The Greatest End Time Giant!


Oh boy do we children of GOD face an enemy, oh boy. This enemy is so big, so bad, so nasty, so terrible that we have no hope whatsoever of overcoming him.

This enemy is so vicious. there is not a single man or woman, boy or girl on earth who can overcome this evil, no way, no how.

But what if, what if GOD made a way. What if GOD did something very special for his children  so that they could overcome this diabolical evil?

What if!!!

Chapter 1 – The Greatest Evil We Face

1). Approximately 50% of Pastors watch porn weekly. 

Think about this child of GOD, about half of all of the pastors in the USA are watching porn every week.

I purposely started off this free book with this shocking statistic, and I tell you the truth → It does not surprise me.

I have been battling porn off and on, off and on for about 33 years now. So when I hear that about HALF of all pastors nation wide are watching porn weekly, I believe it!

I believe it and from what GOD has been showing me, this might be THE GREATEST end time enemy we face.

Who cares about the anti-christs, who cares about the beasts, who cares about the false prophets, we have even a greater enemy that our end time church faces.

Look at this → 

2). Approximately 68% of Christian men watch porn in the USA weekly. About 50% of all Christian men in the USA are addicted to porn.

Look at that shocking statistic!

Just about 7 out of every 10 Christian men in the USA are watching porn weekly, or if it is OK please, let me adjust that stat....

I would say about 7 out of every 10 Christian men are watching porn either weekly, or monthly that is.

Please include myself in that stat too. The LORD will set me free from this evil, then a few months later I might fall down and watch again. Only to be set free by JESUS with his incredible grace, to fall back down six months later again into this evil.

So we have half of all Christian men in the USA addicted to porn, while about a WHOPPING 70% of Christian men are watching it weekly, or bi weekly!

Now what about Christian women? Are the daughters of GOD also battling this end time GIANT?

Oh yes they are please look at this shocking statistic → 

3). About 20% of Christian women are addicted to porn.

1 out of every 5 Christian women in the USA are watching porn on a regular basis.

We children of GOD in the USA are watching porn in such LARGE numbers, the statistics are absolutely staggering!

This evil that the children of GOD face worldwide is so great, so evil, so diabolical, it is slightly intimidating for myself to even try to write a book about this. I mean when it comes to such a huge world wide problem, where could I possibly start?

Thank GOD I prayed for help from the LORD so let us continue here to find out exactly what is going on with this SUPER GIANT end time of evil we call → 


Chapter 2 – Stats, Stats & More Stats!

I am now going to give you some of the staggering, shocking statistics that I came across while getting ready to write this book.

Some of the statistics will be for the Christian church, while others will be world wide with believers and non believers included together.


*Every second on earth, $3000 dollars are spent on porn! 

Now why is this so shocking?

Because most porn sites are now for free. We have millions and millions and even BILLIONS of people watching FREE porn all over the internet every day. Even though this is true, humanity is still spending $3000 dollars a second, yes that is right, A SECOND to watch pornography!

*12% of ALL websites on the world wide web are pornographic, with the percentage of porn sites being built rising daily!

*Every second, 30,000 people are viewing porn.

Just think about this for a second child of GOD. Every single second, there are 30,000 people masturbating while they watch porn world wide.

Every second!!!!!

*30% of all data transferred across the internet is porn. 70% of all men world wide watch it, while 30% of  all women do. 

That means whether you are at work, or the supermarket, the gas station or even in church, 7 out of every 10 men you see are watching porn on a regular basis, while 3 out of every 10 women you see, are watching it regularly too.

As you can clearly see, the statistics between Christian men/women watching porn, compared to the NON believing men are women are just about the same when it comes to watching porn, or battling a porn addiction.

On the topic of watching pornography, there really is no difference between the world wide church and the non believers, the numbers prove this.

*About 30% of search engine requests are pornographic, that is about 68 million a day.

Wow! 30%, WOW!


*35% of all internet downloads are porn.

So when it comes to downloading videos, software, games, music etc etc etc, a WHOPPING 35% of everything we download is pornography!

Is it safe to say, almost the entire internet is now about → Pornography?

It is sure starting to seem that way, amen!!!

*50-70 percent of Christian young men in college are watching porn.

The future of the LORD'S church is watching porn in such large numbers, isn't this surely the largest enemy we face in the church for this end time generation?

If you think your son or daughter is safe just because you shipped them off to a so called Christian college, wow have you been deceived, wow!

*One youth minister states that 90% of the kids who come to him for help… all who are from Christian families… are addicted to porn.

I want you to also understand, most of the ministry work I do is with people who are battling all kinds of problems and addictions, ESPECIALLY PORN!

*In the US porn pulls in about 3 billion a year in revenue, world wide it is about 5 billion.

Pornography is now one of the largest industries in the entire world...........

*The U.S. is the worldwide King of Porn.

And many wonder why the USA is prophesied to be completely utterly destroyed in the bible.

I am NOT saying we will be destroyed because of our world wide  porn distribution , but I am saying that this is a part of the reason why GOD will completely destroy the USA........

*The US produces 89% of the world’s pornography.

