      AND

3). We are battling the evil spirits!

Those are our 3 enemies!

When our flesh rises up, it attracts the demons to us more and more.... Now those two might choose to use THE WORLD to attack us even farther with...

Or they might use the WORLD to start tempting us with...

For example -->>   The brand new World of Warcraft expansion just came out.

You might read about it and your flesh will get stronger as you study the brand new game....

Now 1-2 demons who are associated with this type of game will see your flesh rising up, they will see what you are looking at, and they will start to attack/tempt you to buy the game.........

The game itself might fall under the category of -->>. The world!

So this is a small example of how all 3 together attack us!!!

Did you notice in the holy bible that JESUS never said -->>> "I have overcome the flesh".

That is because JESUS had NO flesh, no sinful carnal nature inside of him...

JESUS said -->> "I have overcome the world"!

Some Christian Elders that I know have made claims that -->>>

If our flesh was totally gone, completely taken out of us, the demons would have nothing to tempt us with! The demons would be helpless in trying to tempt us anymore....

Generally speaking, I do like this teaching!!!

Without the flesh, that evil carnal nature inside of us, what on earth would the evil spirits tempt us with anymore?

But they sure could test us right?

You better believe they would still continually test us!!!


Look at this -->>>

Job 7:18 - HE/GOD - Examines us every morning, HE tests us every moment!

GOD uses the demons quite often to test us!

So what is causing our flesh/sinful carnal nature inside of us to rise up each day and get stronger?  Here is a very very SHORT list -->>>

1). Watching TV, Movies, bad videos etc etc

2). Smoking cigarettes, or smoking weed feeds the flesh man!

3). Internet gaming, console gaming, or computer gaming feeds the flesh.

4). Having sex outside of marriage, watching porn, or masturbation feeds the flesh...

5). Drinking alcohol, caffeine or any other drugs, legal drugs or NOT, feeds the flesh.

6). Thinking bad thoughts, sexual thoughts, prideful thoughts, boastful thoughts, better than thou thoughts etc etc etc etc all feed the flesh!

7). Over eating food feeds the sinful carnal nature too!

8). Obsessing on eating desserts can feed the flesh man inside of us.

9). Listening to bad music feeds the flesh inside of us. That is music that has lustful topics in it, evil topics, satanic topics, fleshly topics, sad, lonely or depressing topics etc etc all feed the flesh.

10). Look at people a lot can feed the flesh. Some call this -->>> People looking!

11). Shopping quite often can feed the flesh inside of us. Like shopping for watches, jewelry, music equipment, nice clothing, perfume/cologne etc etc can all feed the flesh inside of us!

12). Reading or looking bad magazines or books can feed the flesh inside of us.

13). Studying A LOT of conspiracy theories can feed the flesh inside of us too!

14). Watching sports MOST DEFINITELY feeds the flesh man inside of us!

As most of you can see, the list here on earth that feeds the flesh inside of us could go on and on and on into the thousands!!!!

Step 29 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

Self Condemnation:

I want you to know children of GOD -->>>
Everyone on earth, and I MEAN EVERYONE is a prodigal child at different times in their lives...........

Not just you, but everyone!

So stop beating yourself up, stop condemning yourself, stop shaming yourself and let all of that garbage go right out the window of your soul!

If you have fallen back down into the same old sins, I want you to know something --->>>>

GOD is NOT condemning you!

GOD is NOT shaming you!

GOD is not holding you guilty!

Since this is all true, why not let the -->>> Shame, guilt and condemnation go too and be free tonight this brand new year!

Maybe you have fallen down into old addictions and terrible things......


Everyone on earth does at different times in their lives...

Nothing strange is happening to you!

Let the shame go!

Let the guilt go!

Let the self condemnation go and be free in JESUS CHRIST....

Yes you can be free in JESUS even while stuck in addictions.......

Being free is done in your heart and mind!

It is done in the invisible!!!!

Maybe you fell back down into alcohol once again over this holiday season....

So what!

The LORD still loves you, he still died for you on the cross.....

Get back up again brother, cry out to the LORD JESUS for help sister...

And he will set you free once again from alcohol!

He has done it for me over and over again and he will do it for you too!


Because JESUS is MORE than AWESOME!!!!!

Maybe you feel back down into Internet gaming once again during these holidays....

So what!

Step 1 - Get rid of the - Shame, guilt and self condemnation!

I am not saying this is easy to do. Of course this will take grace from GOD, I mean what isn't grace?

But fight to get rid of the shame, guilt and condemnation....


Because when you keep shaming yourself, when you keep self condemning yourself, when you keep holding yourself guilty, all you are really doing is -->>

Feeding the demons of - Shame, guilt and self condemnation who are living inside of you!

