Loneliness Part 2

Battling Against Loneliness

Part 2

Part 2

One of satan's BIG, MAIN guns ---------->>>> Loneliness!!!

Wow what a fight, what a battle, what a war that is being fought against loneliness!!!

The demons tell us we are all alone, nobody loves us, nobody wants us, nobody cares about us.

Even though it is all pure lies, wow does it seem real......... Now right there is the battle! Will we trust the bible or trust the demons?

So the demons tell us nobody loves us nobody cares, GOD tells us that he will never stop loving us...... Wow what a battle
we face in our minds!!!

I know JESUS loves me, but then the demons tell me he doesn't, then all hell breaks loose in my life and it can all get so confusing!!

Do any of you know what I mean?

You do not have to be lonely this Friday night.... JESUS really is with you. Actually so is GOD and a guardian angel too!!!

Wow, not only are you NOT alone, it is actually quite crowded where you are hahaha.

It does NOT matter how pretty you are, GOD will make darn sure that you go through times of loneliness!!!

It is very important to GOD that we experience loneliness!!!

Brother I don't care how good looking you are, how rich you are, what car you drive, you will go through times of loneliness for sure!!

GOD wants us to go through many experiences BEFORE he allows us to go into paradise for eternity with our brand new bodies!!!

Loneliness is one of the big experiences that GOD wants us to experience!!!

The demons lie to us by whispering to us and implanting thoughts, even though they are lies, they can seem so real at times!!!

Do you realize you could be married with 3 children but suffer in loneliness? IT is true.....

Loneliness can work against us when we have emptiness or darkness inside of us already!!

You can be married with 2 children but have that dark emptiness inside of you. Only JESUS can fill up this emptiness, people won't work!!

Your good looks mean nothing at all... When the time comes for you to experience sadness, loneliness or depression you will for sure!!!

Because they are evil spirits, they can talk to our mind and soul. Their lies can sure seem like the truth at times!

Sure smoking, drinking, lust, depression and despair are all terrible to go through. But loneliness is one of the worst battles of them all!

I hate loneliness......... Help us JESUS, teach us JESUS, empower us JESUS, show us how to overcome this enemy we pray tonight O LORD!!

Who cares how good looking you are, when GOD says you are to go through loneliness you will.

For most of us, GOD wants us to have many experiences before he brings us into heaven. Some of them are good, some are not so good!!!

Hold us JESUS!!    Help us O LORD we pray.

Please teach us how to overcome our enemies JESUS!

I bet some of the prettiest girls in the world are also some of the loneliest people on planet earth!!!

I bet some of the richest guys in the world are also some of the loneliest people!!!

Everyone on earth has most likely suffered in loneliness EXCEPT JESUS!!!

Sure loneliness tried to attack JESUS too, but HE is the LORD!!! He created loneliness and he rebuked it in glorious ways!!!

GOD gives us the great, the good, the bad and the terrible experiences... Loneliness would fall under the bad and terrible!!!

YET!!! GOD will use our experiences in loneliness for our good, for shaping us, molding us, teaching us, humbling us, changing us!!!!

If your sad or lonely tonight talk to JESUS!!!

Going through loneliness can also be quite humbling!!!

Maybe you just led a huge Christian concert where 10,000 people gave their lives to JESUS...

Now you fly back home and suffer in incredible loneliness for the next 6 months!!!

These kinds of experiences are extremely common to happen to us children of GOD......

Shatter the loneliness O LORD GOD..... Scatter it out of us to the far ends of the universe I pray!!!

Help us to know JESUS that we are not really alone. Help us to know not just in our mind, but in our hearts where it really matters I pray!

Someone just asked me if I go through loneliness too....

I have been battling loneliness from about the age of 5 all the way to this very week, 43 years total of warfare!!!

Help us to realize JESUS that loneliness is truly a lie, that we are not a lone, that you, the creator lives with us, in us, around us!!

JESUS is the only one who ever ever overcame loneliness here on earth!!!

So, if your a Christian and your pretending to be strong, if you are pretending that you can overcome loneliness, wow are you deceived!!

Help us to overcome the formidable enemy we call loneliness we pray JESUS.. Teach us about this terrible emotion/evil spirit O LORD GOD!!

Christian people are single and isolated right now all over the world in record numbers as the end times have started here on earth!!

This means that by the millions and millions, children of GOD are going up against loneliness!! What can GOD be teaching us with this???

I will share with you two enemies that travel together quite often ---->>>> Loneliness and Lust!!

Loneliness and Lust will tag team us quite often..... Why would the LORD allow this? One reason could be to humble us!!!

Men who are very lonely will turn to pornography quite often!

