Really Child Of God?

Really Child Of GOD, Really?

I would like to talk about something tonight that is really quite simple, yet why is it so complicated!

Some of you might think this topic is quite silly!

While others of you might think this is a somewhat important issue.

But like me, there will be a few of you who will think and realize this is a very serious problem just like I do!

Here is the topic → 

How come Children of GOD/Christians have such a hard time returning texts and phone calls?

I noticed the last 10 years that Christian person after Christian person just does not know how to return a phone call or text!

There are some Christians that I could call and leave message after message, yet they never bother to return it!

Or other Christians that you have to text upwards of 15 times just to get them to finally reply with a - OK

In other words I sit there typing them out huge long texts, and after reading all of the messages, all they ever type back is →  OK!

This has not just been happening the last month, I am talking about over 10 years now......

I feel this is a huge problem with some parts of the body of Christ!

I know many Christians cannot return a text because they are battling depression! I fully understand this, boy do I ever.

I know other children of GOD cannot return a phone call because they are battling addictions, terrible addictions at this time in their life. And it takes all of their strength just to get out of bed each day. Boy have I also gone through that tormenting too.

And I know other Christians who cannot return a text because they are just too sad, too lonely, too much in despair to even bother texting back!

I realize this my brothers and sisters..... Sometimes I am to depressed to return your call too, amen to that! I know how that feels!

But I know children of GOD who over the last 10 years just do NOT know how to return a text or phone call!

Now that is just absolutely terrible phone etiquette.

I mean come on children of GOD, we have GOD actually living inside of us!

We have GOD'S son JESUS also living inside of us! There should be no excuse NOT to return someones phone call or text!

No excuses whatsoever!

Now sometimes for a week at a time or more, I am battling such depression or loneliness I cannot return calls too! Boy do I know this!

But to habitually NOT return calls or texts year after year there is no excuse for this!

For all that person knows, I am having some emergencies at this time in my life and I am calling for some godly guidance here!

Or maybe I am in the hospital, or deathly sick, or I lost my job and I need that persons emergency prayer help!

For all that person knows I have fallen back down into terrible sinning and addictions and I was hoping and praying that he or she person might answer the phone tonight. Maybe I just needed someone to talk to tonight.

For all that person knows, my fiancee' just broke up with me and I was hoping my Christian brother might answer the phone tonight!

But what usually happens is, I call and text that person or another brother and sister over a 1 week period to NEVER EVER GET A CALL OR TEXT BACK! This happens over and over again and I pray the LORD will stop this, I really do.

Now this is not the right way for children of GOD to be behaving! And I am challenging you to change right now!

I am challenging you to pray to the LORD to change you from the inside out so you are able to call a person back! So you would be able to return texts from your family, friends, co workers and loved ones with something a little more than a simple → OK!

Here is another thing that is very very wrong → 

Over a period of time, many of my brothers in CHRIST would keep in touch with me on a regular basis back and forth on the phone with either calls or texting.

Only to find out that once they meet a new woman to date, get engaged and marry, ALL OF THE SUDDEN THEY COMPLETELY FORGET ABOUT ME!

How sad, oh boy how sad is that!!!

Just because they meet a brand new girl, they dump all of their male friends and obsess and focus on this woman only!

How sad!!!

Now all of the sudden, they do not have time to talk with you anymore on the phone! Or they do not bother answering any of your texts anymore and why? All because they met a brand new woman to date! How sad...

Now all of the sudden, for some reason, you or I am far less important to them! I mean before they met this new hot woman, they would call, text and return calls on a pretty regular basis. But as soon as they meet a brand new girl to date, it was as if we were never friends in the first place. It is like they had never known me to begin with.

this is wrong, this is UN godly! This is UN Christ like and this has to absolutely stop!

This type of behavior on the phone, or I should say, a lack of phone behavior is very hurtful too!

A person like you or me who has to suffer through this kind of terrible phone etiquette can really get our feelings hurt sometimes.

I am sure most of you have friends or family that you call and text over and over only to find out they never bother calling or texting back right? Of course you have gone through these experiences just like I have.

How is it we can have THE LIVING GOD inside of us, yet have such terrible telephone and texting habits? 

How is this possible?

I will tell you how → 

 It is darkness! Pure and simple this is a problem of darkness  living inside of that child of GOD......

I am using the word darkness here as a slang word to say →  A lack of love, a lack of caring, too much pride, too much ego etc etc!

Because the person has a lack of love in them, or a lack of caring, or a lack of sympathy for others, they do not bother calling back!

Or possibly the child of GOD has too much pride inside of them, so they do not bother calling or texting you back!


Because in their mind, they are more important than you are. So they pick and choose who to call back because of their pride! Or they pick and choose when to call a person back or when to return a text, if ever!

