Sports? Hmmmmm


Child Of GOD, Sports?  



Hi Everyone, praise GOD for all of you!

I wanted to talk today about something a little bit different than normal!

I want to talk today about sports! Yes sports..........

I was addicted to sports, or watching sports, or checking sports scores, or watching highlight films for decades and decades out of my life! Yes I literally mean DECADES!

I cannot possibly calculate how many thousands upon thousands of hours I spent watching sports, or scores, or highlights, or sports news etc etc!

 I use to watch channel 9 TV once a week or once every two weeks and catch the Los Angeles Lakers games!

They had at that time Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West among other stars on their basket ball team, and I use to love to watch them play!

Little did I know, that those basketball games on TV when I was a little boy would lead to an addiction lasting decades long...................

I remember when I was about 10 years old and the UCLA college basketball team had a very long UN defeated streak going on their home court!

Bill Walton had just left UCLA to go to the NBA and at this time they were unbeatable at home!

I use to listen to their basket ball games on my radio in the kitchen of my mom's house!

Most of you have noticed that we children of GOD can get addicted to almost anything, and yes sports is one of the big ones!

How could I possibly calculate how many thousands of hours I wasted watching sports, or scores, or highlight films? It would be impossible to even try.

When I was a little boy there was NO ESPN yet, there was no sports cable TV shows yet, THERE WAS NO Internet of course either! So each morning at about 6 am, I would go outside and get the newspaper from the front porch of our house!

I would quickly grab it and go right to the sports section of the newspaper to read and study it! I knew all of the famous sports athletes for that generation and I would memorize how much they would score each game or how much they average per game etc etc.

This evil started at a very young age in my life and went all the way up to my late 40's of my life! Even almost to 50 years old!

How sad for me!

I mean nobody ever bothered to tell me that I was wasting my time on sports!

Nobody told me that there was a GOD out there and that he had better things for me to do with my life then to waste my time watching sports, or studying sports etc...

Nobody every told me there was a bible out there that I could of been studying all of those tens of thousands of hours!

Nobody told me that I could of got plugged into a great church and really had some blessings raining down in my life!

Nobody told me a single thing about doing ministry work, about helping people, I had no idea about these things!

So watching sports seemed perfectly normal to me! I mean after all, everyone else was doing it too!

I never heard much of anything about GOD, nor JESUS growing up, even going into my 30's nobody bothered to tell me about GOD, JESUS, nor the bible or ministry work either for that matter!

So watching sports was the normal thing for a young American man to do! 

How sad for me! But besides all of that, let's move forward now please!

Chapter 1: Some Hard Truths!

Have any of you noticed how Sunday is the main day GOD has set up for us to go to church, to worship him in church and hear the bible read out loud all together?

Sunday is adopted just about world wide for us children of GOD to all gather together, saying hello, talking in church and worshiping GOD together!

Yet Sunday is also the day that the NFL has adopted to have multiple games on TV, and many many games on cable TV all over the USA......

Most churches start Sunday morning between 9-10 am....... The NFL starts most football programs at about 9 am too!

We are not even talking here about the NBA = National Basketball Association here who also has their televised games on all week long on TV and cable TV including Sundays!

Once again, we are not even talking about the baseball games, college sports, nor tennis, boxing, mixed martial arts, hockey etc etc that are on TV all week long especially on the weekends!

we are being BOMBARDED WITH SPORTS in the USA all week long!


Why children of GOD, why are we being bombarded with sports all week long, every single day of our lives since the time we were born?

Well who owns the sports teams?

Are there many hard core Christian men and women out there who own these teams? I highly doubt it!

There could be a few possibly, BUT I HIGHLY DOUBT IT WHATSOEVER! I am talking about Christian men and women who make JESUS very important! Who make the bible very important... Who are really trying to walk with GOD through his son JESUS CHRIST etc etc!

I highly doubt any of the chosen ones of GOD own sports teams!

Is GOD being promoted in these sports arenas? 

