Sin, Addiction, Failures

Sin, Addictions, Failures & The LORD

Sin, Addictions, Weakness, The LORD

Help us HOLY GHOST, do not leave us the way we are tonight..... Transform us O GOD into the image of JESUS we pray!



JESUS truly is our only hope to make it through this cold, dark, evil world!!!



One minute you are using me to bless others, the very next I am looking at bad websites.... Who can save this wretched soul? Only JESUS!!!



One minute I am praying for people and miracles are happening, the very next I am watching porn or drinking a beer or feeling sad.....



JESUS your all I got!!!!!!!! I know your all I need, but help me to believe this more... I keep falling for the lies that I need more!



We need you JESUS so badly, life can be so UN bearable here sometimes without you in it!!!



JESUS truly is the only one on earth who can heal us, heal us, hold us tight and never let us go!!!



Thank you JESUS for showing me who I truly am without you! Wow is it sad, scary, shocking and quite important to learn these truths!!



Help us JESUS, help us more and more to overcome the evil flesh that is lurking inside of us we ask and pray!!!



Praise GOD ...... I struggle in many areas... But JESUS is faithful to help you and me.... He loves us both thank GOD!!!



Thank you JESUS for choosing both of us... We know we do NOT deserve your grace, so thank you JESUS!



O LORD I would rather know the pure truth about who I truly am without you than to be living a lie that I am something special outside of YOU!



Not every Christian is doing as well as you, pray for us, plead for us, ask JESUS to help your brothers and sisters if you can..




Please church, do NOT look down on your brothers or sisters who are stuck doing drugs, alcohol, porn, or other addictions. Love them instead




If you will love them and pray for them, I cannot tell you how pleased our FATHER will be with you!!!!




If you judge those of us who are stuck in porn, beer, occult, and all kinds of addictions, you are practically begging satan to attack you!




Maybe you do not watch porn anymore, yet you still sin all the time...... Isn't one sin just like another to GOD who is perfectly holy!!!




We fall down completely helpless at the foot of your throne JESUS...... You are the only thing that is good, holy and righteous!!!!




OK, maybe you quit porn and smoking, yet you still lie, you still judge, you still are Internet gaming... Do you actually think your free?




JESUS dearly loves his children who are stuck in drinking, smoking and porn...... Would you be willing to love them too?




I tried to change my life O LORD, I failed miserably!!! Now I give up.............. Now move in my life LORD as I stay at your throne!!




Thank you for teaching us O LORD just how helpless, just how useless, just how weak, just how dirty and filthy we are without you!!!




Clean me JESUS, take out that wicked flesh, take out that evil lust I pray, we pray, we need you LORD!!!




You overcame the world JESUS.... Now that is 1 reason among 100's that I can worship you..... I CANNOT overcome anything.... Only you can!!




There is NOT a single thing on earth I can overcome outside of you JESUS!!!! Thank you for teaching me this over & over again......




So, if you are stuck in sin like most of us are, rest....... Yes, I said rest.... Rest at the throne of JESUS & HE will set you free!!!




When will JESUS set you free? At the perfect time when he says so..... Rest at his throne even while your stuck in sinning!!!




Does that mean rest at the throne of JESUS while your drinking beer? Yes!!




Does that mean rest at the throne of JESUS while your playing World of Warcraft all day and night? Yes brothers & sisters, Yes rest there




Does that mean rest at the throne of JESUS even while your mercilessly stuck in a porn addiction? If you have ears to hear,,, Yes!!!!




Does that mean rest at the foot of the throne of JESUS even while your cutting yourself, even while you feel suicidal? Yes!!!



You cannot quit sinning, you never can and you never will.... Only JESUS can help you to overcome sinning..... So rest at his throne!




If you could quit sinning, you would NOT even need JESUS or the blood or the cross........... So, you CANNOT quit sinning without JESUS!




So, while your stuck in sinning, stop condemning yourself, stop the shame, stop the guilt... Stop stop stop....... Rest at HIS throne!!!




So while your playing Diablo 3 all day long, constantly keep resting at the throne of JESUS!!!




