Masturbation Part 3

Battling Against Masturbation – Part 3

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Hello hello children of GOD!

I wanted to talk tonight about a very specific sexual sin that most of us battle against all over the world!

In this end time generation GOD is showing us that he wants us to battle against the sin of masturbation.

Now we cannot win this battle against masturbation alone, that is impossible.

So step 1 is to realize that the HOLY GHOST wants us to battle against this sexual evil and to start practicing to say no to these sexual attacks.

And step 2 would be to cry out to GOD for grace, mercies, blessings and favor to overcome this evil we do with our  own bodies!

Now there are Christians who do not think masturbation is a sin, and then there are many of us who know it is a sin!

I tell you the truth, if JESUS masturbated even one time, his entire plan for creation would of failed!

If JESUS masturbated even one time, he would of been a filthy sinner just like we are and the entire matrix of GOD would of fell completely apart, amen to that!

Masturbation is a sin first of all because it feeds the flesh man inside of us. It makes the sinful carnal nature stronger. And as a child of GOD continues to masturbate, the flesh inside of that person will get stronger and stronger until it can get totally out of control!

You will find just about everything that feeds the flesh man is a sin, just about everything!

Next, when we masturbate, or as we continue to masturbate,  1-2 demons will attack us and start to live inside of us.........

The two demons attacking us will either live in our hand that we use, or our private parts of our body!

Yes children of GOD, the demons actually live there attacking us through temptations!

Say for example that GOD set you free from masturbation for six months. But now some temptations attacked you and you gave into them............ Now since you fell down into these temptations, you will find it very hard to quit. This is a very common experience that children of GOD go through.

Why all of the sudden is it so hard to quit masturbation, when we were just set free from it the last six months?

Because now there are most likely two demons living inside of you. One of the demons is compelling you to masturbate while the other demon is enslaving you to this sinful act.

So we children of GOD must realize that this is a spiritual problem, not a sexual problem, not a physical problem, but spiritual!

They will tempt us over and over again to keep masturbating, and they feed off of this lust somehow!

So when we keep masturbating, we will find ourselves having one demons who is compelling us to masturbate, while another enslaves us!

An addiction is formed when one demons compels us to do the thing we do not want to do, while a second demon enslaves us. The two together form addictions inside of us.

Now most of us know only JESUS has overcome the world and since this is true, only JESUS can help us to break free from this sexual evil!

We have to learn how to get JESUS to help us to overcome, to overcome with us, in us, helping us to battle against this evil!

I feel step 1 is to humble ourselves. We want to humble ourselves and tell the LORD we cannot overcome this evil without him!

We want to be humble, we want to bow down at the throne of JESUS and cry out to the LORD how badly we need his help to overcome this sexual sin.

By being humble, we are agreeing with the LORD we can do nothing without him, we cannot even quit biting our own fingernails without his grace and mercies raining down into our lives. There is nothing in all of the world we can overcome without JESUS, not a single thing and this would also include the sinning of masturbation too.

So children of GOD we want to humble ourselves and let GOD know that we are relying on JESUS to deliver us. And keep humbling yourselves every single day of the rest of your life.

Being humble is step 1 in overcoming the temptations and addictions of masturbation.

So pray for help, and know without a doubt that JESUS will set you free from the demons behind masturbation at the perfect timing!

We want to realize we are under demonic sexual attack! The demons want to live in your hand and your private parts.... I know this is quite surreal, but it is the truth too!
They literally want to live in your hand and the private parts of your body and this seems to be very very important to these types of perverse spirits.

And when you masturbate, you are giving them permission to live with you, to live in you, to keep tempting you, and to fulfill their own evil lusts through you!

Step 2 - We want to pray for help knowing and keeping our faith that JESUS will deliver you for sure from this battle against masturbation at his perfect timing. Whether he delivers you in one hour, one month, or one year, keep your faith that HE WILL deliver you and that the timing will be perfect for everything that JESUS does is always perfect.

If this talk is embarrassing you, hmmmm you might want to pray and ask GOD to help you grow a little bit more emotionally speaking! Or you might want to ask GOD to help you to be a little bit more mature.


Because billions of people on earth are under demonic attack from the sexual attack of masturbation, and if you are too embarrassed to pray about it, or talk to others about it, how can GOD use you to help people?