Is GOD being promoted during any of the sports events that are televised all over the world? Is the bible being promoted to hundreds of millions of people who watch sports all week long on TV?

Is the bible or JESUS CHRIST being promoted? Is there any mention of hell or the lake of fire during these sporting events? Is there any mention of how we can get into heaven?

I mean after all, if GOD was truly behind these sporting events, the sports teams, and the entire NBA, NFL, NHL etc etc WOULDN'T GOD use these huge media outlets and games to promote his son JESUS?


And since the godly things mentioned above are NOT being promoted, then who is actually behind the world wide sports leagues and franchises?

You guess it!!!!

satan is!

Now I never knew these things! And I guess most of you did not know some of this either.....

Yes children of GOD, it is satan through his demonic army that is using sports all over the world for their evil agendas!!!

If you do not believe me, look at the following once again -> 

Does watching sports promote the kingdom of GOD at all in any way, shape or form?

Does watching sports promote reading or studying the holy bible?

Does watching sports promote church attendance in our lives, or doing powerful Christ like ministry work with our brothers and sisters in church?

Does watching sports help people to get out of hell and the lake of fire? Or does it tell people how they can escape the lake of fire and get into heaven?

Does watching sports help people to learn all about what JESUS has done for us?

Does watching sports help us feed or clothe the homeless people in our country, in our cities, in our towns and villages?

Does watching sports help us to get our mind, our thoughts and our imaginations on GOD at all in any way, shape or form?

OF COURSE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It does the exact opposite children of GOD! It literally does the EXACT OPPOSITE!!!

There is NO way in the universe GOD is for his chosen ones watching and obsessing on sports, NO WAY WHATSOEVER! Watching sports can lead to an addiction of having to watch sports..... Now that is what happened to me and tens of millions of other Americans too! Not to mention all of the hundreds of millions of people all over the world who are addicted to sports too!

Since we now know that GOD is NOT behind us obsessing on sports, NOW WE KNOW THAT satan is!!!

satan is the one pushing sports on the TV, cable TV, radio and internet down our throats 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

And since satan is behind the sporting events in the world, especially in the USA, this is why the NFL showcases on Sunday mornings!

This is why on major holidays we will be bombarded with sports shows and sports games all day and night long!

Since satan is behind the world wide sporting events, the teams, the arenas and games, this is why sports is blasted ALL OVER HIS


We have got to stay away from all that satan is promoting in our lives!

We have got to stay away from all of satan's media that he slams down our throats from the time we are born, all the way till tonight!

Do you realize how well I would know the bible if instead of obsessing on sports for 40 years, I obsessed on the bible instead?

Do you realize how many people I could of helped if I had used all of that time I wasted watching or studying sports to INSTEAD help people in Christ like ministry?

Do you realize how well I could know JESUS now if I had used all of that sports time in my life for the LORD himself, spending real 1 on 1 time with him?

Do you realize how many homeless people I could of fed, clothed and spread the gospel too if I had used all of the time I wasted on sports for the homeless people instead?

Are you starting to realize how satan steals now?

satan steals our money, our relationship with JESUS, he steals our bible reading, he steals our virginity too by encouraging us real strongly to have sex outside of marriage.

satan also steals our ministry work! OH BOY YES HE DOES!

satan is here to steal, kill and destroy AND HE IS STEALING OUR TIME USING SPORTS AND ADDICTIONS TO SPORTS! In fact, sports is one of his main, MAIN WEAPONS he uses in the USA and the Western countries to steal our time!

Do you realize how UN biblical it is for a sports athlete to make 40 million dollars a year in a country where there are 2 million homeless people freezing and slowly starving to death?

Do you realize how UN biblical it is for Kobe Bryant to make 23 million this year while Los Angeles has over 60,000 homeless people freezing this very cold winter?

Do you realize how UN biblical it is for for us to spend our hard earned money going to a Laker game instead of helping the poor?