It is shocking when I talk to people from other countries sometimes. For some reason, they believe that most Americans are Christians and  that we are following the LORD and the bible very closely. I am not quite sure where they get this very faulty information about us, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

The USA is definitely satan's throne in my opinion.

*In addition, California is the engine of the U.S. Porn industry, churning out 66% of all porn made in the U.S.

No wonder most people believe California will one day be completely covered with water.

*20% of men and 13% of women in the work force admit to watching porn at work on their office computers.

Our addictions to porn is so bad, we are even watching it at work knowing that we could be caught, that we could be suspended, that we even could be fired. I have also done this once or twice before too while at work.

Our battle against porn is so bad, so fierce, so tough, that we will even risk losing our jobs so we can watch a few pornographic videos at work.

Yes this enemy we face might quite possibly be one of the biggest on planet earth.

But what is this enemy we face. What we are really talking about here is a spiritual battle against lust....... The demons of lust are infesting people world wide now and they are compelling us to watch porn.

They literally supernaturally compel us to watch that evil.

*A survey of malware experts showed that 40% of them had cleaned off porn from a company executives’ computer.

Whether you are a janitor, secretary, manager or executive, we all battle this giant at one time or another in our lives.

*Of a survey of 248 Oxford (UK) students:

71.8% of all students said they view porn;

91% of men vs 51% of women.

Even at our top universities world wide, JUST ABOUT EVERYONE IS WATCHING PORN. You see this evil we face is far beyond intellect, it is far beyond whether we are rich or poor, it is far beyond whether we are male or female. Porn is a END TIME giant that we must face!

Think about it – Just about 9 out of every 10 men in the top colleges of the world are watching porn, while half of the young ladies are too....


*The world’s largest porn site transfers 29 petabytes of porn a month!

Remember people, this is only ONE porn site. Just imagine how much porn is being transferred if we counted all of the other porn sites world wide!!!

Just imagine!!!

*Cybersitter claims to block 2.5 million adult Web sites !

It is a little hard to find out how many pornographic websites are on the world wide web, I got conflicting results.

But Cybersitter software claims to block 2.5 million X rated websites for their customers who use their software!

*2.5 billion emails a day are pornographic!

A WHOPPING 2.5 BILLION emails are sent every day with X rated content inside.....
Just think about how big of a number that truly is.

*One of the largest porn sites in the world receives 4.4 billion page views a month.

People! This is only 1 porn site among millions............  This one site gets 4.4 BILLION page views every month and the number is surely growing.

*During the Super Bowl, porn use in Denver dropped 51%, while porn use in Seattle fell 61%.

By 10:00pm Eastern time, when the outcome of the game had been determined, porn use in Denver rocketed from -51% to +18%.

In Seattle porn use was still lower than usual, at around -3%

So during the game, many of us took a break from our normal porn addiction to watch the game. But as soon as the game had been decided, as soon as everyone in Denver realized that their team lost badly, a HUGE number of them turned off the game and TURNED ON THEIR PORN WEBSITES!

Likewise – As soon as the people in Seattle realized their team won, many of them kept on celebrating and stayed way from porn for that night!

So! We found out a secret here!

Can there be a link between porn and sadness? Or porn and depression? Or is there a possible connection between disappointments and porn?


We will tackle the links between porn addictions and our emotions in one of the following chapters.

So be patient, keep reading and I pray GOD will super bless you!

Chapter 3 – Sundays!

Look at this statistic everyone → 

*The most popular day of the week for watching porn is Sundays.

I thought this was very interesting when I saw this stat. Out of the entire week, out of 7 days to choose from, more people worldwide watch porn on Sundays than any other day.

Here are some of the reasons why I find this so interesting → 

1). Sunday is the day world wide where most people go to church. I do realize all over the world there are different time zones. So Sunday in Romania is really Saturday night in the USA. But once again, most of the world wide church goes to church to worship the LORD on Sundays, yet more people are watching porn on this day than any other day of the week.

Very interesting! It looks like spiritual warfare is being done quite extensively on Sundays as children of GOD are praying, singing and worshiping JESUS in their churches all over the world. What we see then is, later on that night, say after dinner time, HEAVY SERIOUS SPIRITUAL WARFARE attacks rain down not only on Christians, but also on the men and women world wide Sunday night!

So to analyze this, the one day of the week where Christians meet up in church to celebrate GOD, is also the one day and especially night a week when most of the world is watching porn while they masturbate!

Do you see the connection I am showing you here?

We are in heavy, HEAVY spiritual warfare on Sundays and Sunday nights!

Our spiritual enemies and our flesh are literally fighting us back on Sundays!

2). Many people of the world have the weekends off of work. This means most of us are off on Saturday and Sundays from work. Sunday is the last night off of work we have until we go back to work Monday morning.

So to me it makes perfect sense that men and women are watching porn the night before they go back to work.

Why though? Because they are burning with lust and everyone knows we cannot get caught looking at porn at work or we will get fired, so Sunday night is the last chance we have to look at porn before we go back to work.

But could there be more?

Oh yes there is.

Many of us hate our jobs! It is plain and simple. People all over the world hate their jobs and they absolutely dread Monday mornings. Their jobs are helping to cause them to have sadness, depression, even despair possibly. Some of our jobs are causing us to feel rejected, fear or even anxiety.

