Love Warns - Deceptions!

Love Warns!

Deceptions Part 3

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Hi everyone, I praise GOD for all of you and I love you! Because I love you, this is why I have to share with you some very important information in this article.....

This talk tonight is all about love... Yes it will be about aliens, UFO'S/ships/technology etc etc but it is really about love!

GOD somehow created everything in ALL of the creation through his son JESUS! Yes JESUS was here before the creation was created....

JESUS created most likely trillions upon trillions of holy angels! I know most of you think the angels are ancient, but they are not! The bible tells us that all creation was created about 6,000 years ago, and angels would be a part of THE CREATION!

So please be humble and I pray GOD will bless you more and more as we continue here!

The angels were most likely created very very early on day 1........... The word angel simply means -->>> Messenger of GOD

The word - (Angel) does not indicate a race of spiritual beings, it simply means they are messengers of GOD!!!

All creation was created in the 6 days of creation by GOD through his son JESUS..... That includes the angels too! Why? Because angels are created beings! So they were created when ALL creation was created during the 6 days of creation!

For those of you who do not know, GOD and his son JESUS are larger, yes BIGGER than the universe!

Look at this -> 1st Kings 8:27 – Will GOD really live here on earth? Why even the highest heavens cannot contain you!


Job 22:12 - GOD is so great, higher than the heavens, higher than the farthest stars......

GOD and his son JESUS are bigger than our universe is through their spirits. Their spirits are everywhere in the universe and most likely far FAR beyond!!!

So JESUS who is larger than the universe, most likely created trillions of angels very very early on day 1 of creation!

The black triangle space ships most likely belong to the USA

If You Want To Study Some Amazing Spaceships That The USA Allegedly Has, Please Click Here!

 Now what do the angels have to do with this talk about UFO'S/spaceships/technology/ aliens etc etc? EVERYTHING!!!

A very short time later, about 1/3rd of the angels rebelled against GOD... Yes they got tricked by satan into believing satan's lies!!!

These 1/3rd of the holy angels got somehow turned into monsters.... I have meditated on this quite often!

I feel GOD zapped them, he turned them into monsters most likely with a single thought after they rebelled against them. There is a possibility that GOD gave them some time to repent before HE turned them into monsters. I am only speculating here.

These 1/3rd of the holy angels that turned evil, are evil beyond what you can understand! They are far far MORE EVIL than any human being could ever imagine!

In your imagination, you cannot imagine how evil some of them are, we are not capable of thinking this way right now!

Since JESUS is larger than the universe, the demonic army, these evil spirits cannot do a single thing unless JESUS allows it!

For those of you who think the demons are free to do whatever they want, you made a boo boo......

Nothing in all of creation can move a single inch, not one single inch without JESUS allowing it and giving permission for it!

The demons are allowed to do what they do, they have permission to do this! Without JESUS' permission, they could not do a single thing!

Look at this -> Lamentations 3:37 – Who can command things to happen without the LORD'S permission!!!

Now I am only going to talk about a few of the things that this army of evil spirits is doing tonight! I am writing all of this because I love you!

And guess what?

Love warns!!!!!!!!!!!!

About 8 years ago, I learned from Bill Schneobelen that the technology that certain parts of the USA's government was 50-100 years beyond what the average person knows!

That was very hard to believe, in fact it blew my mind, but it started me on a journey to study more, to dig more, to pray more etc etc.

Bill went on to say, that in the first Iraq war, the USA had space ships hovering on the front lines blinking in and out of reality!

That these space ships, would blink in, fire huge laser beams at the Iraqui front line troops and completely decimate them.

Bill went on to say that the higher ranking military personal, went to all of the troops and confiscated their camcorders and their cameras collecting all of the video evidence from these super advanced space craft!

A lot of this was very very hard to believe 8 years ago!

Bill then went on to say that there is NOTHING IN THE Star wars or Star Trek movies that the USA does not have, nothing!

When I heard that, I was in shock! He was saying we have EVERYTHING that was in the Star Wars and Star Trek movies. How shocking! Being the fact that I use to be a huge Star Wars and Star Trek fan, I just was blown away when I heard all about this!