Do you realize, it is because you are watching the sports games on TV, that the network can charge its advertisers millions of dollars per commercial?
This in turn is funneled to the ownership of each sports team who can then pay its athletes millions of dollars a year to catch a ball! Or to throw a ball! Or to kick a ball!

Yes they are paying athletes millions of dollars to throw a ball or kick a ball while there are millions upon millions of people starving, or people dying because they do not have drinking water etc etc!

This is about UN biblical as anything else I can think of!

As you watch a sports game on TV, during the commercials, you, yes YOU child of GOD are bombarded with commercials to drink beer, or to smoke cigarettes, or to spend your money on items where the TV producers have half naked women promoting the items!

There is NO GOD in this whatsoever, so we have to repent and turn away from this evil that we call -> Professional sports!

Chapter 2: How Can Watching Sports Hurt Us?

Do you realize how UN - biblical it is for us to sit in front of a TV all day long watching sports, while we ignore our family members?

Do the parents of these children even know what they are doing?

Do you realize how UN - biblical it is for us to watch sports instead of spending personal time with our spouses or children maybe praying, or studying the bible, or talking about GOD, or even doing ministry work together?

Do you realize how UN – biblical it is to sit around watching sports on your couch while you ignore JESUS for hours at a time?

I hope, but I pray even more that some of you are starting to understand now what satan is doing with sports in our lives! Or better yet, how satan is attacking us with sports!

sports, addiction to sports and obsessing on sports has got to be one of satan's greatest deceptions in the USA and the western world! Not the greatest, but one of them for sure!

While you watch sports all Sunday long, your wife or husband is feeling probably feeling rejected by you! They are probably wondering if you love sports more than you love them or the children. They are probably wondering sometimes why they ever married you. They are probably wondering if you are even a true child of GOD. I mean they know you told them you were a Christian when you two got married, but your actions are NOT really showing fruit here!

Is there any GODLY FRUIT in us by us watching sports?

Does watching sports build up our flesh, yes that evil flesh inside of us, or does watching sports build up our godly spirit?

While you spend your free time watching sports, your children are off on their own and satan just loves that!

satan just loves when your little children are ignored by you! Oh wow, that is ONE OF satan's favorite things for you to do!!!!!

Because as you ignore your children, satan's demonic army is very happy to introduce your children to watching porn, masturbation, hard rock, heavy metal, Internet gaming, gangster rap, lying, anger, rage, frustration, etc etc etc..........

satan just loves it when you watch sports, he literally loves it!

Chapter 3: How Else Can Sports Hurt Us?

While you are obsessing on sports all week long, your other brothers and sisters in Christ are building up huge treasures in heaven!


Because as you watch sports, they are spending 1 on 1 time with JESUS, studying the bible, praying for everyone in their lives, helping people, feeding the homeless, starting churches, etc etc etc........

They are building up much treasure in heaven, this is for sure!

You will NOT have much treasure in heaven at all! Why? Because you spent your time here on earth obsessing on sports and diving into satan's distractions....

So yes you WILL get into heaven, yes you are a chosen one praise GOD! But you will have just about NO rewards coming at all!


You wasted too much of your free time GOD gave you on watching sports and likewise, it does absolutely NOTHING for the kingdom of GOD! Nothing at all!

While your brothers and sisters are out there working for the kingdom of GOD, you wasted your time watching sports highlights, or studying scores and averages etc etc.

Chapter 4: Does Watching Sports Feed Our Spirit Or Our Flesh!

Can anyone in their right mind say that when they watch sports, it brings them closer to GOD? Or could anyone say that watching sports lifts them up spiritually speaking?

Let us look at some facts -> 

When your favorite sports teams lose, most people usually feel down.

When your favorite team wins, most people if not almost all people feel up!

When your favorite team loses in a last second play, many people will get sad, or depressed or feel even rejected.

But when your favorite team wins with a last second amazing play, most people will feel exuberant, or greatly uplifted emotionally speaking, even some people feeling ecstatic!

