Peaks & Valleys

Spiritual Peaks – Terrible Valleys

Have you noticed how the spiritual peak will come, then a valley experience, then the peak again, then the valley again over & over? Have you noticed throughout the months and years that one comes, then the other one enters our lives, then the peak comes back again?

You can see that there is actually a design behind this & when we see a design, we know there is a designer!!!

I tell you the truth, the spiritual peaks and terrible valleys are designed by GOD for you to go through at the times he commands!!

GOD is actually having you go through these experiences on purpose!

Some of you are going through valleys of sadness, loneliness, depression, despair, lust, hurting and pain!! These are all designed by GOD.

JESUS has created the earth and planned your life to be very very difficult. He has done this for most of us if not just about all of us.

So I tell you the truth, your life is going very difficult at different times on purpose! Designed by GOD to come into your life!!!

Some of you might be thinking GOD does not do this.

 Oh yes he does!!!!

Every person on earth is going through a specific plan that JESUS has planned for that person, designed for that person since before the earth was ever created!!

JESUS has also designed spiritual warfare, he did this before the universe was created!!!

For there to be spiritual warfare, there must be enemies!!!! As you can see, JESUS created certain angels knowing they would fall down!!

Our spiritual enemies the demonic angels are extremely needed in JESUS' plan. In fact without them, the plan would not work!!!

Now what is the plan? GOD is raising up sons and daughters here on earth! And he is using fire for a lot of our sanctification!

I am using the word fire now to describe when we get cancer, or sadness, or terrible lust, or terrible addictions, heartbreaks & other soul shattering events that happen to us!!!

All of this is designed by GOD on purpose for his children to go through! This is why the peak comes, then the valley, then the peak again!

The flesh was designed by GOD too! The evil carnal nature that every baby is born with!! This is all GOD'S plan for you and I!

When we are born, GOD puts an evil carnal nature inside of us!!! Do you see how GOD has set us up in trials, tribulations and sinning? GOD created a sinful carnal nature we call the evil flesh and inserts it into every baby that is born!

GOD also had a plan to send his son JESUS to die for us, this plan was put in effect long before the universe was created!!!

As you can see GOD set us up to fail here........... Then when all hope was gone, when the darkness was ruling the hearts of men, THEN →  GOD'S next phase of the plan went into effect!!!

The next phase of the plan was for his son to leave heaven and be born in a human virgin woman!!! Why?

To save us from what GOD did to us!!! JESUS died so we could overcome the flesh that GOD inserts into us when we are born as a baby.

His plan also needed an enemy!!!! GOD created possibly trillions of angels knowing that many of them would turn evil, even upwards of 1/3rd of the ENTIRE angelic army turned against GOD. This was all GOD'S plan from before the universe was ever created!

These are some of the reasons why your life is going hard......... Brother, sister, it is suppose to be hard!!!

Nothing strange is happening to you, it was designed to be hard, it was designed by GOD to be very very very hard!!!

In fact, it will be so hard at times that you will actually hit rock bottom at different times in your life just like I have too!!!

I pray this truth will help you to feel a tiny bit better tonight!!! This is all GOD's plan for you and me!!!

My life has been hell too, just like most of yours have!!! But GOD is using this fire to change us, mold us, shape us, purify us! Purify us from what? From that evil carnal nature that GOD put inside of us when we were born and from the demonic ways of living our lives!!!

We are not here on earth to shop in a candy store!!

We are here to go through incredible warfare........... And that is exactly what you and I have been going through!!!

Warfare against what? Against the evil flesh inside of us, against satan and the demons and against the evil world!!! Yes we are at war against this evil world that tries 24/7 to pull us away from the LORD JESUS and our faith!

GOD is raising up an army here & the army are his sons and daughters in CHRIST!

If your life is going very hard, please check this
out -->>>

I pray most of you have ears to hear this today!

So do not be surprised, do not think GOD is picking on you!! We all go through the terrible fire of trials, sins, addictions, failures etc etc.

And it is going to be hard, our lives are going to get more and more difficult each year that goes by now! Every single year that passes by now will be harder for you and me than the year before! GOD is going to teach us how to have faith, how to fight, how to do spiritual warfare against our spiritual enemies!

But the good news is, GOD is going to send more grace & more of his SPIRIT too to counter the difficulties coming to us.....

