Let It Go Child Of GOD

Let it go child of GOD, let it go!

I want to talk about something very important right now. I pray those of you who have ears to hear will hear!

JESUS does NOT do the exact same thing with all of his children! The honest truth is, he does SOMETHING DIFFERENT with all of us!

JESUS is  doing something a little different and he does not do the same plan twice with us! 

So where am I going with this so far?

Here is the point -->>>

JESUS might set someone free from smoking forever!! While someone else might have to battle smoking over a longer period of time.

JESUS might set someone completely free from porn forever while with other people, THE LORD has them battle the enemy of lust over weeks, months or even years.

JESUS might set someone free from masturbation or drugs forever as a gift to them, but with others, the LORD might have them battle these enemies for years or even decades.

So! Just because JESUS sets one person free from smoking weed forever, does NOT mean he will do the exact same for others!

With many people, the evil will try to come back over and over again throughout different times in their lives!

Let me tell you a true story. I was heavily addicted to drinking energy drinks, yes they are extremely addictive just so you know!

I was being compelled and enslaved by demons to drink energy drinks every single day all day long sometimes! This was very dangerous to do, in fact I feel the demons might have been trying to kill me with this addiction! But guess what?

After battling that addiction for years and years and years, JESUS set me completely free from it! Over the last few years, the energy drink temptation and addiction has not come back!

But that does NOT mean that other people will be set free from drinking caffeine forever. JESUS does something different with everyone!

Now on the other hand, the lustful addictions and sinning keep coming back a few times a year every year as far as my life is concerned.

The LORD will set me free from porn or whatever, then a little while later it comes back real strongly and I fall down again! This has been happening over and over again! Some children of GOD will blame me for this happening, while others will not want anything to do with me anymore when they find out about these struggles I face. But continue reading this article and I pray GOD is going to really and truly show you what is going on with these struggles.
Or I thought maybe I was weaker than others, or more evil than others etc etc etc and this whole evil plan would snowball effect on me!!!

Now why is this topic so important ?


We Christians think that because we watched a video on you tube of someone else being completely free from porn, we should be too!

And as we continue to battle against that very evil, we start to feel more shame, more guilt, more self condemnation than ever before!

And that right there is a very evil diabolical trap!!!

I use to think that since my elders were free from say porn, or caffeine or whatever, the LORD had forgotten about me! Or I thought maybe JESUS didn't love me as much as he loved others!

And as the years went by and I battled these evils and battled and battled, the shame and guilt would stay with me like death and doom. But something happened the last 5 years. JESUS has been showing me that he does something completely different with all of his children!

With one he might set them free from smoking forever, with another, they will be free for a few years, with others, the evil will come back over and over again even weekly or monthly!

And with others yet, JESUS will NEVER set them free from smoking until the day they die quite possibly!

So when you watch you tube videos of people telling you that you can be free forever, that is very  BAD preaching!!!

Who the son sets free is free indeed, so only JESUS can set a person free from a sinful thing or a addiction!

So this is what is happening --->>

JESUS sets a Christian guy free from porn forever, and that person makes videos telling you that you should be free from porn forever too!

That is very bad, very silly, and very narrow minded preaching!

Paul asked JESUS to set him free from the demon that was tormenting him and guess what? JESUS said NO 3 different times!

I want you to understand something about JESUS --- HE does say no sometimes, he truly does and we must learn this and come to terms with this too!

We get free from a sinful event when JESUS orders it, NOT ONE SECOND EARLIER!

You can cry, pray, complain, beg, etc etc to JESUS to set you free from smoking but you will not get free until he orders it!!

So just because you might be free from something for a very long time now, does not mean I can be free, or anyone else can for that matter. JESUS does something different with all of us.

In the last two years of being free from the energy drink addiction, it tried to come back one morning about a year ago.

when I say it, I mean the demon tried to tempt me again, but I prayed and JESUS made him fly away real fast. There are many other times I have prayed and prayed and prayed and JESUS did NOT make the evil go away. On the contrary I fell down into old sinful ways and addictions and this will happen to many of you too who are reading this.