Well during the last 8-9 years, it seems that Bill was right! In fact it seems he was 100% right with just about everything he said!

CHAPTER 1: Beginnings

A WW2 German Built Ship!

The USA and a few other countries like Russia, Japan and possibly Germany have had space ships for a very long time now!

I would say that the USA'S space ships date going back most likely to the 1950's quite possibly!

From what I understand, Russia, Japan and Germany have also had spaceships going back to the 1950's, with Germany and Japan, most likely much much earlier!

A WW2 German Ship flying...

From what I understand, and I pray I remember this correctly, Germany first got space ships in the 1930's, then Japan got space ships from Germany, Then Russia and the USA followed!

Yes people! We have been in space for decades and decades now!

Starting in the 1950's - 1960's most of the spaceships Americans saw in the sky were our own ships, BUT NOT all of them!

Russia is in space, Japan and Germany too! So the petty wars and stuff you see going on here on earth, it is all a scam!!!!! What I mean is, when you see the US attacking Iraq with planes, rifles and tanks, it is a scam.... Yes the war is MOST likely happening, but we have space age technology weapons that we could be using...

It seems that Germany was given spaceship technology from the evil spirits sometime in the 1930's or around that.....

Alleged WW2 German Craft!

There are pics of very early German saucer craft up on the Internet now that you can go check out for yourself.

Of course some of the pics will be fake, we have enemies here who put up fake pics to confuse the population and to cause conspiracy talk...... But GOD will lead you to the real pics if you pray, if you truly seek out this information!

There are stories that the Germans had spaceships that were able to go to the moon and back....... I am talking about Earth's moon!

Maybe this is why there are video and pics of Nazi German looking bases up on the moon all over the Internet now!

Praise GOD the truth is coming out!

I want you to know, there are pics of our real space ships all over the Internet now because this is fulfilling prophecy!!!

The prophecy I am talking about is how GOD will have all the truths come out and they will be made known! As our time is winding down quite quickly now here on earth, the truths are coming out real fast.

It is GOD who is allowing these truths to come out and I praise GOD because we people deserve to know what is really going on here on earth and with our own governments and militaries!

Now there are also other beings who fly the spaceships we see in the sky too! They are not 100% human! I will be talking about them a little bit later in this book!

So I want to make it clear, most of the ships we see are our own USA space ships in our skies, BUT NOT ALL !!!!

The spaceship programs and other super high technologies are greatly covered up, and very very few people know about this on earth from what I can tell...........

So who is in control of the spaceships - The elite of the world are in control, NOT the US MILITARY, and most likely, not the Russian either, but the ELITE!

The Elite means – Illuminati/Jesuits/Vatican/Super wealthy bankers/European billionaire kings/princes, etc etc.........

It seems from what I can tell, that the RULING ELITE are in full control of the hyper technology equipment that some agencies now have!

Very good pic here!

I want you to understand, we have spaceship bombers where 3 of them could do a few runs over a entire city and destroy the whole city! These spaceship bombers are using weapons of such high technology, I will not even go into it. 

But if you pray and dig real hard, I know GOD will lead you to the same information I have found too!

CHAPTER 2: What Else Is Going On?

Pyramids on the moon........... Actually there are 3 pyramids on the moon that directly exactly copy the 3 pyramids in Egypt from what I have un-covered!

From what understand, it is evil, pure evil that is going on in space. But to stay on topic, humans and other beings are in space!!!

Now to continue -->>. There are humans living on other planets and moons! The evidence is now coming out that this is true!

I have seen humans on the moon, I have seen buildings and vehicles on the moon and other planets and it all seems to be real!

A Nazi German base on the moon

The Elite of the world are colonizing other moons and planets for whatever evil diabolical reasons they might have! These men and women are not following the LORD JESUS, on the contrary! They are following satan in a close relationship and they hate mankind, they hate everything that is good........   And it would be absolutely terrifying if we ever can find out what they are doing on the moon or on other planets!

Believe me, it will not be a pretty sight when that truth comes out!

