The List Of Importance!!

List Of Importance!!


Here Is The List For Single People

1). GOD - GOD must come first and foremost in our lives at all times. That means that we should have more love and reverence for GOD then anyone else in our entire life. That also means that we want to obey GOD no matter what HE might ask us to do. If GOD tells us NOT to do something, then we better not! If GOD tells us to change jobs then it would be very wise of us to listen to HIM. If GOD tells us to quit doing the ministry work that we are doing, it would be in our best interests to listen to the LORD GOD CREATOR! By putting GOD first in our lives, not only are we being obedient to GOD, and obeying HIS Holy Bible, but now we will clearly see just how much better our life starts to get. And not just a little bit better, but if we put GOD first, every single aspect of our life will start to get much, much better. Putting GOD first is NOT an excuse for us to ignore our mom’s or dad’s or children either if you have any for that matter. It is also not an excuse for us to run off to church to worship while at the exact same time our mom‘s or dad‘s might have an emergency and need our help! Making GOD first in our lives is more so done in our mind, heart and soul. By keeping JESUS in our heart and mind all day and night, now our own marriage and family life will run sooooo much smoother and with more love then ever before.

2). Children - if you have children, This is a no brainer - Of course the children come next. The children are very young, and don’t have the knowledge or ability yet to make proper decisions for themselves. Of course you stop everything your doing when the children need your help! BUT the children do come AFTER GOD, for if your relationship with JESUS starts to suffer, it will only be a matter of time until your entire family suffers.  Because your single, and your raising the children alone, you are all the children really have and GOD of course………   This is why the children do come 2nd, because they are counting on you for everything, and JESUS is counting on you to raise the children to know HIM, and love HIM in a close relationship too.

3). Family - Your mom, dad, brother’s and sister’s come next - When your extended family needs help, it would be very CHRIST like to stop everything you are doing to help your mother where she is asking you for help. Well what if your mother and one of your children need emergency help at the exact same time? Of course you would have to call your mother and explain to her that your son or daughter has an emergency at this time and you wont be able to help her. Because of how small and vulnerable your children are, yes they do come before your extended family. But besides GOD, and any children you might have, nobody else would ever come before your parents or siblings who were there for you all of those years while you were growing up! Yes your mom and dad were there for you all of those years raising you up to be the man or woman of GOD that you are today!!!!

4). Job - Your job is how you make a living to pay all of your bills for yourself and any children you might have. Your job brings food on to the dinner table for your entire family, so of course your job comes next. If your mom has a terrible emergency during the time when you are suppose to be at work, hopefully you would call your boss and ask for permission to take a few hours off to go help your mom with this crisis that has arisen. So yes your family does come before your job, BUT ONLY WHEN IT IS A REAL, I SAY IT AGAIN, ONLY WHEN IT IS A REAL EMERGENCY…..    If your mom and dad need your help, but it ISNT an emergency then YES you WOULD go to WORK out of respect to your boss……

5). Ministry - YES - I know your shocked right now to see this!!!    Your ministry work for the LORD comes 5th.  And if your elevating your ministry work any higher then number 5 on your list, you are making a terrible, terrible mistake!

YOUR MINISTRY WORK DOES NOT COME 1ST LIKE SO MANY CHRISTIANS IN THE WORLD ARE MAKING IT OUT TO BE. And because your putting your ministry work first, this is part of the reason why your relationship with the LORD JESUS is suffering like it is!!!

For example

A). What good is doing ministry work for the LORD, if your own relationship with JESUS is suffering because of it?  Or what good is doing ministry work all the time if you then DON’T HAVE TIME to even read HIS Holy Bible?  Yes the GOD of our ministry work does come way, way, way, way, way before we ever think about doing ministry work!  WAY TOO MANY CHRISTIAN’S are going straight to doing ministry work without putting a huge emphasis on abiding in JESUS and HIS Holy Bible first!! That is one of the main reasons why the church is Luke-warm at this time in the world.

B). What good is it to put ministry ahead of your own children? Sure you are helping other people but at home your own children are suffering greatly because you are constantly away from home. I realize that you are feeding the homeless or teaching people about JESUS, but what about your own little children who the LORD has trusted you to take care of? Do you really think that the LORD JESUS is happy with all of your ministry work efforts while your own children suffer?  YOU BETTER THINK AGAIN!!!

C). What good is doing ministry work for the LORD if you have to constantly tell your own mom and dad that you cannot help them because your too busy doing ministry work!  This is even slightly talked about in the Holy Bible……   Yes the Holy Bible makes it clear that our own parents are far more important then doing ministry work!   If you don’t believe me, check the 10 commandments! 