But just because I have been free from energy drinks for 2 years now, does NOT give me the right to say you can be free forever too. It does NOT give me the right to make videos on the internet telling all of you that JESUS will set you free from everything forever. Why? Because that is silly and evil preaching that people do and it is plain and simple just not true! I have no right to talk that way, I have no right to preach to you that you can be free forever, ONLY JESUS and his DAD can order this!

Now you can use your faith and pray for the LORD to set you free and that can be quite powerful and all of us should practice this. And we will get some success with using our faith in prayers like this, but sometimes GOD and his son JESUS say no! They say no, you will go through suffering for a little while now and guess what happens next? We go through the suffering that the LORD has ordered for us to go through! And it will not end until JESUS orders it to end.

The evil can come back anytime JESUS orders it too!

JESUS is sovereign over EVERYTHING IN ALL CREATION and that includes evil!

Here is a scripture to prove it to you -->>

Lamentations 3:37 - Who can command things to happen without the LORD'S permission!

So the evil and temptation can come back anytime JESUS says it can, anytime JESUS gives permission for the evil to come back.

So everyone on the internet telling others we can be free forever from smoking is just doing silly, bad preaching!

Now why is this talk so important?

 So you can learn this and let the shame, guilt and self condemnation go now!!!

You will not be free from porn, masturbation, drugs, smoking, depression or anything else until JESUS orders it, NOT 1 second earlier!

So if you are still battling a porn addiction, yet your friends are now free, praise GOD anyways, the LORD loves you just as much as he loves any of them.

Or if you are still smoking, yet your friends are now free, JESUS still loves you just as much as them!

Do not listen to the stinking demons who tell you JESUS forgot about you, or that JESUS does not love you, those are all pure lies! Those lies are designed to take you even farther down into a terrible valley experience.

If you are still battling addictions at this time, let the shame, guilt and condemnation go already and be free even during the times of suffering!

Yes you can be FREE even in the addiction, it all depends on what you focus on in your mind during the suffering!

This entire talk is about helping you to be free from the shame, guilt and condemnation that come against you so hard!

Child of GOD, just because your friends quit porn a while ago does not mean you will be set free right away!

Some battles can last days, weeks, months, years or even a life time!

It all depends on what JESUS' plan is for you and your life!

JESUS has planned out all of your giants you will battle against, when you will fight, how long it will last, and what will happen!

The entire thing has been planned out before the universe was ever created so let the shame, guilt and condemnation go already! You are simply living out the plan that GOD has made for you

Don't believe me? Look at this -->>

Psalm 139:16
New Living Translation (NLT)

16 You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.

And this -->>>

Ecclesiastes 6:10 – 10 Everything has already been decided. It was known long ago what each person would be. So there’s no use arguing with God about your destiny. 

Be free in your heart and mind even during the suffering, even during the sinning knowing that JESUS is sovereign over everything! Knowing that JESUS has your entire life worked out and that it is all going to be FOR YOUR GOOD OH PRAISE GOD! Yes even the sinful times, even the addictions you battle, even the terrible mistakes you will make are all for your good!

I guy on Face book condemned me a while ago because I am still battling porn yet he was set free like 10 years ago from masturbation!

So during our long talk he simply could not understand why I am still battling against it. He looked down on me, he just could not understand! You see child of GOD the LORD set this young man free from a certain sinful event, so now, this young man thinks that everyone should be free and that we should all be free just like he is. HUGE MISTAKE THERE! Huge huge mistake in his theology!

Oh well it is not my job to teach him this, JESUS will teach him the very very very HARD lessons of grace and mercy just like he teaches all of us these lessons!

So never look down on another who is still battling, never condemn anyone who is still stuck in things you are now set free in!

Let your pride go, let your arrogance go, let your self righteousness go and realize that even your old addictions can come back at any moment if JESUS gives them permission to attack you!

GOD did something very similar to king Saul when GOD ordered the demons of fear and depression to attack Saul!

I know this is not talked about to much, but this topic is extremely important.

