Sunshine - Daughter of Sacrifice



Here is the shocking true story of the torture and murder of a young 19 year old Christian lady.


She was martyred for CHRIST and NEVER GAVE up, even unto torture and death. OH PRAISE GOD.


This story will bring you to tears as you read or listen to what the young lady had to endure for the love of her life - JESUS.

This story will also bring you incredible joy as you learn about Sunshine's great reward that she received in Heaven, explained to us through the supernatural visions that the LORD gave to her mother.

Could you forgive the satanists who tortured to death your little girl?


You are about to learn what true forgiveness really is in the eyes of CHRIST, and how this family was brought from despair, depression and incredible heartbreak, into CHIRST like forgiveness.

The story will be quite graphic in some areas, (so be - warned)!


Get ready to read just how corrupt some of our police departments are, and even worse, how corrupt our courts and judicial system are in some parts of the USA..........

Praise to GOD for his martyred saintSunshine.

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I pray that the book and the interviews will bless not only you, but also your entire walk with JESUS. I pray that they will speak to your heart and soul and draw you deeper and deeper into a closer relationship with JESUS.

Love, your servant Garrett

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