D). What good is doing ministry work for the LORD if your own boss at work is very UNHAPPY with your work effort. In fact he is soooo un happy with your work, they had a meeting late at night about how to fire you from their company! Now who will pay the bills for yourself and any children you might have?  So if your boss has an emergency and he needs you to come in to work on your day off of work, and it just so happens you were planning on feeding the homeless in the park that day, YOU BETTER GO INTO WORK and be obedient to your boss, or in a short time from now, YOUR OWN FAMILY WILL BE HOMELESS IN THE PARK.

6). Girl Friend or Boy Friend - Yes your Girl friend or Boy friend would come 6th on this list. You have not married them yet, so you two have NOT become ONE person yet, body, soul and spirit. Girl friends and Boy friends will come in and out of your life just like the wind. Because of the fact of how quickly people are breaking up with each other in this generation, your ministry work would come before your Girl friend. For example - If your scheduled to speak at church on Sunday night, yet your Girl friend calls you and asks if she could see you at the same time you are suppose to be in church preaching to the congregation, of course you would have to explain to her, that you are speaking in church Sunday night and maybe ask her if you could call her after your ministry work is done. Or another example; let us say that your Girl friend invites you out to lunch on Thursday for pizza, but you of course are suppose to be at your job earning your living. Once again you would have to call her and explain to her that you work on Thursday’s but could you re schedule with her for Saturday to have some pizza together!

7). Friends - Friends will come and go like the wind in and out of your life throughout your life time. This is why friends come 7th. If your friends need your help on the same day that your scheduled to speak in church about why the LORD died on the cross for our sins, then you would have to call your friend and tell them that you are sorry, but you just cannot make it because you are speaking in church that same day. Or if your friend needed your help the same exact day that your mother needed your help, once again you would have to call your friend and tell them you cannot make it. Obviously if your friend needed your help on a day that your scheduled to be at work, of course, again you would have to tell your friend that you will be at work and that you cannot help them. But our friends are very important to the LORD and he wants us to really appreciate them and respect them and love them at all times in the same way that, HE LOVES THEM!

*WARNING!! - If your putting a friend ahead of JESUS, or your children, or you mother, I cannot tell you how dangerous this is not only to yourself for the sake of eternity in Heaven, but it could really harm your relationship with your children, boss, or  family!

8). Strangers  - Strangers are very important to the LORD, in fact he was healing, teaching, and blessing strangers for a HUGE part of his ministry!  Many times when we are dealing with strangers, low and behold they aren’t even human, but they are actually ANGELS! YES THE WAY WE TALK AND ACT WITH STRANGERS IS BEING WATCHED VERY CAREFULLY BY HEAVEN and Satan!!!!!   -  Strangers do come 8th on this list, but we must love them in the same way that JESUS loves them, and that is a HUGE, HUGE AMOUNT OF LOVE.

9). You Come Last - YES that is correct! You do come last and this is very biblical. JESUS himself was always putting others ahead of HIMSELF. JESUS taught us clearly that we must be servants to others, this is why he gave that example when he washed the Disciples feet before dinner. JESUS also said he came to serve, NOT TO BE SERVED! When you read many of the New Testament books, many times the writer of each book would call himself a servant of the LORD. We Christian’s are servants and we must learn to put everyone else and all of their needs ahead of our own!! Paul gave most of his adult life to serving the LORD;  Paul starting up churches and helping to build them up and to stay strong. Paul clearly gave up his life for the betterment of the churches that the LORD started through him, and this is a great example of how we should give up our lives too for the sake of our family, friends, and all those around us who need our help in any way whatsoever. The LORD SAID, IF YOU WANT TO BE THE GREATEST IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, THEN BECOME THE LEAST! We are to be servants!

A). Let us also put our children and all of their needs and wants ahead of our own selfish desires. If it means giving up playing golf on Saturday, because our little son wants to play catch with us, let us give up our own desires and the blessings that will rain down to you from GOD will overwhelm you!

B). Our mom’s and dad’s and siblings wants and needs must come before our own for they are our own flesh and blood, our family! They were there for you during the times when you needed them most, and now its your turn to love them back and to bless them back!

C). If on our day off of work, your boss calls you because he really and truly needs emergency help, of course you have to help him. Even if that means that you will have to skip your favorite TV program. Our bosses hired us when we need a job, and therefore when he has an emergency, we must put aside our selfish needs and wants and help him the very best we can!

D). If your friends or strangers need your help real badly on a day that happened to be the day you wanted to sleep in late and just lounge around watching TV, it would be very CHRIST like to help these people; And by helping these people, you will be rewarded for doing so here on Earth and also in Heaven!

I pray that JESUS will bless you with the GRACE needed to fully understand what HE is wanting from you in the lists above! I also pray that as you practice to get your GODLY PRIORITIES straightened out, that your life will have more peace and love then at any time before since you were even born……………

Love, your servant Garrett