You Are Single & Un-Employed!
Or Single & Living With Family.

If you’re here reading this schedule, then you are single and either unemployed, or your living with family, or you are in another living situation where you have most of the day and night free to yourself to spend in any way you want!

*If your single but your dating someone full time, then this schedule will never work for you!! Instead I want you to click here -

Here is your schedule for you to follow 7 days a week. Sure from time to time you will have to break part of it, but when I do stray off of my own schedule, it is almost always because I am doing something else either with the LORD, or for his Kingdom. I do NOT break my schedule to watch TV, or to read magazines, or to watch music videos on cable, or to go out on dates, no of course not. The purpose of this schedule is to get ourselves out of the world. Sure we live in the world, but we must be out of the world to have the LOVE of GOD in us.

If you are wanting to do ministry work 6 hours a day to help the Kingdom of GOD, and if your use to putting much more focus on your ministry work then JESUS himself and HIS Bible, then this article isn't for you..... If your wanting to date the opposite sex full time, then this article isn't for you.....  If your burning with a passion inside of you to find a wife or husband no matter what it takes, no matter what the cost, then this article isn't for you.....

THIS ARTICLE is for those who want to bring JESUS into their life the 100 percent that is talked about in the bible.

A few things to notice in the schedule below are; there are no renting worldly movies, no reading magazines, no reading worldly books, no dating, no TV whatsoever, no listening to worldly music, and last but not least, I don’t go out at nighttime. If your more interested in dating and you are madly in love with a person at this time whom you see on a regular basis, it will be quite hard to bring JESUS into your life the 100 percent. In fact it will be near impossible! But if that is you, here is an incredible article for you to read that will greatly bless

But if your truly wanting JESUS to live in you not the 30 - not the 60 but 100 percent, Please keep reading below!!! 


Here is a schedule that is very similar to the one that I follow myself! I pray not only that it will bless you greatly which it will, but that it will turn your entire life around to the point where you are walking around as a GOD - AKA - JESUS and HIS Holy bible living in you 100 percent!

Love, your servant Garrett.



Remember as you continue to follow the schedule, it is always OK to break the schedule as long as it is for the LORD himself, or for helping his children. The schedule is a format for you to follow, which the LORD will have you change from time to time as you grow closer and closer to him.

This schedule is quite demanding, so if you need to take an item or two out of the schedule your first few weeks of practicing, go for it!!

Waking up in the morning




1). Pray for about 30 minutes.

2). Read the bible for about 30 minutes.

3).Worship for about 30 minutes.

I usually take a shower here for about 30 minutes.

All of my bathroom time is dedicated to GOD. That means every second that I am in the bathroom I am dedicating every moment to JESUS. Most American men and women average about two showers a day. One when we wake up, and another at night. What the LORD has taught me is, if we average about 20-30 minutes per shower, and we take two showers a day, that is 40-60 more minutes with our CREATOR a day times 7 days a week. We are now spending 4-7 hours a week more with JESUS just by dedicating our shower time to him, then we were before!! Imagine what powerful changes you would see in your life by spending an extra 4-7 hours with the LORD each week!!! Wow!!

Now to continue, besides taking a few showers, what else do we do in the bathroom each day and night. Sometimes we get dressed in the bathroom, we fix our hair, and of course everything else that we men and women use the bathroom for. If we were to include the two showers we take a day, and all the other things that we do each day in the bathroom, you might be surprised that we are spending between 1 - 2 hours a day in our bathroom. Wow, that is a lot of time, and what better way to spend our 1-2 hours a day in the bathroom then with the only one who will ever truly love you, JESUS!!!!

Going Outside For A Walk!

4). after the shower try going outside for a 60 minute walk. Walk around the neighborhood real slowly while spending the entire time with JESUS. You can use this time to talk with him, share your life with him, laugh with him, prayer, worshiping and praising him, but do this while walking outside. The presence of GOD is so strong outside with the trees, birds and animals that you wont help but to feel GOD with you much stronger then all coupled up in your house or apartment. Just walk out about 30 minutes in one direction, then walk back and the peace that you will feel from the presence of the LORD will just overwhelm you.

5). Dedicate 90 minutes to ministry work. Are you a prayer intercessor? Then use this time to pray for the people that the LORD has put into your heart. Did you want to donate some time with the church or senior citizen center? Did you want to go online and bless Christian people for 90 minutes? Or even how about passing out tracks on the streets. What ever you do, let it be about 90 minutes to where you dedicate your time and effort to helping the children of GOD. Remember as you continue to practice abiding in JESUS, he will send tons of surprises your way in the form of people needing emergency help either on the telephone, or in person, or on the internet. He will use you to do more ministry work then just this 90 minute period, but this is a 90 minute period for you to dedicate your heart and soul and tears for helping others, and for helping the Kingdom of GOD.

