Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis!

Have you noticed that while we are sleeping, the demonic spirits are attacking us more and more?

Have you also noticed on the Internet that demonic attacks of sleep paralysis is really ramping up world wide now? It seems like there are thousands of videos on the Internet of people complaining about, or talking about, or even trying to teach about this phenomenon we call sleep paralysis!

People all over the world are trying to explain away sleep paralysis in some of the most silly ways! If you watch what they are saying in their videos, it is absolutely foolishness!

Sometimes the demons attack us while we are sleeping by choking us! I have had that done to me about 15 times now! I have also known other Christian people who have woken up to find out they were being choked by a demon hovering above them! So yes the demons do get permission from JESUS to attack us in different ways while we are sleeping, this is an absolute fact!

Sometimes the demons will give us terrorizing dreams while we sleep which we call nightmares!

Sometimes the demons attack us while we are sleeping by giving us XXX rated dreams too, this is being done world wide to children of GOD while we sleep! I have talked to people all over the world who have went on to share with me all about these vicious demonic attacks!

Sometimes the demons will give us very defiling type dreams too. Dreams so defiling we cannot even talk about it! Dreams so disgusting, so embarrassingly evil, so filthy, that these are the types of dreams that we will never share with anyone! I know I have gotten some of those too!

I want you to know that when the demons give you a bad dream, they are actually giving you a vision....... Dreams are visions that we receive while we are sleeping! So these evil spirits are actually giving you a scary vision while you are sleep, but since you are sleeping, people call these visions dreams!

Now what else do we have happening at nighttime? We have these evil spirits paralyzing people while they sleep.... Then when the man or woman wakes up, they cannot move, their bodies are literally paralyzed. And to top it off, there will usually be a feeling of deep fear or evil or both in the room. This is because the demon who is attacking that person, is right there in the room most likely next to them or on top of them!

I have not personally gone through sleep paralysis, but I can tell this would be a scary and traumatic experience to go through!

We can see that the time for the demons to rain down hell here on earth in men and women, boys and girls is really winding down now! It might even be safe to say that they have 10 years or less here on earth to do their evil deeds!

These are eternal beings that do not die! They know their time on earth is getting to be very very short now!

You might be asking what math we are using to guestimate that the time for the demonic here on earth is around 10 years left?

Because the 7 year Great tribulation should be starting at anytime now. During that 7 year period the demons will be here on earth still........ Then a short time later when JESUS comes back to earth to rule and reign for 1000 years, the demons will be put away during the 1000 year reign of our LORD JESUS CHRIST!

After the 1000 years are over, satan and his demonic army will be let out of their captivity for a very very short time on earth once again!

Then! Then they will be thrown into the lake of fire for all of eternity!

This is how we can tell that the time for satan and his demons to roam the earth causing death and destruction should be about 10 years or less approximately speaking!

As the time for the demonic here on earth winds down quickly, and right before they are thrown into the lake of fire for all of eternity, it seems the demonic are manifesting more and more world wide! It also seems they are doing different kinds of attacks now on humanity!

One of these newer types of attacks is what we call –

Sleep Paralysis!

Why would GOD allow evil spirits to attack us while we sleep?

Have you noticed how humbling of an experience it is when you get attacked at nighttime while you are sleeping? It is very humbling indeed! When you wake up from a deep sleep and you cannot move at all, in fact you are completely paralyzed, this is extremely humbling!

Have you noticed how humbling it is when you get a very scary nightmare?

Have you noticed how humbling it is when you get attacked with a XXX rated dream?

It is a very VERY humbling experience to wake up from a deep sleep, and to find out an evil spirit is trying to choke you to death!

I feel the number 1 reason why GOD allows the evil spirits to attack us at night time is because of our pride! GOD hates pride and because of this, GOD allows certain situations to happen in all of our lives to shatter the evil pride inside of us........

Getting attacked at night time while we are sleeping is very humbling, it shatters the pride lurking inside of all of us!

So in my opinion, pride, our PRIDE is the number 1 reason why GOD is allowing our spiritual enemies to attack us!!!

But why else would GOD allow these attacks?

When we get a terrifying dream, have you noticed how all of the sudden we start to seek out JESUS more?

Have you noticed how we start to pray a little more after one of these nighttime attacks?

Have you noticed when you get choked almost to death while sleeping, that this really causes us to start seeking out JESUS with all of our heart?