So as we get closer and closer to Monday morning, we start to feel worse and worse emotionally speaking. Knowing that Monday morning is getting closer and closer, many people of the world will drink alcohol Sunday night, or do drugs to get high, and most of us are watching porn.

So as we feel the sadness, depression, lust and even fear with some anxiety burning inside of us, we go out and buy beer or wine, or we smoke weed and get high. Porn is also a form of escapism just like drinking and smoking are too.

So no wonder most people are watching porn on Sunday nights, they have to get up early the next morning and go back to the same old job that they just cannot stand!!!

There up above are a few reasons why I feel people are watching more porn on Sundays than any other day. I am sure that you could think of even more reasons why so many people watch porn on Sundays too. 

Here is a quick recap of just a few of the most important reasons why people are watching porn on Sundays → 

A). Because of intense spiritual warfare being done on Sundays by our spiritual enemies.

B). Because Sunday is the last night we have off of work before we go back to work Monday morning. Because many of us hate our jobs so much, we have to drink, smoke or watch porn over the weekend especially on Sunday night just to make it through the weekend!

C). Because we are burning with lust all weekend long. And we all know if we get caught at work watching porn, we could get fired! So obviously Sunday night is the best chance to watch porn safely in our own house without getting fired on the job.

Chapter 4 – Children & Pornography!

Look at this shocking statistic → 

*There are 116,000 searches for child porn every day

There are men and women, even teenagers who are trying real hard by using the internet to find children being abused in porn videos.

Most of these children are abducted world wide and are either forced to become sex slaves to sick and twisted adults all over the world, or they are forced into the → Child porn industry!

There are evil men and women who all they do day and night is, search parks, search schools, search playgrounds looking for cute little boy and girls they can abduct!

They work real hard at this evil business and from what I can tell, this hideous evil is being committed world wide.

Child porn is popping up all over the internet more and more as each year goes by. Some of it is not even being hidden anymore, but is right there in your face on the internet as you surf the world wide web.

*From what I understand, a child is abducted every 3 seconds in the world. I could be partially wrong about this statistic, but I feel it is right.

Most of these children are being forced into the world wide child sex slave ring...... while once again, many other children are being forced to perform hideous sex acts with adults on film!

Just imagine this → Your wonderful little 4 year old girl is abducted by sick and very twisted men and women simply to be sold to a Saudia Arabian Sheik!

Upon your little girls arrival to Saudia Arabia, she will most likely be filmed in various twisted sexual encounters with grown men and women quite possibly.

Now for the next few years, she will be given drugs, or alcohol or whatever else it takes to make her more compliant into being the Sheik's sex slave at his very whim.

But once she gets a tiny bit older, and she is no longer cute a pretty, she will either be murdered, tortured or thrown out somewhere to starve to death in one of the slums outside of the city of where she had been taken too!


For many reasons, but one of them is because people all over the world are burning with lust because of their porn addictions!

YES PURE EVIL is the real reason why this is happening to our children, and this EVIL is using PORN as one of its main weapons to destroy humanity!

People are searching for child porn 116,000 times a day, just think about that for a few minutes.

It is so dangerous for children in the USA now, that any smart parent would not let their child out of their site, not even for 1 single second.

There are child sex predators and also very evil men and women in the USA who hunt down children to abduct them! Each child they abduct is worth a certain amount of money to these child abduction rings of people! This is a huge, HUGE money making operation. The money involved in the child sex enslavement ring is probably beyond our imagination!

Who knows who much these evil men and women can sell your little 4 year old daughter for to a rich billionaire in England or Africa!

There are some EXTREMELY POWERFUL organizations who are running the world wide → Child abduction, child sex slave, child porn industry rings!

EXTREMELY POWERFUL GROUPS run these abduction sex groups and this is why this evil continues and nobody is stopping it. NOBODY CAN STOP THIS EVIL FROM BEING DONE because the groups running the world wide child sex rings are far more powerful than most governments of the world!

So this evil WILL continue until the LORD JESUS himself says enough!!!!

And I tell you the truth, statistics show that once your child is abducted, the chances of getting him or her back is just about 0%.

The children will be abducted by these very evil people, most likely put into vans or SUV'S, then quickly driven off to special hiding place where the children will either be sexually abused, or forced to perform with adults in making porn videos, or even sold on the secret child sex slave market to men and women all over the world.....

I promise you parents, unless the LORD steps in, you will never see your child again!

But why?

Because once they are sexually used and abused for a year or two,  most of the children will never be seen from again! They will be discarded as if they were trash by the wealthy millionaires who purchased them in the first place!


The demons/EVIL is in full force during this end time generation and one of their most hideous acts they are doing in humanity is → The world wide child sex ring, child porn industry, child sexual abuse!


Look at this hideous statistic → 

The average age a person first sees porn is age 11!

Parents! Shame on you! Shame on you I say! I am not cursing you with a evil demonic shame, of course not I love you! I am telling you that you better change the way you are raising your children right now!

Do you realize parents that if your child is 11 years old or older, he or she is already watching porn?

You better believe they are!

*21% of Christian teenage girls admit to texting a naked photo of themselves!

Yes parent, there is a high probability that your daughter you raised to know JESUS and the bible is texting naked pictures of herself to other people!