They do not let us go into space, they do not want us to know what they are doing, that is why this is so highly classified, so highly covered up!!!

I mean what on earth is more covered up then the fact we are already in space, doing only GOD knows what, and using technology that is surpassing anything in Star Wars or Star Trek!

CHAPTER 3: How Did All Of This Happen?

This could possibly be a demon caught on camera flying....
I have seen film with my own eyes of a demon flying in deep space.....

So how did this happen? Remember the holy angels that turned against GOD? That is how this is happening!

These evil spirits are giving technology to different agencies here on earth for their own satanic agendas! And guess what?

This is all GOD'S plan being played out through his incredible son JESUS who is in charge of EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The humans who are NOT with JESUS, are merely puppets... They are infested with 20-2000 demons per person or possibly even more in some cases!

The demons attach to the Pineal gland of the humans, and to many many difference places of the persons body, mind, inner heart etc etc - And they completely control the NON believers of the world just like robots of puppets!!

The men and women of the world might think they are free, but nothing, I MEAN NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

The people of the world who are NOT walking with JESUS, are completely, absolutely totally run by the demonic spirits and this is one of the saddest things I have had to come to terms with her on planet earth!

This is the alleged UFO that landed at Edwards AFB to meet our President!

Let us face it, let us be honest with one another. We human beings cannot even make light bulbs that work, we cannot even make traffic signals that always work, many times when we bring home a brand new TV, we find out it is broke. Many times we bring home a brand new computer, or a brand new cell phone only to find out that all of it is broke too!

We are nothing but filthy, disgusting, rotten evil sinners...............

This is how we can know that JESUS gave the demonic or in some cases, possibly, I said the word POSSIBLY even used holy angels to give certain agencies down here on earth super high technology plans, ships, equipment and data etc etc etc........

CHAPTER 4: So What Do We Have So Far?

A Space ship hovers above the military clash!!!

We have spaceships which are real, we have spaceship bombers and spaceship bomber platforms,  we have everything in the Star Wars and Star Trek movies, We have tons of other super high technology items, such as teleporters etc etc - And we have humans and other beings living on the moon and most likely other planets too!

Yes Germany did escape to the moon, this seems to be a fact now! Yes many SS Officers did go to the moon it looks like! Evidence is now coming out which seems to indicate that this is all true. Such as bases on the moon in the exact design of a Nazi Swastika!

A huge, HUMUGOUS GIGANTIC space ship on the moon.....

We have Russia, Japan, Germany and the USA all most likely on the moon and most likely, other planets too!

CHAPTER 5: Who Else Is Out There On The Moon & In Space?

So evidence is showing that yes there is a HUGE HUGE BREEDING PROGRAM going on with the demonic kingdom and the beings have real bodies!

So let us continue -->>> What are these - Grey aliens?

Well they are not space travelers like you see in Hollywood type evil movies showing aliens.......... That we can be sure of!

I believe some of the grey aliens beings are actually demons who are shape shifting to look like little grey aliens.

In the old testament, these demons shape shifted to look like beings who might match that time period more so! In other words, I would suspect that thousands of years ago, these demonic spirits would shape shift and appear to people living in the old testament times as looking like figures that would match what was going on in the earth back then! But now, starting around the 1930's to 1950's or earlier, it seems the demons are shape-shifting to look like different kinds of so called alien beings from outer space!


But starting in the 1930's per se', possibly starting in Nazi Germany, the demons started shape shifting into alien type shapes because of the times they were living in back then.


Some evidence is coming out that most likely shows that some of the grey alien beings are being made in laboratories through DNA manipulation!

That some of them are actually real bodies, of real beings that can be captured, or physically killed etc etc............

In my opinion, when a person sees these so called grey alien beings, they are either a demon shape shifting into that specific look, or the being is a hybrid, that are being in my opinion, manufactured through DNA manipulation, possibly on moons, other planets, and most definitely in underground bases here in THE USA and possibly other countries involved in this too!

There seems to be a massive hybrid program going on now here on earth!