Many Christians throughout the world ignore JESUS day after day after day. They also ignore the holy bible. Christians simply speaking, are NOT making JESUS important enough in their lives! Because of this, I believe GOD is allowing the demons to attack his children late at night as a WAKE UP CALL TO START TAKING JESUS VERY VERY SERIOUSLY!

Have you noticed when someone gets paralyzed in bed by evil spirits, how you get a brand new fire to seek out JESUS?

So a second reason why GOD allows these attacks to happen in the middle of the night is because it causes us to really seek out JESUS, the bible and praying much more than we would normally would. And that is a very very good thing!!!

Another reason why GOD might allow evil to attack us while we sleep is so we can practice our spiritual warfare!!!

GOD is teaching us spiritual warfare, but how can GOD do this if he does not allow spiritual enemies to come against us?

GOD allows our enemies to come against us in different ways so we can practice our spiritual warfare. In fact, if the enemies do NOT attack us, we could NEVER EVEN practice spiritual warfare in the first place. So OF COURSE they will get permission to come against us!

So when you wake up, and there is a demon in the room attacking you in whatever way, GOD wants you to be humble, and to practice your spiritual warfare!!!

Or if you have a terrible nightmare, you wake up, and the demon of fear is in your room above you, you have to practice spiritual warfare!

Or if you get sexually attacked while sleeping, you gotta wake up, humble yourself, and practice spiritual warfare!

As you can clearly see here, without enemies, we could NEVER practice spiritual warfare. So YES GOD does give our enemies permission to come against us in different ways. One of the ways that GOD allows are attacks to happen against us while we are sleeping!

Now what are some other reasons why GOD might allow these demonic attacks at nighttime?

Maybe your getting attacked in various ways while you sleep because you involved in some occult activity?

Are you playing dungeons and dragons? Are you playing world of warcraft?

Are you watching horror movies? Or are you watching movies with sexual content in them?

Are you watching occult videos? Are there areas in your life where the demons might be entering you because of you are involved in wrongful activities!

Is it possible GOD is allowing some demons to attack you at night time because of any blatant sinning you might be involved in? Are you smoking weed and getting high? Are you getting drunk a lot? I use to do that, and the demons would attack me quite extensively while drunk! Are you doing any other drugs? Are you having sex outside of marriage?

You want to try to find out as soon as you can why these demonic attacks are happening at night time by seeking out JESUS in some very quiet 1 on 1 time! I am sure he will reveal to you why they are happening! I know he will.

It is also possible that GOD is allowing the demons to attack you at nighttime to reveal to you that – Yes you have spiritual enemies. Yes they are MORE real than you had thought or imagined. Yes spiritual warfare is real and you need to recognize this!

It is also possible that GOD is allowing some of these attacks late at night to happen as a warning to us! They could be warnings that the demons are going to really come after us now and that we need to be on guard!

Maybe GOD is warning us through these late night attacks that we have to change the way we are thinking, or the way we are feeling, or the way we are behaving, or the way we are treating others etc etc.

If you are being attacked by sleep paralysis, assume those are evil spirits holding you down and tormenting you........ They are not aliens, although many people teach this. It is not your own mind holding you down, although people are teaching this too!

We have spiritual enemies here, and GOD uses the demons like dumb farm animals to do GOD'S will!

If you are going through sleep paralysis, start humbling yourself immediately the best you can with the grace GOD is giving you! Do everything you can to let your pride go right out the window and be humble and kind.........


Start seeking out JESUS much more than you have been. Start making it VERY IMPORTANT to spend 1 on 1 time with JESUS every day the best you can with the grace GOD is giving you!

Start making bible reading much more important in your day to day life than you have been! Make reading the bible daily on the top of your list of things to do each day!

Start practicing your spiritual warfare the best you can with the grace GOD is giving you!

Start doing a complete inventory of your entire life, looking for areas of sin, areas you are involved in the occult, areas you are blatantly sinning and start crying out for help to get these areas out of your life!

Start searching out GOD to see if he is warning you with these attacks, and if he is, find out why!

Seek out from GOD why these attacks are happening and humble yourself!

If you find yourself paralyzed in bed, call upon the name of JESUS CHRIST if you can! Or do this in your mind if you cannot speak! Humble yourself before the LORD and ask him to have mercy on your soul! Ask the LORD to have mercy on you and to set you free from these evil attacks!!!

JESUS and the bible promises are our only protection against this evil.............