*100% of 9th grade boys and 50% of girls surveyed by the Deputy Children’s Commissioner in the UK were found to be accessing porn.

4,500 children had committed sexual offenses

Did all of you see that?

100% of young boys were watching porn in the UK/England while half of all the girls are...........

Are you starting to see this problem is much bigger than you ever imagined?

4,500 children had committed sexual offenses!

Oh wow!!!

Let's go to Canadian children now → 

*40% of Canadian boys grades 4 – 11 are viewing porn; 1/3 of these, every day!

1/3rd of them are watching porn ever day!

Parents this all falls on you!

What do you think is happening to your child's mind when they watch porn?

Or better yet, what do you think is happening to your little girl spiritually speaking when she watches porn?

I will tell you what!

She is being infested with demons of lust, sexual defilement and possibly all kinds of other evil spirits too!

Look at this → 

*90% of 1,676 respondents surveyed by the Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation said they started watching porn as a minor. 

*79% view porn weekly; 22% watch it every day.

79% are watching it weekly!

O LORD JESUS we need you so badly right now, we need you so badly!!!!

*In 2011, one child was sexually attacked every 20 minutes in the UK.

I am sure the number is much higher now in 2014!

Why are things so bad in England?

Parents shame on you, I say it again, shame on you!

Let me show you why → 

A survey of 3000 UK families found that children as young as age two had been exposed to pornography, and the average age of first exposure was four. 


19% said their children got on the internet at age 2!

Repent you parents I say, repent now or you will be responsible to GOD for the terrible way you are raising your children!

Look at this → 

A survey of youth in the UK showed:

50% of 11-14 year olds had viewed porn.

Parents will you do something about this?

Will you decide once and for all to get fully involved in your child's life?

Will you work a little less so you can spend a little more time with your son or daughter?

Will you cut off all of your children from the internet?

Will you make the changes in your children's lives so they can walk with the LORD a little easier than when watching porn every day?

Will you parents make a changes here?

Porn addictions among adults and teens, even with children is causing all kinds of sexual crimes to be committed all over the world

*Young girls in India are being gang raped on a regular basis according to the news. After they are gang raped, many of them are hanged to death!

Oh you did not know porn was a problem in India?

Look at this → 

*More than 80% of Indian high school students have been exposed to porn.

*A year long survey found that 75% of pre-university students in rural areas of India were addicted to porn.

*In a survey of 300 children under the age of 13 in India, 67% admitted to accessing porn sites!

No wonder your woman and girls are being gang raped on the streets of India's various cities and towns. And once the raping is over, the evil does not stop there. Many of them are now murdered by the men who just raped them.

The demonic are using – PORN -  to further destroy our society all over the world.

*64% of Australian children are learning about sex from pornography.

So here we have children in Australia learning about sex from watching hardcore pornography on the internet.

And guess what? If the LORD JESUS tarries, these young children will grow up and rain down hell on planet earth all because they are infested with demonic spirits from watching porn.

I will end this chapter about children and pornography with one last statistic → 

*One in three ten-year-olds have been exposed to pornography online;

Did all of you read that slowly?

1/3rd of all 10 year old children have either watched porn, or are watching porn........


*The largest group of internet porn consumers: 12 to 17 year olds.

The largest group of people who are watching porn are OUR CHILDREN parents!!!

Parents world wide, you have really dropped the ball when it came to raising your children properly and watching their activities on the internet.

But you can repent, you can change, you can look in the mirror and tell the LORD you are sorry, that you will make the various changes in the lives of your children so as to give them the best chance possible to walk with the LORD!

Make a change parents, MAKE A CHANGE I cry out to you!!!

Chapter 5 – Porn & Technology

How are your children and us adults watching porn?

Look at this → 

In the U.S., 52% of pornography is accessed on smart-phones; 10% on tablets.

That is very interesting. We just found out how our children are watching porn without us knowing about it.

Some of you  and most of our children are using smart-phones to watch porn.

*50% of Pornhub’s 38 million users are viewing porn via mobile devices.

Looking at that shocking statistic!!!   Half of all of their subscribers for that wicked porn site are watching porn from a smart-phone or tablet!!!

I could pull up porn literally in seconds on my smart phone and nobody on earth would ever know about it!

So can you!

And the really sad part is, so can your children and they are by the millions and millions!!!

Is this a world wide problem?

Look at this → 

Worldwide, 51% of porn is accessed on desktop computers; 49% on smart-phones and tablets.

People all over the world no matter how rich or poor, no matter if they are working or unemployed can pull up free porn sites on their smart-phones!

And once again, statistics show us that they are doing this not by the millions, but by the billions of people!

Yes Billions with a capital B!!!!

This means that the children in India are using their smart-phones to watch porn even on a daily basis to feed their addictions. Then by doing this, they get infested with all kinds of sick and twisted demons............

A short time later, we have young men gang raping women in many parts of the world right now!

In different parts of Africa for example – Nigeria! We have satanic cult groups like →

Boko Haram who travel around from village to village kidnapping young girls from the ages of 2 on up and raping them.

Or worse yet, they take the women, teen girls, young baby girls and force them to be their sex slaves!

Why is all of this happening all over the world?