Let all of the condemnation goooooooooooooooooooo............ Start resting with JESUS at his feet even while your sinning!!!!




GOD is showing you over & over & over again that you cannot overcome... GOD also shows you that you CAN overcome while in HIS SON JESUS!!!




If your stuck in porn, what good does it do to keep condemning yourself over & over again? That is actually the satanic plan!!!




Did you know there is such an entity as a - Demon of condemnation? Oh yes there is.......... Now stop it and rest at the throne of JESUS!





To rest in JESUS let us use our imaginations to see ourselves constantly at the foot of the LORD'S throne in heaven!!!




To rest in JESUS - Let us keep humbling ourselves while we lay down at his throne... Humbling ourselves over & over again!!!




Resting in JESUS also means to acknowledge over and over again to the LORD that we cannot overcome, that we cannot stop sinning without him!



Resting in the LORD means we will STOP condemning ourselves, we will stop all of the shame, we will stop the guilt!




Resting in the LORD also means we will STOP judging ourselves!




Resting in the LORD means we will tell JESUS all day and night how badly we need him, how he is our only hope to every stop sinning!




Resting in the LORD while we are sinning means we will not hide our sins but we will confess them talk about them to JESUS & other Christian.




Resting in the LORD means we will be perfectly honest with him about how weak how filthy how sinful, how disgusting we truly are without him.




Resting in the LORD means to stop pretending that your something special, that you are different, that you are strong, be honest to JESUS!




Resting in JESUS while you are actually sinning means to tell the LORD that you know he will set you free soon, you are not worried!!!




Resting in the LORD means even while your watching porn, you are praying for help, you know & believe JESUS will set you free soon!!!




Resting in JESUS means while your playing Battlefield 3, you know it is wrong, you do not try to justify it, and your humbling yourself!!




Resting in JESUS means while your smoking weed, your worry, your NOT condemning yourself, but your truly sorry and humbling yourself!





Resting in the LORD means even though you had sex last night with someone, you wake up knowing your wrong, knowing how bad you need JESUS!!



Resting in JESUS means even though your badly addicted to energy drinks and coffee, you know HE is FAITHFUL to set you free very shortly!!




You know that all you can ever do, all you can ever be, all you can ever achieve is dependent on JESUS & HIS grace....... NOT you!!




Resting in JESUS means if you have ears to hear, even while your watching porn, you say to the FATHER, look at me GOD, help me, hold me!!




Resting in JESUS means that even while your watching bad websites, you know that GOD is going to use all of this evil for your GOOD!!




Resting in JESUS means even while your gaming all day long ignoring the LORD, now you start to humble yourself greatly actually seeking help.




Whatever you do, do NOT compromise your conscience by telling yourself that the sinning you do is OK to do..........




Keep your conscience strong even while you are sinning!!!




LORD, I am looking at porn, I know this is wrong, im stuck right now, I need you badly, I fall down at your throne helpless!!!




OR, LORD, I got addicted to playing World of Warcraft, I know this is wrong, I am wrong, I am waiting patiently for you to heal me & fix me!




Or, JESUS, I am addicted to caffeine now, I know I want to be FREE in CHRIST, not addicted.... Turn this around for my good for you love me!




Or, JESUS, I fell down into sex again with my old friend.... I am weak, yet you are strong, I am filthy yet you are holy.. Help JESUS I pray.




Whatever you do, do NOT justify your sinning. Be honest with JESUS as you lay down at the foot of his throne... Then, HE will heal you!!



But, if you start justifying your sinning, now you got all kinds of other problems......... Do not justify an addiction to World of Warcraft.




Help me LORD, break me free from gaming....... I know its wrong, its know its UN biblical, I wanna be honest with you that I need your help!




Help me LORD, break me free from that energy drink that I am addicted to every day when I wake up.... Set your children free O LORD GOD!!!




Set me free from the lust that dwells within me O LORD..... You truly are our only hope to be free from the flesh!!! We need you badly!!





We admit that we are worthless, filthy, disgusting, evil dirty rags without you JESUS living inside of us!!!

Love, your brother Garrett

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