One of the many different kinds of space ships of the USA


You can read all about this here --->>>>

It also seems that once the grey alien body is made, that the demons infest this body and control this body like puppets once again, very similarly possibly to how the human race is controlled and run by the evil spirits too, that is men and women, boys and girls who have rejected JESUS CHRIST!

So whether the alien grey is simply a demon shape shifting, or a real body, of a DNA produced physical being, it does not matter!

The grey so called fake alien is evil, pure evil and demonic in nature, demonic in science and demonic in every other way!

This is why when a grey fake alien shows up, a Christian can speak out the name of JESUS CHRIST and that little so called alien is in deep trouble!

Did you know about 2,000,000 Americans claim to have been abducted?

Now let us pretend that 99% of them are all lying, they are all trying to trick us...

That leaves 1% of 2,000,000 people who have actually been abducted..........

That comes out to  a WHOPPING – 20,000 people!

Now I do NOT believe that 99% of the 2,000,000 people are lying, of course not. Why on earth would they lie about something so dangerous, so personal, so embarrassing per se'........ The wouldn't...............

It sure seems like a few million people have been truly abducted, taken without their permission by demonic beings, whether real, or spirits shape-shifting!

CHAPTER 6: How Can They Abduct us?

Did you know our US government has given these demonic spirits permission to abduct its own citizens? How sad, but how true this is too!

Our own government has betrayed us and allowed these demons to abduct people in the middle of the night and hurt them terribly! They literally gave the demons governmental permission to do hideous things to its own citizens.... You can study about this more on the Internet.   HOW SAD!!!

Some governments have received this technology from these fake alien beings, these evil spirits and in exchange, they allow this pure evil to abduct its own citizens in exchange!

Because of this pure evil giving the Germans technology, evidence seems to be coming out that the Germans were able to fly to the moon decades and decades ago..... Quite possibly and most likely before World war 2 ended!

Receiving technology from these evil spirits seems to be how the USA has space ships so advanced, we could not even talk about it here! it would be impossible to go into it!

To some people the demons show up in a person's room looking like a little girl, or a spider, or a bear, or a ball, or a little cat like beast etc etc etc!

To other people, the demons might show up in your room looking like a little grey alien being!

Sometimes they show up looking like a much taller grey reptilian being, someone stronger looking, and much smarter looking than the tiny grey beings.

Now when the fake grey alien beings show up in a person's room to abduct them, I am not saying all of them are evil spirits shape shifting. It seems to be clear there is a massive hybrid program going on and it does seem like many of these fake aliens are actually a real body, made somewhere, by really evil people and spirits!

CHAPTER 7: Various Other Topics!

Are Giants Real?
The bible tells us giants did live and evidence is coming out now that yes giants did live and possibly a few of them are still alive now!

I want you to know that I am hearing reports that some agencies are literally 1000 years ahead of the technology that their average citizens are aware of.

1000 years ahead!

Did you know, there are evil agencies time travelling and going back in time to try to kill JESUS?

From what I have studied myself with my own eyes, this seems to be true! Evidence is coming out that this technology is most likely real and that they actually time travel back in time to try to murder JESUS! 

They are trying to kill JESUS in the past so they can stop him from dying on the cross......... All of the agents that go back in time, they all die from what I have studied!

Yes it does seem like we have time travel technology now and this is in the hands of pure evil - The demons using evil humans for their own diabolical agendas....

I have seen pics of people time traveling, it is the most amazing thing! It is quite scary too until I remind myself how big GOD is!

Now let us continue please - Remember this is about love!

Remember earlier when I mentioned our spaceship bombers? They use weapons so advanced I cannot go into it now! Extremely advanced bombs!
There is NOTHING in Star wars or Star Trek that we do not have now! I have seen the teleporter machine on the moon!

I have seen the building with my own eyes, yes people can teleport to the moon now!

So when you see the US military fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan etc etc it is all a scam, it is all one big deception! Sure they use ground troops, sure they are using rifles, tanks, planes etc etc............ But there is very much deception going on here!

By the way, Russia has weapons just as advanced as the USA from what I have under covered!!!