All because these people are burning with evil lust and all kinds of other sexual defilement inside of them.

Many of these lustful spiritual attacks  started when these men started watching porn on their smart-phones......

Chapter 6 – Porn & Marriage!

Look at this → 

*More than 50% of porn internet users report losing interest in sex with their partner.

Man of GOD, if you are watching porn, how on earth can your real life wife compete with the young 18 year old girls in the videos?

She cannot! Of course she can't, no woman could!!!

And what will happen is, as you continue to watch young 18-21 year old girls naked all over the internet, you will not be attracted to your wife any longer.

As you lose all attraction that you once had for your wonderful wife, you will no longer want to have sex with her anymore.

And once this happens, you and your marriage are in all kinds of trouble now!!!

As you continue to watch porn, your sense will get duller and duller and duller as the months go by!

You will no  longer be attracted to your wife, in fact, if you continue to watch porn over a period of time, most women that you use to be attracted to, will no longer catch your eye.

Porn dulls our senses. What and who we once found attractive will no longer be attractive to us and this especially includes your wife!!!

Look at this → 

56% of divorce cases had one person who was hooked on porn.

In my opinion, NOTHING in all of the earth causes divorce more than when a married man or woman watches porn!


*40% of those who are sexually addicted to porn lose their spouse.

Now this is very very sad.......

I remember in my first marriage. Neither of us were walking with the LORD at that time and yes we were both watching porn together.

Well to make a long story short, a year or two later she divorced me for another man.

To all married couples out there → Even if you both are watching porn together, it will STILL lead to divorce......


Because when you two watch porn together, dirty sexual images are entering both of your minds about the naked men and women you are both watching.

Now when you both have sex, honestly speaking, in your mind you are imagining that young 18 year old naked girl........

Even though you are having sex with your real life spouse, in your imagination you see the young 18 year old girl from the video and this will slowly destroy your sexual life with your wife and by doing that, your entire marriage will greatly suffer.

Women/wives do the same thing. When the wife is having sex with her husband, she is secretly imagining the young naked guy from the porn videos too.


How is this being done?


Many times when I had sex with my wife, I was actually imagining her to be the young girl in the porn videos that we just watched together.


I say it again → 


Chapter 7 – Porn & Homosexuality

If I had to guess, if I had to choose the number one cause of demons turning people gay?


In my opinion, people watching porn on the internet is the NUMBER 1 cause of homosexuality in the world today!

I am not talking about in Roman times, I am talking about today in our generation!

How does this work?

We have a wonderful article all about this topic. Here is the link to this very important topic!

I ask that you take 20 minutes to click the link and read that article so you can get super educated on how and why people are turning gay/homosexual all over the world!

Chapter 8 – Porn & it's Spiritual Effects On A Person!

Look at this → 

*Severe clinical depression was reported twice as frequently among porn users as compared to non-porn users.


*Approximately 50% of all college students in the USA suffer from depression!

Now I am not saying the only reason college students are suffering from depression is because most of them watch porn.


Porn is one of the causes why so many students in the USA and worldwide are suffering because they are depressed!

Here are a few of the spiritual side effects JESUS has taught me that happens to us children of GOD when we watch porn.

 Please look at these very slowly → 

When we children of GOD watch porn, we get → 

1). Lust & We Burn With Lust

2). Shame

3). Guilt

4). Condemnation

5). Self condemnation/When we self condemn and judge ourselves.

6). Sadness

7). Rejection

8). We Pray Less

9). We stop reading the bible.

I could go on and on but I will stop with those 9.

As we can clearly see, when we children of GOD watch porn, all hell breaks loose in our lives, I mean that literally, spiritually and figuratively speaking.

In my opinion, when we children of GOD watch porn, it can be one of the most devastating things we can do and YET MOST OF US ARE DOING IT!

But why?

Why are we children of GOD watching porn so much?

I will tackle this in our very next chapter.

Chapter 9 – Why O LORD, Why?

This has to be one of the most important questions in this entire book!!!

And to answer this question on why we children of GOD are watching porn, we have a few very good articles all about this.

Please trust me, click the links and get super educated by reading the articles on exactly why we are watching this evil on the internet → 




All 3 articles are very short, you could literally read each one in 15 minutes.

Trust me!

Read them, read them slowly and find out exactly why we are having so much trouble battling against this huge end time enemy that I call – PORN!!!

Chapter 10 – Why Do Our Governments Allow This Evil?

This is very simple actually!

The reason why your Government does nothing about this evil is because → 

*Your Presidents and Prime ministers are watching porn.

*Your Senators are watching porn!

*Your Governors are watching porn.

*Your Generals, Colonels, Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants and entire military personal are just about all watching porn!

*Your Defense ministers are watching porn.

*Your members of the CIA, FBI and all world wide spy agencies are all watching porn.

*The leaders of your Air-force, Navy, Marines and Army are watching porn!

*Your Government attorneys are watching porn.

*Your Government cabinet members are watching porn!

*Your lawmakers in your country are watching porn.

*The judges in your country are watching porn.

*Your police men and women are watching porn.

*All high ranking people in your country, in your state, in your city are just about all watching porn!

*The criminals and gang members in your city are watching porn.

