Love Came Down

Love Came Down!

Let it be known that love has come, love has won, we lift you up JESUS!

I will hold on to you JESUS the best I can with the grace GOD is giving me.

Love has left heaven to be seen by the entire world, then a short time later to die on the cross for the world it loves.

Shout it out everyone........ Love has come down!

Everyday we live to praise you JESUS! You are life JESUS! Yes every single breath!

You are living in my heart JESUS........ You are love!

Love came down and rescued us!

Sure we still go through suffering, sure we still have pain sometimes, sure we still have to cry, but love came down!

The word has come down to speak to us, then to die on the cross for those he loves.

The word of what?

The word of GOD. The word of GOD became flesh and lived in a baby! Grew up and died on the cross for us!

Who is the word of GOD?

The LORD is the word of GOD. The LORD of heaven and earth! The LORD is GOD'S son........

GOD has put everything under the control of his son! This also brings glory to the son!

The son of GOD is the WORD!

The son of GOD is also the LAMB, the sinless spotless LAMB of GOD.

The holy one of Israel became flesh, lived, ate, grew up, spoke to us and died for our terrible sins.

Why? Why would he do this?

It is all because of love!

Love came down because you/me all of humanity were trapped in sin!

So love came down to earth to rescue you, to set you free from the terrible snares and traps that were trying to take you directly to the lake of fire.

Every day we live to praise you JESUS!

Shout it out loud, every day we live to praise you JESUS!

GOD'S son JESUS came down to speak to us and to tell us exactly what GOD wanted to say!

The son of GOD is also the Holy one of Israel!

GOD'S very own son left heaven where he ruled with his DAD..........

Why? Why would JESUS leave heaven?

All because of love!

And what did GOD want to say to us?

GOD wanted to tell us that he loved us so much, that he sent his only begotten son to rescue us!

GOD sent his son where? GOD sent his son down to earth!

Why? Because we were trapped for eternity in our own sinful nature and we were going straight to hell!

So what happened?

GOD'S son left earth, they chose a nice mom to raise him... Her name was Mary in the English translation!

As a very young boy GOD'S only begotten son was already preaching in the temple!

He grew up, he never sinned! HE NEVER SINNED! Can you even imagine this?

And believe me, JESUS was tempted in EVERY SINGLE WAY!

The demons would tempt him in every single way possible to try to get him to sin! If the demons could get GOD'S son to sin, GOD'S entire plan would fall down like a huge avalanche into destruction!

GOD'S son grew older and older, and started his public ministry at around age 30!

What was his ministry about?

It was about love!

It was about the fact that the FATHER and the SON love you!

They love you so much in fact, THE SON had to leave heaven where he was ruling under his DAD, he had to come down to earth to show love, to express love, to teach love, to live a life of love!

But who did GOD love? GOD loved his son JESUS and GOD loves you!

At a certain time, GOD'S son started to do supernatural miracles. Miracles nobody else on earth could ever do or ever have done!

These miracles were planned on purpose by GOD... GOD planned for his son to do incredible miracles long before the world was created!

These miracles were very needed. GOD wanted the people of Israel to see miracles that had never seen done before!

The miracles that JESUS would do would show Israel that he must of came from GOD, that GOD must be inside of him! And not just living inside of him, but living inside of him in a very powerful way!

That GOD is backing JESUS, that GOD is approving of JESUS, that GOD is working through JESUS!

The people saw the miracles, but only a small handful of people believed that JESUS was the Messiah!

The word Messiah means in the Hebrew = The Anointed one!

The Christ  In the Greek language  = The Anointed one!

Why is this word important? Or why is the word Messiah or Christ important?

They show that GOD had anointed his son JESUS more than anyone else!

He is the LAMB! The sinless spotless LAMB of GOD who left heaven to come down to this cold dark lonely world!

JESUS is the Anointed one of GOD!

One night JESUS was by himself praying to his DAD! His 12 followers were in a boat going across a lake!

Even though JESUS was very very far away, he had seen somehow that the 12 disciples were in grave trouble!

Maybe his DAD told him his disciples were in trouble, maybe JESUS got a vision from GOD showing this, maybe even JESUS saw them supernaturally on the lake in the boat..........

So what did JESUS do?

He had to take a short cut to get to his 12 disciples because they were in big trouble. You see there was a terrible storm over the sea at this time and the boat that the 12 disciples were traveling in was about to be turned over by the huge waves!

Because JESUS had to get to the boat carrying his 12 disciples as fast as possible - He had to walk on water and take a straight path to where there boat was about to be destroyed. 

It was probably pitch black that night except for the moon light shining down on the water!

