Welp. This long life here on earth is almost over! It feels so surreal to see it all come to a end soon!

To be leaving earth soon and living as a spirit with a brand new body is such a surreal feeling!

When you walk on earth as long as I have, you kind of look forward to being a spirit and getting your brand new body in heaven!

To be leaving this cold dark earth soon, finally getting out of this fleshly body that is getting older and older as each year passes by, I do not know about you, but it sounds kind of exciting if you ask me!

Wow, when I was a little boy, I had no idea about JESUS, prophecies, satan, warfare, the demonic angels, end time events, etc etc etc... Those were the good old days!

I remember during my teen years, having no clue about JESUS, sin, repentance, the lake of fire! And nobody ever bothered to tell me either!

Now sitting here tonight as a much, much older man, JESUS himself had to intervene and teach me the gospel because nobody else ever tried!

When I said nobody in my entire life ever bothered to talk to me about JESUS, or about repenting my sins, there was one person! His name was Bob. He was a neighbor of mine who spoke to me a few times and GOD also blessed me a few times through Bob's prayers for me.

Looking back on all of this now, what a plan JESUS put into effect for my life, for your life, and now it is all winding down here on earth. We true children of GOD have very little time left here on earth to experience living in a fleshly human body!

I had no idea how intricately JESUS planned out my life, or even your life until a little while ago when JESUS shared something with me!

Every single detail of your life was planned out by the LORD before he ever created the earth!

And now that I sit here tonight, thinking that GOD'S plan for my entire life is winding down so quickly = How surreal!

When I was in elementary school, I use to sit next to this little girl named Laurie. This was about 40 years ago.

I always liked Laurie, even way back then!

Of course we were too young to act on it, but we always liked each other starting at about the age of 10-11 approximately!

But a few years later, she went to one Junior high school, I went to a different one! So a few years passed by without seeing her as we went to two different schools.

Then! A few years later, Laurie and myself found ourselves both at the same high school!

I remember the 1st or 2nd day of going to high school, guess who I saw in the football stands? Ummm wow it was Laurie!

This was well over 30 years ago, but when I saw her in high school for the very first time, she was so pretty it was amazing!

My feelings for her never went away during the years we were at different schools.

But we did not date, not even once, not ever!

Then her family moved away a year later and I never saw her again.

I always liked Laurie my entire life. And after having gone through divorce and other heartaches, sometimes I thought about how it would be like to be married with Laurie!

As years passed by and slowly turned into decades, I thought about her from time to time.

Then a short time ago, I found out Laurie died! I found this out on the internet one night.

And as I was laying in bed early in the morning contemplating her death, I asked JESUS a point blank question.........

Never ask JESUS a question if you are not fully prepared to hear the answer!

Well! I was NOT prepared to hear the LORD'S answer to my up coming question that is for sure!

I asked JESUS - LORD! Did Laurie get into heaven............

The LORD JESUS said – No!

I jumped out of my bed!!!

I got up in the dark, turned the light on and immediately asked JESUS for a sign!

Child of GOD, did you know you can ask the LORD for signs? Well you can!

I got up, I asked JESUS for a sign to confirm what I thought I just heard....... Guess what?

JESUS did the sign immediately for me.

Laurie did NOT get into heaven!

So every night, while I am eating dinner, living in my condo, swimming and going in the Jacuzzi, Laurie is suffering in hell!

Every single day when I get up, Laurie is in hell!

When I am watching wonderful Christian videos, Laurie is suffering in hell! 

And after suffering in terrible emotional torment knowing that Laurie was in hell, I decided to ask JESUS another question!

Oh boy, another question to the LORD..........

I was laying in bed again late at night.

I asked JESUS this --->>>>    LORD! Why couldn't I be with Laurie, Why couldn't I have married her?

You see I was thinking in my small brain that if the LORD allowed us to get married, she would be saved and would have been walking closely with JESUS. How silly of me.

I asked the LORD - LORD how come I could not have been with Laurie my whole life?

And this is exactly what JESUS said ---->>>

JESUS said to me in a stern and somewhat strict voice --->>>

  Garrett! That was NOT my plan for you!

                             The LORD'S voice I heard in my mind was a little strict, so I did not pursue this topic anymore.

And the LORD has been teaching me that this entire universe was all planned out since before the universe was ever created by JESUS!

So! Laurie is in hell now. And I am trying to fall in love with a invisible man who just so happens to be GOD'S only son.

How surreal!

Laurie is in hell and I am trying to stick with JESUS with my last grasps of energy! How surreal!

And why? Because this is JESUS' PLAN! And nobody can change his plans, not anyone in the universe for he is the LORD!

So now that the time for all children of GOD living on earth is winding down so quickly, it gives such a surreal feeling inside to think about the past, to think about when I was a little boy, or a teenager!

Every little thing is planned out and you could not change a single thing even if GOD gave you 1 billion years to try!

