Love! Marriage! JESUS!

Love! Marriage! JESUS! & Divorce!

I want to be on fire for you JESUS................ The level I love you right now is NOT acceptable!!!

I absolutely have to love you more LORD than I love you tonight!

I have absolutely got to fall in love with you JESUS and the bible, or just do away with me now LORD!

I mean it LORD, If I am not gonna love you more and more, then let us just end this right now for we are both wasting our time here!

FATHER do not hold back, send down grace now, even right now so we can draw closer to JESUS, so we can love him more.

Rain down incredible, fiery, passionate levels of grace on us FATHER in heaven so we can madly fall in love with your son JESUS!

Now FATHER now, now we pray, help us now FATHER to love more! To love JESUS more!

To love the bible more! To love people more!

Help us FATHER to love more we pray! OR we might as well all die, for without love, we are so wasting our time here!

I have got to love you more JESUS........... So let us get this going............... I am tired of being lukewarm for you.

How O LORD can I start to love you more JESUS!

Well what is love?

 GOD is love!

So since GOD is love, how can we love his son JESUS more?

GOD has to give us this love............ Love is a gift from GOD!

If you love pizza, cake, lemonade or anything else, those are all gifts from GOD to you!

You cannot love anything at all unless GOD gives you this gift! Yes the gift of love! The gift to love others. It is a gift!

So let us cry out right now! Let us cry out together.

If we are just going to stay lukewarm our entire life, let us just quit right now because we are totally wasting our time!

Don't believe me? Look at this scripture -> 

Revelation 3:15-16 - 15 “I know all the things you do, that you are neither hot nor cold. I wish that you were one or the other! 16 But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth! 

We need to love JESUS more FATHER in heaven! We need to love JESUS I cry out.

Give us the gift we pray FATHER, hear our cries tonight!

FATHER! FATHER!!! FATHER!!!!!!! Help us to love JESUS more we cry out to you right now so we are NOT spit out of HIS mouth like lukewarm water!

Help us to love the bible more! Give us a super powerful reverence for the holy bible, yes for the WORDS OF GOD! Help us O LORD GOD to really submit ourselves to your holy bible, to submit our lives to your words!

Help us to love people more! Help us to love people more like the way you love PEOPLE O LORD!

Help us to love and care about ourselves more too we all pray!

Thank you FATHER, thank you for hearing our prayers......... Thank you for giving us the gift of love!
Help us now FATHER, give us the free gift of love! Give us the gift we cry out so we can love you more!

Help us FATHER WE PRAY! For we are your tiny servants and we are so helpless as you hold our lives in the palm of your hand!

Part 2 - Marriage/Divorce

Now woman of GOD! Do not tell me that you do NOT love your husband anymore and you are leaving him, DO NOT TELL ME THIS!

Instead, pray to GOD to give you more love for your husband, for your family, for JESUS, for the bible........... Do not just walk out on your husband and leave your entire family. What good will that do? Pray for more LOVE, cry out for more love, seek out from GOD more love for your husband and GOD will give it to you!

Man of GOD do not tell me that you are leaving your wife because you do not love her anymore. Don't you dare tell me this!!! If you just go and divorce your wife, or move out of the house because you feel you do not love her anymore, WHAT GOOD WILL THIS DO?

Why not fight for your marriage instead?


On you knees at GOD'S throne humbling yourself, telling the LORD how badly you have fallen down, confessing your sins, asking for forgiveness,



More love for GOD, for his CHRIST -> JESUS, and also more love for the holy bible.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, ASK FOR MORE LOVE FOR YOUR WIFE!

But I do love pizza, so I am doing way way better than you are tonight! Why? Because I love pizza hahahahah
Love is a gift, we cannot earn it, we cannot buy it, we cannot find it, we cannot do anything at all....... Why?

Because love is a gift!

You cannot just start loving pizza if you hated it your whole life. Why? Because you do not have the gift to love pizza!

Do not just up and divorce your husband or wife... Pray for more love, seek out GOD for the gift of love! Seek out JESUS more and more in your life and the LORD will heal your heart, he will heal your soul, he will heal your mind, and he will heal your marriage too! 

Just watch and see HE will for sure if you seek out JESUS first in all areas of your life!

Do not divorce your husband, just ask GOD to give you more love for JESUS and that will be step 1 in the process of healing your marriage too!