I am so tired of texting my loved ones/friends over and over again only to watch how time goes by and they never bother texting back! I am also so tired of texting them huge paragraphs with intricate stories only to receive a simple → OK – Back from them in return. This shows a lack of love, a lack of caring, a lack of sympathy, a total LACK OF JESUS CHRIST, this shows pride, ego, and all kinds of demonic tormenting that they are going through. Believe me I know, I have been there myself and it is all real!

I never knew how much of a death nail in a friendship a new woman could be until my single male friends all met new women to date, get engaged and eventually marry!

What I learned is, all of the sudden , they are now nowhere to be found now!

You can call them and leave message after message over a period of a month, yet now all of the sudden they have no time to call you back!

This is a topic that is not talked about much, not written about much, not debated about much and it needs to be in the Christian community!

Why? Because all of us go through this. All of us have a friend or family member or even boss who never returns calls & texts!

My last boss would not return my calls or texts, how crazy because I was running his entire company 5 nights a week. Now that is what I call pride and ego!

In other words, this is a epidemic problem! And I am absolutely sure this is world wide........

If I could please narrow this terrible phone etiquette down to one simple answer please → 

 It is a LACK of JESUS!

Let us call a rock a rock..... This is a lack of JESUS in the person!

Now I am not saying I am perfect either, I also need more JESUS in me quite badly, that is for sure!

But the truth is, all of the children of GOD who never bother to return a text or phone call is simply --- Darkness/AKA/Lack of JESUS!

Shoot I even had pagan friends who would return all of my phone calls and most of my texts!

Even the non believers know that it is proper phone etiquette to return phone calls and texts! So how much better should we children of GOD be doing in this very important topic?

How is it that MANY of the true children of GOD have not learned how to do this yet?

In other words, the same male friends who cannot return a text, now start texting this hot girl day and night, day and night blowing up her telephone. Do all of you see what I mean now?

Or the same male friend who will not return my calls or texts, you better believe returns the calls and texts of his boss. That is for darn sure! Are you starting to understand what I am saying here? They will not answer our calls, nor return our calls, nor return our texts because it simply is just not important enough to them. But when all of the sudden their boss or hot new girlfriend texts them, they immediately type back a full long answer just like all of us should be doing with each other!

Women! You can call and text your female friends and usually they will respond back to you! But as soon as your female friends meet a hot new guy to date, all of the sudden it is like you do not even exist. Now you cannot get them to return your calls nor your texts. And when they do return your text, they return it with a simple → OK!

Now when one of your friends meets a brand new hot man to date, all of the sudden they turn into PHONE PROS!!! All of the sudden they return every call this new guy makes to them, they return every single text he sends to them with 3 texts going back! 


It is all about priorities! Your female friend has made this hot new guy much more important than you even though she just met him, yet she has known you for years and years!

This is the very definition of → Darkness! → A lack of JESUS!

Now they are on the phone day and night talking, giggling and texting pics back and forth with their brand new boyfriends and in the meantime, it is as if you never existed in the first place in her mind.

Women this happens with men too! Men act just as stupid too when they meet a hot new woman to date.

How silly of us children of GOD to be acting this way, how silly!

And it can be quite hurtful too!

There is no excuse for this kind of cold hearted behavior! No excuses whatsoever!

We must return the calls of our loved ones, friends, family, fellow Christians, bosses and co workers etc etc! we must!!


Because of love!

We return their calls and text when they call us because we have GOD living inside of us and we care. We care about them!

We love them because GOD loves them. We care about them because GOD cares about them.


Because we are children of GOD.

Because we actually love our loved ones and friends, we should automatically return their calls and text asap when we can each day!

Even if you are at work and you are too busy to answer the phone, on your lunch break you should send them a text and let them know!

Let them know you are at work, that you are not ignoring them, that you will get back to them as soon as you can!

By behaving this way, it will show everyone you care about them, that you are not ignoring them, that they are important to you etc etc!

This is a common courtesy that all children of GOD should do for one another!

I mean come one children of GOD, even the NON believers do this. And they are living without GOD in them!

So what excuse do you have when you have GOD living inside of you? what excuses do you use to behave this way?

We have to overcome the darkness with GOD'S grace and start answering our loved ones phone calls and texts! And that does NOT mean with a simple text that says → OK! That means putting our heart and soul into our phone calls and texts and showing one another that we love them, that we care, that we are there for them!

You are NOT so important where you can go around ignoring everyone's phone calls and texts, believe me you are not!

Actually this all starts with grace from GOD first...........

Let us look at the person in the mirror and change our ways!

This all starts with you and me!

Let us pray for the grace of GOD so we can answer the phone and texts from our loved ones and friends!