Every single thing that happens in your life is all given permission by GOD!!! I mean everything!!!

Lamentations 3:37 - Who can command things to happen without the LORD'S permission!!!!

And look at this scripture too →

John 3:27 - A man can receive NOTHING unless it comes from heaven!!!

So it should help a tiny bit tonight to know that the struggles you are going through are designed for you to go through to change you, to mold you, to shape you, to bring you into the image of JESUS more and more O PRAISE GOD!!!

To help making you stronger, having more faith, making you tougher, more Christ like, more humble, kinder and nicer too!!!

No sin or addiction can come to you unless JESUS gives permission for it to come against you!!!

JESUS holds you in the very palm of his hand!!!

What? You did not know JESUS was big enough to hold you in his hand?

Ephesians 4:10 – So that HE might fill up the entire universe with HIMSELF- JESUS!

JESUS is most likely larger than the universe itself!!!! GOD most likely is too!! They are very very very BIG...........

So after a while of suffering, GOD will send you grace again and take you out of the sinning, addictions and tormenting!!!

It wont last forever, GOD knows how long to have our suffering last for each valley experience we go through! Sometimes maybe a few days, sometimes a few weeks, sometimes a few months, and possibly a few years too! GOD will take you out of the suffering, sins, addictions, failures, temptations and tormenting at the perfect time!!!

satan is not in control, only JESUS is!!!

GOD is the one we better fear, OH BOY isn't that the truth!!!

Nothing can happen to you, not a single thing in the universe unless JESUS gives permission for it!!!

Why would JESUS give permission for us to go through terrible suffering, tormenting, addictions, sins and failures? Maybe because they purify us, they humble us, they teach us, they change us and mold us, they make us softer, nicer & more kind!!!

They are also slowly ever so slowly helping us to get tougher and tougher, stronger and stronger, more and more angry at our flesh, at the evil in the world!!!

The suffering is so important for us to go through, even JESUS himself went though certain forms of suffering too!!!

All of the prophets and apostles went through the same sufferings that you and I are going through.............. We are all equal!

Nobody on earth is special, we all go through the same things...... Only JESUS is special!!!!

While your going through your suffering, GOD is watching you every single second even down to the microscopic level!

You are being tested every single moment of your life, every moment!!!

Look at this incredible scripture →

Job 7:18 - HE examines us every morning, he tests us every moment!!!

And if all of that were not enough, GOD is also working on you very hard even while you sleep!!!

That is what many of the dreams you get are for. Many of them are from GOD to change you, shape you, mold you, transform you!

After a while of suffering, GOD will pick you back up again!!! He will send grace, mercies, blessings, protection, favor etc etc again!

Please check this out and get super educated -->>> 

Children of GOD, listen --->>> Everything, EVERYTHING is of GOD!!!

Even the very very very evil happening here on earth GOD is using..........

Look at this scripture →

Proverbs 16:4 - The LORD has created everything for his own purposes, even the wicked for the day of evil!

GOD is using everything in all creation for his purpose!

So, the REAL reality is, the hard times are going to keep coming until the time when your body dies.

When your body dies, if you truly know JESUS CHRIST, your suffering will be over for eternity!!!

When you die, if you do not truly know JESUS CHRIST, then you will go to judgment and be sent to the lake of fire for more suffering!

JESUS is our only avenue to get out of this suffering, there is no other way! Alcohol wont work, drugs and porn wont work!!!

Only JESUS works!!!!!!! Trust me I tried everything else and it all failed badly.

Many ask why are the demons here..... Are you kidding me? This entire plan of GOD would fall apart without satan & his demons!!

The evil is EXTREMELY NEEDED for GOD to work out his plans for his true children here on earth.

In fact without the flesh, without the demonic the GOD'S entire plan would fall apart! Adam and Eve had to sin, they had to rebel against GOD so GOD'S perfect plan could be put into effect!!!

If Adam and Eve did NOT sin, there would be NO CHRIST!!!

There would be no cross, no blood, there would be no object lessons for us to go through! There would be no grace, no forgiveness, no ministry work, no acts of love, compassion and kindness being done all over the world by true children of GOD!

All of this is GOD'S plan........... Yes, it was GOD'S plan for Adam and Eve to sin in the garden!!!

Everything happening everywhere is all GOD'S plan....... There is no other! There is no other plan, there is NO plan B for GOD........... GOD'S plan is the only plan that is being fulfilled here on earth!

