Lord JESUS, I Want To Have More Time With You & Your Bible, Please Help Me!

Oh LORD JESUS, my life is sooooo busy at this time with my job, the kids, and my husband or wife! How can I find more time each day and night to spend with you JESUS???

I know that many of the men and women reading this article not only have full times jobs, but children and a husband or wife and tons of other responsibilities too. The amount of stress must be building up higher and higher in your lives as the economy of the USA slowly crumbles. That is why I wanted to share with you how you could easily find more time for JESUS and the Bible each day and night without taking any time away from your children, or job, or spouse or anyone else!

I pray that this article will greatly bless not only you, but also that it will bless your relationship with JESUS and everyone else in your life. By learning and practicing a couple of very simple but wonderful ways to spend more time with JESUS and HIS Bible, I promise you that the LORD will bring you straight into your destiny as a true child of GOD who spends a lot of time with HIM.

Many years ago when I was still in prison, the LORD spoke to me. Ill never forget it; I was in my cell sitting in the dark one night, when JESUS clearly said to me - (Garrett, why don’t you dedicate all of your bathroom time and shower time to ME from now on). I said something like, sure, that sounds like a great idea. From that point on all the way to today, even after all of these years, I have been dedicating all of my bathroom time and shower time each day and night to GOD. This technique all by itself has greatly helped me to keep a close relationship with JESUS going strong on a day to day basis throughout the years.

Now sit tight, because there were a few more revelations from JESUS on how to spend quality time with him that I will share with you in just one moment. First let me go into greater detail what it means to spend all of our bathroom time with the LORD.

Most American men and women average about two showers a day. One when we wake up, and another when we get back home at night after a very busy day at work. What the LORD has taught me is, if we average about 20 minutes per shower, and we take two showers a day, that is 40 more minutes with our CREATOR a day times 7 days a week. We are now spending 4-5 hours a week more with JESUS just by dedicating our shower time to him, then we were before!! Imagine what powerful changes you would see in your life by spending an extra 4-5 hours with the LORD each week!!! Wow!!

Now to continue, besides taking a few showers, what else do we do in the bathroom each day and night. Sometimes we get dressed in the bathroom, we fix our hair, and of course everything else that we men and women use the bathroom for. If we were to include the two showers we take a day, and all the other things that we do each day in the bathroom, you might be surprised that we are spending between 1 - 2 hours a day in our bathroom. Wow, that is a lot of time, and what better way to spend our 1-2 hours a day in the bathroom then with the only one who will ever truly love you, JESUS!!!!

I will be going into great detail exactly HOW I spend my time with JESUS while in my bathroom in just a few moments from now, but first here is another great way to spend time with the LORD each and every day, without losing any time from your job, children, or even your spouse!

The next one is just as simple; JESUS shared with me once again another great way to spend time with him, and that is, while in our cars driving or on the bus going to work or school……………. If you own a car, try dedicating every single second in the car to JESUS no matter where you might be going each day. Whether it is work, or out to the store, or even on a long drive to visit your family! Dedicate all of your time in the car to JESUS and by doing this, you will feel the presence of the LORD very thick around you at all times. Some of you might be saying, well, I don’t own a car. Amen! When I was taking the Bus to work every day the LORD showed me once again, Garrett -(use all of the time in the bus and spend it with him). So whether we are driving in our car each day or on the Bus, start dedicating all of your travel time for the LORD and watch how he holds you tight, and starts to bless you every single day and night.

So where are we now?

We are spending all of our bathroom time each day and night with JESUS, and now we added all of the time we spend in our car or riding the bus each day dedicated to JESUS. After adding our bathroom time of 1-2 hours a day, and now our driving time or bus time with the LORD, we can easily see that we now are spending 2-3 hours a day or MORE with JESUS then we were before we started practicing this. Just imagine for a second, you are now spending an EXTRA 2-3 hours a day with GOD! You are going to be absolutely in SHOCK when you see how JESUS responds to your brand new effort to spend time with HIM!

Some of you reading this are younger, and you are walking to school or college. Haha don’t worry, JESUS has that covered too. If your walking to work, or school, or wherever you go each day, dedicate your entire walk to the LORD and watch how passionately the LORD responds to your brand new effort to spend time with HIM!!!

Practice all of the above, and your not going to believe how fast your entire life is going to turn around for the better. I am not talking weeks here, I am talking about in just 1-2 days of dedicating all of this time to JESUS, you are going to feel like a brand new man or woman! You will start to feel just like a Holy Priest!

Here is another great example of how to find even more time with JESUS, WITHOUT taking away any time from your job, children, or spouses.