*Some people right here are thinking, wow, I like to do tons and tons of ministry work every single day! I love to help people as much as I can and I dont understand why Garrett is asking me to limit this! THE REASON WHY IS, as you are doing ministry work for hours and hours each day, your not learning the bible, your not spending quality time with JESUS, and although your doing work for his Kingdom, you are NOT abiding in JESUS............ Doing work for the Kingdom of GOD is very important and valuable for us to keep doing, but it pails in comparison to actually spending time with JESUS HIMSELF!  Please trust me on this, as you continue to abide in JESUS and his Holy Bible, HE will send ministry work for you to do, even more then you can handle....... I mean for example, how much can the LORD use us if we dont know the bible? Or how much can JESUS use us if we aren't abiding in HIM? Think about this real clearly, and I know the LORD will help you to understand. This article is to teach obedience to abiding in JESUS, and once you start doing that, watch out!!!   Once your abiding in JESUS and his bible, then the LORD can really start to use you, and the skyyyy will be the Limit!! 

6). Cooking Lunch - Learn to dedicate all of your time in the kitchen to JESUS. We spend about 20-60 minutes a day in our kitchens getting our food ready. Dedicate the entire time to spend with JESUS in any way you want………….

7). Memorize scriptures here. Dedicate about 1 hour to memorizing scriptures and after a few months, you will have memorized almost 100 scriptures. Now when you preach to people, you can not only quote scriptures, but also tell the people where they are located in the bible. You are now becoming a powerful tool of the LORD to use in anyway he would like. Make sure you write down the scriptures you are memorizing on either 3/5 cards, or print them out real beautifully on your color printer and hang them up on your apartment walls.

8). Take some quiet time with JESUS. Lay down on your couch or bed and make sure to turn off the computer, phone and whatever else needs turning off. Spend 30 minutes of quiet time with JESUS just to feel his presence, and to hear him speaking to your heart and mind.

9). Watch a 1 hour learning video for the purpose of gaining higher education. Here is the link to where we have over 150 Videos to watch, and of course they are all for free!!

Start with the 24 part video series called (the real good news). Each video is one hour, and continue with the series every day so as that you can get hyper educated.

Scroll down about half way and make sure you start with the series called (the real good news).

10). Most Americans take about two showers a day. Use this entire shower time for the LORD again! Either go over scriptures in your mind, or pray, or worship and sing songs to JESUS which is just awesome to do!

11). Cooking Dinner - Once again dedicate the entire time in the kitchen to spending it with JESUS.

* Most people here would be going to bed in about 3-4 hours, so this is what I do each night.

12). Read the bible for 1 hour.

13). If I have time, I watch another FREE 1 hour video here for higher education at the same website as mentioned above .

14). Pray for 1 hour here. Pray for yourself the most, but here you have 1 hour to pray for everyone else in your life too, and don’t forget Israel!

15). Worship JESUS before you go to bed for 30-60 minutes……. What I do is I decide how long I want to worship HIM, then I pre load up all my music and get it all ready ahead of time. I put in enough music to last the time allotted and then I know when the last song is over, I did worship our CREATOR for the amount of time that I wanted to.

Even while getting ready to lay down and go to bed, I am always talking with JESUS or praying, or whatever else I can do each night as I lay down.

This schedule isn’t easy to follow, but as you keep trying day after day, watch how the LORD GOD will help you. He will motivate you, He will encourage you, and he will give you the grace to keep going just like the military soldier’s do.

Some of you might be asking, hmmmm, Garrett forgot about my friends. Well during the day and night, I am on the phone quite often with friends or family too. But right after those talks, I get back on my schedule with diligence. If you want to go out at night time with friends, then make sure your schedule is already finished before you go out!

We want to make JESUS the most important person in our life, and by doing that he will ENTER your life like you have never seen before.

As you continue to follow this schedule day after day, week after week, and month after month here are a few of the results you will start to see.

1). You will feel JESUS’ presence with you like a thick force field and it wont ever go away.

2). You will have more peace, love, joy and patience in your life then at any other time since you had been born.

3). Your prayers will be answered more and more because as you start to abide in JESUS and his bible, your faith will grow more and more. As your faith grows more and more, obviously your prayers will be answered more and more!

4). You will be able to hear from GOD.

4B). You will start to understand the Holy Bible better and better as the LORD opens up your mind to higher learning.................