It might of been freezing cold possibly depending what month this happened.

JESUS never blinked once........ He walked quickly to the shore of the lake with a determination that the world had not seen before!

And as JESUS arrived at the shore, as his foot took the first step on the freezing cold water HE NEVER DOUBTED ONCE!

If the demons could of got JESUS to doubt when he took that first step on the water, JESUS would of failed! His entire ministry would of failed right then and right there! If JESUS took that first step into the water and his foot sank down to the bottom of the sea, GOD'S entire matrix would of come crashing down.......... GOD would have been a failure!

When JESUS took that very first step onto the water he never doubted, he never feared, he never had any anxiety! Even though it was deathly dark, even though the water would have been freezing cold, even though the wind and waves were crashing all over the place, JESUS never doubted!

And why?

It is all because of love! Love for you!

Guess what? If JESUS falls into the water, if JESUS takes step after step and falls down into the water and gets soaking wet → 

There are no more miracles.

The 12 disciples might that night as the waves were pounding against their small boat.

There would be no raising Lazarus from the dead!

When JESUS takes the first step into the war, and IF his foot fell to the bottom of the ocean, there would be triumphant entrance into Jerusalem riding on a donkey, even a donkeys colt.

There would be no last supper, which also means there would be NO new covenant between GOD, his son JESUS and mankind!

And also there would be no dying on the cross..... The son of GOD would never die on the cross for our terrible sins and guess what that means?

That means that satan would continue to keep us in terrible sinful fleshly bondage and when we die, we would go to hell for eternity. Hell first then the lake of fire!

The huge entire plan of all creation that GOD planned out before the universe was ever created would of came crashing down like a tidal wave and everything would of ended right there.

If JESUS' very first step onto the water, onto the sea would of fell into the ground, everything would have been completely over for all of humanity!

Do you realize how dark it would of been over the lake late at night?

Do you realize how windy it might of been?

Do you realize the demonic kingdom was watching the entire episode?

Do you realize the holy angels were watching in incredible anticipation on what GOD'S son was going to do next when he saw that his 12 disciples were in big trouble!

Do you realize JESUS did not just walk on water, he walked on water during a terrible storm! And worse yet, a terrible storm that happened late in the dark of the night!

I would like to see you go out to the ocean during a incredible storm and start walking on the waves!

Do you realize as JESUS took each step closer to the water on the shoreline he realized his DAD WAS watching him very VERY carefully!

Do you realize how big the waves might of been? After all the entire boat that the disciples were sitting in was in terrible trouble! After all this was the Sea of Galilee!

So JESUS walked up to the shore and do you know what was on his mind?

Yes that is right he was literally thinking of you!

Why? Why was GOD'S SON thinking about you?

Because →  Love came down.................

It was all because of love.

And if the word of GOD did not walk on that water, if he sank down to the bottom → 

 Love would of failed!

Think about it, love would of failed completely and all of us go to the lake of fire for eternity, yes all of us!

So it was pitch black, his disciples were about to be destroyed, the water was freezing cold and there was a terrible storm on top of it!

The wind was blowing, the waves were crashing, he could feel the demonic all around him!

Yes he knew countless millions and trillions of holy angels were watching him too!

Wow talk about pressure, wow!

Not only were there demons watching him yes an entire army, not only were trillions of angels watching him, BUT HIS DAD WAS WATCHING HIM too....

Have you ever played soccer or little league baseball and have had your mom and dad watch you play? Talk about pressure!

JESUS' own DAD, YES THE GUY who is bigger than the universe was watching his son's every step!

Yes GOD was watching his every single step his son JESUS got closer and closer to the shoreline of the sea of Galilee!

As JESUS took each step closer and closer to the shoreline, the determination inside of him was burning like a hot fire!

The motivation JESUS must of felt during this hour probably swelled up to record heights................

You see it sounds like to me that his DAD in heaven was testing his son JESUS. That could very well be true in my opinion.

And guess what happened? Love took over!

Love came down from heaven and walked on water but why did this have to happen?

So a short time later GOD and his son JESUS would show the entire creation how much he loves you! That short time later I am referring too is when GOD'S son would die on the cross for your terrible sins.

Yes the word of GOD came down and showed the world just how much GOD loved them!

So with a fiery determination that very few of us could ever understand, JESUS takes his very first step onto that cold dark water on the sea of Galilee!

As he started is long march on top of the water, who was he looking at? He was looking at the disciples' boat, he was looking at his triumphant entrance into Jerusalem, yes that entrance that was prophesied in Daniel Chapter 9, he was looking at the last supper, he was looking at the cross!

