Love Warns

Love Warns

I wanna share with you people something ---- >>>

Love warns!

GOD warns us over and over again in the bible about various topics!! Why? Because GOD loves you! So he warns you!!!!

When you love someone and you see they are going wrong, you warn them! You warn them because you love them! If you love your brothers and sisters and you see them following a lie, don't you warn them? Of course you do! Because you love them!!

Tonight I warned brothers and sisters in Christ that there is NO Pre - tribulation rapture. Why did I do this? 

Because I love you!!

The Christians who are believing they are going to fly away are believing a lie, a trap a snare... So I warn you because I love you!

Nobody wants to go through the entire 7 year tribulation, neither do I......... I wanna fly away too !!!!
The problem is, it does not matter what you or I want, it only matters what GOD says in our bible. The problem is, we do NOT FLY AWAY! We go through the entire 7 years!

Because GOD has clearly taught me this, I wanna share it with others and why? Because I love my brothers and sisters!!                              

Love warns!

Next - I talked about the - Once saved always saved topic on the internet. This topic is so complicated it is almost impossible to go over it on Twitter with one sentence at a time!!!

I told the children of GOD the truth tonight, that we CAN lose our salvation..... But very very few people wanted to hear that!!! So as I told the children of GOD tonight the truth, many typed back bad things to me, or nasty things, or UN friended etc etc etc! Now why is it so important for me to warn them that we can lose our salvation? Because I love them!!! Because JESUS loves you!

Because Love warns!

Even though I gave tons of scriptures to back this up that we can lose our salvation, many people typed bad things about me! I tell you the truth children of GOD, many parts of the bible are very offensive and if you try to preach them, Christians will attack you!

I cannot even count how many scriptures say we CAN lose our salvation, because there are too many to count!!!!  Possibly even 500 of them in the bible maybe!

So I will keep warning my brothers and sisters various bible truths even if it hurts to hear it, or it offends you, or it makes you furious!

I wanna share something with you children of GOD.... Anybody can read the bible, but very very VERY FEW people get understanding from GOD. You could read the bible for 50 years, but if you do not get wisdom, understanding and revelations from GOD, you will never understand!!

It does not matter how long you read the bible, it only MATTERS if you are understanding it!!!!

JESUS tells us 4 different times when he will rapture us in John chapter 6 but there are so FEW PEOPLE who understand what he says!!!

Paul tells us multiple times that the rapture happens at the LAST TRUMPET, THE 7TH TRUMPET but so few Christians understand!!!

So I come online and warn my brothers and sisters because I love them!! Yet many of them turn on me... Welcome to end time Christianity!!

Love Warns

During typing these topics tonight about the rapture and salvation, many Christians UN friended me!!

Did you know children of GOD it is actually a SIN to break fellowship over differences in bible doctrines???

 IT is true!!!

GOD tells us in Hebrews that it is that it is a SIN to break fellowship over differences in our beliefs!!!

I tell you the truth, it DOES NOT MATTER how much you read the bible unless GOD is giving you understanding!!!! The demons can block any of the sentences of the bible you read, blocking your heart and mind UNLESS GOD gives you understanding!!! So child of GOD, do not tell me how long you been reading the bible, tell me that GOD is giving you understanding, revelations, wisdom and grace – Praise GOD!

It would be better to understand a few scriptures in the bible, then to read the bible 50 years and never get understanding!!!

Understanding what we are reading is truly the only thing that matters when it comes to the bible!

Did you know that GOD tells us all over the entire bible that we can lose our salvation? It is true!!!

Did you know that even in the last sentences of the book of Revelation GOD tells us we can lose our salvation? It is true!!!

Think about this carefully, in the last few sentences of the entire bible GOD tells us we can lose our salvation if we change the bible!!!

Do you children of GOD have any idea how many parables JESUS told us saying that we CAN lose our salvation? Too many for me to count!