5). The LORD will start to use you in ministry work more and more! Just watch how your telephone will start to ring with friends and family members who all seem to need help now.


6). When you command things with your new found faith, they will all be done!

7). You WONT have any so called accidents anymore, whether with your own body, or your car, or in any other way. Everything will start going your way for you will not even hit your foot against the stones, for your angel will guard you!

8). As you keep abiding in JESUS more and more each day, you will find that when you type to people, it will be JESUS typing through you. When you talk to people, it will be JESUS talking through you. When you speak and teach people, it will be really GOD’S SON JESUS speaking and teaching through you and this is very powerful and uplifting to experience.

9). You will be set free from sinning……… As you draw closer and closer to JESUS, you will have the LORD living more and more inside of you. The LORD doesn’t sin, and you wont either………….

10). You will be set free from all of your addictions……… You now have JESUS living in you 100 percent as you have followed a schedule of abiding in JESUS for 1 year now. The LORD JESUS doesn’t have any addictions so you wont either.

11). When you command sicknesses to be healed, THEY WILL BE!

 *Last but not least, you will be completely set free from watching TV, movies except Christian movies, sex and all thoughts of sex, all addictions, sinning in anyway except for the occasional slip up in your mind, going out to have fun at nighttime will never cross your mind again, and on and on and on!

You will be a GOD

Why? Because you will have JESUS living in you 100 percent. You have been crucified with CHRIST now, and it is no longer you who are living but CHRIST living in you. You are now dead and it is CHRIST JESUS living in you to the fullest…………

Psalm 82:6 - I say you are GOD’S


GOD will throw in tons of surprises into your schedule almost on a nightly basis, for example. When you sit down to read your bible for 1 hour or more, your telephone will immediately ring with a friend on the other line who needs emergency prayer. Or you will load up your music to worship JESUS for 1 hour, and as you get started, you will receive an emergency email of a family member who needs to talk to you right away about some problems that he or she might be going through. Now that your abiding in JESUS, the LORD will use you quite often to help others, and this will also mean that quite often you will have to break your schedule. It is always GOOD to break our schedules as long as it is for JESUS himself, or for his Saints - aka - HIS children!!! So if your finding that GOD is bringing a lot more ministry work into your life now, this is a good thing! Even though it breaks up your schedule, JESUS and HIS son’s and daughter’s are much, much more important then any schedule we might keep. All of the above happens to me almost every single night! When I am done ministering, or praying, or encouraging though, and if its still not too late, I go back to my schedule because I learned a secret a long, long time ago.

*The secret is this - It is a lot of fun to pray to JESUS! It is a lot of fun and very peaceful to read the bible every day and night. I learned it is much more fun to worship JESUS then it is going out and chasing after girls………… This schedule I gave you might seem a bit overwhelming, but oh how blessed is the man or woman who follows it for a short time. You will learn just like me just how rewarding, and how much fun it is to hang out with JESUS day and night non stop…………. And GOD will turn your entire life around!!!!

PS - Here is a list of how I spend my bathroom time, I pray this will also help you and bless you, and give you some great ideas on how you can spend your bathroom time from now on too.

NOW FINALLY - This is how I spend my time with the LORD in the bathroom.

1). First of all, I have beautiful colored bible scriptures up on the walls all over my entire bathroom. So I quite often spend my time either memorizing new scriptures, or quoting the old scriptures out loud which is very, very powerful to do. I have a lot of scriptures memorized at this time in my life, and that comes in very handy with all of the preaching and teaching that I do. I highly recommend you getting scriptures up all over your bathroom too…………. Mine are laminated so the steam of the shower doesn’t effect them.

2). I also do a lot and I mean a lot of PRAYER in the bathroom. I use that time either in the shower or whatever I am doing to cry out to the LORD for my family and friends, or even just praying for myself which I do quite often!

3). I use my shower time to sing songs to JESUS! The LORD was kind enough to give me some original Christian songs which I absolutely love to sing to HIM while in the shower.

4). I love to worship JESUS while in the shower or bathroom. What a great chance to tell the LORD how much you love him and need him over and over again while taking a hot shower. The presence of the LORD will then fill your heart and soul with soooooooo much peace and love. This is one of my favorite things to do.

5). I also study Christian articles and small books during my bathroom time. Utilizing your bathroom time for Christian education is a wonderful way to spend your time.

6). I quite often simply talk with JESUS about whatever might be going on that day or night. Just spending time with JESUS will completely turn your entire life around. Ill share things with HIM or just chit chat back and forth and I use this time to bring him into my life more and more…………….

Love Garrett