I mean why be embarrassed by this evil, after all, just about all children of GOD world wide battle this evil so why not talk about it?

Step 1 is to humble yourself the best you can with the grace GOD is giving you.

Step 2 is to pray for help, knowing that help will come for sure from the LORD no matter how long it might take. Keep your faith that your deliverance is coming for sure!

Step 3 - Let the shame, guilt and condemnation go! Command them to leave in the name of JESUS CHRIST and refuse their attacks on you.

Romans 8:1 – There is now no condemnation for those in CHRIST JESUS......

As you can see, there is nobody condemning you child of GOD, so let the shame, guilt and condemnation go right now in the powerful name of JESUS and refuse those evil emotions.

Cast them out in the powerful name of JESUS AND BE FREE from the shame, guilt and condemnation the best you can with GOD'S grace!

Step 4 - Stop self condemning yourself as your stuck in this addiction! Yes I call it an addiction!

Since nobody is condemning you, I mean that GOD is not condemning you, JESUS is not condemning you and neither am I. Since this is true, you have to STOP all self condemnation too!

Step 4 – Stop condemning yourself because your battling against masturbation.

Why? Why is masturbation an addiction? Well because when most start masturbating, they cannot stop.

I mean your being compelled to masturbate and your being enslaved, so yes this can be an addiction!

If you cannot stop masturbating, isn't that the very definition of what an addiction is?

Step 5 - Realize your flesh and the demons are behind this addiction! 

Come to full realization that masturbation is NOT natural like the satanic world doctrine tells us.

No nothing could be farther from the truth.

Masturbation is actually supernatural!

It is a supernatural evil sexual attack on the human race!!!

The demons work in deception and darkness, so by realizing your under demonic attack, this takes away a lot of their so called deceptive power they are using on you.

When you are being compelled to masturbate, you are actually under demonic attack!

There is literally a perverted evil spirit trying to lust through you, he is literally trying to get you to fulfill sexual lust on your own body so he can lust through you too!

And when you are under an attack of masturbation, usually your mind will be attacked too with xxx rated images! Usually when the evil spirits attack the private parts of our bodies to try to tempt us to masturbate, they will also attack our imaginations with sexual images....

Yes the evil spirits can input sexual images and every other kind of images too into our own imaginations.

Yes child of GOD, you are literally under attack when the lustful temptations come to you!

It is very important to realize your under attack so you can start realizing that someone is trying to hurt you!

And when you realize someone is trying to hurt you by causing you to sin, maybe you will get angry and fight back!

These demons usually live in your hand and your private parts, so cast them out in the powerful name of JESUS and watch how the temptation goes away!

Our flesh, yes that sinful carnal nature inside of us loves to masturbate, it loves to do everything that is the opposite of JESUS!

Our flesh wants to grow, it literally wants to get stronger and stronger, this seems to be the way GOD designed it. Our flesh knows that if we masturbate, the evil carnal nature gets stronger inside of us........

This is why we need GOD'S grace and mercies raining down on our lives so we can learn how to battle this evil through the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Step 6 - If you cannot quit masturbating, realize that this is an addiction and that the demons are behind all addictions.

Once again - The reason why we battle addictions are because there are evil spirits compelling us and enslaving us to that addiction!

Realize you have monsters living with you who are sexually pushing you to sin over and over again with certain parts of your body.

The demons also know as you continue to masturbate, shame, guilt and condemnation will build up inside of you too and now you are in much more trouble than before!

Now when shame, guilt and condemnation build up inside of you, and you have the demons of shame, guilt and condemnation in you too!

As you can see this demonic plan can be quite aggressive and quite devastating when the shame, guilt and condemnation get stronger inside of you! Because now you are infested with many demons.

So since we know most people on earth battle against the evil of masturbation, do not be afraid to talk about this most devious demonic and fleshly attack.

Do not be shy, do not be embarrassed to talk about this, this is just as evil as battling a drug or alcohol addiction too.

So how do we get free? JESUS of course and trusting in bible promises! There is no other way.

One of the main reasons GOD has us battle against masturbation is to crush our pride!

Yes GOD uses the evil in the world for our good, GOD uses the evil that comes against us for our good and blesses us with it by turning it all around.

So usually speaking, when GOD commands that we will battle a masturbation problem, it is quite often ordered by GOD to come against us  to crush our pride!