Of course in my silly thinking, I thought if GOD allowed Laurie to marry me she would be in heaven now too! How silly of me. I guess it was just simply my wishful thinking.

Every single true child of GOD was chosen since before the universe was ever created!

So I am hoping and praying that the LORD will keep me in his powerful hands and not let me get away or I will find myself living in hell too for all of eternity!

Meanwhile, Laurie will be in the lake of fire burning. Her bones will be glowing bright orange red from the heat in the lake and there will be no way to get out of it not now and not for all of eternity! 

How surreal!

I am hoping to leave heaven in the future and go live in the NEW heaven, located on the NEW EARTH!! The new earth that GOD will create for us to live on in the future when the old one disappears!

Meanwhile, The smoke of Laurie's suffering will rise up to JESUS and the holy angels for all of eternity! 

Laurie was not chosen. I was! 

Meanwhile, my first wife left me for our roommate & my second wife faked our entire marriage and left me and took the money!

So! Why could I not be married to Laurie since high school like I wanted? Because it was NOT the LORD'S plan! 

I could never make a date with Laurie in school, there was no grace, I just could not do it even though I got her phone number!

Even though we talked a few times on the phone, I had NO grace to ask her out, even though I was dying too!

 Wow is JESUS powerful!

So now, 33 years later, Laurie is gone for eternity! How surreal.

Many people keep asking me - Garrett - How do you know our time is almost over here one earth for us Christian people?

I know! You can believe me or not, it does not matter! Laurie is in hell for eternity!!!

So if you wanna argue that I am wrong, LOL, go argue with JESUS INSTEAD!

So while you children of GOD argue with each other over the rapture or once saved always saved BS, Laurie is in hell for eternity! How surreal.

So I hope you children of GOD have fun in your silly arguments over the rapture or once saved always saved or speaking in tongue arguments! Go ahead children of GOD, keep arguing with your pride that your right and everyone else is wrong. Meanwhile, loved ones are burning in hell all day and night while you go out and buy a hamburger, fries and a coke to drink!

 How surreal!

Maybe we should all stop arguing over silly bible doctrines? What do you think?

Because I tell you the truth, these silly doctrinal arguments are not funny to JESUS anymore, and they are not funny to me either. And they are not funny to Laurie anymore either.

Did you know the demons are allowed to torture the poor humans in hell? Maybe you know this or not, but it is true!

Think about it - We sit in church, arguing with our church board members over different bible doctrines while LOVED ones are burning in hell and are being tortured by demonic angels. How surreal!

The Christian divorce rate is over 52% right now, yet I would of died to be married to Laurie........ 
How surreal!

Were so busy in our daily lives and most of us if not almost all of us NEVER even give a single thought about who is burning in hell! Or who is being tortured in hell, or what kinds of pain and torture they are going through. All we seem to care about is – Me me me me me me me.

So, when you get up tomorrow and have an incredible Saturday at the park, beach, or at home, remember people are being tortured in hell!

When I get up tomorrow and clock into work, Laurie will be burned and tortured by demonic monsters at the same time - How surreal............

I live in the desert so it is extremely hot here late at night. I love to go out by the pool late at night and look up at the stars! As I look up at the stars, the planes, the moon and pray a lot with JESUS, Laurie is suffering in hell in one hideous way or another!

As you go about your busy Christian days, do you ever take the time to think about others who are suffering?

Do you care about the people who are being tortured day and night in hell non stop? Or are you too busy for this?

Maybe your too concerned about building up your ministry work to ever think about anyone else suffering?

When I joined Face book a while ago, all of my old school friends found me or visa versa. NOT a single one of them was with JESUS! Not one.

How surreal!

If you think there is something special about you & that is why JESUS chose you -Wow do you have the full demonic kingdom living inside of you.

Child of GOD, I am here to tell you straight. You are not special. Only JESUS is special and nobody else is, not now, not ever but JESUS!

GOD made a plan a while ago and he chose that you would know his son JESUS. While most others never ever ever get this gift!

Laurie did NOT get this gift.

Go ahead child of GOD, keep playing around with JESUS and his blood while others are being tortured in hell! Go ahead if you want.

Go ahead, play around with your salvation! There are other people just waiting to pick up your dropped crown!

So you do not think watching porn is a big deal? OK keep playing around with the LORD'S blood and go join Laurie if you want!

Or you say your too busy for JESUS and the bible? Oh really? Are you sure your too busy for JESUS? ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?

So you say your job or your boss are keeping you too busy to spend time with JESUS? Oh really? You sure about that?

The LORD is not laughing about this children of GOD...... This is not funny to him!!!

The same LORD who sent Laurie to hell to suffer for all of eternity will send you too! You are not special............

So stop acting like a spoiled brat child of GOD, you are not special! Only JESUS is special.............

Love, your servant Garrett

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