When you see Russia sending troops to go fight in Crimea now, it is all a big scam by the Illuminati/Elite/Jesuits/Vatican etc etc....... From what I understand, Russia has extremely advanced space age technology too along with most likely, a few other countries!

IT IS NOT just the Illuminati Elite through certain agencies in the US military who own this technology!

You and I are being fed one BIG SCAM from the time you were born all the way to tonight, but GOD is allowing the truth to come out now as our time is winding down here on earth!

The US and most likely, other governments are hybriding, breeding these monsters underground! It seems that we have underground bases everywhere!

There are underground bases under the entire USA and we are doing pure evil there! Why? Because satan controls the non believers 100%......

And yes, JESUS is giving permission for all of this to happen. This is all a part of the LORD'S plan here and it is just incredible to think about, to discover, to study!

Just like how we see the fake grey aliens being made, we are making other half breeds and hybrids too because this is what evil does! I have seen enough evidence to show that we are cross breeding all kinds of life forms and literally making monsters!

They did this in the old testament and history must, MUST REPEAT itself! So it is being done now too!

During the 7 year tribulation, we are going to see in my opinion, armies of half-breed monsters coming out and doing evil all over the place, I would assume especially in the USA! Yes, the USA, where satan's throne seems to be held!

My friend Rick had a open vision one time....  He saw a huge like grasshopper being that was created to hunt down Christians in the forests and mountains.... In the vision, this hybrid being could actually see Rick too.. So the being was showing Rick just how much he hated him........ There seems to be quite a lot of evil going on underground, on the moon, and most likely other planets too!

When Rick told me this vision, it was a little hard to believe him. Now that I have studied more, it ALL seems to be true!

I want you to understand something child of GOD, all of this technology is going to be turned against the Christians!!!

Everything that the USA, Russia and everyone else has, will be turned against us children of GOD full force once GOD allows it, while it seems most of it will be used during the 7 year tribulation! It is GOD who is holding everything back, otherwise the world would of been destroyed by now with the evil demonic men and women running it!

They are going to rain down space age technology against the Christians & the only way we will live, will be by GOD'S supernatural miracles, grace, mercies, protection and love for us!

CHAPTER 8: Money, Time, Effort!

Now let us continue -->>. satan has spent billions upon billions upon hundreds of billions of dollars on his whole UFO/grey alien deception!

satan has possibly spent more money on earth on this whole UFO/fake grey alien crap, than anything else I can possibly think of!

the rappers are singing about it, the pop stars have the aliens in their videos, Hollywood has done tons and tons of movies all about alien invasions, or alien monsters, or aliens hunting us down and killing us.

satan even uses Hollywood, to get Steven Spielberg involved in this entire scam!

So here is where the topic of love comes in now --->>>> satan has spent hundreds of billions of dollars, possibly trillions on this DECEPTION!!!

Yes it is a deception! These grey being are not aliens per the normal definition of what an alien is!

They are either demons who are shape shifting, or they are hybrid DNA bodies being made underground, or on other moons and planets and are inhabited by demons!!!

Because satan has spent possibly trillions of dollars on this deception, WOULDN'T IT BE COMMON SENSE that he will use this deception soon?

Of course brothers and sisters, satan has been conditioning the earth towards aliens full time since the early 1950's or possibly earlier.......

We are talking about almost 70 years of demonic conditioning being done on our minds, on our souls, in our hearts all about these fake alien beings and UFO'S.....

I believe in the next 3-10 years, this entire scam, this deception, this evil is going to be unleashed on planet earth with JESUS' permission of course!

satan has spent too much money, too much time, too much man-power on this alien deception to NOT use it! HE WILL USE IT! Or I think he will use it hahaha....

Now why would JESUS allow this? I believe this will be a test!

When the spaceships show up in the sky, when the fake grey aliens are on TV, when our leaders are talking to them and taking pics -->>>    This is going to destroy the belief systems of the world! The entire world is going to fall for these deceptions except the CHOSEN ONES!!!

JESUS is going to allow this in my opinion to test the world, to test his chosen ones, to test people who are sitting on the fence for him, to test people who are luke-warm for him etc etc.