But if your favorite team loses on a last second bad call by the referee, many people will get angry, hurt, frustrated, and some people will even rage!!! Many people will start cussing, or throwing objects in their house around. Some people will even smash their TV set etc etc............

As we can clearly see, watching sports feeds the flesh man inside of us, and as we feed the flesh, guess what?

It gets stronger and stronger and stronger until it chokes out our spirit man inside of us!

So what is watching sports really about?

It is clearly all about feeding our flesh man! Our flesh loves to watch sports, or porn, or fighting, or movies, or rock concerts, etc etc etc.......

We are greatly feeding the flesh man inside of us as we sit in front of satan's TV and watch his satanic sporting events where a few people make millions of dollars to throw or catch a ball!

Did you know that during home games, the people living in that city will commit more crime, or the police will be called for more domestic violence issues if the home team loses?

You can use the Internet to study what happens in a city with the people living in that city when the home team wins or loses..................

What else besides sex and porn feeds the flesh man inside of us more than watching professional sports?

Just about NOTHING!

Sports feeds the flesh man and when we feed the flesh man by watching sports, that is clearly a sin! 

Not only is it a sin, but we just wasted another 3 hours of our lives that we will never ever get back again!

Chapter 5: Is There Still Time?

I was addicted to sports from about age 9 to about the age of 47 ---- How sad for me!

But you still have time to change!

You can still repent for wasting the precious PRECIOUS time that GOD has given you here on earth! You see nobody told me I was wasting the time that GOD had given to me here on earth by obsessing on sports..... But you can change, your life can get better!


By managing the time that GOD has given you much more efficiently using it for the kingdom of GOD!

With GOD'S GRACE, you can still change your life around and repent and turn away from that satanic evil we call sports! IT IS NOT THAT sports itself is bad, that is not the issue.

The real issues is that we are wasting our time, our lives, ignoring JESUS, bible reading, ministry work, our spouses, our children, our godly friends too when we watch sports!

Now I never had a chance to change, nobody ever told me these things, I had NO idea about these evils satan is doing with sports!

Now I lost thousands of thousands of hours obsessing on sports, and I CANNOT EVER GET THOSE HOURS BACK!

What a shame!

GOD only gave me a certain amount of time here on earth, and I wasted thousands upon thousands of hours of it!!! I will never get that time back here on earth, that is for sure!

And I love you people so much! I really and TRULY CARE ABOUT ALL OF YOU! So I want you to learn from me! Learn from my mistakes, learn from the deceptions I have fallen into.

It is NOT too late to turn your life around, it is NOT too late! Yes this will take grace, amen to that, but start praying for help!

Chapter 6: Let Us Go Even Deeper Now!

Well this is another COMPLETELY DIFFERENT topic here, but it has to do with satan!!!

Now I want to go much deeper!!!

Did you know that right after some NBA players sign their huge million dollar contracts, people very close to them start dying?

I am telling you the truth!!!

Evidence is coming out now that this basketball player is a Mason!

When some NBA or other sports stars sign their huge million dollar contracts, a short time later people around them start dying!

Yes people very close to them are murdered!

Such as their mom or dad, their brothers or sisters, nephews or cousins etc etc!

Why? Why are people close to these sports stars being murdered hideously!

When some of these sports stars sign brand new contracts, they are told there will have to be a few sacrifices, yes blood sacrifices!!!

This is made crystal clear to some of these sports stars before, BEFORE they sign their huge multi-million dollar contracts!

Evidence is now out that this basketball star is a - Mason also!

You can use You tube and study all about this fact!!!

Hollywood Stars at a Laker Game!
Who owns Hollywood?
satan does of course!

So without mentioning any names here, when a NBA star I know of signed his last contract, many people around him were murdered!

Yes this really does GO ON HERE IN THE USA.......... This demonic plan really does happen, this is all real children of GOD!!!

Who does satan use to run Hollywood for him?
He uses Masons/Elites/Handlers & Enforcers who are all 
extremely satanic in their beliefs!

satan is not going to give these people millions of dollars without there being sacrifices of one kind of another made, ABSOLUTELY NO!