You see we had been preaching to people and seeing miracles and guess what? Our pride has gotten out of whack now!

So when our pride gets too powerful now GOD has to humble us, sometimes using quite drastic measures per se'.

What is the number 1 way I have noticed that GOD uses to humble us children of GOD?

You guessed it! He has us fall down into sexual sinning like porn, masturbation and sex with a real person!

Nothing humbles us faster than when we fall back down into porn and masturbation does it?

So if your battling a terrible porn/masturbation problem, look at pride as being the main cause and start really really humbling yourself!

In fact, besides in abiding in JESUS and the bible daily, nothing, NOTHING is more important than humbling yourselves day and night!

We gotta look at pride as being the number one reason by far why GOD has us back in a masturbation battle once again........

And as you continue to humble yourself day and night, watch and see, JESUS will set you free from the battle against this sexual evil, especially if you will keep praying for help knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that deliverance will come for sure at the perfect timing.

A second reason why GOD has us fall back down into masturbation is so we can understand what other brothers and sisters are battling against too all over the world.

How on earth can you talk to me about battling against a terrible masturbation problem if you have never gone through it yourself?

Another reason why GOD has us battle against the evil we call masturbation, is to teach you about spiritual warfare!

You cannot! You cannot talk to me. Sure you could quote a few scriptures like a robot would do, but the truth is, you cannot help me!

Because you have never battled masturbation, you cannot possibly understand what some of us other children of GOD go through!

So GOD will have you go through a masturbation problem for a period of time so he can use you later on to speak to others about it too, and guess what? GOD will use you to help deliver other people through the love of JESUS CHRIST, just watch and see, GOD will use you to help others in this terrible battle.

I mean how could you ever learn about this demonic attack if you never had to battle it yourself first?

So GOD allows the evil of masturbation to attack us so we can get experience in battling against this evil fleshly and demonic attack.

Another reason that GOD allows you to battle against masturbation is to show you how badly you need his son JESUS in your life.

I mean if no evils ever attack us, ever overcome us, ever hurt us, we would walk  around in our daily lives never even thinking about JESUS.

Children of GOD, it is when we are under terrible filthy attack that we start to realize that we need JESUS much more than we ever thought we did. In fact GOD teaches us when we fall back down into old sexual sinning that we need JESUS much more than our little imaginations could of ever grasped!

As you can see, there are many many good things GOD teaches us by using evil to come against us children of GOD!

Because I have battled this evil we call masturbation for most of my life, NOW GOD uses me to talk to others it, and quite often as we talk back and forth, people start to feel much better... JESUS uses us to help in deliverance and all of that is a wonderful blessing.

Now remember child of GOD, even when JESUS delivers you from masturbation, the evil problem can come back again if the LORD allows it too.

It most assuredly can! The masturbation evil can come back anytime JESUS gives it permission, so stay humble at all times because we never know what tests or trials the LORD has in store for us next!

Stay humble child of GOD, stay humble or the porn and masturbation problem will most likely come back!

Being humble and realizing how badly you need JESUS are the keys to overcoming a porn addiction with masturbation included! Of course, NOT to mention, we must keep our faith in JESUS for deliverance from the evils that come against us. We can win this war by practicing faith in JESUS during the bad times.

If you are still embarrassed over this topic, well what can I say, I feel sorry for you!

Remember when you pray for help, really and truly believe help will come for sure and guess what ? JESUS will deliver you!

But I never said the help would come in one day!

JESUS will decide how long you or I have to battle against this evil, it could be 1 week, 1 month or 1 year or longer!

But no matter how long or short the timing is for our deliverance, the timing will be absolutely perfect just watch and see!

How can we know this? Because JESUS is perfect and everything he does in our lives is perfect too!

So maybe you have been praying for help now for 6 months, do not give up, your help will come for sure SO KEEP YOUR FAITH!

Maybe you have been praying for help to be free from masturbation for 2 years now, do NOT give up, keep your faith and just know that help is coming for sure.

Maybe JESUS set you free from smoking weed in only 1 week and it never came back, but the masturbation problem is going on 2 years!

Regardless, keep your faith, do not give up, do not doubt JESUS, he will deliver you at the perfect timing for JESUS is FAITHFUL.

JESUS is the very definition of = FAITHFUL!