Women who are very lonely will quite often also battle against sadness and depression!!!

The 4 evil musketeers are --->>> Sadness, Loneliness, Depression & Lust!!!

If loneliness were the only thing attacking us, well, OK praise GOD he will help us.. But...

But when his friends show up - Sadness, Depression, Lust, Rejection and hopelessness, now we need to do a Joel 2:32 Cry to GOD!!

Joel 2:32 - Whosoever shall call upon the name of the LORD, shall be delivered!!!
You cannot overcome loneliness and neither can I, but JESUS can!!! JESUS will hold you, heal you, help you, hide you & empower you!!!!!

So how do we overcome loneliness? JESUS!!!

How do we learn about loneliness? JESUS & the bible!!!

How do we fight back against loneliness? With JESUS & reading the bible, practicing what the bible says to practice....

How can we know if the loneliness is our flesh or a demon? Because they usually attack together and tag team us so it is usually both!!!

When do we get free from loneliness? When JESUS says we do, that is when we get free.

Why do we go through loneliness? Pride, for a test, for a trial, to practice spiritual warfare, to show satan that the bible is supreme etc

Will getting married stop the loneliness? Nope!!!!!! No human being on earth can stop your heal or fix your loneliness. Only JESUS can!

Will having sex stop the loneliness? Nope... Having sex covers up the loneliness for a short time, but it is STILL THERE IN YOU!

Does watching porn heal the loneliness? Nope, watching porn only covers up the loneliness for a very short time but the loneliness is there

Does drinking beer or wine heal the loneliness? Nope Getting drunk just covers up the loneliness for a few hours, then it is actually worse.

So what can we do? Ummm JESUS, read and study and practice the bible, and fight back doing spiritual warfare the best we can with grace!!

Some Christians think if only I had a wife and children, the loneliness would be gone forever......... WRONG!!!!

Only JESUS can heal our hearts, only JESUS can fill up that emptiness inside of us AND JESUS WILL NOT ALLOW anything else to work!!!

JESUS is jealous over your love, over your affection, over your time you spend, over all of you and he will not allow anything else to fix U

JESUS is our only hope and there is no other!!!!!

No angel will come to rescue you from loneliness unless JESUS commands him too first.

NO bible scripture is going to work unless JESUS gives the grace for it to work in your life to crush the loneliness!!!

Everything is grace.......... Everything!!!!

You could be having a date with the hottest girl in Los  Angeles, but minutes after the date is over get SUPER SLAMMED WITH LONELINESS!!!

So because we children of GOD are suffering in loneliness, many times we turn to alcohol, porn, drugs, smoking, gaming, over eating etc

I know I have many times!!!

So what are we doing by going to drinking, porn, drugs, smoking, movies, gaming etc etc? We are trying to cover up the loneliness!

We are trying to cover up the suffering, the suffering we are going through at that time in loneliness!!!

Reading the bible for large amounts of time can really help in crushing the loneliness!!!!!

Why? Because GOD actually lives in our bible reading, HE inhabits it somehow which is quite amazing actually!

Praying for large amounts of time can really help in shattering the loneliness too!

Why? Because when we pray we are interacting with GOD and JESUS. Their presence gets stronger, it starts to destroy the loneliness!!!

Now when we try that, our enemies the flesh and the demons will fight back, and this is the very war we are stuck in here on earth!

Will talking on the phone to our friends get rid of the loneliness? Nope! It only covers it up for a short time then it comes right back!

Why would a demon of loneliness and your flesh leave all of the sudden just because you call a hot looking guy? Get serious!!!

Of course they will not leave!!!!!

But if your reading the bible quite a lot, well the flesh and the demons will not like that one bit... Now they just might leave!!!

And if you pray for large amounts of time, well the flesh and the demons will not like that either... Now they just might leave!!!

Why would a demon of loneliness leave you just because you get married or your watching porn or having sex? Of course they will NOT LEAVE!

But, if you are hanging out in church, doing tons of ministry work, preaching to people, laying hands on people, NOW THEY WILL LEAVE!

I have gotten drunk many times because I could not handle the suffering... I am not judging anyone.. But getting drunk never worked once!!

I have tried to make dates with girls because of the loneliness... I tell you the truth, it NEVER worked once!!!

Right after the date, guess what? The loneliness comes rushing back like a tidal wave with a huge smile on its face laughing at you!!

JESUS will NOT allow anything to work whatsoever.... Why? Because he is jealous over you and you WANT him to be jealous for you!!!

That kind of jealousy is holy and righteous and pure and wonderful and glorious and you want JESUS to be jealous over you!!!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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