And this all starts with the person in the mirror............ Are you willing to change your communication habits?

Are you willing to use your cell phone to show people you love them, that you care, that they are actually important to you?

Or are you going to keep ignoring the phone calls and texts from family, friends, co workers and loved ones?

I sure am. I want to be different, that is for sure. I want to be more like JESUS!

Do you really believe JESUS would ignore your phone calls or texts?

Of course not brother and sister, JESUS would never do that if he had a cell phone!

Do you really believe that if you texted JESUS four entire paragraphs of something very important he would only text you back a → OK?

Do you really believe the LORD would behave that way?

So why are you doing this? Why are you ignoring some people when they call you and text you!

Did you know you are hurting their feelings when you constantly ignore their phone calls and texts?

You sure are!

Just because you met a brand new hot man to date, now all of the sudden you are going to dump all of your friends?


Seriously daughter of GOD?

I have had friends dump me when they met a brand new woman to date and eventually marry!

This is a re occurring problem, and I am absolutely sure this is a world wide problem too!

Why do I feel this is world wide? By talking to people all over the world!

And remember! Darkness had no boundaries.......... Darkness is world wide. Pride is world wide. The ego is world wide!

So what can we do about this problem? About this huge communication problem that children of GOD are having all over the world?

We can tweet about it, talk about it, we can make articles about this topic, we can pray about it and ask GOD to change all of us!

We can ask GOD to help get rid of all of the darkness inside of us and draw us closer and closer to his son JESUS.

But remember, this all starts with the man and woman in the mirror. We have to make sure we are not the ones doing this too!

I started out this very important talk by admitting then sometimes I get too depressed or sad to return phone calls and texts myself too, so I am guilty of this also!

So I do it too! You also do it. How can I know? Because all of us mess up, all of us sin, we all have darkness inside of us. Only JESUS was perfect amen to that!

We have to change. It all must start with us!

I have had long talks with certain friends pointing out to them that they never call back, that they never return phone calls and texts.

And guess what happens after these long talks? Absolutely nothing! Those people still do not change! They quickly go back to the exact same telephone etiquette they had before our talk ever happened!

They still do not return calls, they still do not return the texts either, or at least most of the time they do not!

Let us make sure we do not do that!

Let us make sure that we return all calls the best we can and all texts too! Show people you love them, show people you care!

Let us make darn sure that this entire talk tonight is not about us, and if it is, let us pray for GOD to help us to change!

I've done this, you have done it, we have all messed up that is for sure. But with GOD'S grace, we can change.

Let us try much harder to love! Let us try much harder to start really caring about people!

That means fight through the depression and try to call the person back. Let them know you got their call!

Sure you can let them know you are battling addictions, sadness, loneliness and depression and that is why you have not called!

Many times when someone has called me, I text them back right away → That I am not feeling well enough to call tonight, but I got your call, thank you very much. That I will call you back as soon as I can feel a little better.

Return texts child of GOD......... Stop being lazy, stop having your pride tell you that you are better than others!

Stop the ego from telling you that you have no time to call them back!

I can change, you can change, we children of GOD can change and let us start by returning the calls and texts from our loved ones!

When you see a incoming call or text on your phone, start taking it more seriously!

Show them that you love them, show them that you care, show them that you are always there for them day or night!

And yes daughter of GOD, even if you meet a brand new hot guy to date, PLEASE DO NOT STOP keeping in touch with your friends!

You too men! Just because you met a brand new hot girl to date, what right do you have to start ignoring your other friends?

You have no right to do this whatsoever, so stop doing it!

Help us LORD! Help us to change the way we view our cell phones, help us to change the way we view other people!

Help us LORD to learn how to love, how to care, how to appreciate each and every phone call and text as if it was our last!

Help us to change JESUS the way we do our telephones because from what I have been seeing, we are absolutely pathetic in our telephone etiquette!!!

Let all of us start tonight! Let us really show that we love one another by using fantastic Christ like phone habits!!!

One last thing please -->>>>>>

That phone call or text that you ignored, might of been from a loved one who is having a real emergency tonight!

It might of been from a loved one who has fallen back down into alcohol or drugs.....

It might of been from a loved one who is thinking about killing themselves tonight!

It might of been from a loved one who just found out she is pregnant and is considering aborting/murdering her baby!

It might of been from a loved one that just got fired and really needs someone to talk too tonight.

Do you have any idea how many times I have called a friend when I was having a real emergency only to find that they ignored the calls and texts?

Many many many times!!!

Let us make darn sure it is never ever you nor I who ignore the phone calls and texts from our loved ones and from fellow Christians, not now, not ever with GOD's grace!

Love, your servant Garrett

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