I believe JESUS is going to allow these deceptions to hit earth to test us to see if we will stand on the bible and NOT budge!

I believe JESUS is going to allow these deceptions to test those who say they love him! To test those who say they believe in THE LORD!

satan could not be doing this the last 70 years without JESUS' permission! So yes this entire talk tonight is about love! GOD loves you, he wants you to know about these diabolical schemes and plans that seem to be going forward in motion here on earth!

GOD loves you, he sent his son JESUS to die for you who also loves you! And I love you!

So I want to share with you some things in this very small talk that we better be forewarned about!! That we better be ready for!

When the fake grey aliens show up, they might have holograms showing how they created JESUS, how JESUS was one of them!

They might be showing these holograms on TV worldwide possibly! And this is going to rock the world!

They might even pull out a guy who looks like JESUS out of one of their ships, a guy who can do miracles too! etc etc.

I love you, I want you to know about this so you can start to get ready!!!

For those of you who want to study EVEN more, here is part 2 for you -->>>> 

I want you to know that the US has the technology to put holograms in the sky right now, holograms of ships, aliens, pictures of GOD etc etc...

And I want you to know that they can have these holograms talk, yes they can speak, and each person down on earth will hear the voice of the hologram in their head!

This technology is here now, it is available now and you must know about it! Because I love you, I am sharing this with you.

There is a possibility we will see alien/UFO deceptions so great, it will rip the entire world away from GOD and the bible!

Praise GOD we have JESUS telling us in Mathew 24 that the ELECT/CHOSEN ONES will not be taken into these deceptions.

You who are a chosen one will NOT fall into these incredible deceptions, not because you are good or special, but because GOD loves you!

GOD will give you grace to hang tight with JESUS and the bible, even during world wide alien deceptions raining down on earth!

One plan that the elite of the world might FAKE is that we are in a war with aliens who are attacking earth........ PURE DECEPTIONS.

Or another deception of the ELITE might be that we are working with the brand new aliens who want to help us.

Remember who controls the elite? the demons do, they control their thoughts, their emotions, their lusts and everything else.

Without the protection of JESUS CHRIST, the world are slaves to the evil spirits whom JESUS has allowed to be here.

I believe JESUS is going to really test us, in fact one of the names for the 7 year tribulation is --->>>

 The Time of Testing!!!!!!!

satan has spent too much time, money, effort, work etc etc NOT to unleash this greatest deception the world has ever seen on humanity!

When the world sees UFO'S in the skies, fake aliens on TV, showing JESUS was one of them via holograms etc etc, the world will fall for this 100%.

Only the true chosen ones of GOD, who were chosen before the world was ever created will get grace to see right through these lies and deceptions....

You and I both know that we humans never ever ever ever could of came up with this technology on our own, or I pray you know this!!!

Some people actually believe that satan is breeding a demonic army of these fake alien beings and other giants, nephilim and monsters etc etc.... The theory they use is that satan is building up an army and getting ready for war. Or maybe that satan is trying to corrupt the DNA here on earth so badly, that it goes beyond repair etc etc...

There can be some validity to that. The bible does hint at this towards the end of the book of Revelation

Some say that satan is trying to get technology to escape his coming judgment into the lake of fire for eternity! I would do the same if I was him.... If I was satan, I would also get humans to time travel to try to kill JESUS before he dies on the cross, and everything else too!

Some say satan might be trying to get enough people to follow him, that GOD would give up on his plan of saving humanity per se'.

some say that satan is trying to get weapons so advanced, that they can be used in the coming war with the holy angels and JESUS.....

Now some of these ideas sound silly to you and me, but we have to remember, most, if not almost all of the demons are insane now!

The demons are insane because they are reaping what they sow! Reaping what we sow is a universal law!!!

I believe many of the men and women of the world who follow satan actually believe that satan can win the next coming war with JESUS!

First of all we have satanists all over the world who believe this, second we have high ranking elite people of the world who also believe this too!

These people are simply deceived by satan and his demons into thinking they will actually win this war against JESUS!