He was looking at the Roman soldiers who would whip him and torture him for hours on end.

He was looking at Pilate who gave the order for him to be crucified even though Pilate found him NOT guilty!

He was looking at the nails that the Roman soldiers would use to pierce his hands and feet.

He was looking at the crown of thorns that would hurt his head very badly! Causing blood to trickle down his entire face!

Yes as JESUS marched on top of the water across the sea of Galilee JESUS was looking at all of that and more........

But what else was he looking at?

JESUS was looking at you! It is true you were not born yet, but JESUS was looking at you!

JESUS was looking at a time in the future when you would be born as a brand new baby.

JESUS was looking ahead to a time in the future when you would be a young child running around the house and laughing all the time without a care in the world.

JESUS was looking at your teen years as you start to fall into temptations and sinning!

JESUS was looking at your early adult years as you start to battle against sadness, loneliness and depression for the first time!

As JESUS marched across on top of the water in the sea of Galilee, JESUS was looking at you year after year as you try to make it in life without him - With All of the sleepless nights all of the crying you would have to endure as the world breaks your heart over and over again.

Yes JESUS was looking at you as he marched across the top of the sea.

And JESUS was LOOKING AT THE DAY HE WOULD FINALLY INTRODUCE HIMSELF TO YOU! Yes one day in the far future, JESUS knew that he would send grace into your life, yes saving grace that would change the way you were thinking, acting, behaving, in fact, it would change your entire belief system..... Oh how JESUS was longing for the day in the far future when he would finally introduce himself into your life and show you just how real he truly is!

And with the grace from the LORD entering your life you would say → Wow I am not alone anymore.... Wow GOD'S son is real, wow the entire thing is real, heaven is real, hell is real, the bible is real!

As JESUS took his first step onto the water, JESUS was looking at the very first time you would cry out to him for help in your life.

JESUS was looking ahead far far far past the disciples boat and to a date in the future when you would read the holy bible for the very first time.

When you would put wonderful worship music on and worship GOD'S son with all of your heart and soul.

Yes JESUS was looking far past the disciples boat as he marched across the top of the sea of Galilee!

JESUS was looking to a time in the future when your body would die. When you would rise above your body and enter into his kingdom, yes when you would enter into heaven for all of eternity.

JESUS was looking at your grand entrance into his own kingdom, where you would run to JESUS with your arms wide open!

Where you would see JESUS for the very first time and give him a long deep hug!

JESUS was looking far FAR FAR past the disciples boat....... And guess what?

If JESUS sank into the water, if JESUS takes his first few steps and falls down and gets soaking wet, LOVE fails!

And GOD'S love never fails!

So as JESUS starting walking towards the shorelines, there was nothing in all of the universe that was going to stop him from taking that very first step on top of the water and never doubting, never fearing, never worrying for a single moment....


Because love came down!

JESUS marched past the shorelines completely ignoring the wind, stepping on top of waves!

JESUS never doubted, not once, he never even came close to doubting....... Doubting never even entered his mind!

As JESUS took each step across the huge sea of Galilee, the universe laughed at the storm, the universe laughed at the waves! The universe laughed at doubt and fear.

As JESUS took each step across the giant waves, GOD, yes his DAD rose up from his throne and started cheering him on!

GOD, yes THE CREATOR rose from his throne, the angels took notice as they watched every single step JESUS took!

GOD started cheering for his son as tears fell down the FATHER'S FACE!

JESUS said no to doubt, JESUS said no to fear, JESUS said no to the demonic..... But what did JESUS say?

JESUS said - Yes DAD, YOUR WILL BE DONE! Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

And love came down!

JESUS walked across the stormy lake, across the waves and finally got very close to the boat!

The disciples saw JESUS and got afraid and thought he was a ghost... The word ghost simply means spirit.

Then one of the disciples who in a few short years would be one of the main leaders of the brand new church said → 

LORD, if it is you, command me to come on the water and come to you!

GOD standing up in front of his throne said yes son! Yes! I am so proud of you! Command Peter to walk on water too!

And what did JESUS do? He did the will of his FATHER and commanded Peter to walk on water!

Praise GOD Peter got out of the boat and actually started to walk on water..... Praise GOD for Peter!

Now Peter looked at the storm and he saw the wind, he saw the waves and he lost his faith, yes Peter doubted! Peter took his eyes off of JESUS and put them on his so called problems and as usual, he lost his faith just like what happens to all of us too when we take our eyes off of JESUS and the holy bible.

So what did Peter do? He said something that has been said millions and millions and millions and millions of times → 


JESUS who is the savior of the world reached out his hand... Yes the wind was terrible, the waves were crashing, his robe must of been wet by now from the waves and wind crashing down all around him.

