One More Day!

One More Day Here On Earth!

Church was real good today praise GOD!!

When I got up this morning, I did not want to go to church. That is a quite common experience that many people go through on Sunday mornings!

It seems each Sunday when we get up, we do not feel like going to church! I am talking about my brother and myself!

But today turned out to be a real good morning and early afternoon so far so praise GOD!

Yes I have problems, yes there are serious issues in my life right now, but today is still a good day that the LORD has made.

There is always evil lurking around, tempting, testing, attacking and tormenting but today is still a good day!

Even though today is still quite early, I have already experienced a failure or two, but so what, I/you/we are still alive praise GOD.

We are still alive, we woke up today, got out of bed and realized all of us are still alive!

So this makes today a great day! Yes we have problems, yes we have issues, but we are alive still so today is a good day.

Did any of you know that 150,000 people die every single day on earth on the average?

Yes it is true! About 150,000 people die every day!

Approximately 2 people die every single second that goes by!

Think about that for a few seconds... As as you think about it, 6 more people just died!

150,000 people died in the last 24 hours but guess what?

You did NOT die!

I did NOT die!

So today is a good day, today is a GREAT day that the LORD has made!

Every single day when we wake up, it is a huge HUGE MIRACLE of GOD that we are still alive!

We are only alive another day all because of HIS incredible grace, mercies, blessings and favor over our lives! Believe me, we are NOT alive because we are special, or because we never sin haha, or because we are so holy and righteous.

Nothing could be farther from the truth than that!

Do you people realize how delicate and fragile our heart is, the heart in us that pumps blood? It is just a pump, that is all it is!

If it were not for the grace of GOD, all of us would be dead!

In the last 60 seconds of typing out these words, 120 people just died!

The LORD has revealed to me on multiple occasions that I should of been dead a long long time ago in my life!

Most of us should of been dead a long time ago, a long long time ago!

Now some of you might be in so much emotional or spiritual pain, that you actually want to die!

Well I can understand that quite easily, there have been hundreds of nights laying in bed I wanted to die too! In fact, just a few nights ago I was wanting and hoping to go to heaven already. I mean I am 50 years old now, and some nights when the demonic tormenting is really bothering me, I just hope and wish to go home to heaven already!

So I can understand exactly what you mean!

But JESUS is slowly changing me, he is slowly changing you too! And because he is not done working in us, HE gave us another day O PRAISE GOD!

Now yesterday 150,000 people died and went into eternity!

Most of them went to hell, which is extremely sad, extremely devastating, but extremely true too!

Very few of the 150,000 people who died yesterday went to heaven, very few indeed!

GOD has revealed to me that hell is the worse torture center in all of the universe! And most of the 150,000 are there now!

Yesterday they woke up too, but during the day or night their bodies died... Their fleshly body malfunctioned or they were murdered etc etc.......  And now while you and I are eating pizza, or ice cream, or going to the beach, or even going to the mountains to ski and have fun, most of that 150,000 men and women are in a torture center with hideous monsters all around!

Now this is too deep to even think about, too devastating to contemplate, this topic is just too hard to even talk about! It hurts me too much to spend time thinking about all of the people in hell suffering terribly! This topic wrecks my mind, it tears my heart apart and I feel so sorry for them!

But you are still alive, so am I!

Why? Because GOD is giving us another day to draw closer to his son JESUS, another day to study his holy bible, another day to help people in Christ like ministry, another day to experience life here on earth in a fleshly body!

But! The main purpose why we are still here on earth is to draw closer to JESUS, to continue being transformed into his image, to help people!

Yes your life has purpose! You were created for a reason and that reason is to know and love JESUS in a close personal intimate relationship.

And those up above are some of the main reasons why GOD has given you another day here on earth!

You are still alive, unlike those other 150,000 who died yesterday!

You can STILL choose JESUS today with all of your heart and soul UNLIKE most of the 150,000 who died yesterday!

You can still go buy a bible, crack it open to the book of John, and get super educated UNLIKE most of the other 150,000 who died yesterday!

