Self Condemnation!

 Child of GOD

  Are You Self Condemning Yourself?

We all mess up, we all fail the LORD, we all fall down from time to time! Once you have repented, know and believe that JESUS has forgiven you!

JESUS went through terrible torture and suffering for many hours so that you could repent to him. Because of the terrible torture JESUS went through, he will forgive you for sure when you repent with all of your heart and soul!

Many times after we repent, even though the LORD has forgiven us, we do not forgive ourselves!

That is when satan can attack you with ->

 Self condemnation!

The demon of - Self condemnation can be a root demon many times.... He can be the first one in you opening up doors for other demonic spirits to enter!

Do not under estimate this demon, the demon of self condemnation can be quite a vicious enemy to us when we do not forgive ourselves! 

So once you have repented and you know that JESUS has forgiven you, now it is time to practice forgiving yourself too.

Remember, you have repented for your past sins............. satan has no legal right to bring them up to you anymore!

Even though he has no legal right, satan does not care, he will still remind you every chance he gets on how you use to sin!

It is actually quite silly when satan does this - Let me explain please!

satan is one of the greatest sinners of all time, if not the worse... He dares to call us sinners? How silly is that people?

So when satan reminds you through his demonic army of your past sins, he has NO legal right to do this because you are forgiven!!!

If you fall for this trap like I have many times, now you and I will start dwelling on our past sins and guess what?

We will most likely enter a very bad valley experience now!!!

So the demons will try to get us to focus on our past sins even though they have already been forgiven!! We gotta REBUKE those bad thoughts, we have to cast them out in the name of JESUS! You and I have this authority from GOD, so let us use it!

All people have sinned, all have fallen down, all have failed GOD, not one single person on earth is truly seeking GOD, no not one except JESUS!!!

This is one of the reasons why JESUS went through the terrible torture and suffering. So we could now repent to him and be forgiven!!!

So let the self condemnation go now! You have carried it long enough! Be free tonight! You have already repented, GOD has already forgiven you, but satan keeps reminding you about your past sins!!!

He is breaking the law by doing this, now are you going listen to him? Or you will move forward now?

Maybe your still stuck in terrible sin and addiction..... Even if you are, STOP self condemning yourself!

You are NOT GOD, you have no right to judge yourself, you have no right to self condemn yourself! So stop it.

Instead of self condemning yourself, why not instead keep humbling yourself day and night telling JESUS how badly you need him! Humbling yourself day and night would be extremely biblical to do, it would please GOD tremendously! Self condemning yourself is what satan wants you to do. Think about this carefully children of GOD!

If you self condemn yourself, I promise you a demon of self condemnation will come to you. Now when that happens, everything will get much worse than before!

Do you understand that we all fall down? That we all sin, that we all fight temptations and addictions?

I pray you understand this, and since this is true, let the self condemnation go!

Now in all honestly, SOME self condemnation can be healthy actually!!! But it can quickly turn to the evil kind even in the blink of an eye!

For example if I fall down into porn again, a little self condemnation can be quite good for me or healthy to do spiritually speaking! If I say to the LORD, I know I am wrong, I know I should not of done that, I got weak tonight O LORD....... That kind can be healthy to practice, that kind of self condemnation. But watch out, satan will come and attack you too by talking to you! He will try to get you to condemn yourself over & over & over again! Now one of his demons of self condemnation will enter you!

But as soon as I really and truly repent, it is important to let ALL self condemnation go once and for all.

If GOD has forgiven you, who has the right to bring up your past sins? Not satan, not the holy angels, not me and especially NOT you! Even you yourself have no right to condemn yourself after GOD has forgiven you!

Once you are forgiven by GOD and his son JESUS, nobody in all creation has a right to condemn you, ESPECIALLY YOURSELF!

So when the bad thoughts come to you condemning you over your past sins again and again, cast them out, cast them away in JESUS powerful name!

I gotta practice this more, you gotta practice this more............ We need grace to overcome self condemning ourselves!!

You know Peter denied JESUS 3 times right? Peter would of been completely useless to GOD if he did not stop self condemning himself!!!

You do realize that before Paul came to know JESUS, Paul was beating and having Christians tortured right?

Paul would of been completely useless to GOD if he kept self condemning himself as the years passed by!!

Likewise you and I also have to stop self condemning ourselves too!

Now what do you do if your still stuck in sin and addiction tonight? What if you have not repented yet, then what do you do?

If you cannot repent tonight, pray for the gift of repentance! Let the self condemnation go & pray for the gift to be able to repent!

What if your still stuck in fornicating and porn? Even so, still let the self condemnation go... You self condemning yourself is NOT going to help anything at all.

As you condemn yourself every day in your heart and soul, do you realize that the demonic stronghold in you is getting stronger & stronger?

You mess up, I mess up, the apostles all messed up on a semi regular basis....... We all do!!!

So!  A little self condemnation can be healthy spiritually speaking for us, but do not let it get any worse than that.

You have to learn to forgive yourself...........

Do you realize that when you keep self condemning yourself that is actually ---->>>> PRIDE!!