Did you know most Hollywood stars whether in film or music all have to go through satanic initiations to become famous? To get super wealthy?

Yes it is true........


This topic is extremely hushed up in the USA media, AND IT IS ALSO HUSHED UP BY MANY OF THE Masonic police offices in the USA too who quickly cover up all of the evidence....

Chapter 7: Sports & Divorce? Hmmmmm

One of the smaller reasons why Christians get divorced is because one of them is spending their free time watching sports!

It is true, this is one of the smaller reasons why Christians are getting divorced and the Christian divorce rate in the USA is over 52%.

We cannot come home from work and go right to the TV while our spouses and children are off on their own doing their own things!

We cannot do that, we must not do that, we HAVE GOT TO STOP ignoring our family members, or satan will rain down hell in your family!

And this is exactly what satan is doing in the USA!!!

When you come home from work and go right to the TV to watch sports, or scores, or highlights, I promise you this -> 

Your spouse will be very disappointed in you, or hurt, or feel rejected, or even get angry!

And if these issues are not addressed or changed sometime soon, as you sit on your TV watching sports, you are already halfway in divorce court!

Chapter 8: Time!

GOD only gave you a certain amount of time here on earth! Your hours and minutes are all NUMBERED here child of GOD!


Does GOD want us spending our time that he gave us, YES THAT PRECIOUS TIME here on earth watching sports? Or could there be more important things that GOD might have us do with the time he gave us?

Does GOD want us wasting thousands of hours of the precious time he gave us ignoring JESUS, the bible, spouses, children, and ministry work too?

I tell you straight, if you are watching a lot of sports, you really do not know the bible too well, you cannot know the bible that well, you will never know the bible that well either!

I am sorry, I do not mean to hurt your feelings or upset you! But if you are watching a lot of sports, you do NOT know the bible!

I did not know the bible at all either as I wasted thousands upon thousands of hours on sports and other sinful events for huge portions of my life!

Now at a very late age, I am using the grace GOD is giving me to try to turn my life around! But what do I mean by turning my life around?

I mean I am turning my life around from sports TO JESUS, from watching sports highlights to the bible, from checking on sports scores to helping people,  and using my time GOD has given me more for the kingdom of GOD etc etc etc!!!

Chapter 9: Satan Steals?  Hmmmmm

You will never get back those hours you wasted watching sports, or scores, or sports highlights and that is one way satan steals!!!

satan is stealing your time here on earth just like he has done to me!

You only get a certain amount of time to live here on earth, your days, hours and seconds are all numbered by GOD.........

And guess what?

When you watch sports, satan is stealing your time, your relationship with JESUS, your studying of the bible, doing ministry work, spending time with your spouse or children, spending time with friends or other loved ones too!

Yes all of this is being slowly stolen from you just like it was from me too!

But I love you so much, I have to speak up here! We must put a stop to satan stealing our time here on earth, WE MUST!!!

We must try to COME OUT of the worldly ways!

We must try to COME OUT of satan's traps and deceptions to steal our time away from us, to steal our walk with JESUS away from us!

I love you people and I pray you will really seek out from GOD on how to spend each and every moment that GOD gives you here on earth!

Chapter 10: Fire!

Do you realize that all of the sports you watch, or play, or scores you study, or sports highlight films will all get burned up?

Did you know child of GOD that all of what I just typed gets COMPLETELY BURNED UP BY GOD?

Did you know GOD tells us this clearly in the Holy bible?

Did you know that you will never ever get any reward, or any credit, or anything at all from GOD with anything having to do with your sports addiction?

Did you know that all worldly things, YES ALL WORLDLY THINGS WE DO here on earth get burned up?

Did you know that while you are obsessing on sports, other brothers and sisters in Christ are moving mountains for JESUS?

Did you know while you obsess on sports, many other brothers and sisters are obsessing on the Holy bible?

