Just Cry

Just Cry!!!


Maybe your broken tonight, completely broken.................. The LORD is still with you even in this terrible suffering!!!



Maybe you have hit rock bottom, maybe there is nowhere else to turn..... Why not praise JESUS anyways?



Maybe your husband has just left you, or maybe your girlfriend just broke up with you, why not simply just praise JESUS anyways!!!!!



Maybe you feel like crying tonight! Well go ahead.................. Don't stop until your done crying.......



Maybe you have to cry, why act strong? Why not just cry? You got nothing to lose................



Don't keep it inside, let it all go and cry!!!



Yeah life is hard here, it is sometimes even UN bearable!!!!



So if you need to cry, go ahead, maybe grace will come tomorrow and you will feel better!!!



Don't try to act brave, don't try to fake it that your strong... Your not fooling GOD and your not fooling satan!!!!!!!!!



Maybe your baby died a few months ago, maybe you just lost your job........ Go ahead, let it out, cry!!!!!!!!



The LORD will appreciate your honesty!!!!



Stop pretending, let the tears run down your cheeks!!



Crying doesn't mean you lost your faith, it doesn't mean that your giving up, it doesn't mean you don't love JESUS!!!!



Pray and Cry, wow what a powerful combination those two are!! More powerful than John the Baptist and Peter praying together!!!



Don't hold it all in any longer, that is not helping anyone or anything!!!



Did you know you can praise JESUS even while your crying???


Did you know you can march forward in faith, love, hope and belief even while you are crying?


Stop trying to be strong, your only stopping GOD from moving more and more in your life!!!



If you think your strong in the LORD, wow have you been deceived!!!



Only JESUS is strong............. Not you, not me, not any of us....... Only JESUS is strong!!!!!!!!!!!



Trust me, GOD knows how weak you truly are, and GOD knows how weak I am & so does satan too!!!



So why not let it all out tonight........ Let the anger our, let the broken heart out, let the tears roll down your cheek!!!



I mean since GOD and satan know the truth, why not just let it all out tonight and maybe you will wake up free tomorrow!!!


If you feel your too strong to cry, wow does satan already have you!!!!



Try praying while you let it all out, try praying while you cry, try doing something, anything at all with JESUS while you cry!!!



Wow is that powerful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



When you cry, praise, pray, and let it all out, do you think this will touch JESUS' heart towards you? Oh boy!@@@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!



Maybe your best friend just stabbed you in the back and stole your bf or gf........... Let it out, scream, cry, pray!!!!!!!!!!!!!



JESUS is so much greater than you think he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




He sees how much your hurting!!!!



Did you know JESUS can cry when you cry sometimes!!!!!



Did you know JESUS is hurting tonight as you hurt tonight!!!



Did you know that satan would like you to hold it all in,,,, keeping it inside until you take your last breath and die in torment!!!



Praise the LORD and pray through the pain, through the tears, through the hurting and WOW will you get stronger and stronger in JESUS!!!



When you start crying, that is when the demons are going to take notice!!


When you start crying, that is when the demons are going to call an urgent meeting!!



When you start crying and praising through the tears, that is when the demons are going to get terrified!!



When you praise JESUS through the tears, that is when the demons are going to absolutely FREAK out in fear!!!



When you pray while your crying & crying, that is when the demons are going to leave you AS FAST AS THEY CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



And do you know why?



Because the creator, the MASTER of the universe is about to show up!!!



The MASTER of the universe is going to stand up off of his throne, and run to you with his arms wide open!!!!!!!!!!



And when the MASTER of the universe runs to you as fast as he can, the demons only have seconds to get out of the way!!!!!!!!!



Nobody better get in the way between you and JESUS when JESUS sees you crying and praying & I mean nobody!!!!!!!!!!




When the master of the universe stands up on his throne, grabs his sword, and runs to you as fast as he can the entire universe stands still



Nobody would dare move, not even Cherubim angels when JESUS stands up on this throne to take notice that your crying tonight!!!!


You better run satan, you better run right now because some of us are starting to cry and praise at the same time!!!!!!!!!!



You better fly to the other end of the universe satan, JESUS is about to show up...........