As the demons watched, as the holy angels were in shock, as GOD the FATHER was smiling and laughing and cheering on HIS SON JESUS!

JESUS standing above the waves, reached out and pulled up Peter, yes Peter who probably weighted 185 pounds!

Now the LORD, yes the LAMB OF GOD was not done!

When JESUS standing on top of the water pulled up Peter, the universe laughed at physics, the universe laughed at molecules, the universe laughed at atoms and the universe also laughed at gravity.

JESUS takes Peter quickly into the boat now, and in front of the demons, in front of trillions of angels watching and especially in front of his own DAD, he command the storm to be still............  Immediately the wind and waves stop! And there is silence over the sea of Galilee was everything is perfectly still now.

Can we even imagine how proud GOD was of his only begotten son at this time?
Can we even imagine how GOD had tears of joy falling down his face after he just watched his only begotten son pass the test with flying colors..........

Why did all of this have to happen?

 I thought you knew!

It was all because of love!

Love came down and rescued us, love came down and showed the world just how amazing, just how incredible, just how fantastic love is!

And who is love? Love is GOD the FATHER and his powerful, holy, righteous, incredible and amazing son JESUS!

GOD is love and GOD loves you!

Now the disciples were sitting in the boat in complete awe of the son of GOD!

They get to shore quickly, probably with angelic help, and the disciples are silent. They cannot believe what they just saw!

The demons, the holy angels and the nation of Israel have not seen anything like this since the parting of the Red sea!

This entire experience on the sea, in the storm, with the waves crashing all around would stay in the minds of the soon to be Apostles forever! We cannot even imagine how many times the apostles would repeat the story of JESUS walking on water across the sea of Galilee as they traveled around the known world spreading the good news of the gospels of JESUS CHRIST.

The son of GOD is so far above the demons, so far above the angels, so far above storms, so far above physics, HE IS FAR ABOVE THE UNIVERSE!

There is nothing in all creation anything remotely close to being like JESUS!

And JESUS did all of this all because of you!

All because HIS DAD loves you!

All because JESUS/the son loves you!

You do not have to doubt any longer! GOD loves you child of GOD, GOD loves you!

There is nothing in all creation that could ever stop GOD from loving you, not ever ever ever!

Now their boat that the disciples were in has come onto the shore, JESUS' robe must of been wet..... He might of had tears in his eyes!

Not because of his DAD cheering him on and clapping out loud and standing up from his throne and being so proud of him!

Not because the demons flew away in terror....... Not because trillions of holy angels just saw miracles they had never seen before!

Not because of the 12 disciples who were now worshiping him!

JESUS might of had tears in his eyes all because of you! All because he was seeing a future where you would know him and love him!

All because he was seeing a future when you would call out to him in the middle of the night for help, for love, for guidance!

All because he knew at a time in the near future, you would reach out your hand while you drive your car and hold his hand tightly!

All because he saw a time in the future when you would read the holy bible, yes you would read about how love came down!

You would read about a cold, dark night where love had to walk on water.... Where love had to do the impossible!

Where love had to change physics, where love had to change molecules and atoms and the way they react to each other!

JESUS saw a time in the future where you would read all about the time he HAD to walk on water to accomplish the plan of GOD!

Where if he failed, countless billions of lost souls would go to the lake of fire!

Where you would read about a time where failure was not an option, where doubt was never gonna win, where fear had no place inside of him!

Yes JESUS saw a time in the future when you would be sitting on your couch reading the holy bible, and you would read all about him and be amazed by him, you would worship and praise him!

JESUS saw a time in the future when you would read about how he walked on water in the middle of the night in a terrible storm and you would tell your friends all about this!

Where you would lay in bed late at night just imagining JESUS walking on the water and all of this brings him great glory!

The word of GOD walked on water so you and HIM could hold hands today!

So you could sing a song to him today! So you could pray to him for help and guidance even in the middle of your storm!

JESUS conquered the storm so he could help you to conquer the storms in your life!

Why did he do all of this? It is all about love!

Love love love!

For GOD so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son!

Love came down and rescued you and me!

As you live your busy life each day, please remember love, please remember the guy who walked on water for you!

Please remember the guy who could not fail, who could not doubt, who could not fear as he took each step across the sea of Galilee, on top of the water!

Please remember the guy who did all of this for you! Yes he did it all for you!

The LAMB of GOD who took away the sins of the world so you could spend time with him today!

He walked on water in the middle of a terrible storm all for you, yes you!!!!!!!

Love your servant Garrett

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