Did you know that?

As we keep self condemning ourselves it is actually our pride saying that we should do better, that we must do better etc etc! It is our pride that says we will follow the LORD wherever he goes... This is the same thing that happened to Peter right before he denied JESUS three times....... It is pride!!!
What if ? What if we told JESUS - Hey LORD, I messed up badly again this week, I need you badly, I need your grace and love. I need you JESUS to hold me tight because I have fallen down again. LORD I let all of my pride go and I fall down at your throne humbling myself before you! I am helpless O LORD without you.......... What if we talked like that to JESUS, Instead of self condemning ourselves?

What if you said - LORD, I fell down again into drugs and drinking.... I am not gonna self condemn myself to death again!!! Instead of that JESUS, I just wanna tell you I love you, I need you, I am lost without you, I am so weak without you, PLEASE HOLD ME TIGHT!

What if you were to let the self condemnation go and tell JESUS - LORD, your little servant here needs you badly, I bow down at your throne! Can you see the differences here children of GOD?

We are in a war against the world, against our flesh, against evil spirits people!

In this war we are going to fail from time to time for sure, there is no way around this..............

I hate when I self condemn myself! I hate it when I fall into this trap. Even last night as I laid in bed late at night I was thinking of past mistakes!!!

Now there is a huge HUGE difference when GOD brings us to remember a few past mistakes and when we or satan do it! We better learn the difference too! We have to learn how to discern who is causing us to think of past sins, because this is really important to learn.

Now if you have repented tonight or this past week, be free, Please for the LOVE OF GOD be free and move forward already!

Let the self condemnation go....... Cast it out of you!!!! Have those wonderful talks with JESUS about your life, the situations your in, your failures, your mistakes, the sins, the addictions and allow JESUS to hold you real tight in his loving arms!

Everyone, do you remember the sentence - Be free in CHRIST? Once you have repented, practice being free from your past sins, from your past mistakes, from your past failures!!

I am not saying this is easy to do, I gotta practice this too!!!

But if it was easy, we would not even need JESUS then!!!!!!!

 So it will stay hard because we need JESUS badly.

Remember, self condemnation will have a demon connected with it!

So stop condemning yourself! Cast the self condemnation out of you! Move forward now..........

Even if your still stuck in sin and addictions tonight,


Stop looking at yourself! Satan wants you to focus on yourself.... GOD wants you to focus on JESUS and the bible. So if you are stuck in sin and addictions, let the self condemnation go already and move forward keeping your eyes OFF of yourself!

Satan wants you to self condemn, then he can send that demon to live in you, or the demon can keep living inside of you without being kicked out!

GOD wants you to stop condemning yourself, get your eyes on JESUS, pray for help, for love, for deliverance, for the gift of repentance!!

I pray you can see clearly where the battle is now!!

satan wants us to do things in our lives which will allow his army to live inside of us!

GOD wants us to do things all centered on his son JESUS, his bible and the kingdom of GOD!!! This is where the war is.

Instead of self condemning, start having heart to heart talks with JESUS about how badly you need him, how weak you are without him!

Let the self condemnation go and start really humbling yourself!

You do realize when you self condemn yourself that this action does NOT help you in anyway whatsoever in any part of your life right?

But if you will humble yourself, taking your eyes off of yourself and getting them on JESUS, OH MY GOSH IS THAT GOING TO HELP YOU!!!

I have done things in the past that really bother me!!! Oh well!!! The past is over now and you and I are a NEW CREATION NOW......


Let us move forward now with JESUS. Since JESUS has forgiven you now, I want you to forgive yourself tonight too and be free again!

Because JESUS died on the cross for us, we can now repent our sins, let the self condemnation go, get our eyes on JESUS & BE FREE!

Thank you JESUS............. Thank you for loving us, for caring about us, for dying for us, for calling us, for keeping us, for saving us!

GOD loves you & there is nothing in all of the universe you can do to make him stop loving you!!!

So let the hurt go, let the shame go, let the self condemnation go because GOD loves you, because JESUS died for you!

Also child of GOD, here is another point ->

 Why condemn yourself tonight when next week or next month we are going to mess up again?

We are going to be messing up from time to time till the very end of our lives............ Sure it will be less and less, but we still will mess up, fail, fall down and sin until we take our very last breath!

The key to all of this is to stop judging ourselves, while we work on humbling ourselves, getting our eyes off of ourselves & getting them on JESUS the best we can each day with the grace GOD is giving us!

Now brother and sister, JESUS loves you! You cannot make him stop loving you. That is impossible! So let the self condemnation go now!!!

Why not do something positive instead? Why not turn this whole self condemning thing around now and start doing more biblical actions?

JESUS loves you! He knew you were going to sin and fall down long before he ever created you..........

Yes JESUS still created you, he still died for you, he still loves you and he will never stop!

JESUS is with you mighty warrior!!!!!!!!

Lets practice forgiving everyone with the grace that GOD is giving us, especially forgiving ourselves!

Be free child of GOD, JESUS loves you passionately!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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