When you cry, all of heaven will stand still as JESUS pays close attention to you, to your tears, to your pain!!!!



Run JESUS, run to her right now O LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Stand up JESUS, grab your sword,,,,,, run to him JESUS, some of my brother's are starting to cry!!!!!!!!!!!




You better move your butt satan, some of us are about to start crying from all of the pain you have been bringing into our lives!!!!!!!




You better get going satan, I am warning you!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS is about to bust a move......................



Grab her JESUS, hold her tight, keep your loving arms around her as she lays down to go to sleep tonight O LORD WE PRAY!!!




Stand up JESUS, STAND UP O LORD, we are calling on you with our tears!!!




Run to him JESUS, he is sorry for the pride, he is sorry for trying to act so tough all the time... He is crying now LORD, run to him!!!!




She has been single her entire life O LORD, run to her JESUS, RUN!!!!!!



He has cancer JESUS, nobody loves him.......... Move JESUS, move now we pray!!!!!!!!




Help JESUS, she is addicted to crack, do something LORD, stand up, stand up MASTER of the universe and help her........





He can't find a job O LORD GOD...... He is broke, he has no friends........ He is crying




O LORD, satan killed her child with leukemia... She doesn't want to hold it in anymore...... Cry daughter of the KING, cry!!!!!!!!!!!



Heal him JESUS, he is sorry for the sex, he is sorry for fornicating, he is sorry O LORD, he is crying now........ See him JESUS!!!



Look at what satan is doing to her life JESUS.......... Lord she is starting to cry!!!!!!!! Move LORD........................... Move!!!



You can fix him JESUS, you can fix him, YOU CAN take the lust out of him O LORD!!! Stand up JESUS, see him we cry out to you!!!!!!!!!



She can't handle the loneliness JESUS........... She is crying O LORD.... See her... Notice her,,,,, see her we pray O LORD!!!




Nobody loves her JESUS, she is truly all alone in the world. She cannot handle it any longer......... Run to her JESUS with arms wide open!!



satan has hit him one blow after another after another O LORD.............. Run to him JESUS, he is crying now...................




The LORD is with you this exact second holding you!!!




Let it go sister, let the tears fall.......... You do NOT have to be strong to JESUS............... Scream, cry, pray, praise!!!!



You cannot handle it son of the KING.. You cannot handle the porn addiction....... Start crying, don't try to be tough!!!!




You got 5 seconds satan , I am warning you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Here comes the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Do something tonight brother in Christ, do something tonight sister.... Don't just stand there holding it all in!!!!!!!!!!!!




Do something to make JESUS really take notice that you need help, that you want help, that your crying for help.............



Let it go brother, I know most Christian men are looking at porn, GOD knows this, satan knows this brother..... Start crying!!!!!!!!!!




Sister, you do not need make up and tight clothes to make people love you, JESUS ALREADY LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!! Start crying sister.....



Brother, put down your warrior image just for tonight!!!!!!!! Let the tears flow and then the REAL WARRIOR will come and hold you tight!!!



Sister, forget about all the scriptures you have memorized, let the pain out tonight and maybe freedom will come in the morning!!!!!!!




The LORD knows how broken you are inside sister, he sees, he wants you to express this to him!



Open up your heart tonight O brother in Christ, DO SOMETHING that you have not done in a long time... Get on your knees and cry!!!!



Praise THE LORD while your crying, let the tears be collected by angels and counted by GOD for eternity!!!!!!!!!!!



Do something to move the LORD JESUS' heart tonight......... Share your tears, share your heart with him tonight, don't wait any longer!!



Do something LORD, move JESUS, do something incredible for those tonight in pain!!!!!!!




Be our LORD, be our boyfriend tonight JESUS, be our husband, be our king and come and hold us real tight right now!!



Come to them right now JESUS, don't wait another second!!!!



Move JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Scatter the enemies, scatter the pain, scatter the demonic strongholds right now I pray JESUS, right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!



HELP HER JESUS, grab a hold of her now O LORD!!!




Let him know you forgive him JESUS, wash away his guilt, hold him tight JESUS!!!



Help them JESUS



Help we cry!


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