Paul tells us in huge sections of the book of Galatians that we can lose our salvation if we go back to the law of the old testament. Did you know Christians in the year 2013 are trying to follow some of the laws?

JESUS - God's son, the creator of everything tells us over and over and over and over again that we can lose our salvation!!!

But why doesn't the church believe this? Because we are reading the bible WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING IT!!!!!

Four times in John chapter 6 and 1 time in John chapter 11 GOD tells us that the rapture happens at the end ......... The last day, the last trumpet...... But why doesn't the church believe this?????? I will tell you why... We are not understanding what we are reading!!!

Now what can block our bible understanding? Ummm pride!!!

Our ego can block getting understanding from GOD!!

This end time church are NOT reading their bibles enough.... That can most definitely stop us children of GOD from getting understanding!

Spiritual pride can block us from getting understanding!!!

The demons can block our understanding of a scripture, if you do not believe that, then that is a whole another topic of trouble you are in!

Our flesh can help to block our understanding of bible scriptures!!!

Our flesh can help to block our understanding of bible scriptures!!!

I would not be surprised if GOD tells us 500 times in the bible we can lose our salvation!!!!

So I told the truth tonight, because I love you!

Love warns!!!!!

We have to pray for understanding... We have to pray for grace so we can study the bible!!! We have to pray for more wisdom from GOD! We have to pray for more knowledge!!!! Pray every single time before you start reading the bible! Pray for help to understand what you read! Without GOD'S grace, we could read the bible 75 years and still NOT understand a single thing!!!!

No children of GOD this end time generation will not ESCAPE tribulation. We are NOT going anywhere except through 7 years of tribulation!

I say it again, we are NOT going to fly away!!! It is a satanic lie that CANNOT be found in the bible!!! We fly away after the 7 year tribulation is over at the last trumpet blast the 7th trumpet blast!

Love warns!!!!

Maybe your thinking - How does this show I love you?

Because if you think your flying away first before the tribulation starts, you will NOT get ready, you will not prepare ahead of time spiritually speaking to go through the great 7 year tribulation! But I am warning you that we ARE going through the entire 7 years and that we have to GET READY!!!! We have to prepare!!!!

Love warns!!!

Here are four locations where JESUS says he will raise us up at the last day/last trumpet →

John 6:39 – 39 And this is the will of God, that I should not lose even one of all those he has given me, but that I should raise them up at the last day. 

John 6:40 – 40 For it is my Father’s will that all who see his Son and believe in him should have eternal life. I will raise them up at the last day.” 

John 6:44 – 44 For no one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them to me, and at the last day I will raise them up. 

John 6:54 – 54 But anyone who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise that person at the last day. 

And there are more than these four!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christians who are lying, stealing, are homosexual, drunkards, doing witchcraft - Will NOT get into the kingdom of GOD unless they repent!!!

Christians who are having sex before marriage will NOT get into heaven unless they repent, they will lose their salvation.....

Some people asked me over and over and over again tonight the exact same question, even though I answered them 3 times already!!

Why is this happening? Because we cannot understand a single sentence unless JESUS gives us the understanding!!!

This is what JESUS meant when he said the birds will come and snatch up the seeds that fall on the ground!!!

The birds are demons and as soon as I type to someone the answer to their question, they lose the understanding quite possibly because a demon comes and blocks it, or shields it from the Christian!

The demons have convinced the entire Christian world that we get raptured first, before the 7 year tribulation even starts!!!

Even though this is NOT in the bible, and it CANNOT BE FOUND in the bible, the Most Christians world wide believe it!!!

Love warns!

Now because I love you, here is another scripture that shows us we get raptured at the last day/last trumpet blast →

John 11:24 – 23 Jesus told her, “Your brother will rise again.”
24 “Yes,” Martha said, “he will rise when everyone else rises, at the last day.”

Without GOD'S GIFT of wisdom, knowledge, understanding and revelations we will NEVER EVER EVER UNDERSTAND scriptures!!! And it is all a free gift, this understanding and revelations from GOD, you cannot buy it, you cannot earn it but YOU CAN PRAY FOR IT!!!