With some people, JESUS has the addictions come back quite often, with others, they rarely come back at all,  while for others JESUS sets them free forever!

Many times JESUS sends people to contact me on the internet who also are going through those very difficult experiences of having the evil come back into their lives over and over again.

Why does JESUS do this? Because the evil I battle keeps coming back on a regular basis too so I can understand what my other brothers and sisters are going through when they contact me.

I remember I use to be addicted to biting my fingernails! Many of you battled against that too in the past.

Then guess what? One day it went away decades ago and it never came back again!

Yet there are other adults who still bite their fingernails and cannot stop, they are literally addicted!

Who am I to judge them? Who am I to condemn them? If I were to do that, you know GOD could have my whole fingernail biting addiction come back to me again! And this time, GOD might decide to have it last the rest of my life.

So be patient with everyone people, we are all on a different plan from GOD! We all have different giants to battle against....

There are many children of GOD who have been turned gay. There are no Christian people in their lives who look down upon them. There are also Christian people  who condemn them and tell them they are going to hell and even scream at them!

How sad, wow how sad we are at times.......

Do you realize how fast JESUS can turn you over to the two demons of homosexuality if you judge another gay Christian? Or if you rudely condemn another Christian person who is temporarily battling against the evil of homosexuality?

JESUS could turn you over to them in 1 second to teach you a two year lesson as you live as a gay person now!

So be careful what you say, be careful what you think! Be careful what you type!

Love one another please................. Be kind to one another!
Accept one another even though we all sin, even though we all have secrets, even though we all have giants to battle!

The entire point of this talk is to share with you that if you are still battling against evil, while others are free, LET THE SHAME GO!

Let your shame, guilt and self condemnation go, stop judging yourself! You are simply living out the plan GOD has for you at this day & hour in your life, no more, no less so be free!

Your addictions were planned out for you before the universe was ever created! So keep praying for help, be humble, and always be willing to help others.

Love everyone the best you can. Even in the middle of suffering, keep loving and never give up helping others.

So to wrap this up. The current addictions you are battling might last a day, week, month, year or longer!

It is all up to JESUS how long it lasts and you have nothing to worry about because he loves you dearly!

Even if all your friends are free from porn yet you are not, relax, stop the shame, stop judging yourself, stop condemning yourself.....

I tell you again, you can be free in your mind and heart and soul even during the addictions, even during the sinning, even during those cold dark terrible nights of suffering!

How? By knowing that JESUS is holding your entire life in the palm of his hand!

By knowing that JESUS hears your prayers and he will set you free at the perfect timing and whatever timing he orders will be perfect for you and in your life for sure!

You can be free from the shame and guilt by knowing that you are saved because of your faith and trust in JESUS!

You are NOT saved because you quit porn, not because you quit sinning.......... You are saved by your faith, trust and belief in JESUS and JESUS alone!

So if your friends are all free from drinking alcohol, yet you still get drunk, relax, trust JESUS, keep praying, stop condemning yourself!

So to wrap this up, the giants in your life might last one more hour, day, month, year or the rest of your life, so what!

JESUS chose you, he loves you, he died for you, his blood covers you, he hears your prayers AND HE IS HOLDING YOU TIGHT!

Remember! Just because you got set free from porn forever does not mean JESUS will do the same for me, or for your friends!

So spread love, NOT condemnation...... Preach grace, NOT CONDEMNATION, preach faith, trust and belief in JESUS as the only way to get into heaven for eternity.

A few years ago some of my elders could not understand why I was still battling my giants! They simply could not understand!

And the main elder dumped me from their ministry! He actually got rid of me!

I loved them all so much and when this happened, it crushed me so badly.

That started the process of JESUS teaching me that he delivers everyone at a different time, a different date, a different way, with different kinds of grace!

I did not know that before when I was a little younger.

My main elder whom I loved so much told me that he could not talk to me anymore. That he had to give up on me now! We had been talking on the phone for a few years now, but he could not understand why I kept falling back down into old sinful ways and addictions. I tried to explain it to him throughout the years, but he completely gave up on me and told me he could not talk to me anymore!