Why? Because GOD'S son JESUS can fix anything for he is THE LORD!!!!

If you do not love your husband anymore, it is simply because you are not close enough with JESUS nor the bible! It is simply because you have taken your eyes off of JESUS. It is simply because you started entertaining the bad thoughts that bombard your mind.

It is simply because you took your eyes off of love/JESUS!

It is really that simple!

Woman of GOD, simply pray for grace to start really truly abiding in JESUS and the bible and the love for your husband will grow incredibly. Just watch and see, it will work!

GOD is love, so as we get our eyes on his son JESUS, the bible, and doing Christ like ministry work, our hearts will grow in more love and compassion for others. More love and compassion for our husbands, wives and children too!

The main reason you are lacking love is because you took your eyes off of the LORD JESUS Christ in your day to day walk! You took your eyes off of bible scriptures, off of helping people and you stopped casting out all of the bad thoughts! Yes those bad thoughts and bad imaginations that bombard us each day from our wicked heart, from the demonic and from the world!

Man of GOD, draw closer to JESUS on a day to day basis, read the bible daily and your love for your wife will grow!

Don't just contact divorce attorneys and divorce each other, that is what satan wants you to do! That is what the flesh wants you to do..... That is what the world wants you to do!

Say no to their evil plans for your life and instead -> Go seek out LOVE!

GOD wants you to start making his incredible son JESUS and his bible much more important in your day to day lives and he will help you with your marriage!

But if you are not abiding in JESUS and the bible, OF COURSE YOUR MARRIAGE IS ON THE ROCKS!

Why? Because GOD is love and you are not abiding in love!

The bible in a nutshell is a love story! It is a fiery, romantic, personal and intimate love story!!!

If you are not reading the love story, then you are not experiencing GOD'S love per se' and your marriage will suffer!


Because you are not bringing love into your life, into your heart, into your soul! And because this is true, there will be no love or a lack of love in your marriage!

We need more love for JESUS O FATHER IN HEAVEN, please have mercy. Have mercy on our souls and give us more love for your incredible son!

If you ask for more love, YOU WILL GET MORE LOVE, YES YOU WILL GET THE GIFT OF LOVE more and more from GOD as you cry out for these wonderful blessings.

But be forewarned also tonight. The gift of more love in your life might come with a terrible trial, a horendous test, tribulation and suffering terrible suffering too!

Amen to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you will have to ask yourself this -> 

Just how badly do I want to love JESUS more?

Just how badly do I want to love my wife and children more?

Just how badly do I want to love people more?


We need to love JESUS more...... I cannot even begin to explain how important this is!

And as GOD gives us the gift to love JESUS more, you will notice one day when you wake up you are NO longer lukewarm for the LORD! You will wake up and feel a new motivation, new encouragement, new determination to cling to JESUS and the bible like you have never done before.


Because GOD is hearing your prayers and blessing you with grace, mercies, favor and giving you new GIFTS! 

Oh how we need the gift to be on fire for GOD'S son, wow do we need this gift!

 Help us to love FATHER, help us to love more and more!

Kick the evil out JESUS, kick it out of us so we can love more! So we can love you more we pray! Kick the evil out of us O LORD that is trying to block our minds, shielding our hearts, putting a veil around us. Kick all of this garbage out of us JESUS so we can cling to you more, so we can seek you out more, so we can love you and your people more we all pray!

Set us free from the demonic tormenting we pray, set our hearts free so we can reach out and hug you real tight tonight JESUS!

How sad when children of GOD fall out of love per se' for their spouses and they contact a divorce attorney and divorce them!

How sad!

How fleshly!

How demonic!

How selfish!

Wow how sick!!!

I thank GOD that JESUS does not divorce us when we stop loving him, or when we cheat on him, or when we hurt him!

JESUS is our role model here...... Not Paul, not Peter, not anyone else on earth right now either.

When we cheat on JESUS, he never divorces us!

When we ignore JESUS he does not divorce us!

When we do not love JESUS anymore, or not that much, he does not divorce us!

When we turn our backs on JESUS, when we rebel against him, when we put our hand in his face and say no to his commands, guess what?

JESUS does not divorce us!

Do you know what JESUS does?

 HE FIGHTS FOR US, HE FIGHTS FOR OUR LOVE! He encourages us, he gives us new motivation, he gives us new determination, he gives us his heart and whoos us back to his loving arms!