*The business men and women in your city are watching porn.

*Just about all tax payers are watching porn.

*Christians, Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Hindus, Mormons, New agers & Atheists are watching porn.

And now you can clearly see why your Government & the governments of the world do not take down all of the porn sites.


Because they love porn!

They want the porn!

Some of them own the porn companies and are making huge profits off of their porn websites.

Huge amounts of money are being made here.

Huge amounts of money are passing between hands and this is part of the reason why PORN  WILL STAY ON THE INTERNET IN JUST ABOUT ALL COUNTRIES.........

Our presidents, prime ministers, kings & Queens do NOT want the porn taken down, this is why it has NOT been taken down yet.

Our leaders are just as addicted to porn as everyone else is on earth!

Our Government and military leaders all over the world want to watch porn, they want to have sex with children, they want to have sex with male and female prostitutes and THIS IS THE REAL REASON WHY THESE EVILS still exist...

And this is why PORN WILL STAY up on the internet possibly all the way to the → Mark of the beast or even longer during the 7 year tribulation.

No people, I DO NOT expect porn to be taken down anytime soon!

And why?

Because the world wants it, the world loves it, the world worships it, the world is addicted to it so the world will get what it wants!

Chapter 11 – The Porn Demonic Connection!

I pray those of you who have ears to hear will hear what I am about to say amen!!!

When some of the holy angels rebelled against GOD and turned against him, GOD changed them.

It seems HE twisted their minds, changing the way they think, the way they act, the way they behave and also the way they look.

It seems to me that GOD changed their entire nature and now we have monsters roaming around the universe especially on earth!

So what is it about these demons that want us and push us to watch porn so much?

First of all I want to say this →

It is our evil flesh inside of us, our sinful carnal nature that lusts to watch porn, or lusts after naked people and sex.

So I am NOT blaming the demons on this, no!

This is definitely a fleshly problem that all of us face here on earth!

So if you are a child of GOD and you look down on others who are battling against porn, guess what?

You have that same evil carnal nature inside of you too so be humble!

Because at any moment, your flesh could rise up and you will be watching porn too! So be humble child of GOD, be humble!!!

What GOD has taught me is → 

When our fleshly lust rises up, this attracts the demons. This will attract a demon of lust or another type of sexually defiled demon spirit to us.

Our flesh acts as a beacon. So when our flesh acts up and gets stronger, it attracts all kinds of demons to us.

As our flesh gets stronger in a lustful sexual type way, this will attract those twisted evil spirits that have to do with lust, masturbation, porn, sex and even homosexuality or bi sexual tendencies.

Now when this happens, we are in big trouble! When our flesh gets stronger and it attracts some twisted sexual evil spirits to us, now they tag team us! They literally double team us and guess what happens next?

We are in big BIG trouble until JESUS comes and sends grace again into our lives.

Here is what I believe GOD is teaching me on this topic → 

1). The demons want us to watch porn so they can enter us, so they can live inside of us.

2). The demons want us to watch porn so they can first enter us, now work against us to try to open doors so other demons can enter us too making things much worse for us.

3). The demons want us to watch porn it seems, to masturbate etc etc so THEY THEMSELVES CAN ALSO LUST. Yes it sure seems like some of the evil spirits are actually and literally lusting inside of us as we watch porn and masturbate. In other words, it seems like they are trying to get off in a lustful sexual way by using our body as a host......... They are pushing us to lust more and more in different ways so they can lust more and more too in some kind of spiritual way quite possibly speaking.

4). They push us to watch porn because they know just like I know it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to read the bible when we are battling a real hard core porn addiction problem! Watching porn is just about the exact opposite of reading the bible. Why? Because reading the bible feeds our spirit, while watching porn feeds our flesh. Our spirit and flesh are at war with each other so once again → It is just about impossible to read the bible when we are battling against this terrible addiction.

5). The same goes true for our ministry work. The demons know that when we fall down into another porn addiction problem, we will most likely quit doing our ministry work...... Why? Because when we watch porn, the demons of shame, guilt and condemnation along with self condemnation will attack us. When this happens, we will NOT FEEL like doing our ministry work anymore! Most of us will stop doing our ministry work when we fall back down into watching porn!

6). The demons know that when we fall back down into porn, it causes a separation between us and GOD........ NOT THAT GOD LEAVE US, NOT THAT GOD SEPARATES FROM US, of course not. But because of our shame, guilt and condemnation, we feel more distant from GOD now. The so called separation seems to be all done in us, in our mind, in our heart, in our soul.......

7). The demons know when we fall back down into porn, it seemingly hurts our testimony. In all reality it does NOT hurt our testimony, it actually makes our testimony longer and stronger and better, but when we do fall back down into porn, we probably will not be spreading the gospel too much at work, at home, or on the streets as much as usual! Why? Because in our limited mind, we feel that our testimony is now shot, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

8). The demons know when we fall back down into a porn addiction, this will cause many of us to drink alcohol, smoke weed, do drugs, have sex outside of marriage, possibly be turned gay or bi sexual by the demons, to sleep more, to lay in bed more doing nothing, to want to get time off of work, it can hurt us financially etc etc etc.......

9). The demons know when we fall back down into porn, it causes DIVORCE!!!!