How about in the kitchen? Try dedicating all of the time you spend in the kitchen to the LORD, and just sit back and watch how he will respond with a fiery passion back to you! Now I understand that some of you like to cook a romantic dinner with your spouse, and if I understand this, surely JESUS who is GOD completely understands. Cooking dinner together with your husband or wife can be very good for bonding, amen. But on all the other nights, spend the time washing dishes, preparing meals and everything else you do in the kitchen with JESUS and you will reap back love that is overwhelming! You will reap back love that is Unfailing, you will reap back love that will wash away the years of pain and suffering that are still laying dormant in your deepest soul………..

*Here is one last example for now before I go into great detail on exactly what I do with JESUS in the bathroom each day!

How about your lunch breaks at work, or your lunch breaks at school or college? Now I understand that some of you like to spend your lunch breaks talking to co workers at work or friends at college, but can you imagine what a difference it would make in your life to spend that 30-60 minutes with GOD!!! Do you think that JESUS would appreciate this extra time and effort you are making with him? Oh YES HE WOULD!!!! I cant even begin to tell you how much JESUS would LOVE to have an extra 30-60 minutes spent with him on your lunch breaks……… WOW DOES JESUS LOVE YOU!!!!!

Ok now, last but not least!


I realize that in the USA at this time, a lot of you reading this are un employed! I want to encourage you to take a very slow, and long walk outside each and every day while dedicating the entire time to the Master of the Universe JESUS…….. Get out of your house or apartment, and let the beauty of the trees outside, the wonderful clouds, the singing birds and all of the animals that might cross your path bring the presence of GOD right into your heart and soul and mind. Spend the entire walk each day praying to JESUS, talking with him, praising and worshiping him in your heart and mind and every other wonderful thing you can think of………….. I cannot tell you how powerful this is to do each day! Just think of Enoch for a second. Spending day after day, week after week of his adult life walking hand in hand with GOD our Creator……… Get out of your apartment each day and take a beautiful walk with JESUS dedicating the entire time to HIM!!! Just watch how doors start to open more and more in your life!!!!!!!!!!




1). Dedicate all of your bathroom time every day and night to the LORD! (1-2 HOURS A DAY)

2). Dedicate all of your driving time in the car, or on the Bus or walking to work or school each day and night to the LORD! Driving to work and back home, or to school and back home - (1-2 HOURS A DAY)

3). Dedicate all of the time you spend in your kitchen day and night to the LORD! (20 MINUTES TO 1 HOUR A DAY)

4). Dedicate all of your lunch breaks at work, or at school every single day to the LORD! (30-60 MINUTES A DAY)




And by doing the above techniques you will not lose even one minute of work at your job, or with your children, or even with your spouse, ISN’T THIS WONDERFUL????????????


NOW FINALLY - (This is how I spend my time with the LORD in the bathroom) - Garrett


1). First of all, I have beautiful colored bible scriptures up on the walls all over my entire bathroom. So I quite often spend my time either memorizing new scriptures, or quoting the old scriptures out loud which is very, very powerful to do. I have a lot of scriptures memorized at this time in my life, and that comes in very handy with all of the preaching and teaching that I do. I highly recommend you getting scriptures up all over your bathroom too…………. Mine are laminated so the steam of the shower doesn’t effect them.

2). I also do a lot and I mean a lot of PRAYER in the bathroom. I use that time either in the shower or whatever I am doing to cry out to the LORD for my family and friends, or even just praying for myself which I do quite often!

3). I use my shower time to sing songs to JESUS! The LORD was kind enough to give me some original Christian songs which I absolutely love to sing to HIM while in the shower.

4). I love to worship JESUS while in the shower or bathroom. What a great chance to tell the LORD how much you love him and need him over and over again while taking a hot shower. The presence of the LORD will then fill your heart and soul with soooooooo much peace and love. This is one of my favorite things to do.

5). I also study Christian articles and small books during my bathroom time. Utilizing your bathroom time for Christian education is a wonderful way to spend your time.

6). I quite often simply talk with JESUS about whatever might be going on that day or night. Just spending time with JESUS will completely turn your entire life around. Ill share things with HIM or just chit chat back and forth and I use this time to bring him into my life more and more…………….

THESE ARE SOME OF THE EXAMPLES OF HOW YOU CAN SPEND YOUR BATHROOM TIME, KITCHEN TIME, OR EVEN YOUR DRIVING TIME WITH THE LORD……………. Don’t forget your lunch breaks too! J What better way to spend your entire lunch break then to read the Holy Bible!!!!!

*I pray that by utilizing some of the ideas above, your relationship with JESUS will grow into a very fiery, passionate, and intimate love affair starting right now and lasting till the REST OF ETERNITY IN HEAVEN!!!!


Love always, Garrett