Pain, Hurting, The LORD

Pain, Hurting & The LORD

Pain, Hurting & JESUS!!!



I am glad you love me JESUS, that is about all I can say right now, which is saying quite a lot!!!




For some of us O LORD, you are all we have...........




Hold us real tight tonight JESUS as all hell rains down into our lives this weekend!





Some of us have left you because of darkness, pain and hurting in our lives, yet you will never ever ever let go of us!! You are incredible!




I am so helpless O LORD, yet you are SO POWERFUL!!!




Even though some of us have left you because of wave after wave of tribulations, you are SO
FAITHFUL, SO LOYAL, YOU will never let go!!




Some of us have fallen down so badly, there seems to be no hope whatsoever! Praise GOD that you are carrying us in your arms!!!




We tried to march forward LORD, we got tired, we got beaten down by enemies, we failed, we fell down completely, Hold us JESUS tightly!!!




Your powerful arms hold us so tight, so secure JESUS when we have completely let go of you! You are worthy to be worshiped!




Though you slay me I worship you JESUS.......... Thank you for giving us grace to worship you even when our entire lives are falling apart!





Why can't I follow you O LORD when I want to, when I try to, when I try real hard to!!




Though I am broken, I choose to fall face down at the foot of your throne tonight JESUS because you are incredible!




As disappointment after disappointment rains down like daggers from heaven into our lives, we crawl on the floor and praise you JESUS!!!




Heal our wounds O LORD, mend the cuts, stop the bleeding, scatter the wolves O LORD that are attacking us with your Shepherd's Staff!!




I am tired of myself, I am tired of my evil ways, make a change in us JESUS!!




Create in us a clean heart, clean up our filthy ways O LORD!!!




I am sick of the flesh O LORD!! Set your children free from homosexuality, from drinking, from gaming, from drugs, from porn especially!!





Take it out of me JESUS, take it out we cry out to you with our tears!




Scatter our enemies O LORD who try to push us into homosexuality....... Rain down your two edged sword from heaven and destroy the enemies!





Is anyone sick and tired of the same old flesh, the same old addictions, the same old attacks that work over and over again?




Take it out of us LORD, take it out of me, take it out of our souls we pray! Make us clean again O LORD after a weekend of sinning!!




When O LORD are you going to set us free from World of War-craft once and for all we cry out to you with our tears?





When will the attraction to the same sex finally go away O LORD, how many prayers do we have to send up to you we pray!!!





When will you finally set us free, teaching us how to say no to pornography once and for all and forever?? We cry out JESUS!





Make me over JESUS!




Were ready for change O LORD!!!





Take it out of me JESUS!!!




Were sick of the flesh!




Renew in us a right spirit we pray FATHER!!




Were sick of smoking weed O LORD, were sick of being addicted to energy drinks and coffee!!





When will you hear us JESUS, when we cry out!!!




Is anyone sick and tired of the same old thing, over and over again?





Don't cast us away from your presence O LORD!!!!




Though I am 99% dead, Though I am on the ground too weak to get up, we still raise our weary tired hand up to you JESUS!




Take it out JESUS, take it out, take it out, take it out your church cries out to you!





When will you hear us O LORD, when?




I get prayer, go and sin, get delivered, go and sin again, when will things finally change for your children JESUS...........




When we want to do right evil is always present. When we want to follow you we always fall back down into porn When will you change us JESUS




Though I lay down at your throne too weak to move a single muscle, just about dead, I worship you with my very last thought!




Rain down on us O LORD or we are dead men, we are dead women unless you shower down on us soon!!!




The wolves are attacking us with alcohol, porn, smoking, internet gaming. Come save us soon JESUS before we perish!!!!




How long are you going to allow your sheep to be addicted to world of warcraft O LORD JESUS! How long we cry out.......




Breathe on us JESUS soon, our strength is fading away!!!!!!!




Send a refreshing JESUS, our flesh is destroying us from the inside out!!




Lord, some of us are fading away tonight, are you willing to help us?





Yet you are faithful, O LORD JESUS! You are truly the only faithful person on the entire planet!!!




If your sad or lonely tonight, reach out your hand to JESUS..... Just hold hands with him in silence for a while!!!




It is OK if you wanna cry tonight, go ahead............




If your entire life is falling apart this weekend, reach out, hold on to the edge of JESUS' robe... He will swoop down and pick you up!!




Why Christian child are you pretending to be strong? You are not fooling GOD the FATHER & you are surely not fooling satan either!




Even during our terrible sin, you are so powerful JESUS, we have victory in you, yes even while we re sinning you are greater than our sin!




We fall face down at your throne FATHER. We tried to save ourselves, we tried and failed.......... Now we humble ourselves O LORD!!!




You are truly our only hope, our only chance, our only salvation, our only victory JESUS!!!!




Have mercy on our pitiful souls O LORD JESUS, rain down your times of refreshment we cry out to you with our tears!!!




You are powerful JESUS, we are weak. You are HOLY O LORD, yet we are filthy without you! You OVERCAME, we fail all the time........




We fall face down FATHER at your feet, not daring to move, not daring to speak, not daring to lift our face for you are our ONLY HOPE!!!

Sincerely, Garrett

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