Wow did that hurt, wow! But GOD is using it for my good and GOD is using your suffering for your good too! Just watch and see, HE is!

So now I want you to know, no matter how long you battle your giants, you are my wonderful brothers and sisters!

All of you, every single one of you is holy and righteous in CHRIST JESUS.

I want you to know that if you battle your giants your entire life, YOU ARE STILL GOING TO HEAVEN!!!

I want you to know that you are going to heaven because you are a chosen one and GOD is giving you faith and trust in his son JESUS!

So when people tell you on you tube that you should of been free from porn by now, that something is wrong with you,

well -->>>>

Just be sad for the person making that silly video! Just feel sorry for them. Just keep loving them.

When someone tweets on here that if you are still battling porn you are going to hell, just smile at them, just love them. But whatever you do, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM!

Why? Because their preaching is silly and wrong, very narrow minded and UN-biblical!

So just keep loving people who tell you that faulty preaching and try to correct them if possible!

I tell you to your face - Paul, Peter and John all sinned their entire lives even until the days they all died!

Anyone who tells you otherwise once again is doing bad preaching.

Those 3 apostles got into heaven because they were chosen by GOD, not because they quit sinning!

Paul as a much older man called himself the chief of all sinners and he was!!! So am I. So are you.

So let the shame, guilt and condemnation go now........ Yes be free even in the middle of the addictions, be free in CHRIST tonight and relax your weary mind.

So I say goodbye for now by saying this -->> Praise GOD the caffeine addiction is gone. Praise GOD the nail biting is gone...

Praise GOD the horror movie addiction is gone. Praise GOD that the other addictions are gone too....

Yet I still battle porn, internet gaming, and all kinds of emotional attacks like sadness, loneliness, depression and lust of course!

So what! Let us all praise GOD anyways! Why? Because child of GOD it could be so much worse!

It could be so much worse, OH WOW COULD IT!

So praise GOD that your giants are not worse, praise him right now.....

Be free, be happy your addictions and sinning are not worse. Because they are WORSE for other people out there! There are other people out there doing so much worse than you are tonight words cannot even explain it. So rejoice brother, be happy sister, be happy your giants are not that bad, that they are not as bad as others!

be free, let the demons of shame, guilt and condemnation go now and be free tonight, yes be free even in the sin...

If you are battling porn, you are NOT going to hell! NOTHING could be farther from the truth so be free tonight and wait on JESUS! Be free in your heart and mind while you wait for deliverance!

Wait for the date that JESUS sets you free from one of your giants, knowing that the evil might come back again in the future if JESUS gives it permission, be free!

Knowing that the evil might come back in the future will help greatly to keep you humble!

So if you use to be gay, now you are free, be humble because the two demons might come back if JESUS gives them permission.

So pray for me, I will pray for you! Just send a message and we can all pray.

Everyone trust me THIS WILL SUPER BLESS YOU -->>>> http://www.tearstojoyministries.org/The_Chosen_Ones.html

If the demons are telling you that your going to hell, check this out please -->> http://www.tearstojoyministries.org/The_Chosen_Ones.html

Contrary to popular belief on you tube, you do NOT go to hell because your battling porn or drugs or smoking! PURE LIES THERE!

JESUS planned your giants for you to battle and he will set you free when he wants to at the perfect time just watch and see!

Your salvation is based on faith, trust and belief in JESUS, not, NOT, NOTTT BECAUSE you quit watching porn! Watch out for those condemnation preachers on the internet, I am warning you, watch out for people who tell you your going to hell! They are simply pawns of satan that are being used to make your shame, guilt and condemnation even worse than they already are!

So whether you are battling a nail biting addiction or wicked porn, either way, JESUS loves you and you are a chosen one!

So let the shame, guilt and self condemnation go already and be free tonight even if you are battling tonight! BE FREE!


BE FREE IN THE STORM, BE FREE and relax now. JESUS loves you!

You are going to heaven and nobody in all creation can snatch you out of GOD's HAND, not anyone, NOT ANYTHING!!!

Sincerely, your brother Garrett

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