Did you know that when you spend 3 hours watching a football game, other brothers and sisters in JESUS CHRIST are spending 3 hours with the LORD!

And guess what?

You are falling way behind here. Your walk with the LORD is really struggling, you really do not know the bible that well, you have very few if any scriptures memorized at all, you are doing very little ministry work if any at all etc etc etc...............

Now while I was spending thousands of hours sinning in sports, some of you were walking across water for the kingdom of GOD!

Some of you were being used by GOD to heal the sick, raise the dead, cure diseases and cast demons out of people!

While I was wasting away my life in sports, scores, highlights & conversations, some of you were starting up churches!!!

We children of GOD waste so much time that GOD has given us in sooooooooo MANY DIFFERENT SINFUL THINGS!

But this talk is just about sports today only! I am NOT going to go into Internet gaming, or console gaming, or porn, or sex, or gambling, or TV, or movies either!

This talk is only about sports!

While I was watching highlight sports videos each night, many of you were out in the freezing cold passing out blankets to the homeless!

And I take time right now to praise GOD for you!

I thank you right now in the name of JESUS for all you have done for the kingdom of GOD, I thank you for GOD right now!!!

We have got to change children of GOD.............. Our time is just about over here on earth!

Prophecies that are already started right now show us that our time is almost over!

Chapter 11: GOD!

One last thing before I go please --->>>>>>>

What if GOD makes us answer for the time he gave us here on earth!

What if when we see GOD on his throne, HE LITERALLY MAKES US EXPLAIN HOW WE SPENT OUR TIME HERE ON EARTH that HE was graciouis enough to give us?

I do NOT mean in judgment people, GOD does NOT judge those who are in CHRIST JESUS!

I do NOT mean you will lose your salvation according to how you spent your time, there is NO CONDEMNATION for those in CHRIST JESUS!

I am not even saying you will get into trouble for how you spend your time here on earth, no no no none of that!

But what IF GOD ASKS you to explain how you spent the precious time GOD gave you here on earth!

What if he asks you to explain this in great detail in front of all of the holy angels?

What if GOD asks you to explain how you spent your time in front of ALL OF THE OTHER Chosen men and women, boys and girls?

What if you have to explain how you spent your time in front of trillions of holy angels, and billions of Chosen human beings?

I want you to think about this very very carefully child of GOD!

I want you to really start spending some time with GOD 1 on 1 on how you spend your time he gives you each day!

Are you doing everything you can for GOD each day. And are you doing every single thing you can for the kingdom of GOD each day?

Or are you wasting hour after hour each day in things that GOD is going to completely burn up and do away with?

Are you actually taking time to study the kingdom of GOD, or are you copying how I use to be and studying sports? Scores? Players? Standings? Rankings? Statistics?

Think about all of this very very carefully please, and I pray GOD will really open up your mind, your heart and soul with this very important topic!


Are you watching sports while your wife or husband is doing something else?

Oh Boy! Get ready for divorce court! You might as well start shopping for a divorce attorney when the basketball game is over!

Are you watching sports while your children are doing something else in the house? Something else that you are not even aware of, that you have no idea about?

Oh Boy! You better start lining up a children's deliverance minister to cast the demons out of the children!

You better start getting ready to find someone to cast the demons of porn, lust, masturbation, heavy metal, gangster rap, occult activities etc etc out of your children.

Are you watching football and basketball on Sundays while your spouse and children are at home doing GOD knows what?

Did you even know you were suppose to encourage, motivate and give determination to your family to go to church, or to pray more, or to read the bible?

I pray GOD will rain down so much grace into your life this week, that you will REALLY and TRULY change the way you spend your time!

That you will start to see sports addictions as being as demonically evil as they are!!! 

That you will start to see that it is NOT GOD who is behind the sports, but it is the demonic kingdom and your flesh!

I pray GOD will really change your mind, your heart, your soul and the way you think about these things!!!

In the powerful name of JESUS CHRIST I pray for you! Amen!

Love, your servant Garrett

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