10). The demons know when we fall back down into porn, now a huge number of demons will most likely be allowed to enter us...... Let us count a few of them → The demons of lust, masturbation, shame, guilt, condemnation, self condemnation, rejection, depression, lack of esteem or lack of self esteem etc etc.... Right there we have about 10-12 demons. Why? Because many times there are two or more demons behind each addiction and problem....

There is so much more I could of added to this chapter especially, but I feel this chapter is long enough now and most of you can get a really good idea of what is going on here!

As we can see here, there is a lot more going on here than any of us had ever imagined!

Chapter 12 – GOD'S Sovereignty!

Here are a couple of amazing scriptures that children of GOD all over the world should have memorized → 

1). Lamentations 3:37 – Who can command things to happen without the LORD'S permission!

Here we see that GOD or his son JESUS must give permission for every single thing in all of creation to happen. Without THEIR permission, a thing CANNOT happen.

This means that all of the demonic kingdom cannot do a single thing, cannot take a single step, cannot whisper a single word UNLESS GOD GIVES PERMISSION!

This means that you cannot fall down, you cannot lose your job, you cannot get beaten up, you cannot be treated good NOR bad unless GOD gives permission!

That first scripture is to be taken literally children of GOD.

2). John 3:27 – A man can receive NOTHING unless it comes from heaven.

The word – NOTHING in that sentence = Everything in the universe!

There is NOTHING in all of creation that you can get UNLESS GOD GIVES IT TO YOU, that includes the good and the bad!!!

Children of GOD! You cannot get a job, nor a person to marry, nor food, nor clothing nor anything else UNLESS GOD GIVES IT TO YOU!

But it also means you cannot get sick unless GOD orders it.

It also means you cannot die unless GOD orders it.

It also means that all of your addictions come from heaven too!

I pray those of you who have ears to hear will hear this and be blessed!

3). Isaiah 45:7 – I form the light and create darkness. I make peace and create evil. I am the LORD THAT DOETH ALL THINGS.........

GOD takes credit for doing everything in this scripture. GOD has planned and ordained the good things, the bad things, and the very evil things too. GOD does all things!!!!

GOD created the evil. He uses the evil as dumb farm animals to do his will! All things in the universe are doing GOD'S will...... This includes JESUS his son, the holy angels, the evil angels, all humans, all animals, fish, reptiles, insects and everything else in the universe that we do not know about yet......

All of the universe is DOING GOD'S will whether they know it or not!!!

4). Deuteronomy 32:39 – GOD speaking → (Look now! I myself am HE. There is no other GOD but me. I am the one who kills and gives life. I am the one who wounds and heals. No one can be rescued from my powerful hand.

Here GOD tells us he kills, he tells us he is the one wounding us......... GOD says nobody can be rescued from his powerful hand. That means nobody in all of creation can escape GOD. Nobody can defeat GOD. Nobody can fight against GOD. Nobody can oppose GOD.

Children of GOD!

Satan is not at war with GOD, that is impossible.

Satan might be 200 – 500 feet tall in his natural form.

BUT GOD IS BIGGER THAN THE UNIVERSE and GOD is the one who created evil...........

Since all of this is true, does this also mean that GOD is sovereign over porn?


Is GOD sovereign over our addictions?


Is GOD even sovereign over evil?

MY ANSWER IS → A RESOUNDING YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOD IS SOVEREIGN OVER HIS ENTIRE CREATION, this includes the good, the bad and the ugly!

So since we learned that GOD not only planned the pornography for the planet earth, not only did he ordain it, but that HE IS SOVEREIGN OVER IT TOO!

We learned in the last chapter some of the things that the demonic world is using porn for!

Now let us take a look at some of the things that GOD is using porn for!

Chapter 13 – Porn & Romans 8:28!

Romans 8:28 – And we know that GOD works ALL things together for the good to those who love GOD and are called according to his purposes.

The word – ALL there in the sentence above means = EVERYTHING IN ALL CREATION...

This means that GOD is using death for our good.

HE is using sicknesses for our good.

HE is using our crying and tears for our good.

HE is using our financial problems for our good.

HE is also using our heartbreaks for our good.

GOD is so powerful, he can use our depression we battle against for our GOOD TOO!

GOD can also use the fear and anxiety we battle against sometimes for our good too!

YES CHILDREN OF GOD, GOD is powerful enough to use bad things and even pure evil for our good!!!!


So where am I going with all of this?

Look at this → 

GOD is using your porn addiction, or your battles against porn FOR YOUR GOOD.....

Yes he sure is.

Romans 8:28 – Tells us that GOD uses ALL things for our good....

The word – ALL – There would also include a battle against porn.   Amen to that!

Now let me show you a few things on HOW GOD USES porn FOR OUR GOOD!!!!

When we battle against pornography or become addicted to porn, it causes us to →

1). It humbles us...   It crushes our pride. Anytime our pride is being crushed this is a very very good thing and GOD uses porn world wide to humble us! Yes child of GOD, GOD does use evil to humble us and he does this all the time. Maybe you have noticed him doing this and maybe you have not; but I assure you, start really taking a good look at the things that are happening to you and you will see just how much GOD uses evil to humble you.