So if your still wondering why your deliverance is taking so long, are you checking your pride to see if it is out of whack now? Have you been judging others in your heart? Have you been judging your other brothers and sisters all over the world when you found out they are living in sin? Do you still think you are better than others?

Are you humbling yourself day and night bowing down at the throne of JESUS?

Are you watching your ego very carefully? Are you trying to keep it in check and getting rid of it daily?

Are you monitoring your theological pride very carefully?

Pride, porn and masturbation ARE EXTREMELY CONNECTED!!!

We fall down into porn and masturbation first and foremost because of our pride!

Now I know you cannot get rid of your pride, I pray you know this too!

The only way we can humble ourselves is by getting grace from GOD to humble ourselves! There is no other way! Everything is always grace and this way there will be no boasting or bragging in heaven whatsoever.

So keep praying for help so you can humble yourself and when the grace comes, humble yourself like you have never done before!

So if you have a lot of pride, you will most likely be forced into a porn and masturbation battle to humble you, to crush your ego, to crush your self righteousness etc etc.......

If you think your biblical theology is better than everyone else, most likely you will be battling a porn and masturbation problem too sooner or later.

If you think you are better than other Christians, you will be most likely forced into a porn and masturbation problem too.

If you think you are holier than other Christians, watch out, porn and masturbation are right around the corner for you too!

If you think you are special, more special than others, watch out, porn and masturbation are right around the corner for you too!

I say it again... GOD is using porn and masturbation as a refining tool to humble his world wide church because our pride is completely out of control.

So as you continue to humble yourselves, and as you keep your faith that JESUS will deliver you, your freedom is coming soon!

But if you think you can overcome masturbation without humbling yourself, wow are you in a terrible terrible mess right now!

Or if you think you can overcome masturbation without the grace from GOD, wow are you going to live in some seasons of pure hell.

Or if you think you do not need JESUS to break free from a masturbation addiction, wow do you have a lot to learn still about suffering.

Or if you think you are special or smarter than others or more holy etc you can expect some serious times of suffering in porn/masturbation just ahead of you.

So before I go here it is one more time!

To be free from a masturbation battle - Step 1 - Humble yourselves as much as you humanly can day and night!

Step 2 - Realize this is happening most likely or the number one reason is because of your pride!

Step 3 - Keep your faith in JESUS that he will deliver you from this evil at the perfect timing no matter how long or short it might take.

Step 4 - Realize you are under demonic attack and that two demons or more are living in your hand, or sexual toys, or private parts of your body!

Step 5 - Realize this is a spiritual fleshly demonic problem and tackle it all spiritually speaking too!

Step 6 - Realize that GOD is powerful enough to use this evil for your good and he is using it for your good as you go through the various battles that life has to bring to you. 

Step 7 - Stop being embarrassed to talk about this demonic evil, we must expose how they are hurting the world wide church through these sexual temptations and attacks.

Step 8 - If you are battling a masturbation problem, let the shame, guilt and condemnation go!

Fight against the shame you are feeling, fight and get rid of the guilt and self condemnation, get them out of you immediately!

Why? Because there is no condemnation for those in CHRIST JESUS so stop condemning yourself!

GOD is not condemning you for this sin, so stop condemning yourself too!

Step 9 - when you let the shame, guilt and condemnation go, the demons of shame, guilt and condemnation will be released out of you too and you will feel so much better.

Step 10 - Realize you are not special, you are no better than anyone else, realize that you are a filthy disgusting sinner just like everyone else is on earth.

Step 11 - Realize how badly you need JESUS, that you need JESUS much MUCH MORE than you had ever realized!

I pray this short talk will help you, and encourage you to keep going forward in your fight against this evil with the grace and blessings that GOD is giving you.

Remember masturbation is a addiction and a fleshly demonic addiction just like all addictions are.

It is nothing to be embarrassed about, cry out to GOD that you need help and humble yourself and help will come for sure just watch and see.

the LORD loves you, he did not stop loving you just because you are battling against sexual evil! JESUS loves you and there is NOTHING in all of creation you could ever do to make him stop loving you!

JESUS will never stop loving you........ Not ever!!!!

There is nothing you could ever do to make JESUS stop loving you, so relax tonight, breathe easy again and humble yourself!

Love, your servant Garrett

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