Let the shame, guilt and self condemnation go and this will make those 3 demons real weak and they will also leave!!!

But you might be thinking -->>> Garrett! I did fall back down into porn, masturbation, sex, drugs and alcohol......... So how on earth can I let the - Shame, guilt and condemnation go?

You can let the shame go because GOD is NOT shaming you!

You can let the guilt go, because you are NOT guilty in front of GOD the FATHER.

You can let the condemnation/self condemnation go because GOD is NOT condemning you!

Romans 8:1 - There is now NO condemnation for those in Christ JESUS......

GOD sees his son JESUS in you! 

GOD sees his son JESUS' righteousness covering you!

GOD sees his son JESUS' blood covering you!

GOD is not shaming you, nor is he holding you guilty, nor is HE condemning you!

So let all of that shame, guilt and condemnation go, yes let it go even while stuck in sin and addictions and abide in JESUS the best you can during these very very tough times!!!

You are not being more holy by holding on to the - Shame, guilt and condemnation of your current battles in sin and addictions....

You are not even humbling yourself by holding on to the - Shame, guilt and condemnation too!

All you are truly doing is the following -->>>

1). You are feeding the demons of shame, guilt and condemnation making them stronger and stronger in you!
2). You are holding on to UN-biblical thoughts, UN-biblical imaginations and UN-biblical doctrines...
3). You are tormenting yourself in darkness when you shame, guilt and condemn yourself..........
It does nothing, NOTHING at all for you except hurt you terribly!!!

Step 30 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

Ignore The Demons

Hi Children of GOD. Please let me share with you something. When you are being tormented by the demons in whatever way, one new way of spiritual warfare you can try is to just simply ignore them.

Keep your mind on JESUS, the bible, the kingdom of GOD, helping people etc etc..... The last thing on earth you want to do is to focus on the demons attacking you. Do not focus on them, that is what they want you to do. They want to get your attention, and when they do this, they got your mind off of JESUS and bible scriptures.......

Simply ignore them, keep focusing on JESUS in prayer, worshiping, praising, talking, sharing etc etc and go about your daily life..... As you ignore the demons, they will get weaker and weaker and simply just go away as the LORD or you kick them out of you! But if you give the demons your attention all morning long, they will get stronger and stronger, they will literally feed off of your attention and then they will get too strong for you because you fed them too much by paying attention to their antics....


In the 60+ years since the USA has had TV, can any of us even begin to calculate how much the TV was used by satan to destroy a wonderful country?

I am NOT only blaming TV, of course not............

But let us give the TV credit for the evil that it has done!

It has helped to transform a beautiful country into a land where the demons dwell! Where satan has built his throne.............

 Never since the world wide flood has there been a country or nation as evil as the USA, not even close!

Babylon looks like Fantasy Island compared to the USA!!!!
And guess what?

TV played a huge, HUGE part in transforming the lives of people in the USA to satan..........

Watching TV will allow demons to enter you.........

Step 31 to practicing spiritual warfare ------->>>

Demonic Flash Attacks:

I want you to know there is such a thing as a -->>> Flash attack!!!!!

That is when the demons input a picture, or movie like scenes into your mind and usually they will be bad, or evil, or lustful scenes!!

There are also flash attacks where let us say that the demons will attack you out of nowhere with no notice at all, and literally in seconds you are sinning in whatever topic you are being attacked in!!

I remember a few nights ago at about 3 am in the morning, a demon had input some scenes or movies into my mind all about a porn video I saw earlier in my life....

These attacks can come out of nowhere, and if you are not ready, you will be sinning literally in seconds!!!

These attacks are real and they are happening to children of GOD world wide I believe!

So when the flash attacks come, one minute you can literally be worshiping GOD with wonderful music on........ Then 5 minute later you will be watching porn, or drinking beer, or calling a old girlfriend to come over, or feeling really sad and depressed etc etc..................

These attacks are real and the church body must know about them!

I have gone from praying and worshiping JESUS to watching porn 15 minutes later.............

These attacks are real, and we have to be on guard!

Being on guard means we are growing in our relationship with JESUS each day....

Studying the bible the best we can and making the bible important to us....

Being humble!

And realizing it is all GOD'S grace whether we fall down into old addictions, or if we say no and march forward with JESUS!!!

It is all grace!

I have been demonically flash attacked with depression so many times, I cannot even count............

That means everything is going fine during the day. I get off work, now as I walk to the parking lot to get into my car, depression attacks me like a cold dark evil blanket and now I am feeling depressed all of the sudden!

Many of you have gone through that too!



I pray this FREE book on spiritual warfare has blessed you, encouraged you, taught you, motivated you and has given you new determination to practice your spiritual warfare more now than ever before......

Love, your servant Garrett

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