He blesses us, and blesses us, and blesses us even as we are neck deep in our sinning and addictions........

That is what HE does, HE BLESSES US!

Oh my gosh what would happen if we did that with each other too?

What if we fought really hard for our relationship with JESUS and the bible?

What if we fought really hard to get to know JESUS better?

What if we fought really hard to fix our marriage, to save our marriage, to keep our marriages?

What if we fought really hard in our ministry work instead of quitting when the going gets real tough?

What if we fought really really hard against our evil flesh? Do you think GOD would give us the victory then?

Do you think one of the reasons why the flesh keeps beating the #$%^ out of us is because we do not try hard enough or fight hard enough to cast it down?

JESUS marrying the church is symbolic of you marrying a man..... Your husband is symbolic of JESUS, you are symbolic of the church!

JESUS would never ever ever ever divorce a true child of his!

And he will not allow any of his true children to divorce him either, that is absolutely impossible!!!

So are you willing to fight that hard to keep your marriage or do you just wanna quit?

Are you willing to fight that hard to keep your ministry or do you wanna copy me and get depressed and lay in bed for months at a time?

Do you wanna fight that hard to make up with your friends, or do you wanna live all alone like I do with no friends at all?

Will you fight for love? Will you pray for love? Will you cry out for more love from GOD?

Or are you happy being lukewarm for JESUS?

It makes me furious when I am lukewarm for JESUS and guess what?

I have been lukewarm for JESUS almost my entire Christian walk with him! And I hate it and hate it and hate it!

How sad for Garrett!

We have got to be furious at ourselves for being lukewarm for JESUS! For being lukewarm for our wives and husbands. For being lukewarm for the ministry work that GOD has given to us to do for him! 

We have got to be furious about all of this!

We also have to be honest with ourselves too and admit that we are lukewarm at best, while most of us are very cold for the LORD!

So we are cold for the LORD, we do not read the bible much, then we wonder why our marriages, friendships and ministries are all falling apart!

Your marriages are falling apart because you are not abiding in love!

You are not making the greatest love story of all time important to you! Yes the holy bible!

Do not feel down, I am not doing any of this enough either.

But there is hope!!!!!!!!!!

There is always hope in GOD. There is always hope that GOD will hear our prayers and change us, changing us from the inside out so we can abide in love. And by abiding in love, we will NOW have love for our spouses, children, friends, co-workers and for doing ministry work too!

Now if you are happy being lukewarm for JESUS you are in so much trouble, I cannot even explain it in English words here!

So be mad, be angry, be furious at yourself for being lukewarm for JESUS and GOD will do something about it for sure!

Just ask GOD to help you and watch and see what he will do! Ask GOD to help you to abide in love, to read about love, to think about love, yes JESUS and the holy bible and you will have more love in your life for GOD IS LOVE!

But remember the warnings, GOD might use tests, trials, suffering, tribulation, crying, tears, hurting and pain to answer your prayer! So be on guard.

Then again GOD might simply snap his finger and you will wake up on fire for JESUS.... I have experienced that way too!!!

Help us FATHER, help us to change we pray. Change us from the inside out. Have mercy on our souls!!

Have mercy FATHER, have mercy on us!

So if you need love, it can only come from GOD because GOD is love! There is no other way. It will not come from drugs, it will not come from watching porn, it will not come from your brand new boyfriend or girlfriend.......... Love will not come from anywhere at all except from GOD, from his CHRIST, and from the holy bible which is GOD'S love story to us!

You might say -> Garrett! My mom and dad love each other and they are not even born again, they do not believe in JESUS at all!

How is it possible that some non believers love each other?

Here is the answer -->>>>>

Luke 1:37 - Nothing is impossible with GOD!


Mathew 19:26 - But with GOD all things are possible!

Yes GOD does give the gift of love to non believers too! He sure does!!!!

So since he helps non believers to love each other, don't you think he will help you to love JESUS, your spouse, your children, your ministry work and the bible more and more too?

OF COURSE HE WILL just ask him too and watch and see!

If we do not love , we are in so much trouble we cannot even begin to understand what kind of trouble we are truly in!

Hear our cries FATHER in heaven, hear our pleas to you! We must love you more, we must love JESUS more! We must love each other more! We must have more compassion, this is really important to us FATHER!

Love, your servant Garrett

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