2). It shows us how weak we are without his grace. When we fall down into another porn addiction, GOD is teaching us that everything is grace, that we can only do what he allows us to do, when he allows it, and how he allows us.......... Falling back down into a porn addiction teaches us quite a lot about his wonderful grace or lack of it!!

3). It shows us just how badly we need JESUS in our lives!

4). It shows us that we can act just like the non believers at a moments notice! This once again humbles us. It shows us that we behave like the non believers do except for when GOD sends us grace to be free from evil!

5). It shows us that we are not special, that we are just like the non believers. It shows us that only JESUS is special and that JESUS should be worshiped!

6). It causes us to cry out to GOD for help much more than when things are going great in our lives. When we fall back down into evil, GOD knows we will start praying for help more, for change more in our lives, for a new way of thinking, for a new heart and guess what? All of that is great!

7). It causes us to sympathize with others who are also battling all kinds of sexual problems and addictions. We will be so much more patient now, we will have so much more compassion now when others call us with porn addiction problems. And why? Because GOD is humbling us with our own porn addiction problem. We will be nice and kinder now as we too go through the same suffering millions of others go through!

8). GOD will use us to speak to others in the near future who are also battling against porn addictions. In other words, because you have battled through your own terrible porn addiction, now you are ready to be used by GOD to help others, to speak to others, to try to help others, to give other people very wise advice on how to try to break free too! Yes child of GOD, you will get new ministry work!!!

9). Because you yourself have battled against porn from time to time, you will know exactly what it feels like to be living in that state of sin. Because you have lived in it yourself, now you will know when others call you on the phone or on the internet exactly how they are feeling. You will know exactly what they are going through and because of this, you two can fellowship with each other without judging each other now! Because you have suffered greatly in this evil, now you will understand completely what the other person is going through. If you had never gone through a terrible porn addiction, HOW ON EARTH COULD YOU EVER UNDERSTAND WHAT I GO THROUGH, OR WHAT YOUR OTHER FRIENDS ARE GOING THROUGH?

YOU COULDN'T.........................................

So praise GOD HE will use your terrible suffering to help others and this is very very good.

There are 9 wonderful examples of how GOD uses a terrible addiction for our good.

There are 9 wonderful examples of Romans 8:28  coming true in the face of evil!!!

Chapter 14 – How Can We Get Free?

First of all child of GOD, I want you to know, you CANNOT do it!

If GOD gave you 1 million years to try, you could never ever break free from a porn addiction on your own.

You could not even stop biting your own fingernails on your own power, even that would be impossible!

JESUS is the only one who overcame this world, not anyone else.

That means that Moses failed, David failed, Solomon, Samson, Elijah, Paul, Peter, you and me all failed.

Every single human being ever born has failed to overcome this world except JESUS.

You cannot overcome a porn addiction and neither can I!


1). We must learn and practice how to get JESUS to overcome this addiction for us, in us, with us and helping us.

2). We must learn that we cannot do it on our own and that our only hope is in JESUS and the bible promises! You must know and believe and realize you cannot overcome anything on your own power, that it would be completely impossible! By realizing this, it will greatly humble you and your pride will shrink smaller and smaller as GOD sends you more and more strength!

3). We must pray for help, never doubting that help will come for sure. Even if the help does NOT come for 1 week, or one month, or one year, or even 3 years, we must keep praying for help knowing that JESUS will set us free at the perfect timing.

4). Quoting bible scriptures and trying your best to believe in them can be very powerful and can greatly help too!

For example → 

Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things in HIM who strengthens me......

And you quote this quite often using it for the topic of your porn addiction.

Quoting it knowing that WITH JESUS' strength, you can be set free from this terrible addiction.

5). Using incredible wisdom that comes from GOD. For example → It is Saturday night and you are all alone. You feel like watching porn and you are being tempted quite strongly. Try to grab your bike, go out for a long bike ride and spend the entire time praying if it is at all possible. Use wisdom when GODLY wisdom comes to you to escape some of the temptations.

The entire key to this chapter is knowing we cannot do it on our own! And to learn how to get JESUS to help us to overcome this evil in us, with us, helping us, blessing us and delivering us.

And of course our bible promises.

Pray for help, know in your heart help will come for sure soon enough and do not doubt!
Do not doubt JESUS will set you free. Why?

Because JESUS loves you, he cares for you, you are important to him and he created you!

JESUS will set you free for sure at the perfect timing! So keep your faith no matter how much time goes by during this terrible addiction!

Faith that JESUS will set you free and of course your bible promises are the way to overcome this huge, HUGE END TIME GIANT!


I would like to end this book with one last statistic and one last comment on my part → 

*In a recent Christian-Mingle study, 50% percent of female Christians and 39 percent of Christian males said they went to church at least once a month.

Of the 716 Christians surveyed, 90 percent said they would be comfortable with premarital sex;

61 percent of these said without any strings attached.

Child of GOD! Just like David did, pray for a new heart, pray for a clean heart, pray for a complete makeover having GOD change you from the inside out so we will not think this way any longer. So we will not act this way any longer. So we will not behave this way any longer.

Here is a very special article we have all about – Encouragement. Please trust me, check out this very short article and be greatly encouraged →

Love, your servant Garrett

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