GOD rules everything everywhere and most of this if not almost all of this is through his incredible son JESUS the Christ!!!!

GOD is ruling through the CHRIST!!!

This is why when JESUS walked up to people who had demons in them, many times the demons screamed in terror of him..........

The demons are terrified of JESUS yet we are not!! How strange.............

So do not be fooled tonight, your suffering will come to you on and off, on and off as you go through your life day to day, month to month, even year to year!

If your on a spiritual peak right now like me,
 KNOW THIS -->>>

 Your next valley experience IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!!

If your in a terrible valley experience now, if you will humble yourself tremendously, your NEXT SPIRITUAL PEAK IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER too praise GOD!

The peak will come, then the valley, then the peak again, then the valley again as long as we live and breathe here on earth!!!

If your ON A SPIRITUAL PEAK now, please, keep humbling yourself as much as you can to try to stay on the spiritual peak as long as possible.

If your in a terrible TERRIBLE VALLEY, humble yourself too, repent, cry out to the LORD bowing down at his throne!!!

Did you notice that whether your on a spiritual peak or a terrible valley the FIRST KEY is to humble yourself?

One of the main things these terrible valley experiences do to us is they = THEY HUMBLE US!

A second thing that the terrible valley experiences do is they teach us = They teach us to fear the LORD............

Oh boy when we fall back down into sinning and addictions does it humble us, wow does it teach us a new fear of GOD and his CHRIST!!!

When you see and feel the valley experience coming to you next, fight it!!! Do your spiritual warfare and fight against it....

Many times GOD sends a brand new valley experience to us to teach us how to fight against it... To teach us spiritual warfare, to give us chances to practice sparring against our flesh and the demonic. The same way martial artists spar against each other to fine tune their fighting techniques!

As you can see GOD could have hundreds if not thousands of things he is teaching us as we go in the spiritual peaks and valley experiences!

Mount Everest

When I am in the terrible terrible valley, I practice humbling myself, I practice fearing GOD, I practice repentance, true repentance! I practice bowing down at the LORD'S throne not daring to lift my head up to even look at him. I try to stay at his feet, grabbing on to his feet in my imagination!

Practice these wonderful things I am convinced that they will move the LORD'S heart to bring you back on to a wonderful spiritual peak even sooner!!! 

But if you rebel, if you get defiant, if you get stubborn, if you get hard hearted, WATCH OUT!!!!!!! Your terrible valley experience could last quite a while!!

Likewise when your on a SPIRITUAL PEAK, if you get pride, if you think your better than others, if you feed your ego -


If you do all of that, your next valley experience will be coming very shortly most likely! I say most likely because JESUS is so loving...

So when your on the spiritual peak, do not get to up lifted, do not get prideful, do not get your ego all puffed up because your next valley is coming right around the corner!!!

Have you read the psalms lately? Did you notice king David going on peaks and valleys, then peaks again and valleys again?

Now when your in the terrible terrible valley do not get too down, know this ->

 Your next spiritual peak is also around the corner hopefully!

So what is the KEY HERE -> Stay humble, fear GOD, realize your helpless, practice your spiritual warfare, stay at the feet of JESUS' throne, keep realizing how helpless you truly are & when on a spiritual peak, do NOT get too up, or when in a terrible valley experience do not get too down!!!

If your in the terrible valley, do NOT think that JESUS stopped loving you, do not think he has left you, those are all pure lies from satan.

There is nothing you can do to ever stop JESUS from loving you, not a single thing!!!

You are not being punished, these terrible valley experiences are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO GO THROUGH!!!

Practice your spiritual warfare when you feel the valley coming to you, by doing this you will get stronger and stronger and stronger!!!

O praise GOD child of GOD, you will be out of this valley experience soon!!! Humble yourself, stay at the foot of JESUS' throne!

Stay at the foot of his throne, do not move, do not even look up, stay there practicing to fear the LORD........

Help us JESUS, teach us JESUS, show us what to do when we are on a spiritual peak or in the terrible valley of the shadow of death!!

Bless us JESUS, hold us tight, teach us that you love us no matter how many times we fail, no matter how many times we sin and fall down!!

We need you JESUS badly, we need to be more humble, we need to fear you more.... Your church does not fear you!!!

 Give us the FEAR of the LORD we pray JESUS!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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