Command these evil spirits to leave you immediately in the powerful name of JESUS CHRIST if you can speak. If you cannot, do this in your mind!

1). I really feel pride is the number 1 reason why these attacks are being allowed on children of GOD all over the world!

So keep humbling yourself everyone and GOD who is so merciful, who loves you so much will set you free from these evil attacks at night time.......

Some people believe it is aliens who are attacking you with sleep paralysis, but here at Tears to joy ministries we believe that the aliens are fake, that they are either demons shapeshifting into the form of a little alien being, or they are hybrid beings who are infested with demons inside! Either way, they are demonic in nature!

This is a spiritual problem and we have to realize that GOD is allowing us to happen to us. 

2). These attacks draw us much closer to JESUS and the bible. They cause us to really start seeking out the LORD!

3). These attacks could be allowed as a warning to show you areas of your life that you want to repent about and change ASAP!!! Or they could be warnings to you that the demons will be coming against you much stronger now!

4). These attacks can be allowed by GOD to give us chances to practice spiritual warfare!

5). These attacks can be allowed by GOD to show us that YES, we do have spiritual enemies, yes they are real, yes they are attacking you and you have to realize this more now!

6). I feel GOD will allow these attacks on us while we sleep to show us in a much deeper way, how badly we need JESUS in our lives!! You see we need JESUS so much more than we think we do. In fact we cannot even type here in English words how BADLY we NEED JESUS in our lives!

The demons know that their time is winding down here on earth so quickly now.........

These demons are eternal beings that are going to the lake of fire for ALL OF ETERNITY! Just think about it. They know they are going to be tortured for all of eternity in just a little while from now!

GOD knows this, JESUS knows this, satan knows this, the demons know this, the holy angels know this,  and we know this too!

They know that they have around 10 years approximately left here one earth, to rain down hell, to torment us, torture us, kill us, steal from us, make us sick, to hate us etc etc.

So yes the sleep paralysis, nightmares, sexual attacks will continue more and more during the next 7-10 years! I really believe this.....

Expect these attacks to get worse and worse and worse, so we want to draw to JESUS more and more and more and the holy bible too! We want to draw closer and closer to JESUS and the bible because if we do not, the demonic storm that is coming will wash us away like we are trash out in the street!

It is safe to say the demons are giving us terrifying nightmares! The demons are giving us XXX rated dreams! The demons are giving us defiling type dreams, dreams so bad, we cannot even talk about them! Yes the demons are sexually attacking us while we sleep at times too.

And it would also be safe to say that yes our spiritual enemies are the ones behind the – Sleep Paralysis type attacks too! This is a spiritual problem, not a physical problem. Not a medical problem, but spiritual! And since this is a spiritual problem we must fight back spiritually!

Now what kinds of attacks might come after the sleep paralysis kind?

Possible having demons choking you while you are sleeping!

Or possibly having those FAKE Grey alien beings show up while you are sleeping. These evil spirits might pretend to be those fake Grey alien beings and try some kind of demonic attack on you where you think you are being abducted!

There are websites you can find online that have testimonies of Christians who have used the name of JESUS to stop the fake Grey aliens from abducting a Christian person.

Who knows just how far these attacks might go if GOD were to allow it............ So because of this, we better start really humbling ourselves and trying to make JESUS and the holy bible the most important things in our lives!    

Remember everyone these are spiritual attacks so we need to really ask GOD to give us a brand new fire in our hearts for JESUS and for the holy bible too! We want to really start spending some quality time with JESUS praying, talking, sharing, worshiping, praising, singing songs to him etc etc.............


The demons cannot do a single thing unless JESUS allows it!

The demons cannot even move 1 inch to the left or right unless JESUS gives permission! 

We have to realize that JESUS is in 10000000% total control of his entire creation! AND BECAUSE THIS IS TRUE, it is not, NOT the demons we have to fear, it is GOD'S son we better fear! And we better fear GOD too! We need to have a reverent fear of GOD who can not only allow these attacks at night time, but let them get worse and worse and worse until we finally just die!

We better be fearing GOD'S son JESUS who holds our entire lives in the palm of his hand!

I pray this short article will help some of you to really start taking JESUS and the holy bible much more seriously than you have been. I pray that this will help you to really start drawing closer to JESUS and the bible too day after day, every single day of your lives so you can be super blessed by the LORD who loves you dearly!

Love, your servant Garrett

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