It is merely a deception, that is all it is. The world is being deceived by these evil spirits whom JESUS is allowing to be here!

All of this is GOD'S plan, every single ounce of it is and only GOD through his son JESUS is in full control, not anyone else!

So we have absolutely nothing to fear because JESUS is in full, total, absolute control of his entire creation!

Yes the spaceships are real................ Yes we are living on other moons and planets!

Yes we have everything in the Star trek and Star wars movies and probably much MUCH MORE!

Yes the fake grey aliens are real, whether they are demons shape shifting, or real hybrid bodies, either way, they are appearing!!!!

So as we get closer and closer to the 7 year tribulation starting, I will talk about this topic 1-2 times a year with the grace from GOD!

Yes the giants were real! Giants so big, Much bigger than we ever thought, walking on earth and warring with humans!!!

Evidence is showing now that the USA has live giants in their possession........ 

GOD is allowing the truth to come out!

Yes abductions, or some abductions are real! People are being taken against their will!

Yes the fake grey aliens do submit to the name of JESUS just like everything in the universe does too!

Yes they are teleporting around, yes they are time traveling etc etc etc!

Yes there are underground bases in the world where the most hideous of evil things are being done!

Here is part 1 for you to study more -->>>> 

And here is part 2 --->>>>> 

Remember we are going through the 7 year tribulation, the GREAT time of testing, so watch out, start getting ready now!

So how do we get ready for these incredible deceptions about to be played out on us?


We want to draw closer and closer to JESUS every single day that goes by for the LORD is truly our only hope!!!

The bible! We want to study the bible more, read it more, take it more seriously!!!

The entire universe is subject to the bible, yet we ignore it day after day after day in our arrogance and pride.

JESUS and the bible and the bible promises are our only hope to make it through the coming tests, trials and tribulations!


If you are not truly walking with JESUS and the bible, YOU WILL NEVER EVER MAKE IT THROUGH the next 10 years of hell raining down here on earth and on the moon too!

We are about to enter the Great time of testing, it has NOT started yet, but it should be sometime soon!

If you thought you were going to fly away in a pre-tribulation rapture, boy did you make a huge mistake.................

We are not going anywhere at all except directly into Great tribulation!

I believe personally that as soon as Russia and China are ready, the Great world war 3 will start, which might trigger the start of the -->>     7 Year Great tribulation! During this time, watch out for the fake UFO/fake grey alien deception being unleashed on the world!

Remember the test by JESUS is --- Will we stick with him in faith, trust and belief no matter what happens on earth!

Will we stand on the bible and NOT waiver no matter what these fake grey aliens show us?

We will continue to trust JESUS even if the fake aliens show us in holograms of things contradictory to the holy bible etc etc!!!

Love warns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are warning you tonight, we must get closer to JESUS!!!!!!

If you think you are close enough to JESUS to where you will never fall for these coming deceptions, you are ALREADY deceived!

If you feel you are too smart to fall for the coming alien deceptions, well you keep falling for the porn deception dont you?

You keep falling for the smoking weed deception right?

You keep falling back down into internet gaming right?

You keep falling back down into alcohol and drugs right?

You keep falling back down into having sex before marriage etc etc right?

So if you and I keep falling into all of those lies, why would we think we are too smart to fall for the alien deception coming very shortly?

Be humble people! We gotta get on our knees at the throne of GOD and humble ourselves!

You might be thinking that you will never fall for these alien deceptions yet you keep falling for the attacks of loneliness right?

Did you know loneliness is a deception? Of course it is!!!
We must be more humble!!!!!!!!!
How can you ever feel lonely when GOD, his son JESUS and at least one holy angel are always with you?

You fall for the loneliness deception, this is for sure, so you could fall for the alien deception too!

Be humble!

Did you know sadness was a deception? So is depression!

Since we keep falling for the deceptions of sadness, depression, what makes us think we are so holy we will not fall for the alien deception too?

We have to be more humble!!!

I love you, and I gave you these warnings that I feel are coming to attack us in the next 3-7 years or 3-10 years.

Love warns!

Love, your servant Garrett

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