Mathew 22:14 - Many are called but few are chosen.......... The called ones in this sentence are THE WORLD WIDE CHURCH!!!! The Christians who are living world wide.

Love warns!

JESUS says that few of the church will be chosen.................. Yes children of GOD, we can LOSE our salvation!!!

Jesus says in Luke 13:24 - That most WILL NOT get into heaven!!! Most who? Most Christians!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take a look →

Luke 13:24 – Work hard to enter the NARROW door to GOD'S kingdom. For MANY will try to enter but will FAIL!!!

Child of GOD, did you clearly understand what JESUS just said?


JESUS said most of us will fail!!!

Love warns!!!!

The demons have the power to block our knowledge, to block our understanding!! JESUS makes this clear to us.....

This is scary, this is humbling, this is important to learn!!! Why? Because we are not learning the bible properly!!! If satan can get us to learn a false bible doctrine, WOW OH WOW IS HE WINNING WITH OUR SOULS!!!!

Now does JESUS fight back? WOW YOU BETTER BELIEVE HE DOES,,,,, He is the LORD OF ALL lords............ Of course JESUS helps us and fixes us and delivers us, delivers us, heals us, blesses us, protects us, covers us and forgives our sins when we truly repent!!

Praise GOD!!!

Once again I would not be surprised if there were 500 scriptures in the entire bible that says we can lose our salvation!!! I have NOT counted them up though, that is a educated guess!

I would not be surprised if there were 30 alone in the book of Revelation that says we can lose our salvation... WHY CANT WE SEE THIS???

What is wrong with the church today? What is wrong with us? what is wrong with me? Why are we so blinded???????

So why is it important to know that we can lose our salvation? So we will start taking our sins very seriously!!!!!

Love warns!

I wish one of you would of grabbed me when I was 18 years old and warned me. Oh how I wish that happened!!!

I wish one of you would come warn me when I need it, oh how wonderful that would be!!!

satan wants you to think that once your saved your always saved....... This is a lie!  satan knows if he can get you to believe that lie, you will not worry about stopping your sinning, or drawing closer to JESUS and the bible! Satan knows if he can get you to believe that lie, you will not seek out your own salvation with fear and trembling.............. Wow this lie is HUGE!!!!

After all if it was true that I cannot lose my salvation, can I watch porn this weekend and drink some beer? OF COURSE NOT!!!

Why? Because JESUS says over and over again - We MUST ENDURE TO THE END TO BE SAVED!!! If we quit, we lose our salvation! Or if we quit at the half way point, we lose our salvation! Or if we quit at the end of our lives, we lose our salvation!!!

Love warns!!!!

And how does this warning help us? Because we will learn to be afraid of sin, afraid to commit sins, afraid to watch porn!!! Afraid to have sex before marriage etc etc.

Why be afraid? Because we can lose our salvation!!!! Now I know children of GOD that there are also scriptures that say we CANNOT lose our salvation... I know this is true!!! The topic of sin and salvation are quite complex and take some serious studying!!!!! JESUS says many are called, but few are chosen................. GOD THE FATHER will choose some of the Christians to go to heaven!!

The chosen ones, the Christians who were chosen from before the earth was created cannot lose their salvation....

Why?    Because they were chosen by GOD before the earth was created!

But you and I do not know who these people are........ You and I cannot be sure we are chosen ones, this is why we must be very very afraid to sin....  Because of all of this, I am afraid to sin this weekend!

So be afraid to sin.......................... We can lose our crowns, I think it is in the book of Hebrews that says we can lose our crowns!!

Start getting ready to go through 7 years of terrible tribulation with the last half being much worse.... Start preparing!!!

 Start preparing by praying to GOD that he will give you a very close, very intimate relationship with JESUS, the bible & ministry work too --- Prepare spiritually!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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