You can still cry out to JESUS today with all of your heart and soul to be your LORD, to be your savior, to be your best friend and  to forgive you UNLIKE the 150,000 who died yesterday!

You have to make this decision today, right now!! Why?

Because another 150,000 will die today and it is NOT guaranteed you or I will live another day!

GOD does not guarantee in the holy bible that you or I will live another day!

Because this is true, we have to turn to JESUS today, yes this very day.

We have to choose life, we have to choose love, we have to choose eternity in heaven by abiding in JESUS with our faith and trust!

JESUS is the - Stairway to Heaven!!!!

And NO I am not talking about Led Zeppelin here!

 JESUS is our ladder to get into heaven!

JESUS is our elevator ride to go see our FATHER IN HEAVEN for the very first time!

None of us can be sure we will be alive tomorrow morning, not one of us can be 100% sure!

Because this is true, we cannot procrastinate! We must turn to JESUS today, repent our sins, ask JESUS to be the LORD of our lives!

We have to put our faith in the - Death, burial and resurrection of JESUS Christ for our salvation to be sure!

Ask JESUS to enter your life this very day, do not, DO NOT wait another day.


Because another 150,000 will die once again in the next 24 hours once again, and the day after, and the day after that too!

Do not gamble! Do not play Russian Roulette with your life!

Do not wait another day! It is too dangerous!

The 150,000 who died yesterday and did NOT know JESUS personally, went to the worse, THE WORSE TORTURE CENTER IN ALL OF CREATION!

Do not gamble and wait another day to reach out to JESUS! It is far FAR too dangerous to do that!

IN church today, about 10 people gave their lives to JESUS CHRIST and became saved we all pray!

While the head Pastor was leading them through a prayer, he was having the 10 people repeat the prayer with all of their heart!

Guess what?

I was sitting in the back saying the prayer too!

It is NOT a trick to be saved for all of eternity. It is not magic either! We have to put our faith in JESUS! It is real, GOD saves us for all of eternity as we put our faith, trust and belief in HIS son JESUS the Christ!

How? We have to believe that his death, burial, resurrection have all happened, and are true like GOD says they are!

We have to put our faith in JESUS that when we repent our sins, HE truly forgive us and we are literally spiritually washed clean!

Just like Psalm 103:12 says -> He has washed away our sins as far as the East is from the West!

We have to believe that when we give our lives to JESUS with all of our heart, now GOD in heaven sees us as righteous!

We have to turn to JESUS with all of our heart and when we do that, guess what? We are saved for all of eternity!

GOD IS NOT asking you to walk across a terrible desert barefooted to be saved!

GOD is NOT asking you to swim across a gigantic lake or ocean to be saved either!

GOD is NOT asking you to climb a very tall wall to be saved!

GOD is not asking you to fight lions or tigers to be saved!

GOD is NOT asking you to play piano like Mozart to be saved either!

GOD sent his son JESUS from heaven, down to earth, to die naked on the cross in a terrible death lasting many hours!

Because of this, GOD has put salvation in his son JESUS!

 GOD has designed this so that all who believe and put their trust in his son JESUS, gain salvation for eternity!

We have to turn to JESUS today! We must cry out to him today! We cannot wait another day, it is TOO DANGEROUS!!!

Every 40 seconds, someone kills themselves!!! That is correct, every 40 seconds that pass by someone on earth ends their own lives!

In the time I have been typing here, possibly 20-30 people have ended their own lives by murdering themselves! Nothing is guaranteed here, another 150,000 will die tomorrow too!

They will most likely not, NOT get into heaven! They are going to the worse torture center ever created!

And they will be in that torture center for all of eternity with no way to get out! No matter how much they scream, no matter how much they cry, no matter how much pain they are in, they can never ever get out!

Do not wait another day, it is too dangerous...... Turn to JESUS now, right now this very day with all of your heart and soul!

Ask the LORD to enter your life! And he will, JESUS will never turn down anyone, not anyone at all that calls upon his name with all of their heart!

Ask the LORD JESUS to forgive your sins and to wash you clean!

And guess what?

He will! For he loves you dearly and he died on the cross so you could repent your sins and so he would forgive you!

Ask JESUS to cover you with his blood, that is the blood that he shed while being tortured for you and I on the cross!

Ask JESUS to take over your life and he will! He will help you....


Because he loves you MORE than words could ever explain here!

Ask JESUS to put his arms around you and he will, he will show you how much he loves you!

Today is a good day that the LORD has made! You and I are still alive, O PRAISE GOD, today is a good day!

Today is the day we have to reach out to GOD'S son with all of our heart and soul and ask the LORD to be our LORD, to be our savior, to take over our lives and he will for sure!

Ask JESUS to be your savior and he will welcome you with open arms wide open!

I was suicidal for many parts of my life, and in the last 5 minutes, 8 people just killed themselves! Can you believe it?

8 People just murdered themselves and are most likely, now in the worse torture center in all of the universe! Yes the place we call hell!

But why did I live and they are dying? It is because of GOD'S incredible grace and miracles raining down on our lives today, and everyday that has kept us alive!

It is all GOD'S grace, his free gifts to us because he loves you and I so much!

All of us are still alive here, while 8 people just ended their own lives in the last 5 minutes!

You are NOT alive to live here on earth sinning, having sex, doing drugs, hurting people, and making lots of money. No no no no...... That is NOT why GOD has given you another day!

GOD has given you another day here on earth for the LORD JESUS, to go to him, to spend time with him, to get to know him!

GOD has given you another day here on earth because he does not want you to perish in hell first, then the lake of fire later for all of eternity!

We have to turn to JESUS today! We cannot wait any longer.............

Sure your flesh will fight back, yes that evil carnal nature inside of you! It will try to stop you from turning to JESUS with all of your heart and soul! Or from turning back to JESUS is you are severely back-slidden at this time in your life!

Yes the demons will try to stop you from turning your life over to JESUS too, or from turning back to JESUS if you are living in a terrible back-slidden state of sinning and old addictions!

But we have to say no to the evil flesh, we have to say NO to the evil spirits and give our lives to JESUS today!

As I wrote the last sentence right up above, another 4 people just died........

As I wrote the last two sentences right up above, another person just killed themselves, yes they murdered themselves!

We must not wait another day!
 Because this is true, we cannot wait another day, we must not wait another day!

It is too dangerous to wait another day to give your heart and soul over to JESUS!

We have to turn to JESUS today with all of our heart and soul and GOD will see you as righteous and you will be saved!

As you accept JESUS into your heart and soul, JESUS' righteousness now covers you and JESUS takes your terrible filthy sinful life up on the cross! Or in other words, JESUS does an exchange!

Now when GOD looks at you, HE sees the righeousness of his own son JESUS in you, covering you!


GOD now sees you as righteous!

But that is not all..... GOD will also awaken your sleeping spirit inside of you! And you will NOW HAVE A BORN AGAIN SPIRIT! Your spirit will come alive in the nature of JESUS CHRIST and you will feel so much better!

GOD will give you a new born again mind, he will literally change the way you think and this will be a super great blessing to experience just like I did too!

GOD will change the way you think about things, the way you see things in your life, the way you view things and all of this will be so wonderful as GOD expands your mind!

And then JESUS will baptize you with the HOLY GHOST and GOD'S spirit the HOLY GHOST will live inside of you!

You will have GOD living inside of you, you will be his new temple that he lives in!

GOD will be in you and you will be in JESUS, while JESUS is in the FATHER and all of you will be like one!

You will be family and this will be so wonderful words cannot explain it!

Yes today is a good day, today is a great day, amen!!!

Choose life today please!    JESUS is our only way to live in heaven for eternity.

Choose love today please!   JESUS is the only one who will ever truly love you!

Choose peace..... JESUS is the Prince of peace...... The more we abide in JESUS, the more peace we get, or the more peace you will get in your heart, soul and mind!

Choose JESUS CHRIST today, please! Do not wait, Choose JESUS today right now!

Love, your servant Garrett